Shoutout to the chill, laid-back girls, that don’t believe in forcefully initiating a relationship & are convinced that if you just “go with the flow” everything should fall into place. You’ll find someone that has your same vision and takes you very seriously. 

Day Four: Favorite Underrated Moment

Seth Kate Fandom Celebration 2017 (Saturday, May 20th - Thursday, June 2nd) 

“All those in favor of of leaving the Ranger, raise your hand!”

This is my favorite underrated moment because it shows Seth and Kate in an interesting light. Seth obviously wants to be rid of Freddie for a number of reasons, the Ranger being bit probably not at the top of the list. So he’s like hell yes, “We’re leaving this sob, who’s gonna turn - cause he’s a cop, he stabbed my brother, and I don’t want him anywhere near me.”

And surprising everyone, including Seth, Kate’s got his back. I think in this moment she’s more agreeing with Seth, because she’s afraid of Freddie turning. But she is brave enough to speak her mind. And the real reason I love this underrated scene:

His eyebrows! LOL. I mean but really though this is screaming “Girl’s got my back, didn’t expect that did you MF?”

Anyways. I love this scene. 

GIF credit: @coopsaudrey I certainly can’t do this that well. 

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Let's talk about Normani and how unfair everything is. She was critiqued on being TOO PERFECT throughout the entire season so now the outfit is the only thing they can judge?? "it makes tiny mistakes so obvious" okay but Rashad and DAVID get praised for stumbling and being stiff as fuck?? Like not to sound too much like a rabid Harmonizer (sarcasm) but this show really trying to make sure a man wins this season. Having two brown girls win back to back is too much for trump's america

also can i just say how it annoys me that julianne was spurting bullshit like “we have such high expectations for you”???? like ???? you’re meant to have the SAME expectations for everyone. see if one of the other teams did as flawlessly as normani, they’d get all 10′s. but because it’s normani, a black woman, she gets underscored for stupid things like “you’re quickstep was too quick”, and “i didn’t like your outfit, where’s the skirt?” like it’s so annoying and dumb i can’t even



After release by Boko Haram, 82 Chibok girls reunited with their families

  • The Chibok girls Boko Haram kidnapped and recently released have been reunited with their families, according to CNN.
  • The 82 young women are among the 276 whom members of the militant Islamic group took from a boarding school in the Nigerian town of Chibok over three years ago. 
  • Following their release in early May, the girls have been transported to Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, where they rejoined their relatives in a celebratory ceremony on Saturday, CNN reported.
  • “Today I thank God, my daughter is alive,” Yahi Bulata — the father of one of the abducted girls, who is now 21 years old — told NPR. Read more (5/22/17)

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