Tvd in New York chapter 5

For @caritobear I’ve been giving her spoilers for this chapter.

Gossip girl here your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite: Christmas in New York. K and C finally made up and my inbox has been filled with Klaroline. I saw our favorite girls sporting some new jewelry looks like Christmas came early for them. Spotted S and R being really flirty on a walk though Central Park, You know you love me.


The bell rings and Elijah dismisses his class and Caroline and Katherine share a look Katherine raises her eyebrows and Caroline nods. Caroline leaves and shuts the classroom door behind her. “That was a very interesting lesson today Mr. Mikaelson.”

Elijah looks up from his papers and sees Katherine hovering over his desk his eyes right in front of her cleavage which is peeking out underneath her silk blouse. “ Katerina we could get caught.”

Katherine comes up behind him and runs her hands down his chest and whispers in his ear “ I’m really good at being sneaky and quiet and if last week in Barney’s taught us anything it is you are also skilled in being sneaky and quiet.”

Since Elijah found Katherine in his shower that day after Muay Thai and she told him to stop thinking and start doing he finally broke down and did the one thing he really wanted to do he and Katherine have been sneaking around.

Last week Katherine and the girls were in Barney’s she texted Elijah who snuck in and Katherine was in the dressing room for a little longer than usual. When Elijah was sneaking out of Barney’s Caroline saw him and then saw Katherine fixing her hair. That night Caroline asked Katherine who confessed to everything.

Elijah leans back in his chair and puts his head on Katherine’s shoulder and kisses her.


Dorota is in the kitchen when she hears the elevator ding and Caroline, Damon and Stefan come into the kitchen “ Dorata we are going to Vegas for the weekend.”

“Miss Caroline, Mr. Damon, Mr. Stefan the last time you went to Vegas you almost got arrested.”

“Key word being almost.”

Caroline turns around from getting some water and hands some to her brothers. “ How were we supposed to know that guy was a real cop and not the stripper Katherine kept joking she was going to get because she thought Rebekah and I looked sad.”


An hour later the Mikaelsons limo pulls up and Stefan shouts up the stairs “ Caroline, Katherine the limo is here.”

Both girls come down arms linked at the elbow and two bags each with them. “ Why do you need two bags we are going to be gone for a weekend.”

Katherine looking through her purse for her nail file answers. “ Shoes and makeup. Our Vegas attire is bathing suits and short dresses.”

Both brothers scrunch up their face its one thing to see your younger sister in a short dress it’s another to hear from your friend that your Vegas attire is a bikini and short dresses.

Before they leave Dorota comes out of the kitchen with a bottle of raspberry flavored water for everyone. “ Don’t get arrested.”

They arrive at the plane hanger that homes the Mikaelson plane. While on the plane Kol opens the champagne and pours everyone a glass “A toast let’s have fun in Vegas.”


They arrive in Vegas and decide that tonight they are just going to walk around the strip.

They next day they are lounging by the pool, going to the spa. All day Klaus and Caroline have been teasing each other seeing if one would make a move and jeopardize the secret that they are together.

Klaus is in the pool when Damon and Stefan swim up to him “ Hey man now that your friends with our sister again can you tell us what your fight is about.”

“Umm it was stupid I said your neighbor Lilah’s dress at the white party was prettier than Caroline’s dress.”

“Your so lucky our sister didn’t kill you for that.”

That night they hit the clubs. As they are heading in to the 1oak when a guy in line yells at them that they are to young to go into the club. Enzo turns around and address the man “ This is one of my fathers clubs and as heir I get free admission and so do my friends. Also as heir I get to decide who gets in the club and who doesn’t we have a reputation to keep up with and our reputation doesn’t include you yelling because someone got in before you. So you are banned from all St. Claire clubs, and casinos.”

Klaus is dancing with Caroline, Katherine with Damon, Stefan with Rebekah, Kol with Davina.

Klaus leans down and kisses Caroline’s neck and whispers in her ear “ You look ravishing love. It was taking all my will power not to kiss you today when you were wearing that bikini or right now.”

Caroline runs her hands through his hair. “ Mine too the way your shorts were hanging off your hips or even the slightest touch from you set me off.”

Klaus pulls her into his chest even more and slides his hands from her hips to the bottom of her mini dress. Caroline purrs in his ear Klaus sucks the bottom of her ear. “You drive me crazy love.”


