i really resonated with the awkwardness of the dan and phil nerdy nummies video

I came out to my dad the other night. He’s religious (Mormon) and we’ve had discussions about gay marriage before and he was very against it so I was scared to bring it up but it’s been over a year since I came out to my mom and I figured it was time. I expected him to be angry or unsupportive, but when I told him I was gay/bi (still figuring it out) he asked me if I thought he would be upset and I said yeah and then he told me, “My job as your dad is to love you and make sure you’re happy and to teach you the tools you will need to get through life. Being gay doesn’t change the fact that you’re still my daughter.”

Also, I asked him if he already knew and he said that he “wondered about it” lol
LGBT+ Characters in Mainstream Media
With the range of TV shows, films, and books being brought out, why is it such a controversial shock when characters are revealed as gay?
By Blasting News

I wrote an article on LGBT+ character! Please check it out if you can :) 

this might be really OOC but….

Coliver AU where they have a BFF relationship and Connor is always kissing Oliver on the mouth or cheek exuberantly when something exciting (that date that Oliver set him up with turning out to be a huge success so Connor grabbed his face and pressed a wet kiss to his cheek, “Ugh, Connor!”) or something sad happens (like that time Oliver moved out of the loft they shared with 3 other roommates and Connor kissed him on the lips before he jumped in the moving van and Oliver was like, “WTF man, we’ll still see each other and sTOP KISSING ME!”)

but then something REALLY upsetting happens and Connor is super upset and looking down, not meeting Oliver’s eyes and Oliver just… takes Connor’s face in his hands and kisses him, for real though. and they fall in love.


meanderings0ul  asked:

Hey there, got a relatively involved question. How did you go about starting the cap poly blog? How much time does it take you to keep up? How do you go about finding content when there's no real ship tag? The Star Trek aos/tos fandom could really use a good general poly blog and I'm starting to think about going for it. (I've lost my mind lol)

Oh! Yeah, okay, this is gonna be a long answer! I hope you are prepared for what you’ve unleashed. tbqh I often find myself wishing that my other fandoms had blogs like mine too, so I’m more than happy to try to help a new one get started!

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