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one thing that is so frustrating and heartbreaking and good about gilmore girls is that emily and lorelai just cannot ever seem to get to a place where they understand how alike they are.

lorelai is so her mother’s daughter in a lot of ways. she has her strength and her stubbornness and her incredible formidable wit and her total inability to deal with serious emotions instead of burying them in frostiness (the emily method) or running away from them (the lorelai method) and it’s just so sad that lorelai is never really in a place where she can say “i’m proud that you’re my mom and i’m proud of what i got from you as a person” in the way that rory often does to lorelai. because there is a lot that emily’s done wrong and she and lorelai have caused each other so much pain, no doubt, but emily is so amazing in so many ways, and has qualities that i think lorelai surely does admire a lot even if she’s not in a place to admit it, and it just breaks my heart that they’re both on the defensive so often about each other. i wish lorelai could see what we the viewers see in terms of how many of emily’s horrible or baffling and hurtful actions are driven by this desperate love and insecurity. i feel like lorelai having that kind of realization or getting to that place of “i love my mother” is where the story was meant to go, and i hope we get to see it in the revival.

for the most part i am really happy with how the show ended in season 7, but it leaves you feeling like lorelai and emily were destined to make so much more progress than we ever got to see, and i am so glad that now there’s a chance we’ll actually see it. i think the true ending for gilmore girls is lorelai and emily at peace with and even mostly happy in their relationship.

I just thought I’d let you all know, that I’m reading every comment and every single tag on this post. I am completely overwhelmed by all the kindness you send me with your words and support. I’m checking in with the crazy girls a few times every day, to keep them updated.

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If the support keeps up like it is right now, then me and the lil’ one gonna find out what’s it’s like to be squished in between those two. *passesoutbythethought*

Live Drunk Rewrite Pt. IV

Harry swung the cloak back over himself and walked on, stumbling upon Ginny. He stopped in his tracks. She was crouching over a girl who was crying for her mother.

“It’s all right,” Ginny said, awkwardly patting the girl’s head. “Probably go inside though. Just a thought.”

“But I want to go home,” whispered the girl. “I don’t want to fight anymore!”

“O RLY?” Ginny countered skeptically. “OH YOU DON’T? SO WEIRD!”

I’m going to fuck her later, Harry thought fondly, continuing on.

He had some memories, passed some places. He got to be a super cool wizarding kid so he was bummed about things; he made a quidditch reference that was pretty terrible - the Snitch had been caught, it was time to leave the air - and then in a stroke of genius that would LITERALLY NOT HAVE OCCURRED TO HARRY, he decided to pull the Snitch out of his pocket, suddenly possessing some capacity for comprehension which had eluded him for the entirety of a seven book series.

“I am about to die,” he whispered, and the metal shell broke open.

There was confetti inside.

Just kidding! dead people.

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@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl: Agree with the rest, but why would Gendry be a Slytherin?

“He’s going to die, and the sooner he does it, the better for the rest of us. We should just leave him, like he says. If it was you or me hurt, you know he’d leave us.” They scrambled down a steep cut and up the other side, using roots for handholds. “I’m sick of carrying him, and I’m sick of all his talk about yielding too. If he could stand up, I’d knock his teeth in. Lommy’s no use to anyone. That crying girl’s no use either.” 

“You leave Weasel alone, she’s just scared and hungry is all.” Arya glanced back, but the girl was not following for once. Hot Pie must have grabbed her, like Gendry had told him. 

“She’s no use,” Gendry repeated stubbornly. “Her and Hot Pie and Lommy, they’re slowing us down, and they’re going to get us killed. You’re the only one of the bunch who’s good for anything. Even if you are a girl.”

you want to talk about slytherin survival, it’s in gendry not in arya.  arya refuses to leave dying lommy and tiny weasel behind even though they are definitely slowing them down but gendry’s all for leaving them behind sooner rather than later if it means he gets to make it through.  he’s looking at expedience, not emotion here.  arya is useful–the “only one of the bunch who’s good for anything” and the others are dead weight.

it makes sense to me–he’s coming from an environment where he was literally passed from person to person: his mother to tobho mott to yoren.  this is the first time that he’s had any remote kind of agency and he’s going to use it to benefit him.  he wants to be worth more–a master armorer, a knight, more than what he is, or what he perceives himself as and is convinced the world sees him as: a bastard out of flea bottom.

he’s in it for himself, he’s in it to rise and climb and not get dragged down.  that’s slytherin survival right there.

i think that arya inspires bravery in him.  she is earthshattering for him in many ways.  and i think that he also does that slytherin thing of expanding his sense of “self” to include those who matter to him, and i do think once we hit affc, there’s been a lot that’s changed in him so maybe he’s more of a gryffindor than before.  his saving brienne could be gryffindor, it could also be that he hates the hound and biter showed up wearing the hound’s helm.  

but yeah–i see him as being a slytherin down to his core, and i see his sense of bravery as being a slytherin bravery: one that benefits him or the ones he loves, but not necessarily doing what’s right for the sake of what’s right (i mean, he’s hanging out with the stoneheart!brotherhood………………………..)

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"Yuu-chan, do you know where Niku left her plush owl? I thought it was in her crib but I can't find it and she keeps crying." Mikaela asked, bouncing the four month old child in his arms. The small girl continued to cry, holding onto her mother's shirt in attempt to show she was a little more than upset.

“Ummm…..I think so. Let me see if its the right place….” Yuichiro took off into the living room, looking around for his daughter’s plushie. He crouched behind the couch, smiling as he found the tiny owl. “There it is.” He grabbed the plushie, walking back to his husband and daughter. “Found it~~” He said, smiling brightly as he handed Niku her owl.

the worst sleepover i ever went to involved the girl throwing the party crying with her head in this other girl’s lap…that girl was also crying and playing “down to earth” by justin bieber on a guitar but we had no idea why. also another girl was crying in the bathroom because her best friend was in singapore…meanwhile i was putting a strawberry under the door to reinforce some semblance of normalcy. also we found a dead rat in a blanket folded in her closet

Yang's Sorrow

Blood spattered all over the cement wall, the floor almost painted with blood, and a body that looks like a little girl with her teddy bear stained with blood. The little’s girl’s insides were all outside of her body and her amber eyes wide open. Yang’s black clawed hands were covered in blood also holding a organ with one hand which was the child’s heart. His eyes were fully black and breathing heavily as his breathe was seen.
Yang’s eyes slowly turned back to normal as he blinked multiple times seeing his hands bloody. He looked around and looked down at the dismembered Child. He gasped and covered his mouth with his right hand and saw his left hand holding the little girl’s heart and dropped it down. “I-i did it a-again… I-i didnt mean too!” His voice trembled sounding like he was gonna cry. The killing of his victim replayed in his mind seeing the little girl scream and cry for her mommy as he kept ripping the little girl apart limp by limp. “I-im Sorry! I-i… I so sorry… ” Yang cried softly as his hands turned normal. He fell down to his knees and held the little girl into his hands and sobbed softly. “I-i can’t control it… I didnt for this to happen… I never asked for this… I-i was forced too… I-i wish i can die… ” He hugged the dead little girl as he heard her cries.

“Im sorry… I wish i can fix all the
deaths i made… ”

sometime i literally cry bc girls are too amazing for this world and beautiful and they’re all so talented and funny & hardworking & devoted and incredible and whenever im in a girls presence im like…… how do i deserve this