girls with fashion sense

positive sapphic stereotypes

(based on people i know irl/on tumblr)

lesbians: have their life together, or at least act like it. snapbacks and flannels for days. takes a Lot of selfies just 2 admire later. Cool Mom™ vibe

bi girls: damm do these girls love their flag colors!!! fashion sense is 👌🏻also so many fucken Puns and fun facts

pan girls: radiate this weird Sunshine Aura??? like idk how to describe it but y'all are so Bright u know?? optimistic and smiling and just Happy it’s good

nonbinary wlw: probably has dyed hair and listens to fall out boy. gay but won’t admit it. talks about existence and psychology to friends to weird them out

trans wlw: pro @ video games and generally chill but will debate u for DAYS and win. usually have cool hobbies n stories to tell. probably a communist

helpful baby shower tip

when your friends start having kids, do Punnett squares to determine their offspring’s most probable hair and eye color and coordinate your gifts accordingly

remember- pink for brown hair, blue for blond hair, and green or yellow for red hair. it’s traditional!

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So, can we get your head cannons on the X-Boys being asked to go dress shopping for date night?

Alex Summers

This boy is fucking whipped and will do whatever you want because he just loves being with you. Plus he gets to help you out in the dressing room.

Scott Summers

He would probably be a little irritated until you walked out of the dressing room with a skimpy little number on and he busts a nut right there and tries to fuck you in the dressing room.

Erik Lehnsherr

Doesn’t mind too much. He will probably drift of in the store and find something to look at. The excited look in your eyes when you find something that you just love is worth it if he has to spend a while in one store.

Charles Xavier

He has endless patience, especially after running the school for so long, so if you’re taking a little too long then he’ll be fine waiting for you. 

Hank McCoy

He’s never liked clothes shopping but will come willingly and probably carries everything you pick out.

Warren Worthington

This boy is just as whipped as Alex and will buy you anything you want and will go where ever you want because, “Whatever my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets.”

Kurt Wagner

He has quite the fashion sense and loves to shop with you because you both pick out stuff for each other and sometimes the choices are a little bit out there but you try them on anyway.

New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Alright designers you have to scrape off your charred on skin and dirt you’ve had since childhood and create an entirely new ensemble from the jungle around you

Make it work!

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i think I already sent one in for the prompt thing (if you're still doing that) but can you either do 6 and 19 or 15 ? tq :))

Omg I wrote waaaayyy too much! Ahhh I’m a clutz!
Forgive me! (And thank you for the prompts)

6 - “Don’t you die on me”
19 - “I’m scared”


“FIRE!” Was the only warning Jeremy received before he was violently pushed into a wall by a group of stampeding girls. The party was thrown into chaos as more and more people began to notice the very real threat of a fire as the smoke from the next few rooms began to spread though the residence. Jeremy couldn’t think properly, maybe due to the abundance of teenagers pushing past him or the fact that he had just finished downing a few cans of beer after what had happened with Christine.

The Squip had turned on a few minutes after the incident and had immediately started shouting at him about his reputation, his image and his stupidity. After calming down, the Squip had suddenly felt the need to get Jeremy out of the house, to which Jeremy responded by getting drunk… again.

He wasn’t in the mood for the Squip’s antics and his attempts at getting Jeremy higher on the school map - and leaving the party at that very moment wouldn’t have benefitted him anyway. He had still asked out Christine and she had still said no. That was that, there was no point running from it - or at least, that’s what Jeremy thought the Squip was taking about.

Now, stood in the midst of all this mess, he knew exactly what had happened. The Squip must have seen a future in which a fire had started and told Jeremy to leave the building before it got out of control. God, if he had only listened. But now wasn’t the time for dawdling. Rubbish sudden sense of adrenaline, Jeremy pushed through the crowd and once everyone was through into the living room he shut the door tight, barricading it with a sofa chair. He tried to calm everyone down but it was no use, no one could hear him shout over the sound of screaming and mass panic. All the guests of the party were trying to squeeze through the tiny front door of Jake’s house which was clearly not working. At this rate, the fire would catch up to them in no time.

