Lean into the unknown. And lean even harder into trusting the process. -I am her tribe 🍂🌟✨⭐️

Think about one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make. And then think about how you felt after you made it. • Actually making the decision, in that moment is the hardest thing we are faced with. But everything after that, begins to smooth out around the edges and becomes as clear as the inside of a raindrop. Now think about the hardest pose you’ve had to hold in a yoga class. Yoga teaches us how to breathe through these moments of unfamiliarity or discomfort, and learn how to overcome them with our incredible minds and hold control over all aspects of our lives. • We apply these asanas to hardships and difficult decisions that come our way quite often in our unpredictable existence. Yoga isn’t about coming into a perfect backbend. It’s about accepting and living and embracing your presence with ease. 🌙

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eruditeprincess1993  asked:

It could be just me but I think Kane looks better with the beard.

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It ain’t just you, babe. It could be just you and me, though. But, i’m gonna go with… nope, not just us. Bearded Kane is a hot Kane. The best is bearded Kane with a book. That’s a super hot Kane. 

I wish we could get bearded Kane with a book singing Spanish songs along with acoustic guitar. That might be the hottest level of Kane. 


While working on a research paper
  • You:listens to a ocean wave simulator
  • Me, an intellectual:listens to BTS's 21st century girl on repeat to really get those essay writing juices flowing

Here’s a thought on the V4 trailer….

I was wondering why they pictured Blake staring out at the water like this, because aside from being pretty, it didn’t seem like it had much meaning, you know? All three of the other girls are in places that make sense as of where we left off with V3, but I didn’t think Blake’s really did, until I remembered;

An island just off the coast of Vale. 

I think somebody’s thinking of a certain Xiao Long. 

She’s the betta half of the two