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Hamilsquad modern au and fashion

A total hipster, knitted beanies and cardigans, colourful pants and shoes from the thrift store, scarves and fingerless gloves in winter. 
Makes an effort to look like he doesn’t care about his looks. Suceeds in this and still looks good most of the time. 
Wears sweatpants in public whenever he can get away with it. 

Always a perfect colourscheme, can make things that you would never think go together kind of work. Experiments a lot with new styles and is just really into the whole matter. 
Has his own little clothing line and makes most of his clothes himself.  Expensive suits, grey sweaters, silk ties.

Models for Herc and loves it, looks great in anything. 
Sometimes likes it dramatic.
Hats, coats, big patterns, lots of contrasts. 
Wears only jeans and t-shirt on other days, really it’s like you’ve got two different people. 
Can sadly not be persuaded to wear his glasses everyday. 
He will make you cry by wearing a tanktop in summer.

Your typical white girl despite being neither white nor a girl. Wears addidas sneakers, skinny jeans and wears his ponytail through the back of a snapback. Basically doesn’t really care about fashion and just buys the stuff he can find in every store.
He even gets starbucks like the basic bitch he is. 
Has to be stopped by Herc. 

You know what’s great about this generation’s middle school aged girls? That they’re growing up being able to listen to bands like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony that are showing them in the years where they’re starting to find their identity for the first time that they can love themselves and love being girls without crapping all over other girls. That they can love girls, not grow up with the internalized misogystic mentality that it’s better to hang out with boys than girls or that girls who wear skirts or high heels are lesser than girls who wear sneakers or t shirts (or vice versa).

So thank you to the rebirth of girl bands for bringing around female positivity that includes girls loving other girls in a completely pure way where they can appreciate each other and all the amazing things of being girls.

anonymous asked:

I feel like an outcast at my school. All these girls wear sneakers and this other stuff. I like wearing heels and all these basic colors like nudes, blacks, and whites. I'm only 14. Any advice?

It’s good means you got the latest fashion sense babe, keep being you 😘

and the rest is silence | Jae [oneshot]

But just because Jae keeps his head down doesn’t mean his ears aren’t listening.

And The Rest is Silence | flangst | ~5.2k words | for anon

request: if requests are open can I suggest something? How about a jae fluff angst scenario, where the oc is also in jyp but they never met before, yet their mutual friends keep telling them they would get along well(same taste in music, great at playing the guitar,…)even tho their personalities are polar opposites. She’s more introverted with a really bad sense of humor. How will their relationship blossom? i’ll leave that to you

a/n: sorry this took so long! but i hope you like it anyway. any feedback is greatly appreciated <3
(requests are always open, except for the drabble game, but it might take a while because i can’t write that fast ;;;___;;;)

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