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Be Smooth Shawn

a/n: I’m not sure where I was going with this one but had always wanted to do a fic about a first meeting. Anyways this is 1.3k of unedited stuff, I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!

He first saw her in a bar a week ago. Shawn was home on a break mid tour and went out to celebrate with the boys at some “exclusive” club. He wasn’t looking for anything. All he wanted was to get drunk and have a good time but when he laid eyes on her standing at the bar he felt his plans crumble.

She had on a black skirt and red lace bralette showing just a bit of skin, no doubt gorgeous. It hugged her curves in all the right spots and fit perfectly like a glove. Shawn was never one to judge solely based on looks, but she was exquisite. A piece of art. 

“Hey man what can I get for you?”

“Can I buy a drink for that girl over there?” he said, angling his head towards her. “Just another of whatever she’s having.”

Shawn watches her as the bartender approaches with the drink and points to Shawn after she says something to him. He didn’t expect an immediate response but she’s walking towards him and he’s repeating a mantra in his head. Stay calm, don’t panic, be smooth Shawn.

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- Dating Jeff Atkins would include -

A/N : It’s been requested a lot of times and I’m sorry I made you wait. Enjoy ! Xx

Warnings: None. I just hope that it will make you smile ☺️

- going to all his games

- him running to you during half times just to be rewarded with a kiss

- « Did you see that, (Y/N) ? » he asks with a huge smile and excitement in his eyes which makes him even cuter than he’s already. « Yes, I did babe and let me tell you, you’re the best ! » you assure him as you kiss his cheek before letting him go back into the game

- lots and lots of hugs

- he especially loves to hug you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder which makes everybody melt

- the whole school ships you

- jealous Jeff

- jealous Jeff over ridiculous little things

- « Jeff… I don’t even know that guy, I was just saying hi. » you sigh while your boyfriend folds his arms against his chest and rolls his eyes. « Are you kidding me ? His eyes were all over you ! I don’t like that. »

- You smile when you understand why Jeff is acting like that and cup his face in both of your hands. He remains silent and locks his gaze in yours before circling your waist with his muscular arms. « Are you – you stop, a smirk forming on your lips and raise an eyebrow while Jeff sighs because he knows what you’re about to ask – jealous ? » He smiles and licks his lips as he tightens his grip on your waist. « I just don’t like when other boys are looking at you in a way that only I can. »

- him always asking you to come with him at parties

- though he always keeps an eye on you and forbids you to go upstairs unless if he’s with you *wink wink*

- having lots of his sweaters and jackets just because they smell like him

- getting extremely turned on whenever he wears one of his tight shirts that reveal his muscular arms and chest

- he knows it

- calling him « Atkins » when you’re mad at him

- PDA everywhere, none of you really gives a damn

- hand, neck, cheek kisses

- studying with him and helping him to get good grades

- « Jeff. Stop looking at me like that, you’re distracting me. »

- Jeff sighs as he rests his head on his book. « This is so annoying and I don’t understand. Can’t we just go get ice cream and cuddle all afternoon ? » he asks with his puppy eyes that could make you melt anytime but you shake your head from right to left. « That sounds extremely tempting but we have to study, Jeff. Remember that you have a test tomorrow and you wouldn’t like to fail it, ain’t I right ? » He sighs once again and starts pouting. You bite your lower lip, trying to hide your smile and place your hand on his arm. « Let’s make a deal. »

-At this moment, you own all his attention. « Everytime that you finish to read a page, you get a kiss. And since we’ve been here for quite a long time, let’s say that in – you stop and check the time on your phone – 15 minutes, we’ll go get ice cream and cuddle at my place for as long as you’ll want. Is it okay for you ? » Jeff’s eyes widen in surprise as he raises his eyebrows and smiles like a kid. All of a sudden, it looks like the boy drank a strong energy drink. Then, he quickly opens his book and takes his pencil when he finally notices your surprised expression. « What ? This book isn’t gonna read itself! Plus I can’t wait get my rewards.. »

- « Show me that adorable smile of yours, babyboy »

- hungry, needy kisses

- tight hugs

- he always knows whenever something’s wrong / you had a bad day / there’s something that you want to tell him

- « I hope I make you as happy as you make me, babygirl. »

- He often asks Clay for dates ideas

- you’re the only one who can make him blush like crazy

- Whenever you’re at a party, there’s always a moment when he comes behind you, circles your waist with his arms, leaves a kiss in the crook of your neck and rests his head on your shoulder. - He doesn’t care if he’s interrupting your conversation – He doesn’t need to speak: his behavior means that he’s tired and that he wants to go home and cuddle so you sweetly say goodbye to your friend and follow him.

- His hand’s always on your thigh when he’s driving

- He lets you choose the music

- Always cracking stupid jokes just to hear his sweet laugh

- There’s that special spark in your eyes when you guys are looking at each other

- « You see that girl, over there? » « Hell yeah I do, she’s stunning! »

- « Well, back off dude. She’s all mine. »

- worshipping each other’s body

- « I promise you that one day your last name will become Atkins. »

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There’s a six-year-old girl who made it to Day 2 of the Modern event and as far as I know she’s still kicking ass and I just have to say HELL YEAH. I’m pumped for this prodigy and want to see her continue this streak of victories.

UNFORTUNATELY, I’m also afraid of the inevitable shitty neckbeards that will rise from their pits to smash out horrific comments about her on social media sites, and using her as a way to belittle people who were beat by her. “C’mon dude, you got beat by a little girl. You should quit Magic now.” I want to hope it’ll be better than that, but if I hold my breath I’d probably die.

