Imagine this.

A world where Kpop fans aren’t made fun of and assumed to be Koreaboos. 

Kpop idols not being called skinny gay boys in sparkles.

Kpop idol women being noticed more. 

People not bringing down other peoples biases because it makes theirs look better.

People not just loving one group member and ignoring the rest. 

Watching the V app and not insulting other members by asking where another is. 

Not chasing idols while they are in public.

Not hating on an idols significant other. 

Letting the damn idols live. 


watching this man fall into the pit that is kpop is the most hilarious thing ever

It’s nice that K-pop is getting more exposure but some of these YouTuber’s are really using you guys for views and subscriptions. I even watched one guy say “my friend told me if I wanted to boost my channel to just react to K-pop so here we go” really??? This is pissing me off now. Don’t get me started on the racist and disgusting remarks.