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Good Morning Bitches: A Quick Rucap

• take all the mini challenges away, fine, but PLEASE DON’T TAKE AWAY READING IS FUNDAMENTAL
• why didn’t we get to see Aja’s team in the workshop? it was basically ten minutes of Trinity and Eureka fighting
• all the biggest stars get picked last :/ It’s okay Nina
• part of me is glad all these girls are coming for Valentina because she’s clearly level headed and handles shade and criticism well and it’s really just making the other girls angrier
• Shea and Sasha are SO cute, so funny, they need a show on WOWpresents
• we only got to hear “cucu” ONCE in the challenge god bless
• Charlie should’ve been an anchor, and Peppermint should have been in Entertaintment
• I don’t blame any of the girls for cracking under pressure/ being nervous especially with Ross Matthews’ dead eyed Barbie doll face beaming at them
• who raised Eureka? “I’m sorry you got offended” … girl what? also Valentina and Sasha were trying to be vulnerable and have a serious, sweet moment and Eureka was making it about her again
• why was the runway so fast? There were no catty remarks from the judges and each girl got like .03 seconds of screen time each?
• Eureka’s runway reminded me of Chi Chi Devayne’s Neon dominatrix look….but cheaper. And Chi Chi Devayne is the self proclaimed “cheap queen”
• judging wasn’t really fair. like why would you judge on the most “realistic” and “happiest” morning show? it’s drag…they’re not real news…
• so the lip sync…it’s season 9 of drag race how could you not expect to lip sync? i had high hopes for Charlie (her runway was great!) because I thought she was going to pull a Latrice Royale and be animated in her face/arms but nothing happened…it just made me cringe, especially when the other queens were desperate and yelling at her to move and entertain


A/N: I won’t abandon my main story! As far as I know no one​ has confirmed the timeline placement, but there are plenty of clues hinting at the child one. Still, I love weaving all the stories together.

Fourth day of waning gibbous of the twelfth month. Winter.

Dear Diary,

I  woke up crying to a horrible nightmare, so dreadful I cannot go back to bed. I did not even dare to cross to Link’s room, since I need to process this on my own before even telling him.

I dreamt of a Zelda.

Here is the most terrible fact: She is not one of my past incarnations.

I fear I am foreseeing the trials of a descendant of mine.

She is a tiny girl, with blonde hair and bright green eyes, outgoing and witty. She has scholarly tendencies.

She suffers because she has no magic skill at all. None. She is constantly pressured to awaken her powers, but even though she gives her all, nothing ever happens.

Her lack of magic power gives her tremendous anxiety.

She does not hear the voice of the Golden Three, nor Hylia.

She feels she is a failure.

The poor girl is crushed under the pressure - and she is sixteen, maybe seventeen; Goddesses, she has barely come of age!

And darkness falls. Dreadful magical automatons roam the kingdom. She flees the castle with the Hero - a young man around the same age as her.

The last image I have before waking up is her holding an agonizing hero in her arms, begging him not to leave her alone.

The mere recalling of the memory brings tears to my eyes. I feel her suffering as if it were my very own.

I feel as powerless as her, for if this is a vision of the future, I have no idea of what to do to prevent it.

I shall try to have some rest, putting this into words has certainly eased my mind a little.

What a grim way to begin a new notebook - and the week. Just after this almost dreamlike weekend with Link.




Master Auru saw me quite distressed during our morning briefing, so he suggested to postpone the Council meeting until tomorrow, since the snowfall blocked several roads, and Rusl, Shaman Renado, and Naima are delayed. I received a letter from her earlier in the morning. The contents are priceless:

“Zelda dearest,

We have snow up to our asses. We have to clear the roads first before I even get to Castletown. The settlement did fantastically well, it was raining there though. Second time in ages this happens! Good things are coming ahead for sure!

On a completely​ unrelated note, how did your champion in-shiny-whatever do in Snowpeak? Did you confess? Did you end up making out at the castle gates? I need details. If you don’t give them Ashei will, so you better spill it when I see you again.

Mother and Amina send you regards.


Her letter surely brought a smile to my face. If only she knew.

But still, I am restless. I know there is a possibility it is just a bad dream, and I am overthinking as usual, but… what if I am not?

I think it would be wise to check some texts on the Sheikah. I remember vaguely seeing their emblem on my dream.

Bad day

This was written in reply to this prompt I received : “Could I prompt you an imagine? I love the idea of Taron singing to OC to help her sleep and also speaking Welsh to her. Thanks!

See endnotes for any Welsh words translation.

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Saying that today had been a long day would be an understatement and you’ve been struggling to keep a straight face all through it. Trying not to show your boss that what she said hurt your feeling. Trying to sneak out to the bathroom to cry silently only to be stopped by her asking you to do something dumb again. So when the key turns in the lock and you’re finally able to get into your apartment, you barely have the time to take your shoes off that you collapse on the floor and let it all loose.