Dana Fischer is her name. Keep her in your sights and cheer her on. She can only go up from here and deserves a lot of support.

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Bruh, I followed bc quality blog, but like , dude pleaseeeee tell another drunk story. That's what I'm really here for.


ALRIGHT I mentioned this story once already but it’s a great fucking story get ready hold on to your nips this shit’ll twist them right the fuck off it’s insane.

Alright so we’re throwing this riot let’s be honest it was like so far past a party it was a whole different level we were fighting with fire like literally vinyl gloves with cotton hand wraps soaked in lighter fluid and then we light them on fire and punch each other it was FUCKING RAD I wanted to put in a fucking eagle making sweet love to a gutiar here but I can’t find it and I’m too drunk for photoshop.

So yeah we’re drunk and we’re fighting with fire also we have road flares because I dont fucking know we just did.

Guys we should have died like no joke I should not be telling you these stories I should be buirried.

So we’re drunk and rioting and making terrible decisions except for Kyle. Kyle is being a suave motherfucker he’s talking to this girl her name is Laura anyways Kyle and Laura are hitting it off it is very going clearly going to result in sexy times the only problem is that before Laura showed up Kyle agreed to firefight me and gues swhat motherfuckers IF YOU PROMISE ME A DRUNKEN FIGHT THERE BETTER BE A DRUNKEN FIGHT OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY

So Kyle tells Eric “hey I’ve got this thing I need to eat it’s super important can you take my fight” like that’s literally what he said so Eric is just like “sure dude yeah I can do that” the problem being that I already fought Eric that day and Kyle and I had some recent roommate issues taht we had to deal with and guys cards on the table I just really wanted to punch Kyle in the throat with my burning fist.

So there are some issues that I need to take care of because of the combination of overly subtle double entendre and me being too drunk and focused on punching things to notice Kyle trying to get his game on so I do what was really the only reasonable thing to do I take out my drunken rage and disappointment on Eric.


So the real problem here is Laura only partially understands how fucking insane we were. She was NOT prepared for a screaming young man covered in neon paint (did I mention we painted ourselves?) lobing a flare into the room and trying to punch her partner in the face while she lay naked in his bed. To be fair, I don’t think anyone would have been prepared for that.

To be more fair I don’t think anyone was ready for Kyle’s response which was to launch out of the bed whip off the condom mid air and slap me across the face with it.


Nothing stops a fight quite like getting slapped with a condom. Like for most people there probably is like a disgust part to it like “ew that was on a dick or in a vagina/butthole and now it’s touching my face” but really for me it was more the disappointment in myself for interrupting someone having fun.

Like guys if I ever interrupt someone having sex it will literally ruin my night that’s not cool guys party foul bro party foul.

Anyways there’s some loud apologizing and I throw the flare back into the halla nd also threaten to punch anyone hwo follows me into the room and I leave and I fight Eric but like my heart isn’t really in it you know like I’m punching him but I just don’t feel anything and Kyle and Laura have a great time and they hook up a bunch of times after so YAY HAPPY ENDING!

Also, we did eventually have that fight, and I may and or may not have punched Kyle in the throat and made him throw up. Fun fact: if you drink enough your vomit is flammable.

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Lance for the songs thingy?


imma do five or six bc i have this planned the FRICK out 

116 RIP / Busu, DJ HAYDN
EASE / Troye Sivan 
Into the Ocean / Blue October
Revolver / Vian Izak 
Spice Girl / Amine (there’s an accent on that e but i can’t find the fRICKING)
GOD / Kendrick Lamar

okay i gotta stop before i start writing my whole damn lance playlist in here 

send me a character/ship name and i’ll tell you songs that remind me of them! 

Only In My Dreams

Hello My Lovelies,

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Only in my Dreams

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

I don’t know if you’ve already written something similar: Dean x reader where Dean find a cursed object in the bunker, and after coming in contact with it he start to dream about a girl ( the reader) and in these dreams she takes care of him especially after hunting difficult (like couple stuf). After a while he sees the reader during a case and he freak out because he thinks that she has put a spell on him. Sam and dean Cas must find out what’s going on (you can choose how to end ) thanks

Authors Note:



‘Seriously, Sammy. It’s just piles of crap. And if it’s not piles of crap. It’s boxes of crap,’ Dean complained.

‘They kept it all for a reason, Dean. Just keep looking. Maybe we can find something useful.’

‘Beer would be a good find. Maybe an age old bottle of whisky.’

Sam chuckled and kept digging. They needed to sort all this out, figure out what they have and didn’t have. What was useful and what needed to be stored better. They had to admit the Men of Letters weren’t exactly the best people when it came to storing things safely.

Dean pulled item after item out of the box. Book, book, jar, weird stone, book, necklace, pie.

‘Screw this, I’m finding me some pie.’

‘Dean,’ Sam complained.

‘Fine, I’ll take…’ Dean looked around and grabbed the stone, ‘this and find out what it is.’

Sam shook his head and Dean just grinned and headed off to find some pie and beer.

He looked over the stone, it looked like some kind of opal, and it was breathtaking. The colours were intense, blue with flashes of red, orange, green and a brighter shade of blue.

Dean headed off to bed later that night, he took the stone with him. Still fascinated by it. He lay in bed and looked it over again. There was a small chunk missing out of one side, but the rest was smooth and flawless. He placed it on his cabinet, rolled over and went to sleep.

