Recently, something with a potentially important impact on my life has occurred. No, it’s not the announcement of the final Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC (although I am literally still screaming from the PAX trailer, and will be until it comes out on the 8th), but it does have to do with video games.

As many of us in the gaming sphere are well aware of by this point, the culture surrounding video games isn’t always welcoming to its ladies, both in and outside of the games themselves. From lady characters getting shafted in the name of more male exposure (re: Ubi’s ignoring of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’s Evie at E3) to pathetic attempts to silence the ever-growing voice of the female gaming community, there’s a lot of shit to sift through. Arguably, progress has been made over the last decade, but I think the recent release of a certain game on Steam could be a sign of even more positive progress in the inclusion of lady gamers. Last week, otome game fans rejoiced as Idea Factory was finally able to release a fully translated version of their game, Amnesia: Memories.

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kiri03-01 by Hugebricks
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Lets be brutally honest here: Kiri is is an evolving attempt to make an organic-looking, attractive female figure. I was initially inspired by some other attempts floating around, and I felt it was a good challenge that would be fun, and also let me think and create in ways I wasn’t used to.

Cat Fights


Never in her life had Mello been a very patient woman. Things were expected to be on time and done when she fucking said so. Since she took over the gang a few years back, she was head bitch and people who tempted to question her were put in their place.. That’s how things worked for her anymore and oh did she find it glorious.

She had gone from an orphan to a fucking queen.

On this particular day, Mello found herself frustrated with one of her ‘business partners’. He had been very reliable since they started doing business with each other over the past year, so the blonde had no idea what had him late this time around. Either way, he was about to face the fury so many tried to avoid. The blonde pulled out her phone, angrily typing the number into her cell before holding the device up to her ear. There was a fire in her eyes, and if he gave her the ‘wrong’ answer, she would kill.

What in the world could have made him so late? It was a simple drug deal. If he had been caught by the police Mello was prepared to drop him, but he had little record with such things. This was all just a very odd situation, that she would get to the bottom of if it was the last thing she did.


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