underrated songs on red :

state of grace



I knew you were trouble

all too well


i almost do

we are never ever getting back together

stay stay stay 

the last time

holy ground

sad beautiful tragic

the lucky one

everything has changed


the lucky one

the moment i knew

girl at home

come back…be here

state of grace (acoustic)

Just To Make Her Jealous (stenbrough)

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YA GIRLS BACK W/ SOME ANGST (with a happy ending!)

hope you enjoy!

“I n-need you.” Bill says. “Date m-me.”

Stan can’t believe it. Finally. “Yeah. Yes. Please.” He’s picked up on his signals, the touches, the small gestures. He goes to reach out for Bill, his friend, someone he’s loved since he could define the term.

“I want t-to make B-B-Bev jealous.”

His yearning for Bill’s touch falters, his heart pounds. Beverly. Her. Not me.

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If I was trying to console this person that I am as some one else, God would I be kind. This person beating her self up through all of her horrendous life. Blaming herself for everything she’s ever come across & everyone who’s ever died. If I was trying to help this Girl get back up on her feet, while she’s laying in a pool of tears from guilt & “God why me’s”. If I could appear as two standing in front of me, to the girl who’s taken all the problems of everyone she meets. If I could tell her anything, anything at all. I’d be speechless… For it’s I who’s beaten down her walls. For it’s I who’s caused her pain & given her the idea that.. Everything’s her fault. For it’s I who’s thrown her in the floor. But as I’m looking down & screaming at myself begging “please, no more” I wonder how I can pick up all of these souls & lick up all of their cuts, and talk them down from cliffs they were for sure they would have jumped. Yet every time she’s hurting, I tell her it’s her fault. Every time she messes up I call her stupid names. Every time she commits catastrophe I replay it in her face. But if she was someone else, I’d hold her through the pain. If she was someone else I’d fix every broken thing. But she is I & I am her, broken & responsible for every little thing.

She & I (Andy Insanity)

Unexpected Outcomes (Sincerely 3 x Reader)

A/N: hey all! here with a new fic. i was gonna post this tomorrow, but an actual friend of mine basically gave me a death threat yesterday so… @maladus1, sorry and hope this makes up for me “scarring” you.

TW: cursing i think. pretty much just pure fluff. very brief mention of smut but for like, sentence.

“Well we need someone!” Connor huffed sitting down on the couch. “It’s not like we’re all 100% gay. We need a girl.”

Jared rubbed his back, “Look, Con. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but who’s gonna want to be our partner? We’re the biggest losers in the school! Not to mention that they may be weirded out by it.”

Evan sat there twiddling his thumbs, “w-well… there may be someone… see, see? There’s this um… well there’s this girl in my history class, and she’s really cute and funny. And and it didn’t seem like she was dating anyone.”

“Well who was it?”

“Um um… (Y/N)? (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Oh yeah… she is pretty cute. And if I must say, she’s got a damn good ass and I pretty nice-”

“Jared, I beg of you, you’re scaring Evan…”
“H-how are we gonna talk to her?”

“Hm… how about-”

.         .         .

“A party? Zoe are you crazy? You know I don’t go to these things.”

“I know (Y/N) I know. but it really would mean a lot to me if you could be there. Besides, you can meet some new people, make friends, a boyfriend maybe?”
You scoff, “yeah right. Like anyone’d want to date me.”

“I’m serious.”
“And so am I!” you sigh, “fine, I’ll come. But there better be food.”

She hugs you tightly, “yay! I’ll see you there! And wear something nice.”

.         .         .

You showed up at the Murphy’s party and sat on the couch in the corner. You’d promised your mom to have the car back by 12, so you had to stay sober to drive. You just sat there scrolling through twitter on your phone.

You weren’t the fan of parties really. Too many people and the music was always too loud. You feel the couch sink a bit and see a very anxious boy next to you.

“Um… hi?”

“Oh right right hi, sorry. I’m Evan.”

“(Y/N), aren’t you in my science class?” you shake his hand.

“Yeah, sorry about before. See I just was zoning for a moment and didn’t see that you were talking to me. I a-also thought you were talking to someone else but yeah sorry.” He spoke so quickly it almost seemed like one sentence.

“It’s fine it’s fine don’t worry about it.”
“You say that a lot don’t you?”

“Yeah s-” he stopped himself. “So what are you doing here?”

“Oh, Zoe invited me here, I don’t really like parties and… yeah here I am. What about you?”

