girls will be slenderman


The interrogation tape of the two young girls who stabbed their friend over 19 times for the mythological Slenderman has been released. It’s definitly bone chilling. The girls believed that in order to climb into his realm, someone must die. You can watch the video here

Slenderman: You’re gonna write those girls an apology and an essay on why peeping is wrong. 500 words each.

Toby: 500 words? Couldn’t you just punish us?

Slenderman: 1,000.

Toby: 1,000?!

Slenderman: 2,000. You wanna go for 3?

Masky: Quit while we’re behind. You don’t even know 3,000 words.

It’s Time To Talk About Darkiplier Part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

Hey it’s me!

That one chick who tried to prove that Darkiplier is a Fourth Dimensional Being & a different version of Mark saves you from Darkiplier.

So we’re starting to get into territory that Mark clearly never actually intended


I’ve been given a basis to work off of, I’m a child of the internet and so much can be done with the concept I can’t help but throw in my two cents and have some fun with it.

Now as we know Mark was actually incredibly meticulous about how he wanted to present Dark to us canonically and officially.

One of the things he spent a lot of time on were the voice effects, he felt he needed to get the voice just right and he did just that.

As for dialogue you can tell a lot of thought was put into Dark’s lines to pave way for something in the future if Mark & the team choose to do so.

Let’s break down the dialogue shall we?

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen a documentary Beware the Slendeman? It's about 2 girls who stabbed her friend and then told the authorities that Slenderman told them to do it. One of the girls turned out to be severely schizophrenic. Also, I wanted to congratulate you on publishing your first book, wow! Is it gonna be about true crime? I'm looking forward to reading it. Have a nice day!

I have, yes! It was a very interesting documentary. And thank you so much! Yes, it shall be true crime. Have a wonderful day yourself!


Made more adoptables! Last time I made monster/demon/creepypasta adoptables, they were a big hit and they all got homes within a few days, so I thought I’d give it another go. 

Adoptables’ info & Pricess:

  1. Androgynous demon - $15.00 USD [OPEN]
  2. Mushroom man based off the lepiota clypeolaria - $20.00 USD [ADOPTED]
  3. Skeleton ghost guy - $15.00 USD [OPEN]
  4. A man stuck with a demon whose arms he stole to replace his own - $20.00 USD [OPEN]
  5. A girl with a face of static - $10.00 USD [ADOPTED
  6. A Proxy of the Slenderman - $15.00 USD [OPEN
  7. A demon - $15.00 USD [OPEN]
  8. A space woman that creates galaxies - $25.00 USD [OPEN]
  9. A monster with many eyes - $20.00 USD [OPEN]

What you’re allowed to do after you adopt them:

  • Change details
  • Change color palettes
  • Change Height/Weight/Age/Ethnicity

You’re not allowed to do:

  • Claim the design as yours
  • Change major details (Enough to make the design very different to the original)
  • Re-sell

Payment is done through paypal. If you’re not interested in adoptables, I also do commissions. Please message me if you’re interested in adopting any of these guys, plus that way I can update the sheet as characters get adopted. Thank you!

[Commission information] [Donate] [Buy me a coffee] [RedBubble]

On May 31 2014, in the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a cyclist riding past a forested area was shocked to discover a young girl screaming for help on the side of the road. She was bleeding heavily from nineteen stab wounds, and was “one millimeter away from certain death” according to the criminal complaint made to police. Despite the seriousness of her injuries, the victim survived and told investigators a bizarre story. 

The night before the near fatal attack, she had been invited for a sleepover at the home of a twelve year old classmate, along with another friend. The three girls - who were in the same grade at the local school - spent the night, and the next day the two friends lured the victim into the woods under the pretense of playing hide and seek. There they pinned the frightened girl down and stabbed her in the chest, abdomen,  legs, and arms. They then left the victim to die of her wounds. 

When the two girls were apprehended, they claimed the attempted killing was a sacrifice to “Slenderman”, an Internet urban legend popularized by the horror fiction website According to the legend, Slenderman is a faceless, tall humanoid figure who stalks and kills children in wooded areas. The two girls claimed to be followers of Slenderman, and believed they would meet him if they murdered for him. Both girls were charged with attempted first degree murder and will be tried as adults.

