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Halloween Honey 4

“Get up,” Spencer ordered, rising from the bed as (y/n) stood from the ground.

Complying silently, (y/n) studied his features, confused by what they suggested. For a man who had just orgasmed, Spencer looked frustrated.

“Bend over,” he commanded sternly, a devilish gleam in his eyes, “Palms on the bed.”

Eyeing him for a moment, (y/n) tried to gauge the severity of his anger. It was more than obvious that she had done something wrong and was stunned by how eager she was to correct it.

Obeying Spencer’s order, (y/n) bent over, rested her palms on the bed, and hoped that whatever he had in mind for her would make up for the disobedience she must have displayed.

“Good girl,” Spencer growled, stepping closer to her.

In this position, his button up had risen far enough to expose her bare backside, and after gazing at the sight momentarily, Spencer took another step closer to her, standing against the bed and to her side as he reached for it.

Two of his fingers brushed against her flesh so slightly that she almost couldn’t feel their presence there at all. As they slowly danced across her ass, up and down, over the curvatures of each side, (y/n) shook. She could feel her lust sparking and igniting with each soft graze of his skin on hers, and she bit her lip in an effort to stifle a moan.

Spencer raised an eyebrow as he studied the side of her face visible to him, noticing her furrowed eyebrows and bitten lip.

She had been eager in pleasing him and seemed eager to experience whatever this new command may be, so Spencer decided that he’d give her a chance to redeem her mistake and skip the punishment.

“You haven’t been as unruly as I expected,” Spencer purred, still trailing his hands across her ass, “So, I’m going to give you the opportunity to apologize.”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Reid,” she whimpered, shaking under his soft touches.

“And what are you sorry for?”

(Y/n)’s brows tightened as she considered her actions, but all she could think of was Spencer, Spencer’s cock, sucking Spencer’s cock, pleasing Spencer, touching herself as she pleased him.

Suddenly, a harsh smack across her ass snapped her from her musings, parting her lips and forcing a gasp from them.

“When I ask you a question, you answer,” he growled, landing another smack to the same area, “Now, why are you sorry?”

(Y/n) exhaled shakily, licking her lips in nervousness before shyly admitting, “I… I don’t know, Dr. Reid. I’m sorry.”

She gasped as his hand struck her backside again.

“When you are pleasuring me,” he fumed, “You are pleasuring me. I was being generous in allowing you to touch yourself as well, but only as long as it didn’t interfere with what I asked you to do.”

He brushed his hand over her ass slowly.

“Instead, you became lost in your own pleasures,” he sneered, landing a forth smack to her bare backside.

“You’re too used to being an alpha, (y/n)– Too self indulged, self centered, too selfish.”

She gasped as his hand connected with her ass yet again.

“I asked you to listen to me. I gave you the opportunity to make the decision for yourself– To give me the control. Now,” he grinned, smacking her ass one final, rough time, “Now, I’m just going to take it.”


He quickly grabbed her hair, jerking it backward.

“Dr. Reid–” she corrected herself quickly, her lust for him radiating through every fiber of her being.

“You don’t speak unless you’re spoken to,” he growled, flinging her head forward as he released her hair, “And for breaking two rules, I should bend you over my knee with my belt.”

Truth be told, the idea of another spanking excited (y/n), but she hated the idea of being punished by Spencer, and she realized that it was only because a punishment meant that she had disappointed him. Something about his dominance, his rules, made her want to obey him, and she was dismayed in the fact that she hadn’t been successful in her attempt, so whether he’d punish her or not, (y/n) knew that she’d enjoy whatever he would enact on her, and hoped that she’d be given another opportunity either way to please him.

She felt his hand rush across her backside again, Spencer’s fingers tracing the puffy prints of his palm left there.

His fingers trailed around her side, brushed against her hipbones, and then slid between her legs. As his middle finger pushed against her clit and began to circle it, (y/n) could hear the sound of Spencer’s belt unclasping, the sound of his zipper opening barely audible through the bouts of pleasure surging through her body.

Suddenly, both of his hands were on her hips, and he jerked them backward quickly, his hardened cock connecting with her dripping wet slit.

“Do you want me?” He asked lowly.

“Y-yes,” her body shook in anticipation.

“Yes, what?” He sank his fingers into the flesh of her hips as he snapped them back again.

“Yes, Dr. Reid,” she breathed quickly, “Please.”

“Mm, such a good girl,” he cooed, bringing the tip of his cock to her opening and sliding it in slowly.

She bit her lip, slightly muffling a needy moan.

“Fuck,” he whispered at the sound, shoving his length into her more quickly.