‘Hey, you’re back early,’ Y/N smiled at him.

He took in the sparkle in her eyes, the warm, loving, happy look on her face and he melted. God he missed her.

‘Couldn’t get back quick enough,’ he murmured kissing her, as he put his bags down pulling her in tight. ‘No where near, quick enough.’

‘How was it?’

‘Better than expected.’

He took his jacket off, wincing slightly as he did. The stitches Sam had put into his shoulder were pulling.

‘That doesn’t seem like better than expected,’ she sighed. ‘Let me have a look and see if I can do anything.’

‘You’re already doing something,’ Dean grinned, kissing her. ‘And if you come with me, you can do something else,’ he grinned cheekily.

‘Tempting, but shoulder first. Then I will go anywhere you want me to.’

‘I’m holding you too that.’

‘I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.’

Dean sat down and smiled as her fingers ran over the stitches and cleaned up his shoulder. She redressed the cut, and Dean felt her lips on his shoulder ad groaned as they moved across his back and up to his neck

Dean woke in bed, hoping it was real. But when he rolled over and saw his bed empty his heart sunk. She was a dream. He had no idea who Y/N was, he’d never seen her before in his life. And the the memory of her lingered in his mind, he swore he could smell her, taste her. He had never had a dream so realistic before. He had never wanted to to stay asleep so much before.

Dean climbed into bed the following night and it didn’t take long to settle down and sleep. He had to admit, all of this sorting out was wearing him out.

He walked into the kitchen at the bunker and spotted Y/N cooking dinner. He could smell the meatloaf from the garage. He watched her for a few minutes as she stirred the gravy, letting his eyes wander over her. God, he was one lucky man.

He crossed the room and wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head into her neck.

‘Hey handsome,’ she smiled, kissing him.

‘Hey,’ he smiled, kissing her back. She tasted fruity, like the wine she had been drinking.

Dean picked up her glass and had some.

‘That one’s not bad, but it’s still not as good as whisky.’

‘It’s more fun,’ she smiled, mischievously.

Dean watched as she bit her lip.

‘Oh, Sweetheart, keep talking.’

‘Later, dinners ready. Go tell Sam,’ she grinned, kissing him and pushing him out the kitchen.

‘Just elaborate on it a bit.’

‘Wine and ice cubes.’

Dean came back over and kissed her, ‘Keep going…’

‘Later. Now go, before it burns.’

‘You owe me,’ he grumbled with a smirk…

Dean woke and once again prayed he wasn’t dreaming, but the harsh reality of a cold bed soon told him otherwise. He felt his heart sink, he long for a woman he never met. He rolled over and pulled the blanket over his head and went back to sleep.

‘Hey, Baby,’ Y/N’s voice broke through the black of sleep. ‘When did you get in?’

‘Early, late, not sure,’ Dean mumbled.

He heard her put a cup down on the cabinet and felt her sit down next to him.

‘Yours or mine?’ he asked, opening an eye and looking at the mug.’

‘Depends are you going back to sleep or not?’

‘Depends are you coming back to bed or not?’ he smirked.

‘That doesn’t sound like sleeping,’ she laughed.

Dean wrapped his arms around her and pulled her over the top of him and onto the space on the other side, he pulled her in close and kissed her, as he settled back down to sleep…


Over the next week Dean continued to dream of Y/N, it was such a nice change from the horrors and nightmares he normally saw when he closed his eyes. He found himself looking forward to sleep, to the few hours he got alone with her at night. He hadn’t told Sam about it. He’d probably laugh it off or have him committed.

Dean’s lips found her neck and jaw, they had been separated for too long. The last hunt lasted almost a month. He really needed to start bringing her with him. He pushed her shirt over her head and moaned as she gripped his biceps as he picked her up to put her on the bed. His hands wandered over her body, feeling every curve-.

‘Dean, get up. We got a case,’ Sam called, banging on the door.

Dean opened his eyes and swore. Things were getting good, really good.

‘Damn it Sammy. I’m trying to sleep.’

‘Sorry, we gotta go. Looks like a possible witch in Oklahoma. Let’s go.’

Dean grumbled and rolled out of bed.

The men arrived in Enid, Oklahoma and spent two days digging around. By the end of it, they decided it was a bust. The death was just sheer stupidity and bad luck.

They decided to stop by a local diner for breakfast before heading out.

Dean was eating his waffles and listening to Sam go on about some possible new case, when he heard it. That laugh. He would recognise it anywhere. He looked up at the counter and saw her, Y/N, ordering a coffee.

‘Thanks Susie, I’ll see you later,’ she beamed.

Dean choked on the mouthful of waffles he had. It was YN, his Y/N.

Y/N heard a commotion and looked up to see a man choking, and another whacking him on the back. When it settled down she finally got a look at the two of them. She felt herself pale. It wasn’t possible. There was no way it was possible.

‘You ok, Hon,’ Susie asked. ‘You don’t look so good.’

‘I… I…I’m fine,’ she stammered.

Dean looked up at her and his green eyes were just as captivating as they had been in her dreams. He looked just as freak out as she felt.

Y/N pulled some money from her pocket and threw it on the counter as she rushed outside.

‘Y/N? Y/N,’ Susie called. ‘Hon, you’ve already paid.’

Y/N didn’t bother listening she just moved as quickly as she could to her car and struggled to open the door. Her hands were shaking, her legs turned to jelly. She collapsed into the driver’s seat and dropped her head onto the steering wheel. What the hell was that?


