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8 Common Misconceptions about Sugaring

1. It’s Easy

If I had a penny for every dumb and naive little girl I saw on Tumblr trying to break into the sugar bowl, I’d be a millionaire. From what you read on Tumblr, it may sound like this glamorous, exciting, luxurious lifestyle, but in reality it’s from it. As referenced from a different post, you are the one making the sacrifice in this equation, even if the social construct of our society places money over sex. The amount that your SD is likely paying you is disposable income to him. It is chump change in his pocket that he is looking to blow on something worthwhile. That something is y-o-u, darling. 

It’s not easy to sift through the sugar and salt daddies on SA. Truth be told it is dangerous if you don’t do your screening well. Sometimes you can spend hours and hours and hours sending messages and come up with nothing but salts. Sometimes you’ll go on a date and it will be great, but he’ll ghost on you. There may be SD’s who try to undercut your worth by implying you’re a whore… best advice: don’t let them. Know your worth and that you’re the whole, delicious goddamn pie in this equation. 

You are the one getting his rocks off. You are the one sacrificing your dignity by going to dinner with a man old enough to be either your grandfather or father. You are the one clearing your busy schedule for him and spending time with him when you could be pursuing other relationships with people your own age. You are the one having sex with someone you would honestly never be attracted to if it weren’t for his money. You are the one with everything to lose.

Sugaring is not easy. In some ways, escorting is easier because after the hour is up, they’re gone. With sugaring, sometimes there is no time limit or sometimes the time limit stretches on and on and on. You just don’t know. So no, to anyone who says it’s easy– it’s not easy. Sometimes you may go months at a time without an SD. That’s just how the sugar bowl is.

2. Girls who sugar are whores / dumb bimbos / gold diggers / or crackheads with no other option…

Girls who sugar are hustlas, bosses, and head bitches who know their worth. That is quite a difference from whores, dumb bimbos, and gold diggers. Want to know a secret? The most successful SB’s are the ones who are the best businesswomen– who don’t do drugs, who have a good head on their shoulders, and who know how to suck a man dry using their charm and wit. None of these things can be accomplished without a good sense of business, a mind geared towards money, and generally just having high self esteem. Girls who sugar are generally sex positive and non-judgmental. Your local sugarbaby is likely a student, and probably knows her way around a textbook just as well as dick. She is probably that girl who always had that something special in her eye, who the boys lusted after, the girls hated, and who your little brother’s friends probably jacked off to in the shower. To be a sugar baby, you have to be enthralling. She ain’t your average hoe– and the best SB’s are always the most exceptional. 

3. It’s glamorous

FOR THE TENTH TIME. BEING A SUGAR BABY IS NICE FOR FINANCIAL SECURITY, BUT CAN WE STOP GLAMORIZING IT. It makes me want to knock myself unconscious every single time I read a tweet or a meme about stupid girls making jokes about becoming a sugar baby and how easy it would be, or how they want to sugar but don’t want to have sex with old dudes. Hate to break it to ya honey, you’re going to be having sex with old dudes. That’s a part of the game. Love it or hate it, don’t romanticize it if you can’t take it.

4. You’ll be making a 6k+ a month allowance upon entering the bowl

Whichever stupid Tumblr blogs deluded new babies into believing they’re going to land a 6k+ allowance first go around the sugar bowl are clearly factually incorrect. Any SB knows that it takes some serious pulling to even get 2.5k+, and luck/a whole lot of patience dealing with frogs to land a whale daddy. Chances are, you’ll be making scraps until you learn how to play the game and hit the right targets.

5. All sugar babies wear designer clothing

Honestly only the materialistic sugar babies wear head to toe Givenchy. Most SB’s would rather save their money and invest responsibly rather than blow it all on brand name clothes. There are numerous guides out there on how to look the part without spending the part, if you catch my drift. Anyone can sugar regardless of current financial status… you just have to know how to carry yourself.

6. There’s only one right way to sugar

This is something that’s a common misconception amongst SB’s. But I’ll tell you right now– whatever works, works. Freestyling is fine if you know how to do it. Looking through SA, Tinder, Ashley Madison, whatever it is, if it works for you and you’re being safe about it, it’s fine. There’s no right way to sugar– just do your research before you jump into anything is all I’m going to say.

