i’m sick of ya books w mermaids and sirens and sea monster girls where all they want to do is run away from the ocean. where they find a boy & fall in love & she abandons her world for his…  instead, give me books where she loves the water & drowns ships just so its passengers can be w the water too. give me books where she finds boys, loves them, then leaves them so that instead of them changing her life she changes theirs (they spend the rest of their days longing for her, always hoping for her to come back but she never will). give me books where her lovely voice haunts rocky beaches, oceanside cliffs, and abandoned lighthouses - the stuff of legends & myths. give me books where she protects the sea and the creatures in it from humans, killing anyone who comes near & harms her home (colorful coral reefs, deep trenches, shallow shores teeming with life). i want their danger, their magic, their strength and power, i don’t want another girl at the constant mercy of others, constantly uncertain, unhappy, or afraid, i want monsters. self-assured and beautiful.