As the tears stain your cheeks, and you struggle to breathe through your sobs, you hear footsteps coming your way.

- “Hey babe, so how was your presentation to…day” Finishes Taron more slowly as he discovers you in a heap on the floor.

In a flash, he’s kneeling besides you, taking you in his arms, stroking your back as your bawling intensify.

- “What happened love, are you OK?” He insists, sounding worried.

You just shake your head against his torso, grasping his shirt firmly and still crying. After a few minutes, you manage to calm down and he helps you to the couch. Then he brings you a glass of water before settling next to you.

- “So, do you wanna talk about it? What got you so worked up?” He asks you in a calm voice.

- “I don’t…it’s silly, really. The pressure just got too much and I snapped.” You try to play it down.

- “Come on cariad*, I know you and you’re not the kind of girl who cracks under pressure just like that. I really think that you should talk about what bothers you.”

His kind eyes are studying your face and you suddenly feel self-conscious. Your make-up must be all over the place and you try to wipe it off with your hand. Taron stops you, taking your hand in his and kissing your knuckles.

- “Don’t worry about that. Tyrd yma del.*” He adds, directing you into his arms so that you’re sitting between his thighs, back leaning into his front.

- “Not fair, Taron! Don’t go all Welsh on me now.” You whine, still sniffing but cracking up a small smile. “You know it’s my weakness when you talk like that…Even if I don’t even understand what it means.”

- “I know ngariad i*, that’s why I’m doing it. Tryin’ to bring a smile back to your pretty face.” He hugs you even tighter and kisses your hair while saying this. “So now will you tell me what happened today?”

Now that you’re a bit calmer, you can finally explain to him why you broke down earlier. Once the gates are opened, everything comes flooding out of your mouth, your dull work, your abusive boss and how she turned your project down without even leaving you the time to explain it properly. At one point, tears begin to roll from your eyes again and Taron just wipes them off gently, not even interrupting you in your rant.

There’s a long pause once you’re done and you feel like a weight has lifted from your shoulders when you finally whisper.

- “I think I’m gonna quit, Taron. I don’t wanna sound weak but I can’t handle all of this anymore.”

You turn to him, looking for a reaction and he just nods.

- “Honestly, I think you should too. Nobody should have to put up with everything they’re throwing at you on a daily basis, del*.”

You fully turn in his embrace and your foreheads touch as you drown into his light green eyes.

- “Thanks for always being there for me, babe.” You murmur before kissing him softly.

- “Dwi'n dy garu di.*” He answers in ushed tones too.

- “I know this one.” You exclaim in reply “And I love you too.”

After a light dinner, you both go to bed and as soon as the light is off, you inch closer to Taron, resting your head on his chest, hands entwined.

- “Would you sing for me?” You ask in a breath. “Something Welsh to help me sleep. I feel like my mind is buzzing with all the things I’ll have to do tomorrow and I won’t be able to sleep for a while without your help.”

- “Tyrd yma cariad*. Gimme a cwtch* and I’ll sing you to sleep” He answers, rearranging your bodies closer to one another.

And then, as promised, holding you close to him, he sings a welsh lullaby into your ear until you fall asleep. Calm and feeling better than you had in a long while. A good end to a bad day.


  • Cariad*1 Love, darling, sweetheart
  • Tyrd yma del.*2 Come here my pretty
  • Ngariad i*3 My love
  • Del*4 (my) Pretty
  • Dwi'n dy garu di.*5 I love you
  • Tyrd yma cariad*6 Come here, love
  • cwtch*7 Hug

If you click on the song link, you get to hear it and have an English translation of the lyrics in the notes.

I apologize for any mistakes in the fic as I know nothing about Welsh and all my knowledge in order to write this came from message boards and Google.

    ( @enraqtured. )

    The dark midnight sky was something that brought comfort to Kiko. The way the stars twinkled was usually a beautiful scenery to her, but right now the little lights only seemed to blur when she looked up at the sky. Tears had stained her cheeks as her feet had led her towards a home that was already too familiar to her. She shouldn’t be out on his doorstep at 2 am, yet here she was, wanting to see no one other than Derek – he was the one who could comfort her in a way that Kyungsoo failed to. Better yet, Kyungsoo had been the cause of her emotional state – harsh words having caused the girl to cave under pressure. Pressing the bell, Kiko felt bad for waking the other up in that small moment. but once the door was opened, her body leaned forward to leap into his arms, a sob escaping her in the progress.

Now she can add one more responsibility to her roster: serving as the new celebrity global brand ambassador for Crest and Oral-B 3D White. The campaign is all about the power of a smile, and Yahoo Shine had the opportunity to speak with Shakira in Barcelona last week about her newest gig. We also got the scoop on her beauty tips, her must-have fashion items, and why she feels a smile is the ultimate accessory.