Dean stood back and watched from a distance, Y/N looked as freaked out as he felt. She was sitting in her car having a mild panic attack. He slid into baby, Sam right beside him.

‘Dude, what the hell was that all about?’

‘That girl, her names Y/N.’

‘Yeah I got that when the waitress called after her.’

‘I’ve been dreaming about her every night for the last couple of weeks.’

‘Do you know her?’

‘Never met her before in my life. Never even seen her. She was just there one night, and…’

‘And what?’

‘We were together, dating, something. But happy. I’ve never been as happy as I felt while I was with her.’

‘In your sleep?’


Sam frowned at his brother, then back at the Taurus in front of them. They watched as she pulled out of the car park and drove off, Dean following not far behind. They pulled up down the street and watched as she walking inside a small old cottage.

Dean pulled up out the front and got out.

‘You’re going in?’ Sam questioned.

‘I need answers, Sammy.’

Sam nodded and followed.

Dean knocked on the door, nervous, excited, mixed feelings really. But scared he was definitely scared.

Y/N answered and freaked out and went to shut the door.

‘Not so fast, bab-, Y/N,’ Dean said, blocking it.

‘You think I’m letting you in here armed? You take over my dreams, show up at my normal diner and then at my house, carrying weapons, with a car full for more weapons.’

Dean didn’t know what to think.

‘Dean, move your foot,’ she pleaded.

He almost melted under the sound of his name, before reality kicked in for him. She knew his name.

‘I don’t think so,’ he growled, pushing a bit harder, forcing the door open.

The action caused Y/N to stumble backwards and for a second Dean panicked she was going to fall, but she managed to regain her footing.

‘I don’t know who you are. But you need to leave,’ she cried, backing up, holding her hands in surrender.

‘Not happening. What the hell are you?’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Witch? Demon? Siren? What?’

‘Holy crap, you actually think that stuff is real? I thought it was just part of the dream?’ she gasped in disbelief.

‘That crap is real, everything that gives you nightmares is real. Which is where you come in apparently,’ Dean growled.

‘Nightmares? Mine wasn’t nightmares? Oh God, I gave you nightmares? I…I knew I wasn’t like the most dateable but nightmares? Really?’ she cried.

Dean looked at the woman in front of him, this whole conversation wasn’t going in the direction he hoped it would. And now he managed to upset her, and offend her. He watched as her eyes grew moist and she fought back tears, pain and embarrassment.

‘No,’ he said quickly.

‘You know what, never mind. I don’t want to know. I don’t know what’s going on. But I think it’s best that you go,’ she said quietly.

She walked off leaving the two men in her living room. She knew she shouldn’t they were strangers. But she knew them well. Well, her dreams. Apparently in Dean’s she was a nightmare. She shut the bedroom door and laid on her bed and cried.

The boys stood in the living room, not sure what to do. Sam eventually went over to the coffee table and had a look at the papers there. Dean watched as he frowned at them.

‘She’s a freelance editor and website designer,’ Dean said quietly.

‘You dream about dating someone who specialises in English and computers.’

‘Shut up Sammy,’ Dean sighed.

‘What else do you know?’

‘Everything. Her favourite wine, tv show, pizza topping, movie, her habits good and bad, work routine. I know what she likes and doesn’t like in bed,’ he grinned, it quickly fading as he thought some more. ‘I know that’s she’s probably upstairs, on her bed crying.’

‘She seems as shocked as you do. Only her dreams appeared to be happy.’

‘So were mine.’

‘She doesn’t think so,’ Sam pointed out.

‘Shut up, Sammy,’ Dean said quietly.

Dean headed upstairs and found her on her bed.

‘How did you do it?’ he asked quietly from the door.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t done anything. You’re the one who believes in all that magic crap. What the hell did you do?’ she yelled.

‘I didn’t do anything! I went to bed and you appeared in my dreams,’ he snapped angrily.

‘Same here, expect well mine weren’t a thing of nightmares.’

‘Neither were mine, except maybe waking up.’

Y/N rolled over and looked at him. Dean felt his chest get tight, as her tear stained face looked up at him. He never wanted to make her cry.

‘God, I don’t know if I should hug you, kiss you or shoot you.’

Y/N panicked.

‘I can’t help thinking you’re a witch, but you seem as freaked out as I am,’ Dean explained. ‘Which if you’re a victim in all this, then options a and b are a really good idea,’ he smiled.

She went to talk but couldn’t. Dean pulled his gun from his belt and watched as she scrambled across the bed.

‘Woah, it’s ok. Here.’

He pulled the clip from the gun and placed both on the cabinet by her door. He walked over and sat next to her.

‘What do you know?’ he asked quietly.

‘Same thing you do I guess. I started dreaming of a life with you in it. We were, dating I guess, possibly living together in some weird windowless place. You were hunting?’

‘Yeah Sammy and I hunt.’

‘So it’s true? All those things in my dreams you killed, the demons? Werewolf? Vampire?’


‘You’re not just crazy and imagining it? Needing a psych ward admission?’

Dean chuckled, ‘No, Sweetheart. All real.’

He reached over and wiped her tears automatically.

‘What about you?’ she asked.

Dean smiled, ‘I’d never been as happy as I was when I was asleep. We were dating, and life was just pretty amazing. Until I woke up and the bed was empty.’

‘Yeah, that sounds about right. Last night?’

‘Last night, we went for a midnight drive in my car,’ Dean smiled. ‘Sat on the hood and watched the stars.’

