girls with boy haircuts

  • Parents: you can be whoever you want to be when you grow up.
  • Parents: just don't be gay.
  • Parents: or dye your hair.
  • Parents: no piercings or tattoos either.
  • Parents: you can't dress like that! Those clothes are for boys.
  • Parents: why do you want to have a boys haircut? You're a GIRL
  • Parents: you can be anything you want to be:)))))
To all the albanian girls

1. No its not cute when he is jealous as fuck and checks your phone all the time wondering if you’re cheating on him. Besimi është gjëja më e çmuar në një lidhje.

2. You are not a ‘gocë e mirë’ when you make burek and pite.

3. You are not a prisoner or a rude person if you have a tattoo, and you’re still a girl if you have a boy haircut, even tho a person in the streets will point at you with his finger and you’ll start to feel bad so please don’t.

4. It’s not good when people shame women and judge them by their body type or clothes. Every women should be respected and in Albania should be gender equality kështu që të gjithë duhet të dinë se ‘kurvllëqet’ nuk janë gjera që i bëjnë veç femrat.

5. Femrat shqiptare nuk duhet të jenë te kufizuara për asgjë dhe duhet të jenë të barabarta me meshkujt. Shprehja: “…po jo se ai është djalë dhe kjo është punë meshkujsh” nuk duhet të perdoret më. So I’m taking about gender equality again.

6.Albanian women absolutely shouldn’t be abused physically, mentally or even sexually.

7. Women are the most beautiful creatures that God made, so please treat them like that. Mundësisht të barabarta me meshkujt! :)

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“Y’all know this prom’s gonna suck, right?”

“Shut up and smile for the picture, Juno.”

I figured since these goobs are coming back from hiatus that I could give u all the last post I made for them on prom day aka the last time any of them were happy innocent teenagers (its been sitting in my drafts for god knows how long)

whoever becomes the heir will have a few flashback posts or times where the blanks are filled in about what happened during the missing time between prom and wherever they are in life now, but if it helps i can confirm that yumi is in junos life but not rubys, a fully transitioned saya is still bennetts best bud, and charlee is still 100% done with tobias’ shit (bennett is too, but hes bennett, so its more like a solid 50%). they’ll all make appearances in their respective triplets storylines.

(also lmao at my original tags i was so hyped before their save broke) 


Lisa Bonet who is mainly known for playing Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, and A Different World is my favorite style icon. Going back and watching the Cosby Show and A Different World Lisa Bonet always stood out because of her fashion choices. No matter what she had on or how her makeup and hair was, she always slayed. There is nothing Lisa Bonet cannot pull off she is such a natural beauty. I love how daring she is with her makeup, hair, and fashion. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as she likes it she’s gonna rock it. She was one of the first girls to rock the pixie/boy haircut. Lisa Bonet is still considered a style icon to this day there is nothing she can do wrong when it comes to fashion and beauty 👸🏾😍❤️👑🌹🎉🎉💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Rowlet evolution is the three stage of being a butch lesbian.

Rowlet: first stage, little lesbian who found she doesn’t have to dress and act like society wants her to

Dartrix: fashion lesbian, shirt and tie, got a pretty boy haircut, has a huge thing for femme girls

Decidueye: stopped caring, became a cryptid and disappeared in the woods