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Dumbbell triceps kickbacks are not ideal for hypertrophy (muscle growth) for a few reasons: 1.) The limiting factors are going to be gravity the strength of your shoulder adductors, not the triceps. 2.) The triceps are only going to be working through a very short range of motion. 3.) It’s easy to rely mostly on momentum and minimal muscle contraction. Instead, skull crushers, cable push-downs, and dumbbell overhead triceps extensions give you more bang for your buck. Stop wasting your time with this exercise.

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Soon I’ll be knocking on the door of 100lbs down. (I’m 5'11)

People always ask me how, and here’s the truth: I spend 5-6 days a week making sure I burn 4,000 calories, take 12,000 steps, have my HR in the fatburn zone for at least 100 minutes, consume at least 170g of protein, and don’t go over my calories. I spend the other day or two being a potato recovering in my bed to do it all again. Off days mean something different entirely to me now though— Cheat days can’t be the same as recovery days because I want my caloric deficit every day. Yeah. It isn’t easy. I feel a hundred different ways about doing this all week long: sometimes I’m tired and hungry and start to wonder why I’m doing this, and other times I am laser-focused on my future goals of kayaking with our baby or lounging comfortably in a bathing suit on a cruise.

The biggest thing that makes a difference for me now is the commitment to ignore myself when I want to give up. Don’t let the toxic mixture of depression, laziness, and self-doubt fuck up what you want for your life and your body. Let one act of self-care be that you are skeptical of your ability to make choices when you doubt yourself and that you will believe the days you feel good, healthy, and strong. If you wanna give up, go to the gym anyway and tell yourself you’ll decide whether or not to give up tomorrow.

(In retrospect, the before photo may be from February of 16, but I’m not going to change it over that)

Exercises in order:
1- Cable column Lower ab crunch (40lb)
2- Incline Lower ab crunch
3- Stiff leg deadlifts
4- Low back squats (135lb)
5- Single arm lat pull down
6- Wide grip resistance band assisted pull ups