They got back to the penthouse they rented very early in the morning. Rebekah’s, Katherine’s and Caroline’s phones ring all with the same text: “Get home it’s an emergency.”

Freya had been trying to text and call her siblings all day and when Rebekah finally replied she was relived, Elijah had texted Katherine and Dorata had texted Caroline.

“ We have to go there’s an emergency at home.”


They walk out of the elevator into the Mikaelson penthouse still in party clothes and tired they didn’t really have much sleep this weekend. Klaus is holding Caroline up and Stefan has an arm around Rebekah, Kol and Davina are holding hands and Katherine is leaning on Damon.

Esther Mikaelson comes out of the living room and faces them “ There you are we have been waiting for you to get home.”

Mikael joins his wife and looks at the teens “ Anyone who doesn’t live here leave this penthouse immediately.”

Caroline looks up at Klaus she knows his relationship with Mikael is damaged he nods and whispers in her ear “ I’ll call you later.”

They leave but Davina stays next to Kol. “That means you too Davina. You don’t live here.”

She looks up to Kol she’s been living here since they started dating only because it’s only her and the housekeeper Monique in the townhouse she was getting lonely so Kol invited her to stay with them. Kol nods at her and whispers in her ear “ I’ll come by later and give you some clothes from your side of the closet.”

Davina nods and kisses his cheek.

Before Katherine leaves she winks at Elijah.


Caroline, Damon, and Stefan enter their building and Caroline stops in the middle of the lobby and looks at her brothers hesitantly. “ If our parents are home mom is going to kill me for wearing this dress, do you guys have a jacket I can borrow?”

Both brothers shake their heads no. Caroline’s dress is red, short and cleavage baring, Katherine picked it out for her told her it would drive Klaus crazy and it did. Caroline looks around the lobby and runs over to the front desk ” Vonya can I please borrow your jacket it’s an emergency.“

Vonya has been the doorman of their building since they were born he nods but before he give her the jacket he asks ” Can you do something for me first?“

” I’m in a hurry but if it’s quick sure.“

“Ask Dorota why she keeps rejecting me every time I ask her out.”

Caroline smiles “ I will certainly ask her. Can I have the jacket now I promise to return it.”

Vonya hands over his jacket Caroline faces her brothers. “ Let’s go see what is in store for us.”


Davina walks into her townhouse and sees her father Marcel. “D where have you been I got home and Monique says you haven’t been home since June?”

“I’ve been living with Rebekah, it got lonely being here by myself Rebekah invited me to live with her.”

Davina’s relationship with her housekeeper Monique is different than everyone else’s relationship with their housekeepers. Dorata and Annabel would take the Salvatore’s and the Mikaelsons when they were younger to the fish pond to feed the ducks or to the plaza to go to Eloise’s suite.

When they went to the Eloise suite Caroline would always tell everyone that she wanted to be just like Eloise. Dorota would smile down at her and tell her she is. The girls would put on fashion shows and have lots of fun in the suite but the guys would be bored. Their housekeepers would make it up to the boys by getting them all ice cream when they were done.

Monique would never take Davina anywhere and just ignored her. Monique believed that she worked for Marcel in her job description it never said she takes care of his child so she cleaned the house and didn’t pay attention to Davina. Dorata and Annabel knew Monique was the Claire’s housekeeper and knew the Claire’s had a child so they would include Davina when they would go on outings with the others.


Katherine is trying to avoid seeing if her parents are home she doesn’t have the best relationship with her father, she has a better relationship with her mom. Katherine’s dad works in Bulgaria and her mom is a model in Paris they met when Katherine’s mom was doing a show in Bulgaria.

Katherine is walking past the living room when her dad sees her “Katerina we need to talk please sit.”

Katherine sighs and sits down across from her parents. “Katerina I am moving you and your mother to Bulgaria to live with me, I have a potential client I’m trying to persuade to sign with me and he is a big family guy so I need to show him that we value the same things.”

Katherine is in shock “ WHAT I can’t leave, my friends, my life and I have school. Also what about mom’s shows.”

Katherine’s father is sitting calmly in one of the chairs in the living room with his hands folded over his knee he doesn’t understand why his teenage daughter is flipping out. “ I talked it over with your mother who has agreed to live in Bulgaria. We live two days after Christmas.”


Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah are in the living room getting berated by their father. “Will you three ever learn you can’t go running through city doing whatever you want. You three should learn how to behave from your older siblings.”

Klaus rolls his eyes, Kol says under his breath “ Yeah Freya the princess, Finn the prince and Elijah the nobleman what buzz kills.”

Rebekah snickers at him.

Mikael glares at them. “Niklaus out of the three you are the most incompetent one you can’t do anything right. Sometimes I wonder how you went so wrong because I didn’t raise you to be a scared loser.”

Rebekah grabs his hand to keep him on the couch and Kol puts a hand on his shoulder also to keep Klaus still who is livid at Mikael for talking to him like this.

When Mikeal had leaned that not only that his children were gone but the plane was gone too he called the Mikaelsons business manager Vincent Griffith to talk about cutting off Klaus, Kol and Rebekah but Vincent had advised against it saying that if they were cut off the Mikaelsons would actually lose money instead of gain money.


The Salvatore’s enter their penthouse and Caroline is behind her brothers wearing Vonya’s coat over her dress. “Children where have you been?”

All three turn around in the foyer almost knocking into a table they see their parents coming out of the library. ” Um we’ve been around.“

Their mother Liz puts her hand on her husband Giuseppe’s shoulder to keep him from moving any closer to the children.” Damon tell us we won’t be mad.“

The Salvatore’s love their mom more than their dad. When they were ten their dad was in the city on a layover so he decided that instead of sitting in the airport he would come home he didn’t like that Damon and Stefan were still in bed (it was 6am on a Saturday) so he dragged them out if bed and put them in the car and dropped them at the far end of Central Park and told them to find their way back home. He also didn’t give them coats so all they were in was flannel pants and a long sleeve shirt and a pair of boots.

When they finally made it home it was 10 am and were shivering so much they had frost bite on their hands and arms and their teeth hurt so much from clattered from the cold. Dorata poured them some hot chocolate and bundled them in blankets and put them in front of the fireplace.

"We were in Vegas.”

Giuseppe flips out “ You three can’t go gallivanting around the city then decide lets go to Vegas. Your actions reflect poorly on the Salvatore name, do you know how many clients I have lost because they have seen stories where you three are parading around the city having no disregard for anyone but yourselves.”

Giuseppe storms off, the siblings turn to leave when their mom calls out to them “ Caroline why are you wearing a dress coat?”

"I was cold.” Which isn’t a totally lie it is winter and there is snow on the ground and her dress doesn’t cover much skin.

“Take off the coat you are in a heated home there’s no need to wear a jacket.”

Caroline hesitantly does as she is told and reveals her short red strapless cleavage baring dress.“ Caroline young ladies don’t wear things like this. I’m signing you up for debutant classes so you can start acting lady like instead of the street whore you like to dress as.”

“Mother this is the proper attire for Vegas and you would always tell me dress for the occasion. I was in Vegas I was dressing for Vegas I didn’t have time to change.”

“Do not talk back to me all three of you go to your rooms and stay there.”


“Nadia my whole life is falling apart the only thing that is keeping me going is that you will be there in Bulgaria with us.”

Nadia turns around from doing the dishes after she wipes her hands she puts one on Katherine’s hands who is sitting at the island. “ Miss Katerina I am not going with you, your father told me I am to stay here.”

Katherine is outraged by this Nadia is a part of the family her father can not exclude Nadia. Katherine storms into her fathers office. “ Father can I have a word?”

Katherine’s father doesn’t even looks up from his paper work “ If this is about how unfair you think I’m being and how I’m ruining your life then no.”

“It’s not about me.”

Katherine’s father looks up his daughter still in her Vegas dress; short ,black strapless dress. He doesn’t care what she dresses like as long as she does what he says “ Then proceed.”

“How could you tell Nadia she isn’t allowed to come with us. She is part of our family.”

“Katerina this client doesn’t believe in having help to raise his children so it has to look like we don’t have help raising you. Nadia will stay here.”


Katherine’s father stands up his hands rolled into fists on his desk. “ Katerina Petrova that is enough you will be going to Bulgaria with me and Nadia is staying here. Now leave.”


Caroline is in the shower when she hears her phone ring she shuts the water off she was just finishing she dries off and looks at her phone and it’s text from Katherine “911.”

