People really need to beat up a dead Horse with the whole SNSD being all fake because they kicked out Jessica, i assume you haven’t seen their airport pictures when Jessica left the group, all of them were wearing Her fashion line sunglasses to support her, All of them trying to hold back their tears and for gods sake Hyoyeon looked so pale and angry and looked like she was about to punch someone, Seohyun and Yoona  Cried during their concert when The fans were shouting Jessicas name, and don’t get me started on their Into the new world performance where every member tries their best to hold their tears, if they are faking it then they are fantastic actresses but i highly doubt about it.

And about them refusing to talk about Jessica but Jessica can talk freely about them, lets all remember that Jessica is not in SM anymore and is free as a bird and can talk about whatever and whoever she wants to Unlike The Girls who are under SM and if they will say a word about Jessica, things will not go well for them and we all know how strict are SM when it comes to mentioning Former members.

TL;DR The Girls are not Fake or being against Jessica They are just under SM who strictly controls them and god knows what Sm will do to them if The girls will disobey them.