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i am SO SICK of people (including other girls) putting girls down for everything they do. y’all won’t let us win. you’ll make fun of a girl who like starbucks and victoria’s secret leggings for being too basic, make fun of an athletic or muscular girl by saying she “looks like a man”, call any girl who likes nirvana or classic rock a poseur but girls who like rap music ‘thots’, and harass “art hoe” type girls for liking popular, talented artists or yellow fucking backpacks. i swear to god, anything a girl likes becomes a meme. young girls are a joke and it’s time we get treated with some fucking respect.

time and time again have i heard “why don’t you just be original and do things you actually enjoy?” like what??? the fuck??? is this??? no girl can EVER enjoy anything that anyone else has ever enjoyed, EVER. absolutely not. and honestly who gives a shit if she developed her interests based on somebody else’s? that’s how we learn and grow and discover ourselves. i guarantee you that you wouldn’t enjoy shitting in the toilet unless you saw the rest of the world do it first.

it’s not funny, it’s pure misogyny. and it has to stop.

BTS MTL: To date a girl who is over weight

madelinehatter982Hi! A Mtl to date a girl who is over weight,for bts tysm!😁

I never thought to do Mtl but actually is a thing that I will like to do it more often.
Thanks for ideia 😘 I hope you liked!!

Rap Monster

*This is only my opinion*


Aja, Alexis Michelle, Peppermint, & Sasha Velour “C.L.A.T.”

Club! Legend! Art! Theater!

How cute is this, y’all?  And what a spiffy representation of drag too.  This really is a great range of queens in NYC.  Any night of the week, you can find a show to go to somewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan that has the kind of drag you like, and I’m glad this season has four very specific kinds of New York queens on the show.  I will say that Peppermint, though she is a legend, also fits the bill for what you’d think of as a “traditional” kind of drag queen.  The style, the song choices, the banter with the audience – she’s very standard, but a high standard.

The actual song though….alright…so….

Full Disclosure: You already know I listened to this song once and that’s exactly the number of times I care to hear it in my life.  Musically, it’s just not interesting in the least, and the lyrics are pretty good, but not good enough for me to be like “oo, lemme go put on ‘CLAT’ and see if I can decipher some further meaning.”

That out of the way, it’s so much better than I expected because the bar is so low for Drag Race singles I can tolerate.  So far, the only one I like enough to keep in my music library is Shangela “Werqin’ Girl” (because the beat knocks) and dassit.  There is a lot of promise in this little single though. 

First of all, Peppermint is so beautiful and I think that never really gets talked about because 1) she’s super nice and 2) she can be a little unpolished.  She looks great in this and hearing her sing at the end is giving me shades of RuPaul way back in the day.  I think Peppermint could have a decent recording career, comparatively speaking anyway.  

Also, Sasha impressed me!  There’s a little bit of Nicki theatrics in that little bald queen and I’m here for it.  

Aja gave me what I expected, and that was fine, but…

Alexis just isn’t the kind of girl who needs to be rapping on a track.  It’s just not her wheelhouse.  Odd that they didn’t let her sing at the end like Peppermint, but I wouldn’t have wanted to hear a theater voice at the end of a club track either.

Cute project from the New York queens this year.  This wouldn’t have worked on any other season and I’m glad these girls like each other enough to come up with something like this.




MTL to have a spanking kink

MTL to date a fan

MTL to date a chubby/thick girl

MTL to date a boy that likes to wear dresses

MTL to use grammar in their texts

MTL to date someone like 10 years older than them 

MTL to like dating a person with facial piercings

MLT date someone with a normal job

MLT date a girl that’s 6ft

MTL to like a slim girl with a big ass and thighs


MTL to have a spanking kink

MTL to date a chubby/thick girl

MTL to date a girl who listens to classic rap/R&B 

MTL to use grammar in their texts 

MTL likely to date an e-sports player

MTL to like dating a person with facial piercings 



Monsta x




Got7 Reaction to you wanting them to eat you out

Got7 reaction to you walking around with his shirt on and no pants 

Got7 reaction to the girl they like is waiting until marriage

Got7 reaction to you in a cosplay costume

Got7 reaction to meeting your parents

Got7 reaction to seeing their girlfriends naturally curly hair down

Got7 reaction to them thinking your a noona because your so motherly

Got7 reaction to their s/o not sleeping until early hours because they keep checking their phone

Got7 reaction to you wearing a very sexy night gown that you bought just for them

Got7 reaction to you acting cocky in public

Got7 reaction to you wanting to be choked

Got7 reaction to you coming home soaked after getting stuck in the rain

Got7 reaction to you always being hungry after sex

Got7 reaction to finding out your nipples are pierced

Got7 reaction to you squirting for the first time

Got7 reaction to you getting scared of a horror movie

Got7 reaction to both of you having to do a sexy duet together


BTS reaction to you wanting them to eat you out

BTS rapline reaction to you rapping Cypher pt 3

BTS reaction to you randomly kissing their neck

BTS reaction to you wanting elevator sex

BTS reaction to you finishing your PhD at 22 years

BTS Reaction to you squirting for the first time

BTS reaction to you wanting to try anal for the first time

BTS reaction to you on your period

BTS reaction to you having fun with another group

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being nerdy but is super clumsy

BTS reaction to you having cute moans

Bts reaction to a guy bodyshaming you while you’re on a date


Seventeen (hip hop unit) reaction to you being mistreated by your friends 

Seventeen (vocal unit) reaction to you being into spanking

Monsta x 




How BTS sleep with their GF at night

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You told me morality didn’t mean much to you anymore/ Guess that’s why your best friend lives in a cheating encore/ While her fiancé prays “dear god let me live to get back to her” serving across seas/ She’s moaning “dear god don’t let this end” between some dorm sheets “Just whatever makes someone happy, you know?”/ Doubt that’s what your mom said when your dad stopped coming home/ Didn’t cheating ruin your young life?/ I just don’t get how with you that sits right