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girlfriend! sunny

Originally posted by jjihoonie

  • always having her variety/music show appearances recorded, even the ones you don’t particularly like. it sparks such pride in you to see her on the screen enjoying her job.
  • the both of you plan a healing trip to the mountains each fall. on the drive up there, it stays completely silent. no music, no talking, it’s really relaxing to just enjoy each other’s presence.
  • soonkyu tosses and turns so much while she sleeps. that the only resolution in keeping you from being kicked and annoyed was to invest in a huge body pillow. it separates her side and your side of the bed, and sometimes when soonkyu wants to cuddle she’ll throw it off the bed only for you to put in back in it’s place halfway through the night.
  • spring cleaning really just consists of trying to find more space for plushies and action figures.
  • soonkyu finds it absolutely adorable when you steal her bomber jackets. when she asks you about the missing ones she can’t help but giggle at how pouty you look when saying, “no, I’ve had this for a while. you just forgot about it.”
  • saying “i love you” often is a struggle for her. It’s not that she forgets or doesn’t want to tell you. it’s just difficult to express herself to the vulnerability the phrase can have, especially since her relationships in the past haven’t been successful.
  • never eating at fancy restaurants. soonkyu and you have dinner dates that consist of walking around alleys trying to find that perfect, quiet, family-run gem of a restaurant.
  • you really admire soonkyu’s ability to bargain. every time you visit myeongdong you just cross your arms and wait for her to persuade all of the ahjummas. she argues that bargaining is “in her blood”.
  • she’s constantly reminding you to drink more milk. since she knows how hard it can be to put health first when you’re busy. but you continuously remind her to take good care of her hair, which means no dyeing it bright colors and less time wearing a hat. although you will always love her, even if she loses all of her hair tomorrow.
  • spontaneous kisses! watching her focus on something before grabbing her face and pulling her into a sweet kiss. sunny prefers kissing you all places other than your lips since to her it feels more intimate; neck, shoulder, collarbone, etc.
  • whenever you two fight, which is not too often, she’ll create playlists. it’s her own sincere way of apologizing since expressing herself verbally is difficult.
  • each time you go grocery shopping alone, you call soonkyu to ask her want sushi she wants as she loves to eat it as a snack. “hey, I’m getting sushi. what do you want this time?” “oh get me the crunchy dragon roll if they have it this time!”
  • for some reason sunny proposed to take up couple knitting. and at first it was unbelievably difficult for the both of you, getting used to the hand technique and the hand cramps. now, it’s full of excitement and contentment of just sitting together talking calmly while knitting a warm blanket.
  • talking about having children together one day. seeing soonkyu’s eyes light up at the thought of raising babies with you. despite the sentimental future you two will share, playful arguments ensue concerning who is going to have who’s last name when you’re married.
  • sex with sunny is extremely intense due to her being dominate in the bedroom. you swear her tongue is both a blessing and a curse. sex doesn’t necessarily occur as often as some would think, she hates the thought of a physical act being the only passion/drive in the relationship. and despite her dominance in the bedroom, she has her days when playful, gentle touches are the most wonderful thing.
  • if she’s your sun, you’re her moon.