And it don’t stop and it won’t quit. Whatever that is for you: the nagging voice inside you telling you to accept that challenge, quit that job, eat them greens, exercise, quit smoking, stop drinking, (or have a drink), break up with that boy, go out with that girl, clean that garage, throw out them jeans, cut that hair, play that instrument, take that class, draw that picture, paint that painting, get rid of those shoes, take that trip… What you waitin’ on? GET ON IT.

(this message is for me just as it is for you)

Low Grades & High Fever
Linda Laine
Low Grades & High Fever

I’m a stone-cold sucker for wacky girl-group songs of the 50s/60s, particularly if there’s lots of whooping and hollering in the background, and especially if there’s a lone male in the mix doing a frog-voice vocal fry to make the proceedings even nuttier. Thus, “Low Grades and High Fever” by LINDA LAINE (WITH THE SINNERS) wins high marks across the board from me, as I’m sure it will from you.


Brian x Sister!Reader

“So, why’re you in here so often huh?” Mia asked as she leant in and smiled at him. “I mean really.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Brian admitted after weeks of getting nowhere and all his leads reaching a dead end.

“Oh, yeah who?” She asked and watched Brian smile to himself.

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  • Little Girl : Mom, what's this ?
  • (***she pulled down her pants***)
  • Mom : That's your garage, don't let boys put their car into your garage.
  • Next Door Little Boy : Dad what's this?
  • (***he pulls down his pants***)
  • Dad : That's your car, you need to put that into a girl's garage.
  • (***He nods and hops off***)
  • Little girl walks in with her hands covered with blood..
  • Mom : What happened!?
  • Little Girl : The boy from next door tried to put his car into my garage so I pulled off it's wheels.
Unexpected (Part 5)

All of Yoongi’s efforts to swallow his emotions and deal with everything alone start to fall apart.

Warning: angst, smut, domination, submission, dirty talk, oral, fellatio, intercourse and lots of Yoongi being a general ass-hat.  Also, twice as long as the previous sections.
Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus) 

“Get up already!” Jin shook Yoongi, trying to wake him. “You’ve already slept through breakfast and we need to get going to the studio.  It’s dance practice time.  You’re holding everyone up!”

Yoongi groaned as he labored to get himself out of bed.  He held his head in an attempt to keep his brain from busting through his skull.  He couldn’t remember a time when he was more hungover than right now.  The thought of spending a full day in the studio learning new choreography filled Yoongi with dread.  He was sure this day would not end well.

Jin looked at Yoongi disapprovingly.  “I don’t know what you were thinking getting so drunk last night.  Just hurry up!  Also, take a shower, you smell like shit.”

Yoongi took a quick shower, got dressed and staggered into the van with the rest of the guys to go to the studio.  Yoongi closed his eyes and leaned against the door, he could feel water dripping down his face from his still wet hair but didn’t have the energy to wipe it away.  Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung were sitting in the back seat of the van talking about some movie they watched on tv last night and were quoting lines and laughing about funny scenes.  Hearing them enjoy themselves annoyed Yoongi to no end; he quietly wished that the van door would open up so he could fall into the street to be run over by a passing car.  He was pretty sure death would be more pleasurable than dance practice with these idiots.

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Bad Day for Angel

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

Notes: thank you all for the warm reception of this story! I hope I got everyone tagged, if not PLEASE send me a message so I can add you to the whole series so far! ^__^

Warning: Toddler tantrum? Tears? MAJOR FLUFF!

It was that time of year again. Jax and Opie were running around the Teller house, getting their school stuff together. Tomorrow was the first day of school again and the boys were ready to get back to their friends. The whole club was gathered at the Teller house for their weekly family dinner. Y/n sat on the couch next to JT and sighed. Another year with the boys going to school, leaving her alone all day. “Aww, what’s the matter angel? Gonna miss the boys tomorrow?” JT stroked her hair slowly. All y/n could do was sniffle and nod. “Why they have to go?” Her bottom lip trembled as she looked up to her uncle. JT sighed and pulled her onto his lap. “They have to go learn. Next year, you’ll be going to school too. And you’ll see them once they come home. Just think, you get to be with everyone else during the day. You can be our little helper!” Y/n curled against his chest and nodded. She didn’t understand why her friends had to leave her all day, but if she got to be with her daddy and uncles, how bad could it be?

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anonymous asked:

Hello yes I'm sorry but is Dettlaff wearing a head band while he brushes his teeth?

Yes, he is. Dettlaff found out the useful world of headbands this one time his hair had gotten a bit long and it got constantly in the way while he was trying to work. One of the girls (an alp) working at his garage gave him her headband and a whole new world opened to him. Dettlaff’s favorite headband is that zig-zag type, and he has a few of them lying around his garage.

Anonymous said: in your latest dettlaff drawing, hes standing like a total diva while he brushes his teeth and it KILLS ME

Well, he has flair for dramatics, so…

Anonymous said: Does Dettlaff have an Ikea sink in your latest drawing?

Uhhh, maybe, IDK. I didn’t intentionally draw it as any particular kind of sink, but I have worked in Ikea for four years in the past, so it’s quite possible some of it might’ve rubbed off on me. Anyway, here’s side by side pics of my drawing of the bathroom and the reference pic I’ve used (this link is source to the reference pic).

Essays in Existentialism: Stud

fine!stud lexa who falls incredibly hard and fast for clarke <3 yay

“It’s a dare.”

“I’m not taking a dare.”


“What are you, twelve?”

“Better than being chicken.”

“Okay, I’m not–”

“Bwoooockk, bwoock bwock,” chicken noises erupt from the girl in the other lawn chair, complete with flapping arm and jerking neck.


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Three girls came into my ER last night, I have no idea what they are

by reddit user somenurse193433

So I’ve been working at the same hospital for years now as a nurse in the ER. I’ve seen a lot of things, all kinds of horrific shit, blood and gore and just about every household item you can think of inserted into some guy’s rectum. I’ve seen limbs ripped off, I’ve seen intestines coming out… almost ten years working in an ER and you’re going to see a lot. You’re going to be hard to shake.

But last night something happened, some girls came in, and I’ve never been scared like this. I’ve never had that feeling of I have no fucking idea what’s going on with this patient the way I have with these three girls.

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maskedtranslatinganon  asked:

Did Blanche Deveraux grow up unable to confront her own bisexuality because of Big Daddy's strict, southern upbringing?

I don’t think we’ve ever exchanged two words and yet somehow you get to the heart of my true nature. 


Truthfully I even think if the Golden Girls was remade now Blanche would be a late in life bisexual, it just strikes me as how she IS, same Southern belle attitude, just “And then I saw her, the mysterious girl from the garage. You know they always said she was like that because her Daddy wanted a boy but,” and here she gives the seductive eyes, “I was so much more a woman of the world than most people, and I saw the…succulent fruits of labor.” 

“Blanche, does this story have a point, or are you just telling us you get hot for women covered in oil?” 

But yes! I absolutely think, if not for her time period and place, Blanche Deveraux would be a bisexual and her black book would get twice as thick and frankly I would watch this show. 

(This also reminds me I think I was fucking with Jet once about a Golden Girls type setup with Rei, Michiru, and Usagi, and I never did anything with it)