Spotting the large glass window through which he could see the party people running out of the house in panic, Jeremy grabbed onto the nearest throwable hard item and launched it at the window, smashing it instantly. The sound was enough the gain the attention of the majority of the crowd, now aware of the second escape route. Jeremy cleared out the remaining shards of glass before ordering half of the crowd to exit through there, an order they happily complied with.

Jeremy stood on the sofa, coughing into his cyborg costume as the fumes from the room next door began to seep through. He spotted Jake outside, dragging something on his shoulders and limping to safety. That something was clearly Rich, Jeremy could recognise that fashion sense anywhere. He knew that the girls had left the party early after the earlier fiasco with Chloe and Christine had left with Jenna to take her home safety. That meant that everyone was safe, everyone except…


He had left Michael in the bathroom after shouting at him earlier, calling him a loser under the influence of alcohol, lack of Squip and irrational thinking. God, what was he thinking?! That was his best friend for gods sake he needed to find him. He needed to know that he was ok.

Racing towards the door, Jeremy pulled out his phone and dialled the number he had memorised since childhood. He turned and watched the burning house as he ran out into the crisp cold. Everyone seemed to have made it out, which was good except… Michael wasn’t answering. Jeremy stared down at the blank screen on his phone, Michael always answered!

He tried to reason with himself. ‘Of course he wouldn’t answer, you called him a loser!’ Jeremy told himself, and it made sense. Michael had all the right in the world to be upset with him so of course he wouldn’t answer his call. He probably went straight home after their argument and was in his basement right now getting high. Still… what if…

Jeremy pulled up his iMessage and started typing frantically:

“Ok I know you’re still mad at me and you have every right to be I was an asshole and a prick and I deserve all of this but please just listen for a sec and text me back. It doesn’t have to be anything, just a blank message, a middle finger emoji I DONT CARE! Just- trust me when I say I really need to hear from you right now. Please Michael.”

A few minutes later, Jeremy was getting restless. The flames were getting bigger and bigger and there was no denying that everyone who could have gotten out had… but…

Suddenly, his phone lit up with the familiar ringtone of the Apocalypse of the Damned soundtrack, level nine to be exact. Their favourite. Jeremy’s heart did a double take when he saw the caller ID. His fingers immediately went to pick up the phone.

“MICHAEL! Oh thank god I was so worried. Something happened at the party and there’s a fire and I thought for a split second that… you… Michael?”

Michael wasn’t responding. All Jeremy could hear was a soft, crackling noise at the other end of the call.

“Michael!” He said again, a little louder.

Suddenly, a voice came thorough.

“Jeremy- can you… me?” It was faint, and there was barely anything there but Jeremy could recognise his best friend’s voice anywhere.

“Michael what’s going on? Are you ok?”

“…. it’s locked Jer-…. can’t…. closer-…. help me!” Michael sounded panicked and distressed, his voice coarse and rough.

Jeremy didn’t need another second to think. He ran back into the flaming building, ignoring all those behind him who were telling him that he was crazy, that he would die. He needed to save his best friend.

“Michael tell me where you are, I’m coming in.” He ordered down the line.

“Bathroom…” he barely heard over the flaming world around him but Jeremy knew exactly where he was; exactly where he had left him. Jeremy threw the barricade off of the door and buried himself and his phone in the cloth of this Halloween costume to prevent anymore smoke filling his lungs.

If the Squip was active right about now, he didn’t want to know what he would say…. he didn’t really care.

“Jeremy…” he heard his best friend whisper in his low yet soft voice, “I’m scared.”

Jeremy’s heart broke in two. He had never heard something like that come out of Michael’s mouth in all the time he knew him. Michael was the highlight of his life, the one good thing that got him through high school and yet he had never seen him without a smile on his face.

“Hang… hang in there Michael I’m almost at the door,” Jeremy tried to comfort his best friend despite the suffocating fumes around him. But he couldn’t hang up the phone, he couldn’t leave his best friend alone. He needed to save him.

Jeremy eventually came to the bathroom door. The flames had made the structure extremely weak so he knew that if he were to force the door open the whole floor might collapse.

