girls wear makeup

Girls who wear makeup everyday because they’re insecure about themselves don’t deserve those shitty “take her swimming on the first date” memes more than girls who are confident without it. Girls who wear makeup everyday to cover acne, scarring, birthmarks, hyper-pigmentation, or any combination of conditions that are labeled as being “bad skin” are not liars. They aren’t less beautiful than girls who are conventionally attractive without makeup. Girls who struggle with self esteem and use makeup to help cope deserve respect and positivity just as much as everyone else. They aren’t less intelligent, more shallow, less valuable, or more deserving of cruelty than other girls. We are doing our best to survive in a world that criticizes us for just existing. Let us do what it takes to be comfortable in our own skin.

TL;dr Stop throwing girls under the bus just because they aren’t conventionally attractive and don’t feel confident without makeup.

Girls who don’t shave 😍💕😘👍
Girls who don’t wear makeup 👍😘💕😍
Girls who don’t diet 💕😍👍😘
Girls who don’t perform femininity 😍👍😘💕
Girls who refuse to conform to the unrealistic beauty standards for women in our society despite all the backlash not conforming results in 💓😍💋👍😘💕

I have such a burning passionate love for all trans girl lesbians.

Trans girl lesbians that are butch or masculine.
Trans girl lesbians that have trans girl partners.
Trans girl lesbians that have cis partners.
Trans girl lesbians who dress feminine.
Trans girl lesbians who are feminists.
Trans girl lesbians that don’t shave and wear dresses and skirts because they aren’t afraid of their leg hair.
Trans girl lesbians who wear makeup.
Trans girl lesbians who don’t wear makeup.

Honestly bless you all. You are all flawless and beautiful and I hope you are all having wonderful days. Terfs are small minded and don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t a drop dead gorgeous lesbian because I can assure you that you are exactly that.


Have to go out and actually be an adult and run errands today fucking kill me I hate anxiety

I avoid wearing makeup so that I can always be under the delusion that I’m just some foundation and contour away from looking like a goddess when in reality nothing can save this face but neither of us will know that if we never see me in makeup lmao