yet another struggle of being a kpop stan
  • *after someone figures out you like kpop*
  • person:*sees asian writing*
  • person:what does this say?
  • me:uh I don't know, why?
  • person:well you listen to kpop so you should know
  • me:....please exit

“Maknae, you always look in the mirror and say that your face isn’t pretty. You say, ‘My right eye is weird! My left eye is weird!’ You always say that, but… do you want to get hit by a mirror?! There’s no one prettier than you!”Taeyeon

“Thank you for being born.” ㅡ Seohyun

“Aigoo, our maknae. Among all the maknaes in the world, you are the smartest pro woman to me.”
 ㅡ Taeyeon

“Unnie, you can ride a horse with me! White horse… No, I’ll just be your prince in a horse~” ㅡ Seohyun

“Seo Juhyun, our baby Seohyun. (…) You changed! It worries me, but I can’t say anything because you might take it the wrong way. But I’m happy. You’re pretty. Seems like you’re becoming a lady. Just continue to grow up just the way you are now.” ㅡ Taeyeon


“Of course I thought about it seriously. Am I forcing myself to smile so I can become happy? Or am I pretending to be happy? Honestly, last year, my heart did hesitate a little. I spent almost 1 year thinking of the conclusion. I am a happy person overflowing with energy. I love ice cream and I love cupcakes. I love pink, this is me. Every person has a dark side. But as long as you have a positive and optimistic heart, even if most difficult times come, it will end.”

[160830] According to the fans' expressions SM Idols divided into two teams. Green Team and Pink Team.

🍀 Green Team: Yeri, Seulgi, Sehun, Baekhyun, Jaehyun, Yuta, Yuri, Taeyong, Seohyun, Taeyeon, SNSD’s Manager

🌸 Pink Team: Doyoung, Amber, Suho, Ten, Mark, Taeil, Winwin, Leeteuk, BoA, Wendy, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Lee Soo Man

Okay after wasting all this time fighting about Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany - let’s talk about Hyo mother fucking Yeon for a moment, please? Let’s focus on supporting her on Hit The Stage for the next few weeks at least! This is a huge thing for her and she needs all the love and support she can get from Sones (the one’s who actually give a shit about everyone instead of only Taeny) so please take some time out to talk about her!