7. Platonic SB’s fall from the sky raining cash like Santa Claus

I think this is the most unrealistic expectation set forth by the Tumblr community and the sugar blogs out there that are fake. I will tell you from a sugar baby, firsthand, PLATONIC ARRANGEMENTS ARE NEARLY NONEXISTENT. They are, essentially, the unicorns of the sugaring world and you will have serious issuing finding a daddy who will give you the time of day if you cannot even entertain the thought of eventual intimacy. That’s just how it is. If someone is offering you an outrageous sum of money for a merely platonic relationship, it’s probably a scam.

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

Girls with muscles are amazing
Girls with tummy fat are amazing
Girls with body fat are amazing
Girls with stretch marks are amazing
Girls with body hair are amazing
Girls with frizzy hair are amazing
Girls with straight hair are amazing
Girls with curly hair are amazing
Girls with tattoos are amazing
Girls with piercings are amazing
Girls with conservative clothing choices are amazing
Girls with non conservative clothing choices are amazing
Girls with big boobs are amazing
Girls with small boobs are amazing
Girls without boobs are amazing
Girls with “fake” boobs are amazing
Girls with a high self esteem are amazing
Girls with a low self esteem are amazing
Muslim girls are amazing
Jewish girls are amazing
Christian girls are amazing
Non abrahamic faithed girls are amazing
Woman of color are amazing
Disabled women are amazing
Sapphic women are amazing
Trans women are amazing

Guys, girls are fucking great

{Reaction} EXO meeting your bully.

Hello! Could you please do EXO reacting to meeting your childhood crush who used to bully you?

Note: Hello! I kind of altered your request slightly to make it so different members are meeting different kinds of bullies. Just because I thought it would make it more interesting doing it this way. I hope you don’t mind too much. Enjoy~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol could see how visibly uncomfortable you were as a girl approaches you while the two of you are out shopping. He can see your shoulders tense, your hands fumble and shake as your eyes barely move away from the floor. The other girl is smirking, clearly seeing her authority over you. Chanyeol finds himself finally understanding what’s going on, and who this girl is, your bully. He clears his throat, not wanting to cause a conflict, knowing you wouldn’t like that.

Chanyeol: “Come on {y/n}, I’d like to go and look at the gaming place, are you coming?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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The thought of anyone bullying you makes his blood boil. How could someone so beautiful minded and intelligent be under so much hatred? When he runs into your bully outside a changing room waiting for you, he finds himself glaring at the man, knowing how disgusting and horribly he treated you.

As you stepped out of the the dressing room in a stunning outfit, the two pairs of eyes landed on you. Both were in awe at your beauty, but only one man truly had your heart. The man that used to bully you was no longer significant, and you couldn’t have feelings for him again even if you tried.

Kyungsoo: “You look beautiful Jagi.” *Glares at the bully* “You’re still here?”

Bully: “I was just-”

Kyungsoo: “Leaving? Yeah, I thought so…” *Watches him leaving with piercing eyes.*

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun likes to try and stay clear of conflict and find the best in ever situation, so when you run into your childhood bully in the street one day and awkward greetings are made, Baekhyun tries to make conversation. When really he’s not particularly helping the situation.

Baekhyun: “But you were only children, so it’s not like it’s serious or-”

{y/n}: “Baekhyun, please be quiet.”

Baekhyun: “Yes, {y/n}.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun feels your hand curl tighter around his, and when he looks down, he can see how much closer you’re standing to him, how your eyes are barely inching away from your shoes. At first, he’s confused, but then he sees the girl that basically destroyed your life in high school. The girl that crushed your self esteem, made your then boyfriend cheat on you with her, and spread any nasty lie she could to break any relationships you had with friends. Sehun felt his anger building as she had the cheek to walk over and say “hello.”

Sehun: “Can’t you see we’re busy? We don’t want to be disturbed, we’re on a date.”

Bully: “Shopping date, huh? Look honey, whatever you buy {y/n} isn’t going to improve her looks.”

Sehun: “You’re right. She’s already stunning, makes you think there’s no way she could look any better when she’s already at utter perfection. But trust me, she’ll prove you wrong every time. Each morning when I wake up and see her, she looks even more amazing than the day before.”

Bully: *Stunned silence*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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When Yixing hears that you’re under verbal abuse in your education setting, he finds himself full of anger and confusion. How could anyone do such a thing to you? He leaves the house immediately to find you at school, but when he finally arrives, you’re already at the gate, talking to someone. It wasn’t until he got closer that he realised how uncomfortable you looked.

