There Will Always Be Girlgroup Haters

But 2015 2016 and kinda 2014 has seen the rise of girl groups. Just look at the charts. Not only are big company girlgroups killing it (twice, red velvet, blackpink) but small companiea and new company girl groups are doing great (gfriend mamamoo). Even the girl groups that don’t even seem as prominent are doing pretty good when looking at numbers (lovelyz, oh my girl). The numbers are there. Not to mention some of the older groups showing they can still sell alot (sistar f(x)). And also the rise of some groups that we didn’t see much of before (fiestar, EXID). I’m just here for all these girl groups going out there and slaying the charts.

FRIENDS! Please get the Taengsic story right! They weren’t always so distant from each other! Let me explain! 2007-10 was a great time for them - they were close and they spoke. In 2011 things started to fall apart and then their “moments”(aka Jessica trying to talk to Taeyeon who ignored her) were pretty much dry throughout 2012 and 13 - In 2014 HOWEVER - things started to become a little better - they had quite a few moments during Mr. Mr. promotions - and THEN came 9/30. Taengsic seemed to be FINE in 2014 but then 9/30 messed it up! They did NOT have a fight in the Mr. Mr. era (it was long before that) and their relationship did NOT simply end after 2010! They had their moments in 2014! Please take this from me I’ve been a Taengsic shipper for 8 long years and what yáll think is totally untrue!

All I hope is that before any SONE makes another snap judgement/witty comment/criticism about any of the girls, that they watch the ITNW ballad at Tokyo Dome. Watch our beautiful girls shake from the emotions, watch our girls fail to stop their tears, watch them stand in a circle and hold hands, watch them pour their heart and soul into delivering the best possible performance. No matter the reason for their tears, I hope that all SONES can just appreciate everything the girls have done for us. We are part of the fandom for the best girl group, and possibly THE best kpop group to ever have debuted, lets be proud and stay as one

SNSD: How They Cuddle

Taeyeon: back cuddle: you’re facing away from her, when taeyeon sneaks up, wrapping her arms around you and nuzzles her head into the crook of your neck

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Jessica: she loves cuddling while watching something: so you’re both nestled together, under a warm blanket. popcorn is optional but advisable. and kissing is necessary 

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Sunny: back cuddle: you’re laying on your front and sunkyu curls up around your legs, resting her head on your back (let’s hope you don’t have gas lol)

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Tiffany: group cuddle: mainly because secret gf taeyeon wants to join in. and then calls yuri over. who spots chanyeol walking by and now he’s in on it too. baekhyun follows shortly. and now there’s now a massive pile of cuddlers

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Hyoyeon: spooning: the warmth from your body eases the pain of her tired and aching limbs from dancing. so it helps her relax and fall asleep easier

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Yuri: a sitting cuddle: she sits on your lap and you snuggle her, usually before she has a performance or mc’s. it helps relax her nerves and the easy access you have to kiss her neck/lips/face pumps her up. so that she can go on stage with a genuine smile, no matter how tired or worn out she feels

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Sooyoung: spooning: if she’s upset, then you’re the big spoon, but if you’re sad, she has no qualms with taking that role, and letting you be the small spoon. it feels comforting and always ends the day on a peaceful note

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Yoona: headlock cuddle: you two face each other and she slips her head under the crook of your arm. it makes her feel safe and warm and loved

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Seohyun: not one for cuddling in public. especially not in front of her unnies. they would never let her live it down. unless you’re sad. then the whole world can damn well watch because she’s gonna snuggle the sadness out of you. likes cuddling at night though, big spoon/little spoon style. she feels protected and falls asleep quicker as the little spoon

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Don’t you have that moment where you’re just scrolling trough tumblr/twitter or any where else and you see people talking about the first time they listened/watched kpop and almost everyone is like “mine was Got7’s A, twice’s like ohh ahh, BTS’s Dope, Exo’s Call me baby, Girls Generation’s I got boy, etc, etc, etc….

and then you realized either you are getting old or you are a really big trash for kpop in general.