She quickly gets dressed in jeans a sweater with ankle boots. She finds her brothers in the hallway they were going to get Caroline they got the text to. “ We need to go.”

“How are we going to leave when mom and dad are downstairs and will hear the elevator plus mom said to stay in our rooms.”

Caroline turns to her twin “I love our mother very much but she said I dress like Camille, Aurora and Genevieve. Plus Katerina is my best friend, my sister she needs us I’m going.”

Dorata is coming out of the room next to Caroline’s “Dorata we need your help.”

“ Yes.”

Caroline looks at her brothers then at Dorata they don’t normally have to sneak out of the house. Although over the last couple of months Caroline has gotten really good at sneaking Klaus up to her bedroom and sneaking him out.

“ It’s Katherine somethings wrong we need to go but we can’t let mom and dad see us leave is there any secret passages out of this building.”

“ There are stairs in the kitchen just incase the elevator stops working.”

Before they leave Caroline whispers to Dorata “ How’s our secret project doing.”

Dorata looks back at the room she left they can faintly hear hammering and boards moving. “ They say they can’t have it done by New Years.”

“If anyone can do this its you that’s why I put you in charge of it. Just make sure nobody downstairs hears or sees them.”

Dorata nods Caroline hugs her.


Klaus is sketching when Esther comes into his room “ Niklaus can we talk.”

He puts his sketch pad down and moves his legs so his mom can sit at the bottom of his bed. “ I’m sorry your father was so hard on you, I don’t think your a scared loser, you are the most special of all my children. But there is something that I think your old enough to hear, your father is not Mikael. When we were living in London Mikael had a business partner named Ansel, Mikael would go on business trips all the time leaving me at home with three young children. Ansel would come over and see how I was doing he was coming over every night. One night I was losing my mind Freya and Finn were fighting because Freya had accused Finn of breaking one of her Barbies, Elijah would not stop crying after I got everyone calmed down and asleep I was having a glass of wine and Ansel stopped by to see how everything was going and one thing let to another and a couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant with you. I didn’t want to tell Mikael that I cheated on him and I didn’t tell Ansel I was having his child.”

Klaus is speechless he never knew why Mikael hated him or treated him different. “ Does he know I’m not his.”

“Yes when you were ten and you broke your arm they took your blood and your blood type didn’t match Mikael’s or mine.”


Rebekah is picking out her outfit for the brunch and Kol is picking out Davina’s outfits from their closet when they all get Katherine’s 911 text. Rebekah makes a beeline for Elijah’s room she doesn’t know they are sleeping together but she does see the longing looks between her older brother and her best friend plus she needs help.

“ Elijah I need your help.”

Elijah looks up from grading papers “ Can you cover for Nik, Kol and I Katherine needs us.”

At the mention of Katherine Elijah looks concerned and also curious as to why she didn’t text him if she was in trouble. “ Why not I go to Katrina while you three stay here, no need to make father any more angry.”

“Elijah do you even know where Katherine is? Plus we will be gone and back before you even realize.”

Elijah now standing up and grabbing his coat “ I will figure it out or you could tell me, I think it would be best if I went instead of you.”

Rebekah really looks at her brother and his expressions he’s curious and worried then realization hits her. “ Oh my god your sleeping with her I knew you slept together over the forth of July but I thought it was just a one time thing.”

Elijah sits down at his desk and motions for his sister to sit on the end of his bed “ Rebekah you can’t tell anyone about this, Katerina is different than any other girl I’ve met she isn’t after the fame from being with me, or wanting to date all brothers, she just wants me for me.”

Rebekah smiles at him and places a hand on his knee “ That’s beautiful Elijah and I know Katherine feels the same way, and I promise your secret is safe with me. So will you cover for us I will tell you the problem as soon as I get home.”


To get to the stairs they have to go past their fathers den. Dorata is the distraction she is to keep him from leaving the room while Caroline, Damon and Stefan sneak past the room and down the stairs.

“Mr Salvatore, Mrs Salvatore can I get you some tea anything.”

Liz is a fashion designer she was called into her husbands den to answer a question when Dorata walks in. “ No thank you.”