He watched as she paled slightly.


‘You knocked over your beer all over baby’s hood,’ she said, her voice barely audible.

‘We had the same dream?’ he frowned.

‘Dean, what the hell is going on?’

Dean looked over at her and noticed she was shaking. He reached over and took her hand and squeezed it.

‘I don’t know, but we will find out.’

They walked back down stairs to see Sam and start looking into what was going on. Y/N helped where she could, but didn’t know much about anything in the world of Supernatural. So she mostly just kept the drinks flowing, cooked meals and searched up what they directed her to.

Nights Y/N and Dean’s dreams continued. Only now, they were even more intense. Both woke the first morning the boys stayed with her after what was a pretty amazing, hot and heavy sex dream. Knowing that the other one had the same dream made things more awkward. They struggled to look at each other, or even be too close to one and another. By the third day Y/N had to work so she took her gear into her office and spent the next few hours, sending off emails, making changes to files and updating websites. She was coming out when she heard the boys talking.

‘Do you think she’s behind it?’ Sam asked.

‘God I hope not,’ Dean said quietly.

Sam said something she couldn’t make out that caused Dean to respond.

‘She’s every bit as amazing in real life. I fell for her in my dreams and I’m falling hard now.’

Y/N turned and went back into her office, not sure what to think.

Dean came in an hour later and watched her work for a moment before clearing his throat. She looked up at him surprised.

‘Thought you might want a coffee,’ he explained, placing it on the desk and sitting on a chair opposite her. ‘So we decided to call in the expert.’


‘Yeah,’ he smiled, grateful he didn’t have to explain.

He watched the way she rested her head on her hand, how she smiled at him. God he needed her. His heart and body felt like they had been together for ages, but his mind screamed he didn’t know her.

‘Dean?’ Cas said appearing behind him.

Dean watched as Y/N jumped slightly.

‘Sorry. That was not completely unexpected and yet it was,’ she laughed.

‘Hey Cas, we need to talk.’

‘I’m going to go sort out dinner,’ Y/N said quietly, giving them some privacy.

Dean stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching as she stirred the spaghetti sauce.

‘It’s like dejavu,’ he smiled.

‘Is a bit, expect your case is a new one.’


He watched as she put the spoon down and took a drink of her wine, before sitting down next to him.

‘Any ideas?’

‘Nope. But he’s going to look into it.’

Dean tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and smiled at her. God she was beautiful. She looked at him with a soft smile. Despite himself, Dean leant down and kissed her gently on the lips. She tasted like strawberry lipgloss and wine. It was pure heaven.

He stopped and lent his forehead against hers.

‘I should be sorry but I’m not,’ he admitted.

‘Can’t say I am either,’ she said quietly.

Dean felt a smile growing on his face as he kissed her again.

‘Smells good,’ Sam commented walking in, causing the two to jump. ‘Sorry,’ he muttered, embarrassed.

‘It’s fine. Ah, dinner’s almost ready,’ Y/N told him.

Dean watched as she fiddled with her necklace as she did when she was thinking, nervous or well anything. The colouring caught his eye, it was beautiful.

‘Where did you get that necklace?’

‘My Gran’s attic, when I was cleaning out her stuff recently.’

Dean picked up the pendant, electricity coursing through his fingers as they brushed against her. He got up and walked off to the room he was staying in.

‘Dean?’ Y/N called, following him. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘The opal in your necklace,’ he muttered, pulling the opal out of his bag.

He turned the stone over in his hand and looked up at her.

‘You think they are connected?’ Sam asked, looking between the two.

‘Possibly, they look the same.’

‘Can I borrow that?’ Sam asked, gesturing to her necklace.

Y/N nodded and pulled the old chain and pendant over her head and handed it to him.

The two men examined the two of them.

‘It looks like it fits,’ Dean muttered.

‘So, the opal is what’s connecting the two of you?’ Sam asked.

‘Don’t know, we should probably call Cas,’ Dean said quietly.

Y/N left to check on dinner and serve it up while the boys looked over it some more. Cas took the necklace and the opals to ask around heaven and see if anyone knew anything.

Dean watched as Y/N was quiet through dinner, he watched as she moved outside afterwards and sat in a hammock in her back yard.

‘Hey,’ he said, approaching her.


‘You ok?’

‘What happens if it’s the opals?’

‘Then we know what’s causing it and we…’

Dean realised what was wrong then. The opals needed to be destroyed or locked up. And then the dreams would stop. And if the dreams stopped, what else would stop? Would his feelings for her disappear?

He looked over at her and saw the pain in her eyes.

‘I don’t want to know what I feel isn’t real,’ she said quietly.

Dean pushed a hand behind her head and kissed her. He had no words, nothing he could say would make it better. If anything it would make it worse. He didn’t want to that either. He wanted the feelings to be real, the dreams to come true. God, he wanted that more than anything.

He pulled her back with him and they laid down together in the hammock and spent the night under the stars. Dreaming of water fights and wet kisses.

‘Dean?’ Sam said softly.


‘Cas is back,’ he explained quietly.

Dean stirred and looked down at Y/N still asleep in his arms. He couldn’t help but smile and kiss her head. He had wanted nothing more than to wake up and find her there since the first dream now it finally happened.

He gently slipped out of the hammock and headed inside.

‘Well,’ he said as he came inside.

‘Where’s Y/N?’


‘She will wish to hear this too.’

Dean went back outside and kissed her head softly.

