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Who’s That Vans Girl?: @w.a.vyyy

When it comes to rad street style, model Anna Reaves has got it on lock. We instantly fell in love with the Virginia native’s casual cool outfits paired with classic Sk8-Hi’s and had to know more about her. Get to know Anna and find out who inspires her style after the jump…

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Hamilsquad modern au and fashion

A total hipster, knitted beanies and cardigans, colourful pants and shoes from the thrift store, scarves and fingerless gloves in winter. 
Makes an effort to look like he doesn’t care about his looks. Suceeds in this and still looks good most of the time. 
Wears sweatpants in public whenever he can get away with it. 

Always a perfect colourscheme, can make things that you would never think go together kind of work. Experiments a lot with new styles and is just really into the whole matter. 
Has his own little clothing line and makes most of his clothes himself.  Expensive suits, grey sweaters, silk ties.

Models for Herc and loves it, looks great in anything. 
Sometimes likes it dramatic.
Hats, coats, big patterns, lots of contrasts. 
Wears only jeans and t-shirt on other days, really it’s like you’ve got two different people. 
Can sadly not be persuaded to wear his glasses everyday. 
He will make you cry by wearing a tanktop in summer.

Your typical white girl despite being neither white nor a girl. Wears addidas sneakers, skinny jeans and wears his ponytail through the back of a snapback. Basically doesn’t really care about fashion and just buys the stuff he can find in every store.
He even gets starbucks like the basic bitch he is. 
Has to be stopped by Herc. 

imagine bts as girls | ☁

a/n; made this to procrastinate and bc I’m bored. also, this will be mostly based on outfits and generic things like that. I hope you enjoyed!


Adidas everyday 

• wears pastel patches or pink sweaters

• braided pig tails 

• probably the most popular in school 

• is surprisingly friends with yoongi 

• looks stuck up but is actually super sweet and willing to do your makeup for you 

• eats a damn lot

• p u r e 


• very intelligent 

• wears specs

• can pull off brown turtlenecks better than anyone

• listens to rap 

• is on the debate team at school 

• lives on caffeine 

• best friends with seokjin 

• acts like a dad more than a mom 

• bookworm


• s a v a g e 

• Instagram pics are all monochrome filtered 

• owns a pair of beats

• will slit anyone’s throat if they touch their headphones

• stressed 24/7

• has two locks on their bedroom door

• makes diss tracks at two in the morning

• can be such a cutie sometimes

• is passed for a thug 

• black hoodie and vans are a must


firmly believes that laughter is the best medicine

• is such a good dancer

• so friendly it hurts sometimes

• really outgoing

• also an avid Adidas wearer 

• black crop top, tights and a white cap are a go-to outfit

• can judge very harshly 

• hangs out with yoongi a lot

• pulls short hair off really well


• angel by day

• devil by night

• has a very drastic alter persona

• but is mostly a soft mochi

• owns three cats

• has thick af lips

• kylie jenner is jealous

• wears a lot of lipstick/lipgloss

• is the one of the more quieter ones

• wears skinny jeans and thin, cotton sweaters

• can protecc

• but can also attacc 


• 99% percent of wardrobe consists of white shirts/sweaters

• has thick and muscular legs

• spends more time eating than washing their face

• has such an extra ass

• baby of the group

• though almost no one believes that

• can go 0 to 100 real quick

• very athletic 

• hangs out with boys more than girls

• wears more boots than sneakers

• communicates through facial expressions


• best friends with jungkook

• certified art hoe

• runs a meme account 

• wears very aesthetic clothing

• eye makeup on point

• drinks Arizona tea 

• goes to museums at least once a week

• dyes hair every week 

• wants to model for Gucci 

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