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Ur a bad girl but u have a crush on Nerd!Luke so u flirt with him just to see his cute blush. Little did u know he has a crush on u too?

Nerd!5sos is my weakness- here we go! -Ami

You hated school, most the people who went, even the idea of that hellhole angered you- the system was meant for cookie cutter people and you thought of yourself as more as a brownie. So in order to rebel, you wore black clothes and red lipstick everyday, stomping in the halls with your combat books- heels if you had a presentation. The only thing that caused you a little bit of joy which caused you to tolerate the day was a total goodie two shoes who sat in the front row in your math class- Luke, or as you knew him, Sweetheart. The boy was simply adorable to put it simply, with flannels that brought out his big blue eyes and his glasses that constantly went down his narrow nose. Your favorite thing to do everyday was to flirt with luke, just to tease him a bit (although you died inside whenever he blushed and brushed the comments you made away). You were flirting with Luke even more today, as you two were partners to solve a couple of problems out of the textbook. You could tell he was getting annoyed and wanted to see how far you could push it. “Sweetheart, you look so hot today, I love these jeans on you. They make your ass look so cute”, you murmured in his ear while placing your hand on his knee. “Stop it, Y/N, we have to work. Besides, I’m not in the mood to here your lies today”, Luke snapped back at you. “What makes you think I’m lying? I’ve never to you, especially when I’m flirting with you, you dumbass.” Luke’s eyes widened, but before he could say anything to you, the teacher yelled, “Detention Y/N and Luke, for not completing the work and talking about unrelated topics during class”. “See you in detention baby”, he said to you as he walked out of the classroom.  

I hope that AFP will be:

1. James
2. Becky
3. Jackie

Sorry but even though she’s pretty cool, Jackie doesn’t deserve to be before Becky, like seriously Becky was the last houseguest to do something right and Jackie was basically responsible for screwing that up. I still like her though, and she’s seriously really pretty. I’m a girl and I have a crush on her.

I have a bad feeling that Meg’s going to be on this list though…

The DJs In High School
  • Sonny:The "emo kid" that probably plays bass guitar and tells everyone that no one understands him.
  • Joel:The sketchy kid in the cafeteria that offers to "upgrade" your phone for 20 bucks. Spends way too much time on the computer.
  • Porter:The weeb that has Naruto stickers all over his math binder and listens to nothing but J-Pop on the bus. Texts usually include emojis like "xD, :3, :D, >3<"
  • Martin:The cute one that might be gay but he doesn't talk enough for people to figure it out. Half the girls have a crush on him while the other half hates him for no apparent reason.
  • Hugo:The quiet transfer student that is acing all his classes and is captain of the chess team. Is a secret party animal and can handle more alcohol than people give him credit for.
  • Anton:The hyper one that plays Pokémon with his friends during lunch and is constantly getting friend-zoned by the girls he likes. Is in photography club.
  • Thomas:Captain of the football team and is constantly bragging about all the girls he's slept with. Pretty sure he's using steroids, but no one seems to question it. He's the "pics?" guy.
  • David Guetta:The rich kid that holds parties when his parents are out of town -- and yes, he wears the lampshade.

You had a power that could identify strong emotions, not a teenage girl having a crush but when someone is scared for their life. 

Like the man stood before you, Bucky Barnes. Hydra’s favourite toy. 

You kneel down and place a hand on his arm, he tenses at your touch. A strong sense of pain is radiating from the west; someone’s in trouble. Before you can help them you need to help Barnes.

You stand him up off the cold floor.

