hey heyyy, I AM BACK (again) and it’s TIME (again) for lots of changes in my life, and something that really helps me is changing up the scenery/workspace, so my blog (schmillian) has undergone a few changes to help me get into the ‘new year, new me’ mindset :)

To have a feeling of starting new and getting a fresh start this year, I changed my avatar, username (used to be schmillian), and my theme.

I’ll also be starting a youtube channel (almost done posting my first video) and linking the videos here; any asks/submissions that I get through this tumblr, I can address in a separate video for you guys :)

It’s been a rough time for me this past year but now I really will get back to the swing of things and come back to give & interact more with my mutuals and followers alike. After taking a long break from tumblr, I can come back and say that honestly tumblr and blogging has helped me in many ways that I was previously unaware of, and that the communities on here are immensely helpful to my mental health. 

In conclusion, my goal here is to consistently post valuable content that caters towards college life, mental health, fitness, and nutrition. It all essentially boils down to 3 types of health: social, mental, and physical.

I tend to forget that weight loss can be relaxed. I don’t need to bust my ass at the gym 5 days a week, I can go swimming or do yoga or a YouTube video, I can go for a walk or go bouldering with friends. I don’t need to eat perfectly clean, who cares about a tiny donut? I got so much time, I don’t need to lose 5kg in a month. Obsessing over being perfectly healthy ain’t particularily healthy. Gotta remind myself once in a while.

So after a fun summer I’m back to focusing on fitness. Day two of watching everything I eat and working out hard! Can’t wait to get back to ^ body. Also don’t forget to follow my fitness Instagram: .