girls with fashion sense

for real though, can we talk about Rosie?

How SICK is her life going to be? I assume that she will be frequenting 221B, hanging with her dad and Sherlock. A little girl with the moral compass of John Watson and the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. 

A little girl who spends a lot of time with the landlady, watching rubbish TV and hearing about the “glory days”, laughing with Mrs. Hudson but never really understanding the levity of her past.

A little girl who picks up the fashion sense of Molly Hooper, and so wheres cute sweaters and ponytails whenever her hair is long enough. Molly takes her on shopping trips and to movies and the one time they had to stop at the morgue to help Sherlock and dad with a case, Molly made sure all the bodies were put away before she came in.

A little girl whose best uncle is a police officer and very keen to protect her. Greg even lets her run the sirens every now and then when he gives her a ride here and there.

A little girl who is given extra biscuits by that fuddy-duddy with the umbrella that comes around to yell at Sherlock and dad every now and then. Mycroft always manages a smile for her, though.

A little girl who is quick and smart like her mother and is loved so much by the people that loved her mother. Rosie Watson is going to have a good life.

rising rigns by me PART 2

libra- the type to act like your best friend from your first meeting, has a good fashion sense, may appear like a mean girl, but overall are very nice, at parties they can be the ones who flirt the most even without intention

scorpio - looks suspicious, can be communicative but never tells anything personal, prefers darker clothing and might look like the bad guy/girl stereotype in movies, could be very seductive but that always comes out when they have interest

sagittarius- the LIFE of the party, the class clown, most times extroverted and very talkative, the type to be the one who does most talking in conversations, could be flirtacious but in a goofy way, likes to make people feel at ease, but sometimes could ignore people if something else catches their attention

capricorn- doesn’t smile much, has a very businessman/woman vibe, most times dresses like they are going to work, talks to you only if they want to, can be very judgemental towards people who are too open, not serious or arrogant

aquarius - very outer-worldly, appears different from everyone else and rebels through their style/words(often opposes to people), has a charm that is very distinctive and unusual, could be flirtacious but either from politeness or for fun(they’re too good for you) 

pisces- like aquarius appears outer-worldly,looks like they are always sleepy or high, very nice and quiet, could be interested in you untill they forget about your existence, love animals and everything soft

Ok, so at school today, one of the “fashion” girls walked up to me in the library and said “I like your sweater.”

Now, nothing’s wrong with that. HOWEVER, at the time I was wearing an ICHIMATSU HOODIE, not a sweater (Little did she know, my hoodie is from an anime, which makes this even better).

I realized her mistake instantly and said, “Thank you, but it’s a hoodie, not a sweater.”

And then she replies with, “What’s the difference?”

And I couldn’t believe I had to point out the obvious. “A hoodie has a hood.”

And her friend standing next to her (who was wearing a hoodie) was all, “So this is a hoodie?”

So I responded, “Yeah.”

Then we just kinda awkwardly looked away from each other and silently waited for the bell to ring.

I didn’t even get to explain the other differences because I didn’t want to make it more annoying than it was awkward >.<

HOWEVER, the entire time, I had one thought in my head:

“And you call yourself a fashion expert.”

Outfashioned by the least fashionable person around. Literally I just wear video game T-shirts, sweatpants, and my Ichimatsu Hoodie. 

What’s the point of this story?


1. Google Images is your greatest ally

2. Anime cosplay is accepted by non-anime fans (Even if they don’t know it)

3. Get rek’t, stereotypes. Y’all are stupid.

4. I’m making a lot of assumptions about this person’s life, so RIP

5. Correcting others in their area of expertise is awkward

6. This entire story sounds stupid and is probably hypocritical to lesson 3

7. I’ll never take a compliment and I’ll always find a way to make it invalid

8. There was an effort

9. Knowledge is power

10. Somebody give this girl a gold star for trying to be nice to the anti-social, lonely nerd that probably smells really bad, and putting up with my correcting her compliment because wow I’m annoying and I am very judgmental so please I need to redeem myself here I feel so guilty you don’t even know because I think this entire thing is based off of ignorance. Also because she doesn’t know that I don’t actually care about my appearance.


sorry, I do this to a lot of people lol

honestly? fuck smooth skin. fuck hairless genitals. fuck thinness as a signal of sex appeal and good health. i want girls with stretch marks. i want girls with acne scars. i want girls with crooked smiles. i want extremely angry and extremely loud girls. i want girls with ‘bad’ hair. i want mentally ill girls. i want girls with a shitty fashion sense. i want the girls nobody else wants. because i too am one of them.