So I went to the printers this afternoon and I had some more of my business cards made. I also pulled out some of my leftover prints from my Indiegogo campaign. I wanted to get my cards and prints in the mail in time enough for the 1000 Blackgirlbooks campaign.

In the dark I see

Coping skills
they seemed to tear the seam
which attached you to me
or maybe it was the way you cried
when you saw me
or the way I cried when I saw myself
Unable to detect any heat
Testing 1…2…3
In the dark I see
And I never understood until now
how much I could change by bleeding out
So everything is in the air
and I’m not sure where
you sulked off to
free falling to the ground
cue crippling self doubt, hate
left alone to find my way

anonymous asked:

for that anon who proposed clarke and lexa as persephone and hades, respectively, there's actually a book written in a sort of retelling of these two but with hades as a goddess. it's called The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer. in case anyone is interested hatchingphoenix(.)com/podcasts/TDW-Free(.)pdf


She’s the girl that falls in love with words
She’s the girl that looks at people’s emotions
She’s the girl who loves to dance(even if she can’t)
She’s the girl who sings her heart out to her favourite songs on the radio
She’s the girl who loves to go to the beach
She’s the girl who loves how the wind caresses her hair
She’s the girl who finds happiness in rainstorms
She’s the girl who wants everyone to get along
She’s the girl who buries herself in books
She’s the girl who can recite actual lines from the books,movies and shows she loves
She’s the girl you know you love…
—  V

a girl in class today: u talk about being trans a lot
me: wow it is almost as if . being trans affects my whole life ??? like dysphoria is always in my head .? its almost like ever since i came out all i get are personal questions about it from everyone, so i ///have/// to talk abt it.. its kind of like. being trans is rly important to me bc im finally out and trying to be happy with muself and i have to deal w it every single day !!!

girls’ traditional feminine socialisation has included learning not to be men, that is, to take up less space, to be ‘seen and not heard.’ From a young age, female youth are encouraged to manifest their diminution physically – by being thin, restricting their movement, and by keeping their limbs close to their body – as well as sonically – by being silent and not asserting themselves.
—  Mary Celeste Kearney, Girls Make Media (NY and London: Routledge, p.8-9)