The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

I don’t know them but I’m proud of them

WHY 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼 SO 👏🏼 HARD 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 UNDERSTAND 👏🏼 THAT 👏🏼 FEMALES 👏🏼 CAN 👏🏼 LOVE 👏🏼 SPORTS 👏🏼 AS 👏🏼 MUCH 👏🏼 AS 👏🏼 MALES 👏🏼
The Fastest Girl in the World Is a Badass 17-Year-Old
Candace Hill ran 100 meters last year in 10.98 seconds.

“When Candace Hill ran 100 meters last year in a record-breaking 10.98 seconds, the then 16-year-old high school junior officially became the fastest girl in the world. Now, she’s also the youngest track athlete to ever go pro, and she’s hoping to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team this year.

“I’m still in shock about that label,” Candace says in the March issue of Seventeen, on newsstands now. “The boys are too scared to run against me … They’ll take longer to get ready or ‘forget’ something in the locker room when they know I’ll be at practice with them.”

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The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

There is so much about this story to love!

Determined girls with a supportive coach and parents, overcoming some dumb sexist bs about girls being too weak to play sports against boys, and then being better at it than the boys they’re clearly not too weak to beat. What’s not to love??

Also note, we here at SRPS believe that one CAN be a princess AND a soccer star, and that “princess” isn’t an insult, even when it’s meant as one. :)

so can i just

boys are so great like??? tall strong football player boys that envelop you in hugs??? small quiet boys that like indie bands and theatre?? boys with mental illnesses??? super smart quiet boys?? boys that listen to metal?? boys that like pop?? boys that are short?? boys that live for marvel and dc?? boys that sleep all the time?? boys that are loud?? boys that have piercings?? boys with deep laughs? boys with high voices? chubby boys?? slim boys?? boys that look good in suits?? boys that wear old band t-shirts and skinny jeans?? boys that wear dresses and paint their nails?? ace boys? demisexual boys??  boys with long hair?? boys that have braces??? trans boys? cis boys?? bi boys? polyamorous boys?? like just BOYS??

and also girls? girls that talk about space and philosophy and are quiet??? girls that listen to musicals and can sing Hamilton line for line?? girls with short hair? girls with long hair?? gay girls?? bi girls?? girls that can’t dance?? girls that can fucking MOVE?? girls that can play instruments?? girls that play sports?? short girls?? tall girls?? girls that wear glasses and drink too much coffee?? girls that have mental illnesses?? girls with braces??? ace girls? trans girls?? cis girls??? girls that go out and party?? girls that stay in to read and play video games??? girls that hang with the squad?? girls that keep to themselves? girls that are flat chested?? girls with D cups?? girls that are masculine?? GIRLS?!?!

nonbinary people?? nonbinary people that like suspenders and beanies and bow ties?? nonbinary people that like skirts and heels?? nonbinary people with short hair?? nb people with long hair?? nb people with their natural hair color?? nb people with brightly colored hair?? nb people that are in fandoms?? nb people that flaunt it? nb people that are closeted? nb people that relate most to their assigned gender?? nb people that can’t sing for shit?? nb people that stay up all night?? nb people that love memes? nb people that are snarky af?? quiet nb people?? bi nb people? pan nb people? aro nb people? NONBINARY PEOPLE????



you’re all just really great. 
that’s all. 

love you. 

gay chick flick number 3

Because I have nothing better to do (but write an essay in 6 hours) and I haven’t slept yet and these are getting increasingly worse…

SO! Girl A and girl B. Rivals in everything, academics, extra curricular, sports, everything! Have been since kindergarten. Share all the same classes, constantly battling for first place in every class, every science fair. Girl A is a theatre nerd, girl B is into sports. One year A decides to one up B and win once and for all so she joins her sports team and is actually quite good. So B is is like!!?? Oh no you didn’t?! So she auditions for the school play. A and И audition for the same role, and are both amazing at it. The drama teacher wants them both in the play, but suggests one of them try a different role. Obviously they refuse. They both want to be the lead, and anything less will be as good as losing.