Caroline, Damon and Stefan are squatting and quickly walking past the door they get to the kitchen and run to the stairs which is behind a door on the other side of the kitchen. They follow the stairs and end up in the lobby as they are running out Vonya calls out to Caroline who rushes over him quickly. “ Did you talk with Dorata?”

“No I’ve been a little busy with other things but I will talk about you with her.”

They rush out of the lobby and at three am they don’t care that the first car that pulls up to them is a taxi.


As the Salvatore’s are running through Central Park they meet up the Mikaelsons, Davina and Enzo. They all run down the stairs to the Bethesda terrace and sitting there under the terrace on a bench is Katherine. Caroline sits on the end of the bench and Klaus puts his hand on her shoulder everyone surrounds Katherine “ Kat what’s wrong?”

Katherine looks up at her friends her eyes are red she had been crying ” My life is over my dad is forcing my mom and I to move to Bulgaria to show that we are one big happy family to impress a potential client who is a big family guy.“

Everyone hugs Katherine they don’t want Katherine to go. It wouldn’t be the same without, she will go along with anything doesn’t matter how crazy or stupid it is she will do it. Plus there are things that Caroline can’t tell Rebekah because they are about Klaus so she tells Katherine. And Rebekah does the same thing but Stefan, so does Davina.

” We will figure out a way to get you to stay Kat.“

” Yeah no body will take our kitty Kat.“

Katherine sniffles back a cry ” And the worse part of it is Nadia is staying here my father doesn’t think Nadia is part of the family.“

"Your father has clearly been smoking something if he believes Nadia is not part of the Petrova family it’s like saying Dorata is not part of the Salvatore family or Anna is not part of the Mikaelsons.”


They all want to be together tonight to think of a plan for Katherine to stay so they all crash in Caroline’s room. Caroline, Katherine, Klaus and Enzo are on Caroline’s bed while Davina is sitting in Kol’s lap at her desk, Rebekah is sitting on Stefan’s lap in her window seat and Damon is sitting in another chair.

“ I’ve already tried talking to my father he just dismissed me and said we leave two days after Christmas.”

Everyone is going to miss Katherine for different reasons for Kol she is his favorite girl In the group before he started dating Davina, Katherine was his wing woman they would be walking down the halls in their school and he would point to a girl and Katherine would give her option of her. It was Katherine who saw that both Kol and Davina have feeling for each other she set the two up. “ Your going to miss our trip to the Bahamas.”

“ I know and I already picked out my bikini and the magazine I was going to read on the plane and on the beach also I just bought a pair of sunglasses for the trip.”

Every Christmas break they go to an island. It’s their vacation away from their parents. After spending three days with their parents critiquing how they live they really look forward to their island vacation.


Everyone is asleep except Klaus and Caroline who are whispering to each other “ Love I have to tell you something.”

“ I can’t take anymore bad news tonight.”

“It’s good news I’m not Mikael’s son. I always wondered why he treated me different than my siblings but to actually know why.”

Caroline smiles at him, she has had front row seats to see how Mikael treats Klaus it’s awful. “ If Mikael is not your father who is?”

“Mikael’s old business partner in London, Ansel.”

Caroline entangles their fingers “ Do you think he knows that he has a son.”

“Esther said she didn’t tell him but he was Mikael’s business partner until we left London. So he has met me he just didn’t know I was his son.”

“Did you tell your siblings that your their half brother.”

Klaus shakes his head no. “ Does this change your feeling about me now that you know I’m not a true Mikaelson.”

Caroline leans over and kisses him “ Your crazy if you think that just because I learn your not Mikael’s son I don’t want you anymore. Even if we were poor I would still want you. Do you still want me?”

Klaus kisses her “ Of course I’ve wanted you since I saw you in first grade.”


The next morning Liz and Giuseppe are sitting at their dinning room table looking at the paper and designing an outfit while Dorata dusts shelves. “Dorata can you wake Caroline, Damon and Stefan and make sure Caroline is dressed appropriate.”

Dorata nods and goes up the stairs she first enters Damon’s room which is empty so she goes to Stefan’s room which is again empty. She doesn’t know if they are still out or already up but she goes to Caroline’s room and doesn’t just find the three Salvatore’s but everyone.

On the bed Caroline who is snuggled up with Klaus and Katherine is on her other side while Enzo is laying across the bottom of the bed, Kol and Davina are sleeping in one of the chairs in the room while Stefan and Rebekah are sleeping in the Window seat, and Damon is asleep in another chair.

