“There are a lot of things that we can individually do and when we want to come together, we come together. Separately and together, that is Girls’ Generation.”

Taeyeon x Flowers: Lily

There was an innate elegance to her; not because of the way she dressed or the way she spoke - just in the way she was. She would wear her precious pearl necklaces and paint her lips with a sophisticated scarlet of course, and she acted in such a way that showcased her decorum to the fullest, but class is not something that can be feigned or learned, and for reasons unknown to me, she possessed this exact quality.

I’ve been a kpop fan for years and one thing that seems like a trend is the antiblackness and favoritism towards idols who participate in it. Like with jackson, people tore him to shreads (his responses was shitty tho) and now with kai (his grinch fingers in kokobop)alot of people excuse it. Like my guy mentioned he was going for a reggae look for this. There is no miscommunication there. Also the way it was handled was not fair at all. If your gonna be “woke” and call idols out on things it’s stupid to pick and choose who you go after.

with fans you defend antiblackness so much that it’s fucking disgusting. Alot of you act like Korea is full of ignorant people who don’t know what a computer is and how books work. Their not stupid.

you sit here and you hate and disregard black kpop fans feelings because in all honesty y'all just as ugly as the the idols who disrespects my culture. Maybe even worse.

I’m tired of y'all.