“Ok Michael, I’m outside,” he said calmly despite the burning sensation in his lungs. He tried the knob, no dice. The door wasn’t budging. Michael must have locked it from the inside.

“Michael, you have to listen to me. You need to open the door, we need to get out of here now!” Jeremy yelled over the flames, hoping his best friend would hear him through both the phone and the thick walls.

He waited a few seconds until he heard the soft click of the door. Flying it open, he threw his phone to the ground and ran into the bathroom, cloth still covering up most of his face from the smoke.

Michael was slumped up against the wall, weak and dying. His eyes were closed and his hand was gripped over his hoodie which he had zipped right up to his neck to help him breath. Jeremy’s heart skipped a beat before returning to reality and lifting his friend up off the ground.

“Come on Michael, don’t die on me dude.” He whispered, hauling his best friend over his shoulder. Jeremy limped towards the window and smashed it open with his remaining strength, knowing the fire below was now too great for both of them to make it out that way alive. The drop from the bathroom wasn’t too bad, considering it was situated on the second floor. Jeremy could see a reasonable sized bush below which would break at least some of their fall.

“Ok Michael, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me, we have to jump ok?” He shook his best friend awake who barely responded with a brief nod. Jeremy could only take that before he climbed out the tiny window and threw himself out of the house.


Michael slowly opened his eyes as the voices all around him started to invade his mind. He didn’t want to, they hurt like hell, but he knew that he should. His whole body hurt too, he felt like he had just thrown himself into a fire. Ironic, once he realised what had happened.

Michael was lying on the concrete pavement just outside of Jake’s burning residence. The sounds of firetrucks sirens filled the air as the vehicles drew closer to extinguish the flames. The sounds of drunk teens also filled the air, telling Michael that at least most of the party must have escaped the fire.

He slowly sat up despite the pain, wanting to get a better perspective of the situation, but was stopped by a hand abruptly meeting his chest. He looked up to meet the bright blue eyes of his best friend, who looked just as worse for wear. His costume was burnt to the brim and his hair was disheveled and filled with ash. He smelt like smoke, a drastic change from the sweet vanilla scent that Michael was used to. Before he could say anything, Jeremy’s eyes started to fill with tears. He clutched onto Michael’s hoodie as he launched himself at his best friend.

The two sat there, on the pavement, embraced in each others arms. The rest of the world was a blur, it was just him and Jeremy. Nothing else mattered but him and Jeremy.

Title: In too deep
Ship: Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper
Fandom: Riverdale
Episode: 1 X 03
Summary: Betty and Jughead are at the Blue and Gold offices working on the Jason story when they share an unexpected kiss and everything changes.
Rating : Mature

Notes: My first fic for this ship. I’m bughead trash. Please forgive any inadvertent errors; English is not my first language.

“It isn’t fair”, pouted Betty. He smiled at her petulant expression. They were at the offices of the Blue and Gold, looking at the story on his laptop. It was getting dark and the dim lights in the office cast spooky shadows on the walls.  

“You write so well. So effortlessly. You know just how to hook the reader in! You have a natural talent, Juggie”. She sounded so honest.

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Torn Between

A/N:This is the first part of this love triangle imagine,I didn’t want to rush the story so I’ll make several parts to it.Hope you like it xx

Request: stuckinafieldofdaises Could I get a Stiles and Theo imagine? Could it be that I am Scott’s cousin and a banshee that recently moved in with them and Theo was my ex but we broke up because he moved and just left me. But once i move Stiles likes me and then Theo see’s me and he realizes that he still likes me. Could you try involving Mama McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and Agent McCall? You can choose who i end up with. Btw I love your imagines. I love the Chancelleries. Thank you!

Pairings: Stiles X Reader,Theo X Reader

Word Count: 2.08K words

Part TWO

*The imagine takes place based on season 5′s plot*


I took a deep breathe once I saw the car going closer to the sign that says,’WELCOME TO BEACON HILLS’.This town holds lots of memories,some happy some equally depressing.