They try to sabotage each other in order to get the role. A tricks B into missing one stage of the audition, B tries to sabotage A’s science project so that she doesn’t have the grade to be in the play, A retaliates by putting hair-dye in B’s shampoo after practice so that she won’t have the right hair for the role. And it continues like this, the sabotages getting more and more elaborate and ridiculous until the principle is forced to step in. He calls the girls and the drama teacher into his office and proposes a solution- since they both want to be the lead and they both deserve it, why doesn’t one of them just play the male lead, the love interest? He says that if they don’t reach a compromise, neither one of them will be in the play, and in fact he will cancel the whole thing. He flips a coin for who will play the male lead, fully expecting that girl to back down. B gets the role of the love interest, but she’s stubborn as hell so doesn’t back down. She’s all like- challenge accepted. This is a great way to prove I am the superior actor anyway.

So this basically leads to a giant game of chicken. Who will back down first? Who will not be able to stay in character and pretend to be in love with the other? What they don’t realise is that through all the rehearsals, and running romantic lines with each other, and staring into each others eyes, the lines between acting and reality start to blur. A and B both realise that they have a crush on the other, but are both hiding it and are sure the other does not feel the same. At the end of the play there is a passionate embrace of the lovers and a happy ending, but no kiss is scripted. On the opening night, they both get so into it that B kisses A and it totally works with the scene. They get a standing ovation. Afterward, when the curtain drops everyone complements them on their improvisation and say how well it worked in the scene. The director wants to keep the kiss in for the other nights they will perform. Both girls worry about having to kiss the other again because they both felt something but think its one sided. So when the time comes to do the kiss again, A avoids it and runs off the stage. B follows her outside, and they have a massive romantic scene in the rain where B confesses that she meant that kiss, and A said she did too, so they kiss for real and become girlfriends… The End

anonymous asked:

deadass wanted to kms seeing minho meeting melania. like uhm, do ya kno, how shitty, her shit bag, of a husband, is??? i was shook that everyone was just like "omg lol he's with melania wow," like all yall really jus gon act like shes not also a part of whats wrong with america atm. idk das jus me, im disgusted and like shook B.

I agree. I didn’t post any pictures because she and her husband have personally targeted people like me and many of my followers on a varying level of grounds, whether it be on basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, you name it.

However, take solace in the following:

Minho did not volunteer to meet Melania. Minho was slated to appear at this event months ago; the purpose of the event was to promote women and girl’s athletics. The underlying reason was to get people excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics, and big names were present at the event.

Minho, then, was at this event to encourage younger girls to follow their dreams of athletics, irrespective of what society tells them they should do; the summary of his speech was, if you wanna be an athlete, follow your dream and don’t let society tell you no.

So why was Melania there?

Well, the event took place at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, who hosted the event. The Trumps are currently on an Asia tour and while Minho has been slated to appear at this event for several months, Melania has not. Melania was there because Cheeto-in-Chief was speaking to South Korea’s current president, Moon Jae-In. Her speech discussed the importance of teamwork in sport, and she advocated for allowing girls equal access to sports facilities before encouraging those present to tune in to the WInter Olympics this February to see what countries would win the gold.

Now, my opinion on this is, as always, Melania is tone deaf. Because of Scrooge McDuck’s laundry list of sexist comments, actions, and legislature, her words hardly mean a damn thing. But on top of this, she is not addressing the real issue like Minho is. Melania’s comments imply women do not have access to sporting facilities in Korea. Korea has a big sexism problem when it comes to many issues. However, people, irrespective of gender or race, have equal access to facilities. Minho addressed the real problem; there is a very negative culture around women in athletics. Minho’s words, which encouraged young women to defy societal expectations and be who they truly want, actually addressed this issue by, for one thing, getting the problem right, and for another, advocating for real change. 

So, yeah. Minho was slated to be there before she was and he handled the topic at hand far better than she did. I hope people are not upset with Minho for this, because Melania’s appearance and words were not something he had any say in (and did you see the way he physically recoiled when she touched him?).

There’s a big difference between (incorrectly) pointing out a problem and saying “Girls can play too!” like Melania did (those are exact words), versus encouraging people to be a part of what CHANGES it. And that’s exactly why Minho nailed it.