Dorata bends down to Damon first “ Mr. Damon time to wake up. ”

Damon groans and stretches “Mf. Damon what is everyone doing here?”

“ We were thinking of ways for Katherine to stay her father is moving her to Bulgaria.”

Dorata decides to wake Stefan up but tries not to wake the others she finally gets to the window seat and wakes Stefan up who wakes Rebekah up. Then she has to get to the bed and reaches over Katherine to nudge Caroline awake “ Miss Caroline time to wake up.”

Caroline groans and moves from Klaus embrace who tightens his arms around her. “Your parents are downstairs asking for you three. They are not expecting everyone here.”


They get everyone up and Dorata sneaks everyone using the stairs in the kitchen while Caroline who changed into long flannel pants and a white long sleeve shirt they go down to the dinning room. Their mother looks up when she hears chairs moving “ Why are there bags under your eyes?”

The siblings share a look they can’t wait till they go to the Bahamas and for their mom to go back to Paris and their father to go back to Japan. “I was thinking of appropriate outfits to wear and it kept me up.”

Damon and Stefan snicker at her and Liz looks unimpressed by her daughters answer.


Klaus, Kol and Rebekah walk into their penthouse and sitting at the table is Mikael, Esther, Elijah, Freya, their younger brother Henrik, and Finn and his wife Sage they arrived last night for the Mikaelson brunch. Finn doesn’t like that his family is always in the public eye so he left to live a normal life he met Sage and they got married, he stays in touch with his mother and Freya but doesn’t talk to anyone else. The only Mikaelson family function he attends is the annual Mikaelson Christmas brunch at their New York hotel The Palace.

“Where have you three been?”

The three young Mikaelsons look at each other and Klaus speaks “ We went out for bagels to celebrate Finn’s return.”

“ You have no bagels with you.”

Kol thinks quick “ I ate them I was hungry.”

Rebekah sits next to Elijah and whispers to him that Katherine is moving to Bulgaria.

With her parents and Finn here Freya once again announces “ I’m engaged.”

Esther is happy for her daughter, Mikael is not he doesn’t trust any man and things his daughter is to good for any man.


The Mikaelson elevators opens and a brown haired handsome man with suitcases walks out Anna who is cleaning the kitchen hears the elevator she knows all the Mikaelsons just left for brunch. “ Can I help you?”

“Yes I’m looking for Freya Mikaelson.”

“ She’s at the annual Mikaelson brunch at the palace.”


For brunch Caroline changes into a white mid thigh dress with criss cross straps that cross across the front, a black knee length jacket and black knee high boots that have a heel. While both brothers wear suits.

While they are in the town car on the way to the hotel their father felt it was necessary to tell them to behave themselves and not to make a scene.

Their parents walk in before them as they are walking in they see Elena standing outside in the cold. “ Waiting for someone Elena or do you think your better than us that you can’t even sit down with us to eat brunch.”

Elena whips around to face the Salvatore’s and Enzo who showed up when they did when she hears someone call her name it’s her friends Bonnie and Matt. “ Oh look Elena brought the Brooklyners. Watch out Elena don’t let Bonnie touch anything you own she’ll try to destroy it like her cousin.”

Matt and Bonnie have been in the same class as everyone else since kindergarten but they live in Brooklyn and don’t have as much money as everyone else. Caroline hates Bonnie and Bonnie’s cousin Lucy. When Caroline was in preschool Bonnie’s cousin Lucy threw Caroline’s coach lunch box in the mud.


When they get in all three Salvatore’s join their friends Katherine is in a black dress with black heels, Rebekah is in a green dress with black heels, while Davina is in a peach dress with black flats. While the guys are in suits.

The handsome brown haired man walks into the ball room and sees Freya with her brothers and smiles. Freya feels someone watching her smiles at who she sees, she excuses herself from Elijah and Finn and walks over to the handsome brown haired man. “ You came I thought you were still going to be in Asia for Christmas.”

“I wanted to surprise you. Merry Christmas my lovely Freya.”

Freya throws her arms around his neck and kisses him “ Merry Christmas Lucien.”

Freya brings Lucien over to the table where everyone is. “Everyone I want you to meet my fiancé Lucien castle.”