I recently figured out I am a banshee too,I was so scared.As I’m new to this stuff,my mom didn’t understand what’s going on,after lots of discussion with Aunt Melissa,my mom decided it will be better if I stay few months with Aunt Melissa and my cousin Scott.She believes as Scott’s also related to supernatural world,he’ll be able to help me more since one of his friend is also a banshee,his friend can give me tips.After I grip hold of the situation I will go back home.

“Honey,you alright?”My mom’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Uh,yeah.”I sighed.

She just nodded and held my hand in a comforting way.

We reached in front of my aunt’s place.I saw Scott along and Aunt Melissa,standing at the doorstep.I grinned seeing them,it’s been awhile.I last visited this place when I was in fourth grade.I actually used to live here until my parents decided to shift to New York.

“Y/N!”Scott said excitedly and hugged me tightly.

“Scott,it’s been ages!”I said grinning back.

“I know right!”

“Oh my my,you’ve grown up to be such a pretty lady.”Aunt Melissa hugged me.

“Why thank you,and must I say you look exactly the same,don’t you age?”I joked.

*at the dinner table*

“You were always the sister with better cooking skills,”my mom said to Aunt Melissa.

“Oh what can I say?”She chuckled.

“So,Y/N are you ready for school tomorrow?”Scott asked me shoving some pasta in his mouth.

“Uh I guess so?”I answered unsured.

“Oh darling,you’ll be fine.”Aunt Melissa assured me.

*in the morning*

I woke up by the sound of my mom and aunt Melissa singing loudly downstairs and making breakfast.I got ready and went downstairs.

“Seriously,you two are something.”I laughed.

“Oh shush,I made pancakes,you want it or not?”Aunt Melissa said winking at me.

“Hell yeah!”I said excitedly.

“Where’s Scotty?”My mom asked.

“Here!”Scott emerged in the room.

“Speak of the devil,”Melissa chuckled.

“Good morning ladies’.”Scott said.

“Y/n,I usually go to school fifteen minutes before the classes start.Do you mind going early?”Scott asked.

“Not at all,besides I’ll get the chance to see your friends so I’m excited.”I shrugged.


After finishing breakfast Scott and I were talking,then suddenly I heard a car’s horn.

“That’s Stiles,you remember him,don’t you?He picks me up.”Scott said.

“Ofcourse I do!He used to eat my red gummy bears!”I said chuckling.

We bid goodbyes to our moms and went outside,I saw a light blue jeep parked outside.I saw Stiles waving at us excitedly,and as we approached he greeted me,”Y/N,how are you?You’re all grown up.”

“Stiles!Look at you owning a jeep and all,missed you.”

“Oh yeah,you never called me during all these years.”Stiles pouted.

“I’m sorry okay?I’ll make it up to you.”I said hugging him.

I couldn’t help but admire Stiles,he’s grown up to be really good looking.He had a goofy smile and the way his hair was messed up made him look extra cute.

In the jeep we had small talk,just Stiles asking me my favourite hobby and stuff.

Once we arrived I saw three other girls and two boys standing,probably waiting for us.

“Hi,you must be Scott’s cousin,I’m Lydia.”The beautiful girl,with amazing fashion sense said.

“I’m Kira,”the other one said smiling.

“I’m Liam,”the guy with baby blue eyes said.

“I’m Mason,”the other guy said.

“And I’m Malia,”the girl with short hair said.

“It’s so nice to meet y’all.”I said genuinely smiling.

“Let’s go inside,”Liam said.

“Yeah,we also have to show Y/N the office room,so she can collect her schedule.”Scott said.

After getting my schedule and stuff,I walked towards my locker.Scott said he’ll meet me during the lunch break.As I was opening my locker I heard a voice from behind,”are you new here?”The deep voice said.

“Yeah actually,”I said turning around and my smile faded away slightly.

“Th-theo?”I asked.

Scott did warn me about Theo,he said how they are having difficulty trusting him,he showed me pictures of him.I already had grudges towards him.He broke my heart when I was a kid,I know it sounds silly,but I genuinely liked him and one day he just broke up with me and left.

“Y/N,right?”He said surprised.

“Yeah,”I said forcing a smile.

“Been ages!”He remarked.

