girls this days


I can’t believe Sistar is disbanding this breaks my heart so much.

So many second generation girl groups are gone now

It’s so sad how iconic girl groups like KARA 2NE1, T-ARA, 4Minute, Rainbow, etc. are gone and how they once they were the groups that were always talked about.

Now we have other iconic girl groups like After School, Miss A, BEG, F(x) who are MIA and this also breaks my heart.

Something good always has an end to it and as much as it hurts we, the fans, should always continue to support the members in their solo careers whether they decide to try acting, still be a singer/rapper, or even just going back to school. It’s our job to make sure they never die and are never stopped talking about. We should be here to inform the new kpop fans who they were and the impact they had no matter who the group was.

Just remember to always cherish the memories and never stop giving them love

Somewhere between
Unstarted conversations
And late replies,
We forgot how
We were
Meant to be
—  Methethinkinggirl

Never been feelin’ so great about myself :)) Please when you think you look good, take hundreds of pictures of yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have to delete all of them except three photos, you need to know you that you look dAMN good and see it yourself for longer than just that day! embrace yourself and (start to) love yourself❣️