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okay but i will never agree with anyone who says Emilia Clarke cant act cause if you watch her interviews, she is a complete opposite of Daenerys like Emilia is so expressive, bubbly, and gregarious irl but she is so cold, serious, and firm as Dany yet she still appears human or has a soft side.. like seriously??! she is a completely different person when she’s Dany and yes that is the point of acting so yeah, anyone who claims Emilia cant act are wrong cause she can totally do acting and she is excellent

hey my internet keeps cutting out! which sucks eggs!!! but you know what doesn’t suck? this LB charm design I finished wow!

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I’m new to this hemp wick thing.

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The skam girls as troubled birds






Ink and Kisses (p&p au)

For the past couple weeks, following chilling with Keith on the apartment couch right before Shiro invited him to his wedding, he’d been hanging around Mamora Ink more and more. With his current jobs, as a personal assistant just a few times a week and a nightclub host during the weekends, he had a lot of free time during the days when he was off call. Allura was spending a whole month working with her fashion team for an upcoming line, and he was bored! Where else would he go? Hunk had banned him from the bakery after the last incident… and Keith had mentioned how the shop hadn’t had someone to man the front desk in a year. 

So he tagged along - a lot. 

It was fun, the customers and the artists and the lack of dress code. He could wear new rave clothes and don Keith’s leather jacket whenever it got hot enough in the shop for Keith to strip it off. He noticed how Keith liked to free up his arms too when he worked - normally wearing tank tops or t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up. 

Currently he worked on a very tatted lady named Rose, who Lance had chatted with for a solid 25 minutes before Keith huffed his way over and directed her to the chair. She was interesting to talk to, he couldn’t help it! 

The design she had given him to be digitalized was a portrait of a small girl, with dark skin and a large smile. Keith slaved over it, positioned over Rose’s back with his surgical mask and his bangs tied away. It gave Lance a perfect view of his focused pinched brow - and also gave him the perfect idea for a surgery based rave outfit. Something with a mask and maybe a pill or needle theme? He’d have to text Allura. In fact he was pulling his phone out of his back pocket just as the door chimed and a customer came up to the tall counter. He spun around in the swirly chair, bounding to his feet and halfway grabbing a pricing sheet when he looked up.

It had been years but the drop in his stomach was still the same. At least he was pleased to find that the years had definitely added to Lotor’s face. Crows feet and lines sat on his skin, even under the Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and the ridiculously grey bleached hair. Lance narrowed his eyes, just as Lotor pulled up his shades to give him a once-over. 

“This is a surprise.” Lotor smoothly smiled, cool and uncaring. His eyebrows quirked in the way that showed it was a surprise. A chill was threatening to run up Lance’s spine, noticing the same pinstriped suit he had once, so long ago, chased down in three different Brioni suit stores. He was such a puppy back then, wagging his tail for Lotor and doing whatever he asked. Even opening his legs for him. 

“It’s been a while.” He tried to keep it curt, but the strain was very prominent. He could tell from the satisfied expression on the older man’s face. His fingertips lingered on the pricing sheet. Lotor wasn’t here for an appointment. 

Lotor seemed to catch on, smiling and pulling a hand out of his suit pocket to tap away on a glittering smartphone, “Do you work here now? Still hopping jobs? I’m not here for an appointment, ah - I manage the property as you know.” 

Lance did know. On top of being a real estate manager and landlord, he was a horrible loanshark with no sympathy for anyone. Scum of the earth. “I don’t work here.”

Oh. He didn’t mean to say anything out loud. Lotor raised an eyebrow, an elegantly dyed one and long plucked. He wanted to heave, wondering if Ulaz was back from his lunch break… He had taken Thace and mentioned something of a lunch meeting though… 

“Ulaz isn’t back yet.” 

He nearly snapped his neck looking over to Keith. He stood there, his mask removed to hang around his neck as Rose pulled back on her shirt behind him. He hadn’t realized Keith was done. Keith stepped closer, behind the counter to shuffle through paperwork for Rose. Their shoulders brushed and the contact alone made him relax. Keith was right there, it was fine. He wasn’t some fresh young college student with his first desire for a man anymore. Lotor couldn’t hurt him. He already wanted to melt against Keith and his warm pale skin and big hands and lovely face. 