‘Hey baby, time to wake up.’

‘Dean?’ she mumbled.

‘Yeah, Sweetheart. Come inside, Cas figured it out.’

Dean helped her out of the hammock and looked down at her.

‘What ever happens, I don’t regret it,’ he told her kissing her head.

‘Neither do I.’

He took her hand and they walked into the living room.

‘The stones fit together, they are an ancient object designed to assist Cupid. After the flood they needed to repopulate and quickly,’ he explained. ‘They brought together the soul mates and then got passed on to the next ones.’

‘How?’ Y/N asked curiously.

‘Usually they got lost or misplaced, or gifted and eventually they would find their way to the two halves of the next couple.’

‘So it’s not a curse?’

‘No. Not exactly. It can be, especially if you are already in a relationship.’

‘And the feelings we feel…?’ Dean asked.


‘The dreams?’

‘Should stop.’

‘Everything else?’

‘Is up to you.’

Dean nodded, sighing in relief.

‘If it is ok with you both, I’d like to return the items to heaven.’

They both nodded and Cas disappeared.

Sam got up and grabbed the impala keys off the table.

‘I’m going to go do something,’ he offered, leaving the two alone.

Dean’s hand slipped out of Y/N’s and around her waist.

‘Two halves,’ Dean commented.

Y/N looked up at him and he smiled.

‘Sounds good, but I think the whole part sounds even better,’ he kissed her softly.

‘So, what exactly does this mean for us?’ she asked him quietly.

‘I’m hoping it means that the happiness I feel will no longer only be when I’m sleeping.’

He watched as a smile played on her lips.

‘And that I get to do a whole lot more of this,’ he added, kissing her again. ‘And more waking up with you in my arms.’

‘I won’t be objecting to that,’ she smiled.

‘And seeing you all the time,’ he mumbled into her neck as he pulled her in tighter.

‘No issue’s there.’


‘I have issues with the gunk covered parts though, like some of these things you hunt. That was kinda gross.’

‘Yeah won’t argue that. But comes with the territory.’


‘Now, I do believe you have some plans that involved wine and ice cubes?’ Dean grinned.

He watched as she went red.

‘You never got to finish that story and it’s got me curious.’

‘Summer’s better for it,’ she mumbled, embarrassed.

Dean looked outside at the fresh fall weather.

‘I like the sound of that.’

He kissed her again and pulled her towards her bedroom. This was one of those times where reality was so much better than his dreams.

Walking With the Dead - Daryl Dixon

Imagine- Reader is an asthmatic person. She meets Daryl in Alexandria. She’s also the daughter of Deanna. She’s an adventurous person so therefore she’s out when Rick’s group comes to Alexandria. She comes back after Carl gets his eye blown out…. And if you read you’ll find out what is going to happen so on.

Warnings- Smut really heavy smut, Swearing.

FYI this is my first time I ever wrote a smut…. And English is not my native language. So bare with me. Also the reader is at least 21 while Daryl is 47. Well at least I think he is 47.



I was currently on my way back to Alexandria. I decided to leave Alexandria because I need to explore, and need to go to the closest hospital to find more inhalers. I was lucky to find 2 and a powder inhaler. And top it all of I found myself a German Shepard. He’s now my buddy, his name is Dixon. I found him hidden inside a cage inside of the security room of the hospital. Ever since then he’s been with me. We keep ourselves safe.

Anyways we were currently heading back to Alexandria. I haven’t seen my mom for almost 2 weeks. This has been the longest time I’ve been outside of Alexandria. All of the sudden I hear Dixon softly bark, alerting me that there was a couple of zombies heading out way, I silently prepared my bow and shot the 3 zombies, one by one. Dixon did the favor for me and grabbed the arrows. He handed them to me, I reached inside my backpack and grabbed his eatable bone I found him and gave it to him. We kept on walking until I noticed the road that lead to gates of Alexandria. I had a bad feeling about this. Almost as if something had happened while I was out.

Dixon and I walked up to the new improved gate of Alexandria and tried to open it but it wouldn’t open. So I decided to knock. Weird. Then I heard a noise coming from the other side of the gate. “Who are you?” Some unknown women asked me. I didn’t even know we’re it came from. “Up here” I heard her voice coming from the top of the wall that divided Alexandria from the outside. I looked up and saw a brunette women she appeared to have hazel-ish eyes. “You must be new here, hello I’m Y/N Monroe, Deanna’s daughter. Mind opening the gate for me” I told her with a confidence in my voice. But all I got from her was a pity look. I frowned, wanted to know why she had given me that look. “Sasha open up the gates, we’re cleared. Then the gates opened. I had a small smile on my face. “Y/N you’re back!” I heard the familiar voice of my sweet brother Spencer. “Well Spency you know me, nothing can kill me but only me” I said to him cheekily.

I looked around Alexandria, it seemed too quiet. And also looked different. “So Spency where is momma at?” I asked him with a smile. All of the sudden I hear a voice, a deep voice I might say. “Who is this? And why in the hell is she in here?” I turned around and saw a scruffy looking man, with light blue eyes carrying a baby in his arms. “She’s um Deanna’s daughter…” I heard the brunet girl say. “Is that true?” The scruffy dude asked. “Yeah, why would I lie about something like that?” I told him. “Everyone lies now a days” he retorted back. Hmm, he was right.

"She’s my sister Rick, it’s all good.” Spencer said. So Rick was his name.

"Oh well, why were you outside all alone?” Rick asked me.

