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Support Older Girl Groups Pt. 5: Apink

This week on Support Older Girl Groups we are supporting Apink. If you want to know why you should participate even if this week isn’t about a group you stan, check out this post. If you are new to this project, it is a series of weekly masterposts of videos to watch to support older girl groups.

This is not everything from Apink, this is some videos that need the view counts to go up with the intention of boosting Apink’s popularity, and helping out older girl groups!

About the Group

Apink is a six member group under Plan A Entertainment that was formed in 2011.They are known for being a Bubblegum Pop group with a cute, comfortable, innocent concept. Their infectious sound will keep you listening to them all day! 

Their current line up in Naeun, Bomi, Eunji, Chorong, Namojoo, and Hayoung. They are all so talented and I love their visuals, of both them and their videos. 

Title Tracks

Five Is Apink’s comeback from a couple days ago. It is so nice to watch and I love this style. It almost reminds me of older kpop stuff. This song is so sweet and I highly recommend it. It currently has 2,259,653 views, which isn’t bad for a new song. Let’s get it to 5mil even sooner! I’m really excited to see Apink do well.

Always was a comeback from 2 months ago. It’s another very sweet song by them and it’s very calming and nice to listen to. this song and music video just make me really happy. But sadly, it only got 3,001,267 views. Let’s get it to 5mil!

Cause You’re My Star was Apink’s comeback from last December. This song shows off Apink’s more mature side, while still having the beautiful aesthetic that makes them so lovable. It sadly only got  6,676,231 views. Let’s show them love and get it to 10mil!

Mr. Chu is a classic Apink song from 2014. It kind of feels like a Gfriend and Red Velvet crossover, but it’s not, it’s Apink! This is one of my favorite songs by Apink, and think it shows off what is great about them best. It’s getting close to 50mil, it’s currently at 43,753,005 views. Let’s give them a view boost!

Other Stuff to Check Out

Here is season one of Apink News with English subtitles. The other seasons are on the same YouTube channel too.

Here is the dance practice to Mr. Chu. I really like this dance, it’s simple but skillful. 

Ending Notes

Please reblog this and share this as much as possible! This project will do no real good unless it is a group effort. And please watch the videos as much as possible! It would do the most good if you guys watched each one  multiple times a day this week. If you want people to put the effort to help out your favorite older girl groups, help out other people’s faves too! Remember, next week’s post could be your favorite group!

Also remember!

Listen to all of these songs on Spotify

Buy them and or the albums if you can

Follow them of social media

Spread the love for older girl groups!

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