Maybe he looked dopey, because Lotor cleared his throat and he immediately stiffened again. Keith caught on instantly, he had to with how he stood back up straight and looked to Lotor. Lance followed but more slowly. 

“Well, I’ll leave these here. Tell Ulaz to call me when he returns.” He pushed back his sunglasses and stood back to the door. Then he paused, tilted his gaze over his lenses to look right at Lance, “Good to see you again Lance.” And Lotor left.

Now he wanted to heave even more. That evil hack, right in front of Keith… God what was he going to think? He couldn’t even call Lotor an ex, just an old boss who had taken advantage of a younger Lance attempting to explore his sexuality. 

Keith turned to him, pulling the paperwork Lotor left behind the counter and exchanging them for ones Rose grabbed on her way out. Lance was maybe prepared for a angry ‘How do you know him?’ or maybe even something worse but instead Keith touched him. He slid a warm palm behind the leather jacket that sat on Lance’s shoulders, and cupped the small of his waist. 

“Are you okay?” He said, simply, plainly, pulling Lance into the sun. He relaxed to Keith, curling into him and Keith responded. Maybe that’s why he liked him so much, Keith always responded. His breath tickled Lance’s collarbone, and his hands had immediately started to rub up and down his back. 

“Mm,” He placed his head down on Keith’s shoulder, “I’m fine.” Keith’s fingertips danced against the hem of his halter top under his own leather jacket and Lance nudged closer to kiss the exposed skin of Keith’s neck. Maybe it was the shock of seeing Lotor, fueling his immediate need to reaffirm to himself and the universe that he was a different person that he once was - that Lotor couldn’t hurt him - but he wanted Keith. It didn’t help that Keith was yummy, and currently using any bit of Lance’s exposed skin as a fidget toy - seemingly lost in thought. 

He tended to do this a lot, bringing a stall in their conversations. Lance didn’t mind - it gave him a second to stare at Keith’s face. It was unfair how chiseled his jawline was but at least he had free range to kiss it. As he was doing just that, Keith tightened his hold and led him backwards. 

The back room was only a very short steps away, and Keith very nearly dragged him in. Keith stretched out his leg and kicked the door shut with the bottom of his combat boot, pulling harder on Lance’s waist until he was fitted close to Keith. He didn’t know who leaned in or initiated, but they kissed. Keith cupped the back of his neck, deepening until Lance had to steady himself on Keith’s shoulders. 

The backroom had the speaker set up, so the music for the shop was louder here. The song was something heavy and rock, probably something that would make Keith scoff at him for not knowing the name of it. It was sexy though, and matched Keith kissing him hard enough to make his knees weak. HIs lips were already pretty numb from Keith’s sharp teeth and constant biting but wow it felt good. 

His back hit the backroom table, and Keith leaned over him, pressing heated openmouthed kisses to his neck as he tried to strip off his own leather jacket from Lance. A moan bubbled up in Lance’s throat, helping Keith take off the jacket by sitting halfway up. The hurried urgency was hot - leaving him breathless and panting. It was foggy between them, and Keith swiped a tongue over his clavicle before aiming a well placed bite. 

“Keith,” He murmured, gasping it practically, overwhelmed by some desire to let his almost-not-quite-boyfriend(?) know that Lotor was definitely not an issue, “Keith - ” He was cut off by a moan, which took a second before he realized it was his own moan but wow fuck he was seeing stars with Keith’s crotch lining up deliciously with his own. 

He was starting not to mind the idea of their first time being in the backroom of Mamora Ink but just as he opened his mouth to beg for it - the music abruptly changed, escalating as the lyrics went on as if someone had their finger down on the ‘Volume Up’ button - 

“ I don’t see nothing wrong (I don’t sEE NOTHING WRONG) WITH A LITTLE BUMP AND GRIND -”

Keith flopped forward, groaning loudly, “Pidge, what the fuck- ” Lance laughed along with her, who they could hear howling above the deafening R.Kelly. 


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