Yahoo Shine: Something people may not know is that you always do your own makeup. With access to so many experts and artists, why do you do it yourself?

Shakira: Because I’m good. [Laughs]

I’m cheap. I’m fast. [Laughs]

What’s something special you do before a red carpet appearance?

Sometimes if I’m dehydrated from flying, I put vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy on my skin. They’ll make you glow. And not too much makeup. Sometimes I look at pictures from when I was 10 years younger and I look older in those pictures. I was wearing way too much makeup ‘cause I had a makeup artist then. [Laughs.] More on Yahoo Shine: Shakira’s Style Evolution

Speaking of the past, is there one outfit you look back on and really regret wearing?

Usually I remember performances, but I don’t remember the clothes. But I do remember stuff that I should have never worn! [Laughs.] Red shorts with black leather fringes that I wore when I was 14 or 15 for this TV show, and a studded red jacket with fringes too? Uh-uh. Not a pretty picture… Obviously that happens to every one of us with fashion. You see pictures of yourself and think, “Why did I decide to wear that that day?” I’m a little more cautious with my decisions [so I don’t] wear something too risqué.

What are your go-to fashion items and designers?

I’m a jeans girl. I love being in my old pair of jeans. I love Alaia. He’s one of my favorite designers and people in the world. He’s a good friend. I love Helmet Lang and Versace. My Helmet Lang T-shirts are like a faithful dog. Something that’s always there and you can rely on.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?

Wear sunscreen. That’s the best advice. I don’t fry under the sun. Yeah, it gives you the cool look like you’ve been on vacation all the time, but it lasts, what, a week? And then you have to live with the damage it does to your skin.

What is your typical beauty routine when traveling?

It’s very important to keep it simple, so I try not to use too much, just to keep my skin clean, and remove my makeup at night… I discovered that vitamin C does wonders, so I apply vitamin C every morning before I put my makeup on. Or even if I don’t put makeup on. For my hair, I try not to use products with too much alcohol because they dry your hair, so I use more natural oils. Blondes really need it and with specially treated hair, you need a lot of nutrition. I’ve had every bad colorist in the world do my color and burn my hair. [Laughs.] My hair has a history of tears and sweat. But you overcome it eventually, and you have to take care of it.

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers?

I sometimes scrub with natural sugar and moisturizing cream, and I rub it on once in a while to get rid of dead skin.

Why is having a great smile so important, and what is the secret to a great smile?

The secret to a great smile is being uninhibited and open and sincere. I think that people who smile ear to ear aren’t hiding anything, they are genuine, and I think that’s appreciated by others. My mother-in-law—well, she’s not my mother-in-law, but Gerard’s mother—she smiles from here to here [points to her cheeks]. And it’s such a beautiful, honest, and inviting smile that makes her so approachable. I realize that people who have that kind of smile are very friendly and project that image.

More on Yahoo: Shakira’s Amazing Body Secrets

What truly makes you smile?

Seeing my own son smile is an instant incentive. Seeing Gerard smile. Witnessing when [Gerard’s team] Barça wins. [Laughs.] Being onstage and performing for a big audience and seeing them sing along to my tunes. That’s an incredible feeling that usually makes me smile. Good news in general makes me smile. I’m a smiler—I’ve done it my entire life. Sometimes in an annoying way for some people. For example, photographers sometimes when I’m in a photo session, they’re like, “Can you stop smiling for a second, please?” and I’m like, “I can’t help it!” Because they want the sexy picture, the Angelina Jolie, and I always go back to my smile. I’m thrilled to be part of a campaign that promotes smiling. There’s no better makeup than a smile.

Young girls are under so much pressure to achieve unrealistic beauty ideals. How do you define beauty, and what advice do you have for young women struggling with their own self-confidence?

Artists also sometimes feel under that pressure ourselves. We have to struggle with the fact that you are not perfect and there are so many expectations of being perfect and achieving those impossible beauty standards. I love my work, but sometimes it has disadvantages where you can’t go out on the street because you just woke up. You can, but you won’t like the pictures you’re going to find the next morning, especially with the paparazzi. We preoccupy too much with finding the right accessories and the right dresses and the right products and makeup and all that, and yeah, they do help, but what’s really vital for us is to work on our self-confidence and trust ourselves. I think there’s nothing sexier than loving yourself and not trying too hard. When you are yourself and you show that self-respect, people tend to do the same to you. I would say all those accessories and products out there are great to help us improve, but the most important thing is that we believe in our inner beauty and project it.

