girls with meduses

Girl With the Meduse Curls (A Conversation)



“Girl-with-the-Medusa-curls???…I dunno anyone that’s been called that.  Rory???…I don’t remember ever hearing that name either…but I’m not good at remembering names!  I’m sorry if I forgot you!  I’m kinda forgetful!  But yep, I’m Sochi!  Nice~to~meet~you~Ro~ry!”

“No problem. That’s an interesting name, you’re not from around here are you? You look nervous. You don’t have to worry, I only bite people I’ve known longer then a day.”

“Noooooooo I’m not!  I was born in India.  My mata and pita and I moved here when I was 11.”

“I look nervous?  People say that to me a lot.  Maybe there’s just something wrong with my face? ……youre not really gonna bite me tomorrow right?”