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HI TUMBLR IM BACK ❤ decided to restart this blog to help me with my goals over summer, starting with Costa Rica in two weeks!!!!! (I’ve already been macro tracking for over a month, I know abs aren’t made in a fortnight!) Thought I’d start with a little physique update to show you guys where my body’s at right now, and from now on I’ll post more selfies, food, recipes, workouts or whatever else you want me to :)) lots of love xxxx

Made my three hour break at work today worth it. Went to the gym, hit some weights, did some cardio, took the time to thoroughly stretch (especially my hips since my right hip flexor is so sore). Took a shower, ate well and made it through my 9 hour work day. 💪
Now the bf and I are hanging out and are about to watch TMNT 2 and eat smart pop! I get to chill out and sleep in tomorrow morning! Woo! 😄

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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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