"As you can clearly see I wasn’t alone. Dixon here kept me company. And I was outside because I had to go to the closest hospitals to look for some inhalers” I answered his question.

"So you’re asthmatic”

"Yup” I nodded.

"Come on sis I want you to meet some of our new people.” Spencer said.

We started to head to the house. I didn’t even noticed that I had totally forgot about the question that I had asked Spencer about our mom. All of the sudden Rick yelled out. “Everyone come out we have a new someone!” And like that all of the house’s doors start to open. And people started to pile up. In a circle around the brunet chick, Sasha, Rick, and Spencer and I. But I never saw my mom come out…

"This is uh Deanna’s daughter, uh what’s your name?” Rick asked.

"Oh yeah, hello I’m y/n, nice to meet you everyone. I looked at almost everyone’s eyes. One person’s eye caught my attention. It was a man maybe a man in his late 30’s sitting on the stairs of the front house. He seemed so mysterious. I dig guys that are mysterious.

"Hello, Y/N” was all I heard from the people that surround us. But I was to busy staring at the guy with long dirty brown hair, he had a button up shirt with a black vest on top of it. The shirt looked too tight where his biceps were located. All of the sudden I was snapped out of my stalking eyes by Rick’s voice that said that all the people that came can be released back from their formal duties.


"Spencer for the last time where is mom!?” I shouted at him once we were inside our house. All I got was a sigh and a look at the ground from him. He also looked like he was about to burst out into tears. “Y/N I think you need to take a seat” he said in a shaky voice. So I took a seat on the love seat couch and waited for the answer. “Y/n just promise me you will stay calm after I tell you this?” He said. I hesitantly promised him.

“Mom, mom is dea-d. She go-t bit when some group call the wolves tried to invade Alexandria. Wa-lkers came! She g-ot bit an-d she turned. It was so hard to put her down” he said everything while he was sobbing. All of the sudden I felt the familiar tightens in my chest. Then it started. I started to hyperventilate and my lungs tried to search for air. Dixon was barking trying to do something. He brought my backpack where I had my new inhalers. He gave it to my brother and my brother looked for it. He found it and gave me my inhaler. Then I felt the familiar medical spray down my throat. Then it was over. I started to cry, tried to calmed down so my asthma wouldn’t come back.

Since that night I wasn’t myself. I spend my time with Dixon by the trees reading some romantic novel call “The Fault in Our Stars”. I kinda can relate to Hazel’s situation.

Reading and Dixon was not the only thing I did. I helped out with stuff in Alexandria. I still need to find out about that man that I saw sitting in the stair when I first got here. He gives me the chills. My guts are telling me that I need to know about him.

“Dixon come here boy!” I yelled out for my buddy to come and join me.

All of the sudden I hear a deep and husky voice. “Tha’ fuck do I look to you girl. I ain’t no dog for you to be bossing me aroun’” I flinched when he got all up on my face.

“Wait no Mr. I me-ant m-y dog. I n-amed him Dixon. Sorry about th-at” I stutter while looking at the ground.

“Well that’s gonna’ be a hard situation to go through girly” he grunted. “Anyways ma name is Daryl but Dixon is ma last name”

Hm Daryl it suits him right. I just stood there staring at his sky blue eyes. Studying his face structure. Gosh he was so handsome. Rednecks have always been my type of guy.

“Are you gonna keep on starin’ girl? Cause if you are I suggest you to take a picture” he said in his deep husky voice. Just by hearing his voice it almost made my panties wet.

I squirmed around. Then I hear Dixon whine. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to go play with Rick’s son, Carl. “Go ahead boy ya can go play” I released him and ran where Carl was meeting him.

“How long have you had em’” to my surprise I’ve heard that Daryl didn’t quite like to talk to people. But now that he asked me a question I felt special.

“I found him about 2 weeks ago when I went out on a run to look for inhalers. I found em’ inside a security room in the hospital” I told him. And all I got was a grunt.

“Anyways we’ll see ya’ aroun’” he said.

“See ya Daryl”

He might be twice my age, but fuck was he hot as fuck. While he headed to where he would be heading to all I did was stared at his ass. Gosh y/n get it together with your shit you will never get him. I said to myself.

I mean I no virgin, but I sure did miss having sex. I only had sex with my ex who sadly got ripped out of my hands by those walkers.

I started to head home to take a shower after that mini talk and introduction with Daryl. It made me hot to be honest. To my luck I had a special toy to get me off outta this state I was in. Once I got home I headed to my room and grabbed my necessities for my shower.

After my shower I head to my room and quickly shut the door and went straight to my secret compartment box I had insisted my drawl. And took out my mini bullet vibrator and my dildo. I took off my robe and sat on my bed and spread my legs apart. Perks of being flexible. I turned on my mini bullet vibrator and placed it on my clit and rubbed my dildo on my wet lips. I started to push the big dildo inside my entrance. I started to moan out so loud. I was lucky that today Spencer was on watch.

“Uh yes fuu-ck… Yes faster Dar-yl” I didn’t even noticed that I started to moan his name.

Daryl’s POV

“Hey Daryl do me a favor? Can you get my sister for me. Think she’s inside my house. Tell her that we have a meeting” Spencer asked me.

“Uh I suppose”

I started to head to y/n’s and Spencer’s house. I barely met the girl but fuck was she hot. With that (size body) of hers, big tits, and that round ass. I know I shouldn’t be thinking f her like this. But shit it’s been so long that I had sex.

