[Piper is sitting on the porch of the Aphrodite cabin. Out of the corner of her eye she notices Lacy, Mitchell and- strangely enough- Percy crowding around Jason and discussing something in an undertone. Jason seems increasingly flustered, and then slightly panicked as Percy shoves him in Piper’s direction]

Jason(Sitting down next to Piper as Lacy, Mitchell and Percy blatantly try to eavesdrop): Hey, Piper.

Piper(Eyeing him questioningly): …Hi. Want to tell me what that was about?

Jason(Trying and failing to be casual): What, that? Just, just talking. Talking with friends. Like people do.

Piper(Raising her eyebrows): Okay then.

Jason(Fidgeting): That, um… that shirt is really working for you.

Piper(Glancing from her Camp Half Blood shirt to his identical one): Yeah?

Jason(Ears red): Yeah, it’s… it’s working for me, too.

Piper(Staring at him with sudden realization): You’re flirting with me.

Jason(Closing his eyes and sighing, red faced): Something like that.

Piper(With a half grin): Finally. Do it some more.

Riarkle/Lucaya in s4

So many Rilcas shippers have been completely disregarding the fact that Rilcas breaks up in Goodbye because “the game changer reverses and they’re back together”. Except multiple people who went to the taping have said Rilucas don’t have an official conversation where they get back together. So I think, like the fandom, one half of rilucas will think they’re still together and the other half will think they’re still broken up.
Why? If there’s one rule you have as a writer, it’s no major plot point happens for no reason. If rilucas broke up just to get back together all in the same episode, it would be as pointless as Jess’ guy friend coming out in Bend It Like Beckham. MJ is not a bad writer.
If Lucas is the one who thinks they’re still broken up, this is in favor of lucaya. Maybe some of the things that happened in Triangle & Upstate when they were seperated.
If Riley is the one who thinks they’re still broken up, this is in favor of Riarkle. Maybe Riley or Farkle could have some realization, or something would give one of them their horomonal telegram.
The latter is more likely, because as shown in Semi Formal, Lucas tends to make assumptions about his relationship with Riley, and a lot of Riarkle things that happened in Goodbye.

  • Friend:ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me:why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend:ugh...*backs away*
  • Me:that's right hoe

Tumblr is so hellbent on “reclaiming” the word “fat” for girls like me that they have literally forgotten to ask girls like me how we feel about it.

To me, it’s a dirty word. It’s been used against me as a weapon and I cannot now stop associating so many negative connotations with it. It’s a word that I use to describe myself disparagingly, it is a word that I tried to carve into my thigh with the edge of a broken protractor when I was 15, it’s a word that gets stuck in my throat and makes me want to stick my fingers down there and purge my body. I do not like it. You can try and tell me it’s simply a descriptor all you want but the fact of the matter is, it can no longer be “just a descriptor.” It has too much vitriol attached.

That’s why it pisses me the fuck off when someone makes a post about “fat girls” (ugh) and another person might reblog and say “Hey, actually, can we maybe not use that word to describe these people?” and they are completely ignored or met with an “….anyway” or “It’s not a bad word.” Fuck you. To me, and presumably to others, it /is/ a fucking bad word. There are other words that mean what you’re trying to say that are so much better, so much more positive: Rubenesque, voluptuous, curvy, chubby, plump, full-figured….even simply “big” or “bigger.” Those all have positive connotations for me. If you wanna use the word “fat” to describe yourself, more power to you. But stop throwing it around and using it on me and countless other women. It doesn’t feel progressive, it still feels downright cruel.