Yixing: “Yah, stop talking to my baobei like that.” *Pulls you into a hug as the bully leaves.* “I’m never going to let you get hurt Baobei, I promise.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae doesn’t appreciate you getting bullied thank you very much. But since he doesn’t want to cause a lot of confrontation, he will simply stay with you for support, and interfere when you want him to. He doesn’t want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, so he would simply be there for you, and would always have a shoulder at the ready for you to cry on.

Jongdae: “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to them?”

{y/n}: “No, I don’t”

Jongdae: “Okay Jagi, let me know if you change your mind.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by mercuryica

Like the others, Minseok doesn’t like to fight or cause a massive conflict. But he’s not going to let you bully get away with it either. When you tell him that there’s a guy at your workplace who constantly harasses you, Minseok isn’t going to let it slide quite so easily.

Minseok: *picking you up from work, walks up to  he front desk where he sees a man talking to you while you’re looking completely uncomfortable.*

Bully: “So where’s this ‘boyfriend’ of yours? I can see-”

Minseok: “Right here. Come on {y/n}”

Bully: *Looks taken aback by Minseok’s muscles and strong demeanor. Seems to take a step back as you rush to leave with Minseok by your side.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Even though Tao can be a baby panda, he can also be a martial artist expert. And with a talent as lethal as his, no one in their right mind is going to try and hurt you. He knows that you used to be bullied as a child by your crush, but he had never met this man until he had run into him with you.

Bully: “{y/n}, long time no see.”

Tao: *Clicks his knuckles*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Junmyeon has no sympathy to the man that you once loved, but treated you like nothing. When he found himself with a run in during one Sunday afternoon, he could feel his insides boiling. The man clearly realised his mistake. You looked stunning now, and were more confident after high school since Suho had treated you well enough to help you become more confident and outgoing. But that didn’t matter, even if you had changed, you were still far too good for that scumbag, and Suho wasn’t prepared to give him a single inch of forgiveness.

Bully: “So uh… how’s {y/n} doing now?”

Suho: “Yeah, she’s well… amazing, actually.”

Bully: “Do you think she’d accept an apology after all this time? I realised how shit I’d been to her. But we were just kids, right? Nothing serious. Maybe give good word for me? I’d like to take her out-”

Suho: “Thanks but no thanks, I’m dating {y/n}, and we’re pretty serious. I think you’d be doing her a favour by keeping your distance.” *salty af*

Lu Han

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Luhan saw your shoulders tense up as a waitress approached, her eyes arrogant and her lips smirking as she finally stopped before the table. She said hello, asked {y/n} how she was and then continued to take the order. Luhan noticed how friendly the waitress was being with him, and it wasn’t until she placed a hand on his cheek that he realised who this girl was.

Luhan: “Aish, don’t do that. Can’t you see I’m here with my girlfriend? I’m not interested”

Bully: “Can’t I tempt you?” *smirking*

Luhan: “what part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you understand?”

Bully: *speechless at the rejection*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would be so frustrated when he finally found out that someone was bullying you at work. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do about it, and would probably spend a lot of time dancing and going to the gym to relieve his stress and anger. But one day, when he comes to pick you up from work, he sees the bully talking to you, and can’t stop himself as he gets out of the car to give the bully a piece of his mind.

Kai: “Yah! That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, not a pile of shit!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Your bully is either very brave, or very stupid. Because really, who would want to get on the wrong side of Kris? As soon as he found out about this, he took matters into his own hands - no one is going to get away with hurting you.

Kris: *Towering over your bully* “Funny you think you can get away with this. {y/n} is smart and amazing, and if you dare to make any move to hurt her again, then it might just be the last thing you do.” *His threats are very intimidating - he won’t let the bully off lightly.*

Note To Self

I am who I am, nobody can change me
I am not the kind of person you can easily push around
I want to live confidently just the way I am
Don’t expect me to just be a girl who lives in the shadows

Girls On Top - Boa

I want to take care of myself
The other girls may have rich parents or a rich boyfriend
And live comfortably but I’m not interested in that
That is why I am proud of myself

I Don’t Need A Man - miss A

The world sees what they want to see
But I’m more than just what you see
What you see is just the half of me
Iron girl, is what’s inside here

