Pregnancy Update #2/Important Bottom Baby Announcement!

So ask-nick-and-nigel and I just finished up at the OBGYN…we’re sitting in the car, I’m clutching Nick’s hand in a vice grip…and I’m crying with happiness. The baby is healthy and we’re happy and everything is going according to plan. It’s all going along nicely, and we now have a definite due date for out little Bottom Baby. Both Nick and I are so relieved that nothing’s wrong. Honestly, we couldn’t afford the hospital bills if there were, so this is an extra boost of confidence for us.

But, I’m sure that’s only trivial to all of you. You’re probably thinking, “Oh my God Bea just hurry the hell up with this I want to know what gender your child is going to be.” And you’re right – I’m pandering.

So, without further ado, we’re so very, incredibly proud to announce that….

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six selfies, as tagged by pandaeggroll because she wrote in the tags how much she wanted me to do this :3 



Artist Riikka Hyvönento finds beauty in a roller derby girls’ occupational hazard turned accidental canvas.  Inspired by the feminist, communal spirit of the sport her work reflects the community, fragility, and personal strength of the women who play it. Roller Derby is high-octane, aggressive, physically demanding competitive contact speed skating sport that originated in the United States.  

One gnarly side effect is the technicolor rainbow of bruises the players sport after a particularly rough game.  But bruising is a trophy in this sport – a proudly earned right of passage from a well-played game. 

Hyvönen has spent the last year collecting photographs of roller derby girls’ bottoms and converting the bruises – which she calls ‘kisses’ – into giant pop artworks. 

‘Roller Derby Kisses’ is currently part of an exhibition at the Finnish institute in King Cross, London.  The exhibition runs until August 20, 2015.

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