Let’s start the anti self-deprecation movement
  • Don’t tolerate it in yourself: ask “why am I feeling the need to undercut myself right now? Because I’m feeling overbearing? Then maybe cool it a bit. Because I want some love? Then show some or open up to someone about what I’m struggling with!” 
  • Don’t tolerate it in others: tell people in a very simple way: “hey, don’t talk about yourself that way” or “Seems like something’s going on: I’m here!” 

The world is DYING to put you down, particularly if you are from a vulnerable demographic, whether it’s because of your gender, sexuality, mental health, or WHATEVER. 

Don’t you dare help it. 

Please give me a fic where the Legends are there for the Music Meister  crossover and Mick (and Len!?!) are A) absolutely furious with how this bottom feeding white bread alien jackass treats Kara and her boundaries and B) how no one seems to notice there are major issues here

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Trending 27th has become a proper Thing to me, for me, by which I mean it feels like it’s ingrained already; There is no question of me not doing something for Trending 27th, this small doable something for Wander Over Yonder. Because it’s WOY. It’s important to me.

So. uh, hi @crackmccraigen.
I hope all the best for and onto you.
Thanks for bringing your baby to the table and sharing it with all of us.
WOY popped into my life with the exact-right messages at the exact-right time. It’s been a great help (EY) to me, and it’s set an example. It’s made me think.
It’s made me laugh too. And grin. It’s made me produce work, even through rough patches. I’ve shared this show with people who are dear to me. I’ve made friends, man, so many people on here are just sparking. I’ve taken a lot away from it. This show has impacted me, and you have too.

I hope, if you see this, Craig, you see all these Trending 27th post notifications and see them as a thunderous shout out for Wander Over Yonder, your beautiful creation, and as an outpouring of well-wishing to you in the future on everything else you do.

Thank you for creating, we’re rooting for you, and we’ll keep pushing @disneyxd on this. It’s the 27th; It’s Wander Day. We want our show back, please.  We want to check up on our animated buddies, we want to know how their stories wrap up (and began!). We want to know the furthest reaches of the galaxy that Craig intended us to see.
   Or you. Intended us to see: if you are Craig. Yes.

This has been a note; a long one. And I tagged Craig in it. And I should have made it shorter and more succinct. What a rotter.
(Y'all made Something The So and So and now look at this mess oozing on your doorstep)

He saw it in her eyes.
Behind the laugh,
The smile, the
“Everything’s okay”
They say the eyes are the window to the soul,
And on her perfectly made up and faked face,
The eyes gave her away.
He could see her brokenness, the long nights spent crying until she fell asleep.
How sad and tired she actually was.
He knew everyone was fooled by her act, pretending to be happy all the time.
And he knew he couldn’t fix her, but he could try
—  A.P