Left: August 2012 - 109lbs
Right: April 2016 - 126lbs

On the left, I was barely eating, always crying and getting headaches, and forever trying to see how much smaller I could look the next day. I was uneducated on what “healthy” meant for my body.

On the right, I’m learning what it means to love my body as my home. I feed it what it needs to thrive (lots of ice cream), and I’m teaching it how to do anything and everything I possibly can.

This journey will last a lifetime. But it’s worth it. ❤️

No April Fools Joke here!!!!

First picture: October 2014
Second picture: March 2015
Third picture: March 2016

This is nearly a year and a half difference! Remember it takes time to lose fat and even longer to gain muscle!!! Keep going and remember that goals are just dreams with deadlines!!!

I love all of you and hope you are one step closer to your goals every day!! Remember to trust the process!!!

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