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This little girl cosplayed Jyn Erso and delivered the Death Star Plans to Princess/General Leia

Harley (5 years old) and her dad Dino Ignacio made several copies of the Death Star Plans to deliver at the Star Wars Celebration held earlier this month in Orlando, Florida.

She successfully delivered the Death Star plans to Princess/General Leia Organa, C-3PO, creative executive at Lucasfilm Pablo Hidalgo, and to the shrine of Princess herself.

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is it normal that i started to imagine tony in another universe where he has all his friends loving him, maybe with his wife and his daughter and is extremely happy? i already feel like mcu won’t give him a happy ending which he deserves so i’m planning this happy ending on my own. look how miserable i am.

I was going down the google rabbit hole looking for Shepherd’s Purse related stuff (I hadn’t really heard of it before it was referenced in Dragon Maid, but it seems to be more popular in Japan and other East Asian countries so *shrug*)

The Japanese name for the plant, Nazuna, had a few other anime characters named after it but all of a sudden:


what the hell is Flower Knight Girl and why didn’t you guys tell me about this???? 

well okay, I’m not really into browser-based RPGs, but anyway

There’s apparently a whole bunch of moe flower girls and their profiles are all really in-depth including Japanese alternate spellings, scientific name & flower meaning. It’s pretty useful!

like here’s just a small fraction of them

Anyway, TL;DR: I can’t believe my new favorite reference site for flower stuff is a wiki for a moe fanservice game.


Lucasfilm announces ‘Forces of Destiny’ – A Continuing Series of Animated Shorts Based Around their HEROINES!!

Looks kinda like the DC Girl Power shorts, only Star Wars. Featuring, Leia, Rey, Jyn, Sabine, Hera and Ahsoka. Not only that, but Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Tiya Sircar and Ashley Eckstein. Lupita Nyong’o will narrate the shorts as Maz Kanata.

Oh, and of course there are already toys in the works.