Elijah sees Katherine talking with Caroline and Rebekah and whispers in her ear “ We need to talk.”

Katherine nods and excuses herself from her friends. Elijah takes her upstairs to the suit he uses when the penthouse is to noisy and he just need some quiet. “ When were you going to tell me your moving to Bulgaria?”

Elijah finally turns to face her, she can see that this is breaking him as much as this is breaking her. “ After brunch, I’ve tried to talk to my dad out of it but he will not budge, We spent the night at Caroline’s thinking of ways for me to stay but they won’t work when my dad says do something I have to do it there’s no way out of this. It’s breaking me I have to leave my friends, my life and most of all I have to leave an amazing guy I have feelings for and I think he feels the same as I. I don’t want to break his heart.”

Elijah pulls Katherine in for a hug and kisses her forehead. She’s right he does have feeling for her. He doesn’t want her to go. “ I’ll be here when you get back from Bulgaria. Your like no other girl I have met, you want me for me not because I’m a Mikaelson.”

“ Why would I want you for your money I have just as much as you do. I want you because since I was twelve I’ve had feeling for you. At first I thought it was just a silly little crush but then as I got older the feeling never went away and I can’t even remember when I didn’t like you Elijah.”

Elijah kisses her and pulls her closer to him. He doesn’t want to lose her.


Caroline sees mr. Petrova talking with other people and nudges the others they all go over to him. “Excuse me Mr. Petrova may we have a moment of your time.”

Mr. Petrova nods and faces the teenagers who are his daughters friends. They all know they can’t let their feelings get in the way of trying to convince him to let Katerina stay they need to be professional. “ Katerina told us that your moving her to Bulgaria and we just want to tell you that not only are you breaking your daughters heart your uprooting her whole life. We’ve come up with an idea why not bring your potential client here to the city that way your not uprooting Katerina’s life and we both know an angry Katerina doesn’t put up with anything. Bring your client here and we will have a welcoming party for him and he can see that the Petrova’s are a family.”

Mr. Petrova looks at the teenagers he doesn’t really know them or care to know “We are leaving two days after Christmas so have your goodbyes down before then.”


Caroline is in line putting some fruit on her plate when Klaus comes up to her and whispers in her ear “ I love you.” Then he kisses her neck.

Caroline almost drops her plate as she whips around to face. “ What did you just say?”

Klaus puts her plate down looks around and doesn’t see anyone looking at them grabs her hand and pulls her outside the ballroom they are in. He pushes her up against the wall and kisses her “ I said I love you.”

Caroline smiles at him and kisses him back “ I love you too.”


Everyone’s phone rings when they looks down they see a picture of Klaus leading Caroline out of the room holding hands. With the caption looks like the queen likes to have her perfect feathers ruffled. You know you love me.

Damon and Stefan look around the room and can’t find their sister or Klaus. Everyone except Damon, Stefan know Klaus and Caroline are dating. Damon asks the table if they have seen Caroline they shake their head. Finn speaks up “ I saw Niklaus leading her out into the hallway.”

Both Damon and Stefan get ready to split up and find Caroline when right outside the room Caroline and Klaus kissing.

Both brothers see red they pull Klaus off their little sister, Damon punches him in the face, Stefan pushes him away from them, Klaus stumbles Into the ball room when Damon punches him again. “ Stay away from our sister.”

Everyone in the room is looking at the fighting teenagers. Katherine, Rebekah and Davina are consoling Caroline who is crying, while Kol and Enzo are trying to get Damon and Stefan off Klaus.

“Guys stop it.”
The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

I don’t know them but I’m proud of them


OMG! She’s tearing it up in a dress and a tiara! Because self-rescuing princesses can do that!

And she’s only in the 4th grade, y'all! This girl is one to watch!
The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

There is so much about this story to love!

Determined girls with a supportive coach and parents, overcoming some dumb sexist bs about girls being too weak to play sports against boys, and then being better at it than the boys they’re clearly not too weak to beat. What’s not to love??

Also note, we here at SRPS believe that one CAN be a princess AND a soccer star, and that “princess” isn’t an insult, even when it’s meant as one. :)
The Fastest Girl in the World Is a Badass 17-Year-Old
Candace Hill ran 100 meters last year in 10.98 seconds.

