girls with pit hair

In addition to being thin, women (particularly in the west) are expected to maintain the illusion of hairlessness. Any sign that puberty might have bestowed upon us a spray of fuzz beneath our arms or a thatch of fur between our legs has to be eliminated immediately. Waxing, shaving, plucking, electrolysis - women have to fork out precious financial resources just to achieve what is then laughably passed off as a ‘natural’ state. For men and women similarly invested in maintaining patriarchal notions of gender performance, hair on women seems to be oddly terrifying. 

- Clementine Ford, Fight Like A Girl 

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Hey guys, sorry this isn’t art related but it’s something that means a lot to me and it needs to be talked about more and more.

I’ll start with saying that I’m really happy that over the past couple of years ladies have started easing up a little on what I used to think was the unshakable western 1950’s beauty fads. Mainly the god awfully uncomfortable bras with the wire, 50% padding, and cheap bedazzlement flashy enough to wave down airplanes with your boobies. Also I’m talking about the societal pressure that you have to shave your body on a constant basis to be any form of attractive. *BREATHE*

A few years ago I started thinking more and more why I “have” to do certain things that I don’t enjoy. I started wearing lace bras and only occasionally shaved (btw this hasn’t affected how much I smell/sweat but it has made me cut back on deodorant which also has helped me sweat less). My family is great for letting me know when I am doing something “weird” I love them and they are the only ones that I usually allow to pick on me for these things. After bugging me by pinching my nips through my shirt, sending razors in the mail and gasping at me when I show them my armpits I can honestly say I’m pretty damn confident about it now. The more I think about the rules in this world, the more I want to fuck with them.

Now I’m super stoked to see that pit hair is becoming a trend, it’s nice to know it’s okay to choose what you do with your body and your life. My boyfriend loves it and thinks I’m MORE attractive because I am confident. After talking to my sister she was even wanting to grow HER pit hair out and dye it. Anyways, if you ladies don’t feel comfortable in bras or shaving constantly you don’t need to wear them or shave…just be sure to walk quickly through the frozen foods aisle. If anyone has a problem with those things don’t feel like you need to care. 


Lately I’ve felt beautiful. I think I’m finally starting to love myself and it’s a great feeling.
This feeling all started when I decided to stop shaving and I realized that I don’t need to be societies definition of beautiful to be beautiful.
Now I’ve been noticing things everyday that I’ve never noticed before. Like the cute little hairs on my thighs, or the cute mole in my armpit, or my lovely stretch marks.
Also I’d like to thank eartheld. You’re so beautiful inside and out and your post inspire me to be myself and love my natural beauty.

Don’t Scare Me Like That (Newt)

Newt x Reader (1,458 Words)

Request: i have a request, if that’s okay ! maybe a newt x reader where she gets attacked by ben instead of thomas? xx ilysm

The girl worked silently alongside Zart in the gardens, trying to forget about the relentless sun which was beginning to boil her blood.

“Okay, what if we-“ Thomas muttered.

Newt sighed and put aside the vines he was tying. “No, we tried it, alright? Twice!”

Thomas’ look of exasperation only grew. “All right? Trust me. Anything you think of, we’ve already tried.” Newt forced.

The blonde looked to the girl who had kept her head down the entire conversation, almost at if he were pleading for help. “The only way out of here is through the maze.”

It was almost as if Thomas’ spirits had dropped entirely as he pushed his shovel around in the dirt, darting his eyes around.

“Now, look, you wanna be helpful?” Newt asked, tossing a basket at Thomas who barely caught it. “Here. Go dig us up some more fertilizer. And take Y/N with you.”

Newt pointed to the girl who slowly raised her head and gave him a sharp glare. “She could use a break.”

Y/N was all too aware of Newt’s little schemes. She knew he was just trying to get Thomas out of his sight for a while. Though, she didn’t mind because at least the deadheads would give her a break from the sun. Zart giggled lightly as Thomas fumbled with the basket in his hands, disgusted at the job he’d been given.

“C’mon.” Y/N muttered, grabbing his arm and dragging him off. As she hauled him along, the boy managing to trip on a couple of the wooden polls which stuck out and she could hear Newt’s and Zart’s snickers.

“Don’t mind them. Newt’s not always that grumpy. He can just be a little harsh on the greenies. He doesn’t like questions.” The girl looked back to the boy treading awkwardly behind her.

“Why? What’s wrong with wanting to know where the hell I am and who you people are?” Thomas grumbled.

Y/N stopped him in his tracks and let out a soft laugh. “Dude. Just stop worrying so much.”

Just behind the girl was a row of trees, a small path leading into the forest. “Anyways,” she turned to to woods and started forwards. “Follow this trail and you’ll know when you’ve found the fertilizer. Trust me. I’ve got to go check something, but I’ll meet you back here in five.”

At seemingly the speed of light, the girl sprinted off and disappeared into the woods. “Just get the fertilizer, Thomas. Y’know just out in the middle of the woods.” He grumbled and sauntered into the woods.

Deeper in the forest, Y/N was running for the map room. “Minho! You here?!” She called out.