Signs as Queen songs...
  • Aries: Breakthru / You're My Best Friend
  • Taurus: Somebody To Love / These Are The Days Of Our Lives
  • Gemini: Under Pressure / Keep Yourself Alive
  • Cancer: Don't Stop Me Now / Hammer To Fall
  • Leo: I Want To Break Free / We Are The Champions
  • Virgo: Bohemian Rhapsody / One Vision
  • Libra: Radio GaGa / It's A Kind Of Magic
  • Scorpio: Fat Bottomed Girls / I Want It All
  • Sagittarius: Killer Queen / Seven Seas Of Rhye
  • Capricorn: Thank God It's Christmas / It's A Hard Life
  • Aquarius: Another One Bites The Dust / The Invisible Man
  • Pisces: I'm Going Slightly Mad / We Will Rock You

Why I’m OUTRAGED by how the Romanian Federation is handling the whole Worlds fiasco…

I’m gonna start off with Nadia Comaneci’s statement about the girls’ situation a day before the competition:

‘I could sense the panic in the team. Even if they were trying not to think about it, it’s hard not to. I talked to them, I encouraged them. But I could sense their panic. They all cried and almost made me cry. It’s hard to go into competition with this mindset… I feel very sorry for them.’

Now let that sink in… A day before quals, all the girls were crying in training. They were obviously doubting themselves, knew the situation they were in and were feeling a huge pressure to hit. Now, I highly doubt this was a one time thing. I strongly believe this was their mindset for a while now and Ponor and Ocolisan’s injuries just aggravated it.

After quals ended, I expected someone to say something. Coaches, Federation officials, anyone, just anyone to come out and own up to reality, admit the failure and the reasons behind it. That didn’t happen.

Instead, Adrian Stoica, RGF President, had this to say:

I don’t know what to say after yesterday when I saw the girls compete so poorly. I’ve never seen them like this. (…) It was a bad day, that’s the truth. I’ve never seen them compete like this. (…) You know what they say: we made this, we’ll fix it. The girls can’t be happy, of course they’re affected, they realize they missed something very important. (…) It’s a tough moment, it’s like a cold shower, but we have to rise and fight. If they would’ve competed as they did in Italy they would have ended in 2nd or 3rd. This wasn’t the case on Friday, it was a bad day for the entire team. I will take the blame upon myself, but what happened must be fixed.’

If you ask me, this is just wrong. For so many reasons. But mostly because of denial and ignorance. I mean, just for fun, let’s have a closer look.

I’ve never seen the girls compete like this.Oh, really? Did he just turn the tv off while Iridon performed bars all year? Did he not know Jurca scored low even for hit routines? Has he ever seen Silvia’s bars and beam? Did he not see Didi having a hard time on bars after she came back? Did he not see fucking Euros or European Games? 

‘If they would’ve competed as they did in Italy they would have ended in 2nd or 3rd. Did he just compare a friendly meet with Italy with Worlds? Like, yeah, our girls did well at a friendly meet, of course they’ll get the same scores at Worlds. Yep. Same shit.

‘I will take the blame upon myself, but what happened must be fixed.’ It’s more obvious in Romanian, but he’s making it seem like he’s the better man and he takes it upon himself so other don’t suffer. NO! This IS your responsibility! Yes. The girls had a meltdown and have a blame of their own, but there are a million reasons that let to that.

The girls had a meltdown because:

  1. YOU failed to get them psychological support when it was obvious that they’ve been needing it (especially this year)
  2. YOU failed to get them decent bars coaching (bars being the meltdown climax - also Jurca scored a 12.9 for a ‘hit’ routine, which is unacceptable)
  3. They saw the team leader cry during the 1st rotation already for not making EFs. A girl who in the past did her best to look strong for the team couldn’t do it anymore because imo just cracked under the huge pressure of carrying the team alone for the 3rd year in a row.

Also the meltdown started BEFORE the competition, as presented by Nadia. It wasn’t an accident, it was to be expected. People knew about it, YOU should have known about it and done something.

*by ‘YOU’ I don’t mean Stoica alone, basically everyone making decisions in the Federation and the coaching staff.

The bars problem has been obvious for so long that that it’s useless to say more on the matter. Literally everyone knows about it except the people in charge, who are either going through denial, either live in a parallel world where beam and floor scores can make up for the bars deficit. It can’t.

The other huge problem, consistency and the girls’ inability to hit under pressure has also been obvious for a while now. This was also ignored. They still seem to think consistency is going to make up for lack of upgrades and competitive D-score, but they have completely ignored the fact that this whole quad consistency wasn’t among Romania’s strong points at all.

I’m not criticizing the coaches’ training methods, I’m in no position to do that, I’m just criticizing the way everyone managed (or ignored) the team and it’s problems these last years.

All in all, this disaster was to be expected and it’s so annoying to see how officials are pretending it was just fluke and not the result of huge team problems that have been around for year.