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ten years ago I was walking through my high school in a wet swimsuit to get my dive coach when I witnessed a girl getting in trouble because she had a custom LED belt buckle that scrolled the message “BOY GIMME THAT JOHNSON” and I loved it so much that I couldn’t even go back to practice, I just went home and went to sleep

  • If he stops texting you after a few days and you hit him up and he continues to ignore you LEAVE IT BE you don't know how many girls I have witnessed who text these men 24/7 if he's not responding. Listen, if he is showing you he has zero interest (and/or was all talk) drop him. Don't drop your dignity to beg him to see you or to pay attention to you. YOU ARE A GOD DAMN QUEEN. And pussy is power so therefore, no limp dick wrinkly man is worthy of you going crazy over, capiche?
  • Love y'all , xoxo
  • - Dahlia

This #womensmarch day I choose to remember the #YAZIDI girls who have witnessed their fathers, sons, brothers & husbands mass murdered. They however were not given the “opportunity” (you’ll see why if you read on) to die, they were captured and many still are hostages to ISIS.

The Yazidi girls have been assaulted, abused and used as sex slaves. The ISIS members see the Yazidi’s as Satanic and therefore kill the men but make use of the females. The girls and women are kept as wives or war booty, they are sold and used amongst Daesh. The men of ISIS are impregnating the women to infiltrate their bloodlines. The Yazidi girls known for their blonde hair, blue & green eyes are of interest to these men as you can read above and thus were likely easy to spot from others. The lives these women are made to live are not lives at all, they are in a living hell, death is something many pray for.
  The Kurdish girls who fight for the Yazidi freedom and the freedom of their land & people say they keep a spare bullet just in case they are ever caught by ISIS, just so they can KILL THEMSELVES rather than live the horrific lives that ISIS provide these women with.
 Some do get to die though, but it’s not a pill or a bash to the head and an instant death, no, these are horrific deaths, acid, torture, barbaric acts you don’t even want to think of.

Spare a thought for them when you’re moaning about tampon tax.

I looked at you as our song played. My eyes twinkled and colour rose to my lips as I remembered how we would hold hands and I softly swayed to it in your passenger seat. I remember how the setting sun shone through your eyes as you mouthed the words with one hand lazily gripping the steering wheel. You would look at me every so often, like I was the most beautiful girl you had ever witnessed. In that moment, maybe I was. But like you say, nothing ever lasts and people always hurt.

I looked at you as our song played and I watch your eyes settle on her. Her eyes are twinkling and colour is rising to her lips. Slowly, she begins to mouth the lyrics, as if it is a prayer too sacred to say out loud. Your eyes are glowing with the fire she set in you and your fingers interlace with hers. You do not realize I am in the room. You pull her closer. I am trembling like the night you told me you were not falling in love with me after all. I was shaking so furiously I could hardly stand. Did you know that? Of course not- you never asked. She is all you see and you are all I feel. And as I watch you fall for somebody else, I try to remember- nothing ever lasts and people always hurt.

—  ap (12.21.16)

Okay, people hating on Ruby for not listening to Qrow need to lighten up. Remember that she’s a sixteen year old girl who had to witness two friends dying right in front of her. In both cases, these deaths happened when she wasn’t able to get to them in time. Of course she’s not going to stand by while her uncle is in danger! Yeah, she indirectly caused him to get scratched, but she still crippled Tyrian and potentially saved Qrow from a worse injury. Let’s all take a chill pill, guys.