“When Candace Hill ran 100 meters last year in a record-breaking 10.98 seconds, the then 16-year-old high school junior officially became the fastest girl in the world. Now, she’s also the youngest track athlete to ever go pro, and she’s hoping to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team this year.

“I’m still in shock about that label,” Candace says in the March issue of Seventeen, on newsstands now. “The boys are too scared to run against me … They’ll take longer to get ready or ‘forget’ something in the locker room when they know I’ll be at practice with them.”

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Kinda wanna see an instance of where Chat Noir gets really popular and has like fan girls and what not and Ladybug just get jelly. Like "No the cat is mine- thank you!"

“Looks like the Kitty Chats are back,” Vixen commented, nodding to a group of bouncing girls all sporting cat ears on the other side of the police tape.

Ladybug rolled her eyes. “They’re obnoxious.”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” Queen Bee sang. “I don’t know why. All you’d have to do is whistle and Chat would be on his knees in front of you.” She smiled wickedly. “Do that. I really want to see it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ladybug huffed. “We’re not like that.”

“Sure, we know that.” Vixen rolled her eyes.

Chat Noir jumped over the police tape and was swarmed. He smiled and laughed, taking pictures and signing autographs. 

“It’s unprofessional is what it is,” Ladybug said stiffly.


“And dangerous. What if an akuma decided to take all the stupid bimbos hostage so Chat would feel obligated to save them?”

“Bimbos, huh? Getting a little harsh, aren’t we, Bug? I’m sure they’re perfectly nice young women,” Vixen smirked.

Queen Bee tilted her head and pursed her lips. “I don’t know. They look about seventy-seven percent bimbo.”

“Don’t encourage her.”

“I just don’t like it,” Ladybug grumbled.

“Then go tell him.”


Vixen sighed. “If it bothers you so much, talk to Chat. He would want to know how you’re feeling.”


One of the Kitty Chats grabbed Chat Noir’s face and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Oh, hell no,” Ladybug ground out, slinging out her yoyo. She swung down and landed beside Chat Noir as he gently pushed the girl away.

“Hi, my Lady!” Chat Noir greeted a little too brightly. 

“Hi sweetheart,” she crooned, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Sweet…sweetheart?” he asked, eyes wide.

“Sorry to disappoint, ladies, but I’m going to need to borrow my Chat,” Ladybug said with a sickeningly sweet smile. She caught the eyes of the girl who had kissed Chat Noir and held them. “Can’t even let him out of my sight. Never know what nasty little thing will get him.” She turned her attention to her flabbergasted partner. “Ready to go?”

“Um, yes?”

She tightened her hold on his waist and slung out her yoyo, carrying them back to their teammates.


“It’s Vixen’s fault,” Ladybug interrupted.

Chat Noir tightened his grip on her. “Then thank you, Vixen,” he grinned.

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Canon facts we seem to forget

Robbie drives a fucking huge ass truck thing instead of a car

Robbie knows how to chisel for some reason

Robbie is the richest person in lazytown (boy can waste 1 million dollars so don’t gimme that bs that Stingy is richer)

Robbie just owns lipstick and knows how to use it well enough to be able to apply it in two seconds

Trixie h a t e s being called a girl

Sportacus doesn’t know every sport but seems to be able to master anything in one day to a few hours

Pixel has a crush on Stephanie

Stingy is nongender conforming

Sportacus is afraid of dinosaurs

*Me* “Season 1 to 3 of Family Guy was wonderful television. They honestly were. Season 4 was good too.” *Then, later on, I was a girl sports writer and got stalked by this strange misogynist man who yelled abuse at me non-stop. (Glen Quaqmire was in his avatar.) He was weird.  And all these other trolling frat boys kept comparing me to Meg Griffin and made bad rape jokes*

I could never quite stomach watching the show after that, funnily enough. 

Because it wasn’t satire anymore. It was just a cartoon that encouraged hideousness. 

Now ‘liberal’ Seth has the nerve to sit around and wonder how casual racism and sexism got Trump elected.

Valerie Adams (New Zealand, Shot-Put) is a four-time World Champion, three-time World Indoor champion, and two-time Olympic and three-time Commonwealth champion.  She currently holds the New Zealand, Oceanian, Commonwealth, and World Championship records with a personal best throw of 21.24 meters.  She is the first woman to win four consecutive individual titles at the world track and field championships.