girls with mohawks

My bosses daughter wanted hair like mine for her schools Crazy Hair day, so I took on that 14” challenge and put it up for her n walked her to school . Needless to say she’s very popular in that bodunk town now :p
P.S-I’m not a Guy, I’m an 18 year old chick, my name is Sommer,  and the kid in the background isn’t a boy either, it’s the little girls older sister, Lol


These are some more pictures from the day my bosses daughter wanted me to put her hair up like mine for her schools crazy hair day. I figured since my previous photo went surprisingly viral, I’d share the rest we took.
I honestly was surprised she wanted a Mohawk knowing she might get made fun of in the small town she lives in, but despite me being gawked like a freak as I walked her into the school, she still thought I was cool and didn’t care what others would think. Amazing little kid.

My partner says I look like a Pokémon trainer in my harness vests ♥