girls weapon

Dear Diary

I was out in the Jungle today with a few mates the other day. Just larking about with the wild life, we were having a great time when I looked up.

And saw this rather large Gorilla. Turns out he’s a friendly chap and just needed a bit of help getting away from some peeps with guns. 

 Only to willing to help, Me, the boys and girls, gathered our weapons and set off to his aid.

Do you think my arse looks big in this? See I think it does.

Bit of a fender bender with the helicopter but all OK

Note to self, must remember not to let Samuel Drive

Got to love a man with a big gun, so they tell me. So here’s me with a big gun.

trust me that’s all mine

As with all good stories, my buddies and I, we saved the day. And looked bloody hot doing so, Oh yes who’s the daddy?

Kong and I took a selfie

Pictures not mine I just played (except for the last of course)

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a little sketch for today~

been watching a lot of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and I think its really cute. So naturally I drew one of them in military kit because I can.

February cover of WnR is done and I will be posting it on valentines day for all the single ladies~