I’ve been tagged by so many folks for a selfie over the past month while I’ve been away-ish I’ve lost track. Apologies in advance if I miss anyone who has tagged me! @blvcktoothgrin @wonderinghobbit @victoria-krueger @noctenebula @vomschatteninsnichts @morbidmacabremin @macabremusings @fourthorandsevenyearsago thank you so much.

I tag you all back as well as @goona @sexualcancer @a-l-c @hateful-sinner @queen0fcats @beardowulf @screaminluke @rammstein4ever @lunar-leviathans @myriadofmistakes @theashenone @lazerheart @jacktheadult @awarmcupofno @warwickblues @rileywasyes @lord-worms-shakespeare-class @lord-ov-the-blackened-svn @peachy-hobbit @despairanddeception @lafemmedemon @acid1c-kiss @phagethemage @misshammett @scottydoeskn0w @ultimategeekboy @whenthewildwindblowss @skjaldmaer-shieldmaiden @bizzyfish @lorenaangelia @jplovecraft @thekittys0far @horizon-floral @averagefreaks and @cannabyss666 if you’d like to of course. If I somehow forgot a mutual please consider yourself tagged!! Thanks for sticking around. 🖤🦋