“Help me,” he whimpers

“I can’t but I know just the man who can.”

on another note, i actually did a presentation today. 

i did this breathing thing  to lik e?? calm down before hand (which actually came from a thread i had with quinn on my oikawa; so thanks for that!!) and i feel like i did really good??? i fucked up really bad in the beginning and i was stuttering and trippin over my words but??? i looked at them instead of the powerpoint and said what i needed to and i’m kind of proud so??

sorry for gushing i just didnt want to bother anyone specifically so i mean?? it’s easier to just post it to the general public

Stepping onto their front lawn, he awkwardly fidgets where he’s standing. Apparently he had gone past the data limit on his phone, causing him to lose it for the next two months. So with slight hesitation and some coaxing from his twin, he decided to try out a different method. Holding a rock, the size of his fist in the palm of his hand, he chucked it at the other’s bedroom window. The unmistakable sound of glass breaking sounded soon after, and in that moment he kind of just wanted to cry. An onslaught of curses fell past his lips, cautiously taking a glance towards the window in hopes of catching the other person standing there.

Its weird being bi.

It’s like, I constantly doubt what I am, whether I’m gay enough, whether I’m straight and just having girl crushes. and its like, I’m never really sure of what I am  because one i start liking a guy I start to question whether  I was bi the whole time or if I was just going through a phase and then I start to panic because then I would have just lied to my friends and family the whole time . Like??? I know being bi means being attracted to both the male and female gender but there’s some weird part in my brain that thinks that I will never be fully part of the gay community and, for someone who is just constantly trying to find a place to belong to, that scares me.

no more dark days

And today I came to say

No more, dark days,

no more, shadows in the room,

no more, shadows in my life,

no more pain,

and today I came to say 

I found you, 

you are the missing piece,

you complete the broken heart pieces with yours,

you can fix the broken,

you are the piece that is missing,

I need you to be part of me,

and once together we’ll be one,

I feel we are soul mates, 

it’s so, and I hope that you remember me,

remember that I’m always here for you and only you, 

and I’ll always be,

remember that I’m not gonna leave,

but I’m not gonna take anything for granted ,

I will be there for you as the first day,

I will whisper to your ears how much I love you,

I gonna fall asleep in your arms,

I’m going to kiss you when I see you,

I’m going to look at you and tell you how much I was waiting for you, 

it was you all this time, it was you who I was really looking for,

no mistakes, no flaws on this, it’s all you, I love you, I love any tattoo, any piercing ,any scar in you, that makes you unique, that makes you someone different, and that makes you who I want,

I’m not lost anymore because I found you.

I would still love you when you’re no longer beautiful,

because you know how the time passes, and I want to love you when you’re old, when your hair gets gray and your skin gets wrinkles,

I want to love you in the good and the bad times,

I want to explore your soul, it’s beautiful, it is, 

I can see through your eyes, I can see more than just eyes

I see your soul, 

I see how important it would get to us

our souls will be connected

our tears would disappear

I gonna hug you, I gonna hug you tighter when you get sad,

 I will be there and love you,

I gonna give you all of me,

I gonna touch your delicate face and say that nothing will be wrong again,

and you will believe, because it is for both of us,

we were seeking for the happiness we never had

we found each other and it’s time to start,

let’s start something new,

let’s build a sidewalk for both of us,

let’s make a way,

let’s find out what are we missing,

let’s share what we love of life,

let’s share what we hate of it,

let’s confront each other fears,

I gonna fight with yours,

you won’t need to fight with mine, since I will be right next to you,

being with you makes me stronger, 

I can fight anything by my own,

you will see, 

I will protect us both from everything,

even if it’s hard,

I will do my best,

everything  has a new meaning to me now,

everything is your name,

everything is your love,

everything is what I want,

and you are what I won’t let go.

Come on, hold my hand and let’s find out what we’ll find,

let’s fight whatever,


It feels like the whole “girl crush” and “gal pal” things are to keep little lesbians from realizing they have legitimate romantic/sexual feelings for another girl

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It just so happens that I was discovering Halsey's music I discovered that I have a crush on a girl and I have had crushes on guys all my life and I realized not to stress myself and honesty Halsey really fucking helped me understand that I don't have to define myself as one thing and I should do what makes me happy. And Halsey's music and her messages are fucking important and I'm so happy she is getting more recognition.

hearing stuff like this makes me so happy. 💖💖💖 it’s amazing to me how one person can help another person so much without even knowing.