No response came as she approached and something was making shivers stream down her spine, the hair on the back of her neck rising. Something, or someone, made some branches to her left snap and her head jerked around. “Minho?”

Still no response. Suddenly, a figure stumbled from around the map room, facing her with a disturbing pair of cloudy eyes. “Oh- Ben! Have you seen Minho?” She asked.

But something wasn’t right. And she knew it. The boys shoulders were hunched over and his breathing was shallow and hitched, his hair shrouding his eyes. “Ben?”

Suddenly the boys breathing became heavier and angrier, his entire body beginning to tremble. “Hey - are you ok?” She asked.

Then he snapped. Ben was on the girl in a second, throwing her to the ground. “What the hell!” She screamed.

“It’s his fault!” Ben growled. “I saw him! He did this to us! I SAW HIM!”

Ben’s gruesome screams only continued as he kept the girl from scrambling away, his nails digging into her arms. “BEN! Get off!” She shrieked in pain.

Y/N scrambled to try and get away, hitting and scratching at him whenever she could. But something else was controlling the boy, and it was stronger than she thought.

Beside her in the dirt was an animal scull and without hesitation she reached for it and slammed it into the side of Ben’s head. The boy was sent back writhing in pain, gargling screams as he tried to get his bearings straight once again. By the time he did, Y/N was already sprinting back to safety.

She could feel her heart beating in her ears, but her legs just kept moving forwards, adrenaline dripping into her legs like an intravenous. “HEY!” She screamed, but Ben threw himself onto her and sent them both tumbling down.

The pair violently rolled down the hill before them. Pain radiated through every protruding part of her body and when she finally stopped at the bottom, she was sure every bone in her body was broken. But, she scrambled to her feet and sprinted forwards. She could see the soft grass of the glade: her lifeline, and was not giving up now.

“HEY! HELP!” Her raucous screams resonated through the glade, and Newt was to his feet in seconds. He looked to Zart, the panic flooding into his veins. He’d know that voice anywhere.

“HELP! HELP!” She continued to howl as she finally made her way out of the trees and onto the grass, Ben right on her heels.

In seconds, the glade was in a frenzy. Everyone was racing towards the commotion. Ben leapt forwards and slammed into the girl from behind, throwing her straight into the ground. He clambered over her, fighting to keep her down. “I’ll kill him!” He threatened.

“HEY!” Newt cried out, colliding his shovel with Ben’s head. The runner was thrown off of the girl and into the grass, completely desensitized from the blow to the head.

“Hold him down!” Newt demanded and he crashed down beside the girl who lay in the grass, eyes wide with alarm. The blonde pulled her in close to him and watched as the other boys fought with Ben, trying to restrain him. Ben looked like a wild animal thrashing around and Newt couldn’t steady his breath. But, the girl was safe with him and that was enough to keep him from completely losing his mind.

The crowd suddenly quieted as Alby approached, Ben murmuring some inaudible words. “Lift his shirt.” Alby ordered.

Gally lifted the fabric hesitantly, revealing a bluish back wound which spidered outwards like broken glass. All of the boys looked away in disgust, Newt hiding his face in the girls hair.

“Put him in the pit.” Alby ordered resentfully, the hurt building up inside of him evident just through his voice. “Newt, take Y/N to the medjacks.”

Before Y/N could even register what was happening, Newt had pulled her to her feet and was dragging her towards the medjack hut. Opposite to her, Ben was being hauled off towards the pit, screaming and crying tirelessly for them to let him go. She couldn’t help but feel like this was all her fault.

“You alright, love?” Newt asked, sitting her down on one of the medjack beds.

“I’m fine. He’s not.” She muttered, looking to the floor.

Newt sighed and sat down in front of her, reaching for her hands. The girl jerked back but his grip was firm, slowly beginning to wipe the blood from her knuckles.

“What happened?” He asked.

“He just attacked me. Told me this was all Thomas’ fault. I don’t know…” She let out a deep sigh, lowering her head even more.

Newt fought the smile which was trying to rise on his face and reached for her chin, raising it up so he could meet her eyes. “I’m glad you’re alright.” He dipped the cloth into a bucket of water and rung it out, raising it up to the cut on her face. “Had me bloody worried for a moment there.”

Y/N flinched as he pressed the cloth to the gash. “And from now on, I’m not letting you out of sight like that.”

Y/N scoffed. “It was one time, Newt. It won’t happen again. He was stung.”

“I don’t care. I’ve heard some of the other boys at bonfires. Some of them want to hurt you. I’m not letting it happen.” Newt looked to the girl, his brows furrowed.

“They probably didn’t mean it anyways. Gally’s drink does that, y’know?”

“I don’t care what it bloody does, you’re not getting hurt if I can help it!” He snapped and Y/N shied her eyes away. Suddenly, Newt’s arms were around her shoulders and he was hugging her tightly, running his hand over her hair.

“Are you alright?” Y/N asked.

Newt simply nodded and pushed his nose into the crook of the girls neck. “Just don’t scare me like that again.” He mumbled into her hair.