“Yeah been ages,since you left without any explanation.”I shrugged.

“Seriously,you’re still hurt about what I did when I was a kid?”He said laughing.

“No,I was just stating facts.”I partially lied and partially told the truth.

“Well-”Theo began but was interrupted by the bell that indicated classes are going to start within five minutes.

“Gotta go,bye.”I said before quickly walking away from him.

“Whoa whoa slow down,will ya!”I was stopped by Stiles.

“Oh sorry,don’t wanna be late for class.”I said smiling at him.

“You won’t be,by the way which class do you have now?”He asked smiling.

“Uh History.”I replied.

“I have Physics now,Come on I’ll show you the way to your class.”


During lunch break I saw the pack sitting on a table,they were all chatting and laughing.As I approached they all greeted me,Stiles tapped the vacant seat beside him for me to sit.I obliged and sat there.

“How way your day?”Stiles asked,eating his sandwich.

“It was alright.”I sighed.

“First days are stressful,I know.”


Soon the lunch time was over,I now have a free period,however everyone in the pack have classes so I decided to head towards the library to kill time.

The library was serenade,I was searching to read a book when I felt a presence behind me.I looked back and saw Theo looking down at me.

“Free period?”He asked.


“Let’s talk,I want to catch up with you,been ages.”Theo said hopefully.

“Uh I actually thought I’ll finish some studying since I already missed few lectures.”I tried to go away,but I was stopped by him this time.

He grabbed my hand and said,”are you still mad at me?”


“Please tell me honestly.”


“That was ages ago,c’mon let it go.”He sighed.

“It’s so easy for you to say that huh?”I snapped,”do you have any idea how I felt,you abandoned me,you just left without any explanation.You were my only friend besides Scott and Stiles,and I’m not angry about the fact that you broke up with me,I’m upset that you just-you just left without even telling me.”I finished ranting.

“Look,I can’t tell you why I left,I’m still not ready for it.But trust me I had a very strong reason.”He said slowly.

“Leave it Theo,we are down talking.”I said and quickly exited the library.

I know I was overreacting but I was that hurt,because after all these years when I finally saw him again,I just couldn’t control my emotion.

“Y/N WAIT!”I heard Scott calling me and running towards me.

“Hey,what’s up?”I asked with a small smile.

“What happened?”He asked.

“I just bumped into Theo and all those memories just came back and yeah.”I said shrugging.

“C’mere,”Scott said hugging me,”listen Y/N,let it go,you’ll find someone even better I promise,besides do you know Stiles have a crush on you?”

“What?”I said laughing.

“It’s true,he was talking about you all day which made me want to punch him but he was talking with so much adoration.”Scott said chuckling.

“Oh wow.”I laughed.

After the school was over,Scott and I walked towards Stiles’ jeep.

“Hey guys!”Stiles exclaimed.

“Uh Stiles,actually I have few errands to run before going home,can you just drop Y/N home?”Scott asked.

I was surprised,he didn’t mention it before.

“Scott I can go with you?”I offered.

“NO!”Scott yelled,”uh I mean no need,you go home take rest.”

“Uh okay..?”I said,slightly surprised by his behaviour.

“Alright Scott,see ya tomorrow man,come on Y/N,”Stiles said before driving.

“Today was such a long day!”I sighed.

“Oh yeah?You should take rest then.”Stiles said while keeping his eyes on the road.

“Yeah,I’ll literally collapse on my bed after I reach home.”I chuckled.

“Same here.”

We talked during the whole journey,Stiles was really funny and it surprised me seeing how much we have in common.

“Thank you for the lift.”I said getting off the jeep.

“The pleasure is all mine.”Stiles said smiling.

“Why don’t you come inside?”I offered.

“I would’ve love that,but I have to meet my dad now at the police station.”Stiles said.

“Right,say hi to Mr. Stilinski for me.”

“I will,bye,see ya tomorrow.”

“See ya!”

I went inside,and saw an middle aged man,talking with Aunt Melissa.

“You’re here,how was you day?”Aunt said me as I entered the living room.

“It was alright.”I said smiling.

“Y/N,I’m Chris,Chris Argent,nice to meet you.”The man said.

