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Lil street Bean headcannons 

Even though her parents left her behind; she can’t help but miss them (She’s ten. Ten year olds miss there mums) 

She spends a lot of time debating whether or not to tell Ezra the truth about his parents (Yea she doesn’t until FAR in the future where someone tells him for her…)

She carries around a storm trooper blaster which she straps to her back; she hardly ever uses it in a fight though; she just likes to look like some what of a threat.

She doesn’t trust anyone and get’s really annoyed when Ezra does.

Over the course of knowing Ezra she obviously noticed that he had impeccable skills in acrobatics (And other force skills things). She actually grew a little jealous of it since she couldn’t make the high jumps and leaps that he could.

She’s insanely protective over Ezra; even though she can’t do much. She tries all she can to get him out of trouble when he gets into it.

She’s not that great at pick-pocketing. She’s actually been caught a few times before she managed to get herself out of it in some weird way.

me when a girl is wearing make-up: yoooooooo you are killing it with that make-up

me when a girl is not wearing make-up: yoooooooo you are killing it without any make-up

Abi is ready for school! Thanks for the submission!

School Uniform Policy:
White short-sleeve button down oxford shirt
(Top button MUST be buttoned at ALL TIMES)
Tie with appropriate school colors must be worn
Red blazer with school crest
Black solid-wrap skirt
(Skirt may not be shorter than 3 in above the knee when sitting, standing or kneeling)
*Shorts may not be worn under skirt*
Black nylon tights (No ankle, crew or knee socks)
Black loafer flats dress shoes
(Shoes must be worn at all times)
*Girls must wear unpadded bra*

Hair should be neatly groomed and in natural color
(No unnatural hairstyles)
Only one item of jewelry may be worn
(Ring, bracelet or watch, necklace etc.)
Girls may only wear one earring in each ear lobe only. Earrings may only be stud
Underwear should be white and not visible at any time
Minimal make up is allowed. Girls may only wear concealer and very light mascara.
No lipstick is allowed


Chat: I’ve been in a very “equality is for everyone” mood

Summary: Feliciano likes wearing make up, he likes the feeling of wearing dresses and curling his hair. No, he isn’t a girl, he’s a boy and he’s proud

Excerpt: I can’t find a right part for this, but it’s about how Feliciano starts a YouTube channel about make up

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Why tf is make up sexist???i mean some wear it for fun or to feel better about themselves not to please men

Okay, hi, yeah. This is a biggie. As it turns out, people get really fucking pissed when they’re told make-up is sexist, me included. In fact, there’s some pretty embarrassing bad discourse posts I made about this very topic from the other side. That being said, I’ll try to explain this in a way that makes sense.

Why tf is make up sexist?”  Make up, like shaving or high heels, is a gendered product forced upon women through social standards - without it, women risk criticism and even their identity as a woman (“if you don’t wear make up, are you even a girl?” “all women love new shoes”). 

Some wear it for fun” 

Super cool, yes. 

Some wear it to feel better about themselves” 

Okay, hold on. Re-read that. Do you see the problem? Isn’t there a problem in the fact that a woman feels she has to paint over her face to feel OK about herself? Why, do you think, she might feel badly about herself without make up? She’s been taught that she’s ugly without it.

An article discussing make up by a female author said, “it’s a painted mask of the person I would like to be that day, regardless of how beige and broken I feel inside”. Why would women feel the need to paint on a mask when men don’t? (Hint: sexism and sex role standards).

That’s where the problem lays. How is it a “choice” to wear make up when women have been socialized to wear it? Who’s choice is it? Certainly not hers. If you spend decades being told in a million different ways that make up is vital for you to be a decent percent, how is it your choice to wear it? You could not wear it, sure, but you would be risking being called a “slob”. 

So naturally, of course, a woman would pick up the damn foundation and mascara and bronzer and get to work - she’s trying to be “pretty”, something that has been linked to her value and told to her since she was a child.

A woman can not go out in public without make up and have it be seen as “normal”, while a man can go out without even wiping the fucking pasta sauce off his five o’clock shadow and no one bats an eye. 

Not to please men” 

I’m the first to mention that women do not live their lives for men. 

I will say, though, most men are more attracted to women who wear make up and they make this very clear - if a woman is going onto a date, she is more likely to wear make up because society pressures her to look good for a man

Even if she does not put on her make up specifically in mind of pleasing men, she is pleasing men by conforming to gender roles. Men love gender roles, let me tell ya. They love to see women all “dolled up”, they love women who are “feminine” and “small” and “pretty”. Men don’t like to look at women in their natural form. Men benefit from gender roles - while women are seen as “pretty” objects to look at, men get to be human beings.

She is also probably putting her money in a man’s pocket, as the CEOs of makeup companies are mainly men

Make up is a tool of the patriarchy to perpetuate women’s status as a second class, forcing them to hide their natural bodies on the grounds of their naturalness being “ugly” and “not enough”. 

Really good reference posts: 

By @capricornflakes click here

Connie Fisher on Make-Up: Speaking to Dr Yan Wu who researched the relationship between the media and the beauty industry

Being a tall woman is so wonderful and funny because men will tell me all the time that I’m too tall. They try to condescend and embarrass me when it’s all just insecurity of being small and they have to find some way to compensate and be bigger and badder lol. Girl, if you’re tall wear your heels sit up straight make men uncomfortable and never make yourself smaller to make a man feel bigger.

Love fat girls no matter what

Love fat girls who are healthy and exercise regularly.
Love fat girls who are not healthy and sit on the couch all day.
Love fat girls with small boobs and narrow hips.
Love fat girls with big butts and double chins.
Love fat girls with skinny legs and fat arms.
Love fat girls with “curves”.
Love fat girls with big round bellies.
Love fat girls with short hair.
Love fat girls who love to get dressed up and fix their hair and make up.
Love fat girls who wear sweatpants without a stitch of make on.

Love ALL fat girls.


Early flappers: before the emergence of the bobbed haired, smoking, make-up wearing, free-spirited girl who embraced modernity, the word had a different meaning. The definition shifted over time, but in the early 1900s it was a girl on the cusp of emerging into young adulthood. Sometimes thought to be piquant and girlish, sometimes depicted with her hair in pigtails, and sometimes as being in an awkward “in between” stage. (top article from The Chronicle, 26 June 1909, bottom article The Observer 15 June 1918)

good news today i taught a straight boy at work that there’s no such thing as friend zone, that making pedophilic jokes aren’t funny and are in fact creepy and weird and that girls dont wear make up for men

he took it well

honestly, i don’t get the point why every guy is flaming that girls should not wear make-up, like wtf i never saw something more interesting than this, i mean whenever my wife gets ready and tries to radiate her beauty even more out i would just stare and admire her techniques and all the effort she puts into it , i would literally let her teach me how to do this because the fact that she is also doing this for me but firstly for her makes me feel so proud


I’m not wearing glasses and pretending to be cute.

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Every time I'm in business or first I'm so anxious who I'm gonna be in the flight with. Hah what a ride for you!

Hahaha, well, planes have always felt like a safe place to me, so that’s mostly why I’ve been taken aback big time! I’ve got more problems with my client’s place, you never know who you could run into. I have a lot of embarrassing memories 😑