“Similar thing. My friends insisted on coming and I was kinda stuck.”
You nod. You hated to admit it, but he was really cute. “D-do you wanna maybe… go somewhere more quiet? Maybe then we can talk more? And not be yelling so much” you giggle slightly.

“Y-yeah… that’d be good… come on. I know just the spot…”

He takes your hand and leads you upstairs to a closed door next to Zoe’s room.

“This already seems quie- oh my god!”

The moment he opens the door, you see Connor and Jared having a heavy make out session on Connor’s bed.

Once they hear you, they instantly pull apart. “Right… so I’m gonna go… don’t wanna intrude on anything…”

“No you’re not. You’re good. It’s all good.” Jared sat up and muttered not so subtly to Connor, “I told you we shouldn’t be up here. That it would ruin the entire plan.”
“I’m sorry what? What plan?”

Evan closes the door, “p-please don’t be too mad at us okay?”

“Um… I’ll try?”
Evan started, “Look… we all have been looking for…”
“A new partner you see,” Jared started right where Evan started stuttering. “it’s kind of a thing and we were looking for a girl to join us and we were…”
“Kinda wondering if you’d be interested.” Connor finished it off.

“A-are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I don’t know, some people are like that…”
“Y-you can say no if you want to, I-I mean, it’s a big decision.”

Was he kidding? If you had the ability to be with the three guys you’ve had a crush on since freshmen year at the same time, you were gonna take the chance without question.

“N-no I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

Evan quickly goes in for a tight hug and showers your face with kisses and murmurs about a million “thank you”s. Jared and Connor both chuckle, “we’ll wait.”

It takes a few moments, but Evan soon pulls away from you. Connor was next and pulled you down on the bed with him. He quickly goes in for a kiss. It was so much softer and passionate than you’d expect it to be. His hand goes to your cheek as you run a hand through his hair. You break away and rest your forehead against his, “I’m glad you said yes.”
“Me too.”

Jared was last, and he pulled you into his lap. He just stays for a moment stroking your cheek until he goes in for a gentle but desperate kiss. His hands start to move down from your waist towards your ass. He breaks away from the kiss.

“I guess I finally get to do this now.” he gives it a light squeeze and you giggle, resting your head on his chest. It stays like that for a few moments until you look up at him abruptly.

“That was part of the plan wasn’t it?”
“Wasn’t what?”
“Evan was supposed to get me up here so we could walk in on you two. Am I wrong?”

Connor groans, “see? This is why I said it was stupid! I told you she’d figure it out.”
you giggle and kiss his cheek, “No I think it’s cute… can we stay up here and cuddle a bit?”
“Of course. What else are we gonna do? Go down to the party?”
Everyone fell into a fit of giggles and squished together on Connor’s bed.

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Ultimate bias? the one and only, jeon jungkook

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? no one honestly fnbkjh

Favourite Kpop song(s)? DUDE get ready

girls::: blackpink - playing with fire, stay with me, boombayah; chungha - why don’t you know; gfriend - sunshine, rain in the spring time, rough, me gustas tu, navillera; ioi - very very very; snsd - all my love is for you, all night, beep beep, born to be a lady, everyday love, divine, gee, girls (never gonna look back), how great is your love, forever, indestructible, the legendary into the new world,, one last time, say yes, stay girls, genie, himnae, mistake; sunmi - gashina; taeyeon - fine, i, fire, 11:11, U R; tts - baby steps, only u; twice - like ooh ahh, tt, jelly jelly, one in a million, someone like me

boys::: bts - move, i need u, blood sweat and tears, 24/7=heaven, born singer, butterfly, converse high, dimples, sea, for you, i like it, lost, love is not over, not today, outro wings, run, fire, spring day, 2! 3!, war of hormone, whalien 52, go go, baepsae, hold me tight, just one day; got7 - this star; jay park - all i wanna do korean version, drive, forever, joah, me like yuh korean version, mommae, solo, stay with me; seventeen - 20

First Kpop Song? officially? view by shinee, but i once heard ring ding dong when i was bored in class when i searched for “kpop”

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? all albums by snsd; bts - wings, the most beautiful moment in life part 1 and her

Favourite Kpop Ship? jikook, jinkook (not romantically!!!), jungkook and i, momo and i 

Hard Stan or Soft Stan? a softie

Favourite Kpop company? none lol

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? #view4thwin was trending on twitter and i went to check it, heard it, liked it, got into kpop ha



I met this beautiful girl when I was back in Charlotte and she stole my heart. I love her. She was the sweetest baby.