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Be Careful What You Read

Winchester Brothers x Sister Reader

Reader is 6 years old, Sam is 14 years old, Dean is 18 years old

This is entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl Katie’s 31 Days of Halloween. My prompt is Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Summary: Y/n reads a book that scares her more than she thought it would, while almost finding out about the family business.

Warnings: i think there might be one cuss word, other than that none

Word Count: 1,421

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。゚ 。+ INKTOBER DAY 19: “cloud” +。゚ 。

“cloud - a visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the general level of the ground.”

Because I’ve been doing a lot of more realism style stuff for inktober in general, instead have Nemurin from Magical Girl Raising Project!

[Inktober, Days 14-16: It’s a beautiful sky |  You’re cold and hot, devil | I can’t see you no more ]