Iron Girl - HA:TFELT (YE EUN) Ft. Hyelim

I won’t ever break
I won’t ever fall down
Even if the story tries to swallow me
I’m unbreakable

Unbreakable - B.A.P

I can fly higher without fear, even when I’m trapped in darkness
Any kind of scar is beautiful to me
I’m just happy, I’m happy to be myself
Beautiful - Amber

You’re not ugly
The world’s standards are too high
You are beautiful
New Beautiful - Epik High

Mirror, mirror, please tell her
Scale, you too tell her
You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty
You look perfect just the way you are

Just Right - GOT7

Adding my Never Give Up soundtrack, because it’s related
8track playlist
YT lyric MV playlist

When you ask young girls what it means to have good character and be good people in relation to the issue of beauty they overwhelmingly say that it’s important to be “humble” and “not think you’re better than someone else” because of your beauty. While being humble is a great attribute, boys do not have this idea of humility hammered into them like girls do. Boys never say that’s it’s important to be humble about your appearance…they’ve never been taught that they should be. It’s only girls that are taught to conflate confidence and a high self esteem with an ugly character trait and a sense of superiority. It’s only girls that are taught that being confident is unattractive and makes you a bad person. And that carries forward into all aspects of their lives.

anonymous asked:

Why didnt you like Beren as Kosem ?

I liked fact that Beren became Kosem Sultan, but I’m don’t like in what Kosem turned with her appearance. Arrogant, ubiquitous girl with high self-esteem, who believes that she is the fairest, the wisest and the kindest - “wingless angel on earth”. And after this, her ego allows her to decide who lives and who dies, who deserve throne and who deserve life that horrible than the most terrible punishment. Ironic that Kosem in the second season remains the same personality, with only one difference, terrible Beren’s acting makes her character, only the worst, than it could be.

Just came across this on tumblr…. It’s all so fucked up. We cannot start loving one another if we’re still detaching ourselves from eachother. This is how it should read….

Here’s to the girls that don’t wake up with perfect hair and to the ones that do. To those who like eating Big Macs and to those that like salads. Who wear makeup and to those that don’t. Skinny jean lovers and sweatpant lovers. Comfort lovers and structured lovers. To those that don’t get all the guys and to those that guys chase. The ones that appear popular with their friends or with strangers. Heel lovers and sneakers lovers. The girls that always have an immaculate hand and to those that aren’t afraid to break a nail. To the fiesty who get their way and to the ones that don’t. To those that are lucky to get everything they’ve wished for and to those that are still trying. To those with low confidence and to those with high self esteem. Here’s to all the girls.
To all the girls.

Love one another there’s enough hate x


This one goes out for all the girls who can’t look in a mirror, who get called names in the corridor, who gets told she’d be prettier if she lost a few pounds. I’m with you and I think you’re amazing.

The picture of on the left is me on my first day of high school. I hated my cheeks so I never smiled, other girls made fun of my hair so I cut it off. I was eleven years old and I was constantly weighing myself, hoping for the day I’d see the numbers drop. I missed out on so many opportunities because I was made to feel self conscious by other girls. My entire high school life was one filled with anxiety and low self esteem due to my weight.

The picture on the right is me today. I’m happy, I love my curves. I still have my chubby cheeks but I love to smile. I can’t shop at Topshop but I look cute anyway. The girls who called me names can’t effect me anymore and you know why?

Because I just don’t care.

I love myself. I have bad days but I don’t let them get to me. I love myself, constantly.

Learning to love yourself is one of the only way to be fearless, try it.

So apparently Wasatch High School, and school in Utah, photoshopped the student ID’s of female students to cover up tattoos and photoshop in sleeves and necklines to cover up body parts make them look “appropriate”

And now an all girls school is being accused of photoshopping yearbook pictures so they look skinnier? 

I wonder why the fuck people wonder that highschoolers have such a low self esteem

This is so inappropriate just uggh


the first ep of oitnb season 3 really got off on the wrong foot like some of the content is jst annoying and bothersome

like sofia giving her son sex & relationship advice like “find an insecure girl to practice on so when you meet the one you’ll have experience” that is literally the worst advice I’ve ever heard given to a child abt sexuality like if my teen son were taking advantage of some girl his age who didn’t have very high self esteem for sexual experience or even jst to flirt with to lead her on and get practice i would slap him and ground him for the rest of his life. that shit wrecks girls