Oh that’s Mr Argent,I never saw his picture but I knew Alison,Scott made me talk with her by phone few times,I was in complete shock after I heard about her getting killed.

“Likewise Mr Argent.”I said shaking his hand.

“Mr Argent just got back in town for few days,in fact he’s got a plan to trap the Dread Doctors.”Aunt Melissa said to me.

“You’re a genius,Scott always praises you and I’m sure whatever plan you are thinking will turn out to be successful.”I said to Mr Argent.

*The next week*

I enjoyed staying with Aunt Melissa and Scott,it was a fun experience.I can’t believe it’s been a week already,so glad to be back here.

“Y/N,are you free today?”Stiles asked me as we were going to Physics class.

“Yeah,I have no homework!”I said happily.

“Umm,you know,I mean will you,like-”Stiles was stammering.

“Just say it.”I chuckled.

He took a deep breathe and said,”do you fancy grabbing a bite to eat after school with me?Just you and me?”

“Ofcourse,”I said smiling.

“Great!So after school.”He said relieved.

As I entered the class with Stiles,I saw Theo sitting at the back bench.After that incident in the library I didn’t speak to him much and we only had Physics together so I only saw him like thrice a week,so it was easy to avoid him.

 I sat at my usual seat that was beside Stiles.

“Okay class I’ve come to the conclusion that some of you need extra classes,I’ve listed the names and I’ll hang on the board after the class,so it will start from today and you can’t miss it,it’s compulsory.”The teacher finished her speech.

I just know I am on it,since I started off late,I was really behind than my peers.I looked at Stiles and he sent me a small smile.

When the class was over I saw the list and saw my name,I knew it.I sighed and looked at Stiles sadly.

“It’s okay,we can grab a bite after few days.”He said,but I knew he was disappointed.

“I’m so sorry Stiles.”

“No,look it’s not your fault,and after you get your grades better than we can celebrate.”He said encouragingly.

“You’re such a great buddy.”I said honestly.

He just laughed and went outside,I looked around and saw Theo there too.He was in the extra class too,shit.

There was only seven students in the extra class.I took a sit and started playing with my fingers,then I heard Theo clear his throat.He sat beside me.

“Hey Y/N.”Theo spoke.

“Hi.”I said not looking at him.

“Look,can we start over?Give me another chance to be your friend?”He asked.

“I don’t know Theo.”I sighed.

“Please understand,the circumstances back then was too much so I couldn’t tell you.”He said sadly.”I’m really sorry.”

I looked at him,he looked upset.Maybe I should give him another chance?People make mistake,and he must have a really good reason to leave.

“Okay.”I finally said.

“What?Really?”He asked enthusiastically.

“Yeah.”I laughed at his reaction.

The class was finally over and as I was getting ready to leave Theo offered me lift.Stiles already left so I said yes to him.It’s been awhile since I spoke to him,now we will start from the beginning,only this time we will only be friends.

rising rigns by me PART 2

libra- the type to act like your best friend from your first meeting, has a good fashion sense, may appear like a mean girl, but overall are very nice, at parties they can be the ones who flirt the most even without intention

scorpio - looks suspicious, can be communicative but never tells anything personal, prefers darker clothing and might look like the bad guy/girl stereotype in movies, could be very seductive but that always comes out when they have interest

sagittarius- the LIFE of the party, the class clown, most times extroverted and very talkative, the type to be the one who does most talking in conversations, could be flirtacious but in a goofy way, likes to make people feel at ease, but sometimes could ignore people if something else catches their attention

capricorn- doesn’t smile much, has a very businessman/woman vibe, most times dresses like they are going to work, talks to you only if they want to, can be very judgemental towards people who are too open, not serious or arrogant

aquarius - very outer-worldly, appears different from everyone else and rebels through their style/words(often opposes to people), has a charm that is very distinctive and unusual, could be flirtacious but either from politeness or for fun(they’re too good for you) 

pisces- like aquarius appears outer-worldly,looks like they are always sleepy or high, very nice and quiet, could be interested in you untill they forget about your existence, love animals and everything soft