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What your top favourites InuYasha fan fiction??

Oh how dare you. I don’t have a favorite xD

I’m into all kinds of ships too so I don’t know whether you’ll like some of my favorites

I just started reading this AU a reviewer told me about called:

Shikuro: A Caribbean Fairy Tale (Inukag, well-written, and historically accurate) I’m only a few chapters in and its pretty good so far. It seems like a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and Dreamworks Sinbad (which is an amazing combo) but its also an original story by its own right.


Anything @keichanz writes is awesome but my fave is probably Lover Untamed (if she would ever finish it!!!)

The Return (sequeled with the Accession) by Sweet Inu Girl (Inukag, post-final-act, smutty and sweet, veeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy loooooonnnnnnnnnggggg, soulmates … speaking of…)

Soulmates by @inunanna is so good and she writes it with such patience for the inukag relationship

Disarm by @kongosoha is something totally different (Inu no Taisho X Sesshomaru’s momma, takes place after Izayoi’s death, so its not canon but its so heartfelt)

Freak Attraction (and its sequel Seven Man Circus) by @artistefish (circus au, historically accurate, sweet)

To Summon a Mate (a modern au, sesskagu and inukag, kikyo was made into a bitch but it was still a good story)

Light Me a Lantern (post-canon inukag and mirsan, but omg it tugs at my heart with the bad guy separating my otp, but it makes their few moments together precious and sweet. TALK. ABOUT. ANGST.)

Here are some others:

Demon Nature by @shardetector,

The Half Breed’s Wife by @gypsin,

Ghost Prompt (wonderful au @artistefish came up with THAT I’D DIE FOR)

There’s a bunch of Sesskag stories that are similar yet not (but all are well-written and have common themes)

Beside You in Time (like serious historical research went into this since it includes in-depth perspectives of multiple countries and eras)

Life After Loss by @chierafied (Inuyasha dies since he was attacked when human and by custom Sesshomaru takes Kagome as his mate and she comes to live at his castle to be his lady while she works through her depression)

In Death, Trust Me, as You Didn’t in Life (basically they both die by Naraku, I think…. been a while since I read it….. and Inuyasha finds a way to bring them both back but they’ve fallen for each other by that time)

The Day After Tomorrow by @angelhart79 is a wholly realistic sesskag fic that keeps them seriously in character (Kagome couldn’t return through the well and she finds attachment to everything she loves in the feudal era through Sesshomaru even though he’s a total ass as he should be) Honestly Angel, I kinda wished you turned it into a kogkag story somehow, cuz it was so sweet between those two (but I still like it!)

Sorry for the long list. There’s undoubtedly more but I’m sure this is enough for you to read if you like ^^

Thanks for the Ask!

So I’m gonna start this by saying I’m a bi girl. I’m a wlw. I heckin LOVE girls way more than any person should.

That being said, if I catch any sapphics derailing posts where mlm talk about loving boys, I’m gonna fuckin come after ya’ll. Make a new posts. Girls are amazing but there’s something inherently really gross about telling gay men not to love other men. 

And yes, btw, loving men includes trans men, this shouldn’t have to be said but if i didnt ter///fs and “r///adfem allies” would reblog this post.

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the date a girl who is pretty post isn;t really derailing, they just added that they arent just gay but pan/bi, thats okay...

Ohhhhh myyyyy goddddd
It says girl for a reason
I’m a date a girl blog
Not a date a boy blog or a date a person blog
My post is about girls and my blog is about loving girls
They can make their own post about loving boys and nonbinary people and whoever they love
But they can screw off if they think doing it on my blog, that’s all about loving women, is okay

I need more prompts!!


After this weekend I hadn’t felt like much like writing. But after the anon I got earlier asking if they were the only ones shipping supercorp, I realized, I don’t know about you about I could use some fluff. I haven’t written anything yet for my usual Monday night posts tonight but I would like too!

That being said I’m writing two large fics right now, one for supercorp and one for supercat that I want to post all at once. And my inbox is running low on prompts. So I need some more so I still have stuff to post Monday nights!