I got inside without knocking. I mean it’s not like she would be doing anything. All of the sudden I hear a moan. I got my hunting knife out ready to strike at any walker. I headed up stairs to where the noise came from.

“Uh uh uh fuck Daryl” I then felt my face get all red. And felt my jeans get tight around where my mini friend was at. I put my knife back where it belong and started to open the door to what I assume was y/n room. To my luck I didn’t make a sound. And there she was with her legs up to her shoulders and both of her hands contained the devices that is helping her feel this pleasure. But I bet my hands, mouth, and dick would feel way better than those things.

Then I just snapped and went up to her and moved her hands and devices away from her glistening lips she had her eyes closed so she didn’t see me but she did feel that I removed the things that provided her pleasure. She then screamed and tried to cover herself.

“Need some help there?” I asked her in my husky voice.

“Fuck yes please” I knew she would give up to my voice.

Then she put herself to the same position she was with her feet to her shoulders. I got close to where her heat was. I blew some air on it. Which received a mewl from her. Then I used my fingers to spread her fat bottom lips apart and gave her inside of her lips a flat tongue lick and like that I started to devour her( ha get it…? No uh okay). I pressed my thumb to her clit and started to massage it in circular motions.

“F-uck D-aryl alm-ost there! Uh fuck yes. You’re so good!” She screamed out. She started to squirm a bit so I grabbed her hips to keep her in place. Gosh damn she tasted so fucking good. I started to shake my head giving her more pleasure that made her whole body shake. She was moaning out so loud that I didn’t gave two flying shits if people heard. “FUCKKKK” I felt her squirt out. I licked out her juices. “Uh stop I can’t take it no more!” So I stopped.

I then started to take my clothes off. “Get on your knees girly” I commanded her and she did. I placed my fairly big erection in front of her face. She then grabbed it with both of her hands and put the tip of my erection in her mouth and started to pleasure me. Fuck she was good. I grabbed her hair and made her take it all. Then I started to fuck her mouth.

“Uh fuck just like that baby, you like taking this dick huh?” I moaned out and received a grunt from her. That almost send me to my end. I stopped and made her get on the bed.


Fuck I can’t believe we’re doing this. But I love it!

He placed me on my bed. “Grab and spread your legs as far as you can” Daryl panted out. So I did what he said. My legs were almost touch the headboard of the bed. “Ready?” He asked me. “Yes fuck! Just fuck me!” I said impatiently.

All of the sudden he thrusted his dick inside of me. I didn’t even get the chance to adjust to him. He started to fuck me so hard that all you can hear were the sound of skin slapping each other, moans, grunts and panting. I then switch us around and got off of him and got into the reverse cowgirl position. I then shoved him inside me again and started to. Slowly sensually thrust myself into him. But he didn’t like it so I placed my hands on his thighs and he grabbed onto my hips and started to thrust upwards into me. This shit felt so good.

“Shit this feels so good” I screamed out. I didn’t even noticed that I was almost outta breath. But in this occasion I didn’t give a fuck about it.

“You like it girly when I fuck you like this?” He asked. All I did was watch how his dick disappears inside my whole. This trigger something. He then started to thrust in an inhuman speed that he finally had found my g-spot. Once he found it. It triggered my orgasm that made me cry out and squirt and you can name whatever the after math of good sex was. He still kept going. I started to clamp down on his dick. That made him come inside me. I didn’t care about if he had a condom. I just wanted to feel his warm cum inside of me.

“Fuck….” He panted.

While I was still shaking with him inside of me. He grabbed me and put me on top of him so my back was pressed on his muscular chest. I could feel his breath on my sweaty neck. I then felt his hands massage my stomach and tits. Ugh I can’t never get enough of this. This has been the best sex ever!

“This is not the last time that this is going to happen girly” he said in my ear. I was so dosed off that Daryl and I didn’t hear the front door open and that a person was heading where we were located.

“Y/n-” I heard my brother open my door to reveal Daryl and I on the same position I was with my back to his chest while his hand massaging my tits while I squirmed.

I then got off of Daryl and took myself out of him and all I heard was a pop. And hid myself and Daryl behind the covers.

“Uh - we uh have a um meeting… I’m just gonna go” Spencer said and ran away from the entrance of my room.

“We shit we’re screwed” Daryl chuckled whole getting dressed. I just stood there with a shocked expression. I then knew that needed my inhaler so I quickly went to my drawl to look for it. And it was there. So I took it.

“Just stay here girly. I don’t think you’re going to be able to walk for a few days” Daryl said while kissing me. I blushed to see how touchy he was. I wasn’t expecting this from him. But I liked it.

And with that he was out to go to the meeting that was the cause of all of this. I need to thank to who ever made this meeting.

A/N: I know it’s a bit too detailed…. I even felt it like if it was a script for porn stars 😂
Should I make a part two…? Inbox me and tell me what you think of this please. I need to get my butt to church now!
Sorry if it’s too long as well.

anonymous asked:

Are there any people on Tumblr that you really like or reccomend?


If ya like big and buff monster dudes. (Some have guro/gore and NSFW)

If ya like cute monster girls. (Some are NSFW)

For both

If ya like furries/anthros (Some are NSFW)

Other just really great artists (again a few are NSFW)

Nice rebloggers

Wow this basically 95% of the blogs I follow… But these people are all really great at what they do and are also just pretty decent people. So I hope they don’t mind me doing this but they all deserve some attention.

Everyone named here is an inspiration and driving force for me.

randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.