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I felt Heroes of Olympus was incredibly boring honestly. The first novel I confess I HATED piper because first she's like "aaah I'm not like other girls" but constantly talking about Jason whenever her POV came around. I love her now but it's like... their ain't nothing wrong with girls liking make up and dresses and being able to kick ass.

piper never insinuates that girls who wear makeup can’t kick ass lmao, rick’s problem with writing girls is most definitely not about problems with makeup. the answer to solving coercive femininity is never going to be “coerce more girls into liking this inherently misogynistic thing by telling them it’s badass.”

piper is surrounded by racist girls who bully her. drew reminds her of these girls by how she curls her lip at her and starts literally fucking calling her “dumpster queen.” piper gets defensive, rightfully so. that’s what really happened.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Erika Vianey Jaime 

Smarts, style, and a sense of adventure—we can get on board with that (pun intended.) Youtuber  Erika Jaime has a taste for exploring, a killer Vans collection, and a positive attitude that makes you want to be her B.F.F. We got to know what makes Erika tick—including why Ellen Degeneres is her role model. 

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Look if we can normalize women who are in touch and own the aspects of masculinity we segregate (I.E: Flannel wearing girls who literally kick ass (lol as if girls don’t already) and girls who do construction/mechanical work)

I feel like we need to normalize femininity with men.

Let them wear jewelry if they like, let them wear what they want. Hell let them wear goddamn earrings instead of having to worry about what’s the “Gay” ear! It literally has no bearing on them! And if they do those things and ARE gay or bi, heck even deciding they are trans, that’s their business and development!

Like god, we can “normalize” sometimes the weirdest shit (“Lesbians” as a “kink” for men, amongst men as gross as it sounds) yet a man walks out the house with earrings or bracelets and immediately the gossip is,

“did you hear? He has earrings on one/both ear(s), he must be (insert offensive word)”

Like, damn honey!!! I think you should be more concerned about your arm because that was a massive ass reach you did! Don’t dislocate your shoulder or anything there! My appearance is my business if I wanna look and feel good, thank you! I literally cannot express this enough!


Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Amber Asaly

Sometimes your coolness comes when you’ve lived a life full of experiences and moments that have molded you into who you are today. And that may very well be so, but we are utterly convinced that photographer, Amber Aslay, was just simply born a badass. From her mood ring hair (literally, it’s a new color every month) to her easy-going attitude, there really isn’t anything that ISN’T cool about Amber Asaly. We caught up with this talented photographer one day in LA to chat about her style (psst…she’s a HUGE fan of Sk8-Hi’s), her road to success, and advice she’d give young photographers.

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