The victim required six hours of surgery and organ reconstruction, but is apparently recovering well and has returned to school.

territhium-under-takers  asked:

I have a 2 part question that I NEED someone to answer. I'll do one now and the other in a separate ask. What are their ringtones for one another, do they have customized ones or is it just default ones that come with their phone?

AWH YE LET’S DO THIS (This is Admin Copy here btw)
They’re all shit that they probably pirated off of YouTube, but here’s what I think they’d be!


  • Tamaki - Jelf the Elf (DEX version)
  • Hikaru - Jelf the Elf (Hatsune Miku version)
  • Kaoru - Candy Store (Heathers the musical)
  • Kyouya - Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Honey - Lollipop (MIKA)
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - I Would Walk 500 Miles (The Proclaimers)
  • Hikaru - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
  • Kaoru - Guns ‘n Ships (Lafayette from Hamilton: An American Musical)
  • Kyouya - Supermom (VirginiaLynn)
  • Honey - Anaconda (Nicki Minaj) (Note: Hikaru set this one, not Tamaki)
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - A boyfriend parody of Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
  • Tamaki - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
  • Kaoru - Shooting Stars (Bag Raiders)
  • Kyouya - Sandstorm (Darude)
  • Honey - Jelf the Elf screaming for 10 hours
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - She’s Got That P-E-N-I-S (Ray Jessel, America’s Got Talent audition)
  • Tamaki - King for a Day (Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn)
  • Hikaru - If You Were Gay, na na na na na na na, That’d Be Okay, na na na na na na na… (like, the whole goddamn song. He’s convinced that Hikaru is gay, wHEN IN REALITY… *YGOTAS Marik Ishtar voice* H E I S T H E G A Y O N E )
  • Kyouya - Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Honey - You Are My Senpai
  • Mori - Shut Up and Sleep With Me (Sin With Sebastian)


  • Haruhi - gross beeping
  • Tamaki - Mouth from The Goonies screaming “J E R K    A L E R T”
  • Hikaru - a goat screaming
  • Kaoru - Michael Bay exploding sound effects
  • Honey - Childish screaming
  • Mori - Slenderman static


  • Haruhi - The Golden Girls’ theme
  • Tamaki - (incoherently screaming guy)
  • Hikaru - Chump (Green Day)
  • Kaoru - Someone screaming gay for 10 seconds straight, on repeat
  • Kyouya - Ham from the Sandlot screaming “YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!!”
  • Mori - (alarms blaring)


  • Haruhi - The Tweet ringtone from an iPhone on repeat
  • Tamaki - You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch line on repeat
  • Hikaru - (relentless screaming)
  • Kaoru - (girly relentless screaming)
  • Kyouya - Stewie from Family Guy going “mom mom mommy mommy mom mom mom mama mama mama lois lois lois etc.” on repeat
  • Honey - (alarms blaring)
a list of very cringey things i accomplished in my catholic hs

- created a comparative religions project on discordianism
- rickrolled a spanish class during an autobiographical presentation
- passed off the photoshopped image of slenderman in the bg behind a girl on a slide as a picture of myself as a child with slenderman still highly visible in it
- taught the anime club how to make homestuck horns


HBO has released the trailer for Beware the Slenderman, a documentary about the true story of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a classmate 19 times in the name of Slenderman, the popular internet character, in 2014.

Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky, the film will premiere on HBO on January 23.

Beware the Slenderman tells the story of the internet’s elusive Boogeyman and two 12-year-old girls who would kill for him. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier lured their best friend into the woods, stabbed her 19 times, then set out on an odyssey to meet the tall and faceless man known online as Slenderman. Shot over 18 months with heartbreaking access to the families of the would-be murderers, the film plunges deep down the rabbit hole of their crime, a Boogeyman and our society’s most impressionable consumers of media. The entrance to the internet can quickly lead us to its dark basement, within just a matter of clicks. How much do we hold children responsible for what they find there?

If anyone wants to tell me something is just fiction I’ll just remind you of those two girls who were prepared to kill because of slenderman 👀👀
You might know YOU are aware it’s “just fiction” but that doesn’t mean everyone else is!! People take information differently.