HEY HERES A CONCEPT. kamimina but… lesbians

if you tag this as genderbend i WILL come into your house and kill you with my bare hands

us: omg zooey pls post more on insta

zooey: *posts about her farm series life*

us: omg zooey pls post about new girl

zooey: *posts… lamorne*

us: omg can’t wait for zooey’s post about shooting the last ep of new girl

zooey: posts about a tart



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Since you don’t post that much here I’ll just spend my money on the girls that post for us guys on their tumblr. At least they make an effort to earn it.

1. I’ve already said that I’ll be studying for my exams this month and that’s why I’m not posting much lately.
2. I usually post once a day, I’ve made 100 posts in just three months.
3. My content is not just for guys, I want anyone (+18) to enjoy it.
4. If you don’t like the way I run my blog you and your abundant 5$ can leave. I don’t need dicknose waffles over here.

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Maybe I just run in different circles but I checked the notes on that awesome trans girl post and someone was like "add 'clittie' and ass tampons" and again maybe it's just me but I've only ever seen terfs say the former and literally never heard of the latter... Do terfs just fucking *invent* what they think are trends for trans women?

I mean they’re already comfortable inventing pseudoscience, fake crime statistics, “forcing kids to transition,” and so on to justify hating us, so making up something like that kind of pales in comparison

anyway, the reactionary says things not because they’re true but because they would need to be true to justify their cruelty towards the marginalized, etc.
Instagram post by Sara Moni 🌟 • Oct 20, 2017 at 9:08pm UTC
587 Likes, 12 Comments - Sara Moni 🌟 (@saramonicosplay) on Instagram: “Ready to spring into action, Anya Corazon! 🕸🕷🕸 So happy when people who she is and that I’m not…”

Mostly sharing for this comment:

I know that the cosplayer says it in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but I’ve actually seen cosplayers -mostly first timers- discouraged from cosplaying again or not even bothering due to being mistaken as “female Venom”.

That’s the importance of having a much distinct look. I’ve never thought that the costume is bad, but… yeah, the first thing that comes to mind when you see that pattern is “Venom”. The newer costume tries to make it a bit more distinct by adding a white layer to it.

Which, is something, I guess. 

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Binkie, bunny, blanket and the bestest show ever (Charlie and Lola)!! I haven’t had little time like this in a whiiile☺️

👸🏻NSFW/kink/18+ do NOT interact👸🏻

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my boyf follows a handful of models on instagram and it makes me feel real bad? weird? icky? because my body looks nothing like theirs and he always likes their posts and he just followed a new one the other day and 🙄 we’ve been dating for like three years. i’m gonna talk to him about it sometime but sigh. like it’s not a big deal because they’re just ig models but at the same time it is bc they’re just random girls posting super revealing pics

anon whose bf followed a bunch of models: i talked to him and he immediately apologized and unfollowed all of them it’s all good 👌

I’m glad you could resolve this by talking to him about this, communicating is always the best way to fix an issue.

It’s also important to remember that it’s possible to like lots of different body types - as someone who likes girls, I can appreciate people with traditional ‘model’ figures: the tall, slim, tan girls, and I think they’re beautiful, but I also think shorter girls and chubby girls and girls with flatter chests and muscular girls and pale girls and dark-skinned girls and girls with stretch marks or cellulite or anything else are equally beautiful and perfect, too. Just because he might think those girls are attractive doesn’t mean he doesn’t think you’re attractive too 💞  

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i absolutely despise ddlg "culture" its so disgusting thats why i also hate yungelita. like this whole ddlg is creepy because I feel like it's not only glamourising incest, but also paedophilia. Also as someone who looked like a '"cutesie", shy teen' when I was 10ish, I know what it feels like being sexualised at a very young age by older men (usually 18+ or 25+) and I am sure that girls that have experienced it too find it disturbing.

i know for a fact that lots of underage girls experience it, from my experience girls cant even post a selfie on here without men as old as 40 messaging them. and daddy doms won’t hesitate to message you and immediately assume you’re into their kink!