You don’t have to put on all that makeup to be beautiful. As women, we’ve grown up thinking that we have to wear makeup and that’s not true. If girls can go one day out of the week without wearing makeup, I think that’s really empowering. #NoMakeupMonday

Girls Camp-out Day 2 #1/12 by Connie
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A few more pictures for day 2, but I always keep my wording Very Short!! After a (fairly) good nights sleep, the girls wake up hungry. Leslie, the last to awaken, needs to do several stretches to work out the kinks of sleeping in a sleeping bag!

  • Aries:Doesn't give a heck about it
  • Taurus:Pretty mellow as long as you take them out to a nice brunch and get them flowers
  • Gemini:Wants a Girl's Day Out with their friends
  • Cancer:Happiest day of their life, gets emotional
  • Leo:Needs to be catered to
  • Virgo:Must have everything go perfect
  • Libra:Gets drunk as hell
  • Scorpio:Pretends like its a normal day but secretly wants breakfast in bed
  • Sagittarius:Extra whiny and needy
  • Capricorn:"But it's Mother's Day so you have to listen to me"
  • Aquarius:Gets mad at their kids for getting them a card because it's a bs holiday
  • Pisces:Getting turnt while having a bubble bath

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Olicity Social Media AU (2/6) - Girls Day Out, Boys Stay In, Thea Babysits | Part 1

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