She gasped, the feeling of his cock rushing in and out of her blending with the digging of his nails into her flesh to create a painful pleasure that she had only ever imagined.

“Oh, God,” she blasphemed, her arms shaking under his assault barely able to hold her in her position, “Oh, fuck…”

“You like that, baby,” he growled, his hips bucking into her last violently as he filled her with his throbbing cock, “You like the way I fuck you?”

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned, her walls pulsing around his length, “Yes, Dr. Reid…”

“Fuck,” he groaned as he plummeted his anatomy deep inside hers, sliding his fingers back to her clit and circling it feverishly.

“Dr. Reid,” she wailed, her body trembling with need for release, “Dr. Reid, I need to–”

“You want to come, baby?”

“Fuck, yes–”

“Then beg me,” he roared.

“Please, Dr. Reid,” she wailed, “I need to come, please.”

Spencer thrust his cock into her viciously, her pleas bringing him closer and closer to his own release.

“Fuck, baby, how badly do you need to come?” He growled.

“B-badly… Ah,” she quivered, moaning as his fingers rushed against her clit, his thick cock pounding into her mercilessly, “I need… Oh, God, please… Please, Dr. Reid, I have to… Ah…”

“Come with me, baby,” he moaned, his rapture taking hold of him.

At his command, (y/n) let her climax take over her body, drenching Spencer’s cock in her bliss as he filled her with his own.

As she came down from her high, Spencer’s hips slowed, coming to a complete stop after a few brief moments.

He released himself from her slowly, brushing his hands across her ass one more time before pulling his pants back on.

Bringing her knees up to the bed, (y/n) shifted, sitting on its edge as she steadied her breathing.

Lowering himself to his knees in front of her, Spencer took her hands into his, “You’re so beautiful, (y/n),” he whispered, the shy Spencer reemerging from the aggressive one.

“Spencer, that was amazing.”

“Y-yeah, it was,” he bit his lip as he looked up to her.

She reached out to him, stroking his dampened curls, “What is it?”

“I just… Do you think maybe…” He glanced to the clock near his bed before looking back to her, “I know it was only for tonight, but what if you stayed? Would you… Do you think maybe you’d want to spend tomorrow with me, too?”

“You’d want to spend tomorrow with me?” She furrowed her brows, wanting to confirm.

“Yeah,” he smiled widely, “I’ve always wanted to spend time with you, outside of the BAU, I mean. I just… I never really knew how to ask you. You, you’re so… Intimidating.”

“You can be pretty intimidating yourself, Dr. Reid,” she grinned, “But I would love to spend tomorrow with you.”

His smile spread across his face, and he rose from the ground, moving to the side of the bed and climbing into it.

“Let me hold you?” He asked, pushing the blankets down for her to slide in next to him.

(Y/n) smiled as she moved next to him, wrapping her arms around his waist as she rested her head on his chest.

“I, um, I kinda… Love you,” he admitted shakily as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly into him.

“I kinda love you, too,” she smiled, closing her eyes, and falling asleep to his heartbeat.


*A huge demon is behind you!*

ACT: fight flailing your arms like a little girl

*You fight like a little girl*

*The demon stops growling and you hear a small purr, he seems to like it!*

ACT: trow to the floor

*You grab him by the jacket and pull him*

*He was distracted with your last attack and he falls on the floor*

ACT: jump on him and give a belly rub

*you jump on his squishy and soft belly and start to rub*

*He gasps and falls completely on the floor, purring more, he seems to like it a lot!*

ACT: keep rubbing

*You rub more on a sweet spot and he starts to kick a bit, he loves it!*

ACT: keep rubbing

*He manages to sit up and you go to rub and scratch under his chin, he purrs more and moves his tail, he is delighted!*


*He gives up on the fight and hugs you, purring a lot in content*


*Hearing Sans´s purr and resting so comfortably fills you with determination*

reborntale belongs to @skellyhell

Chaos pt. 2

Bucky x avengers x reader

Notes: violence, smut (ish), angst (ish)

Originally posted by themostmarvelousimagines2

I pout at him, ‘But you know like no other that I like it rough, daddy; and you also know I never come quietly’ I give him my most seductive voice and bat my eyelashes at him innocently.

His smirk fades, and I know his guard is down. I pull my wrist back, and notice his hold is still firm, as I hoped. I send him flying past me, only for him to land roughly on the asphalt on his back. I slid my helmet on and take a leap, stepping on the seat of his bike, landing easily on my R1. He’s composed himself by now, and reaches me before I can high-tail it.

‘I know you like it rough, baby girl’ he growls at me and grabs my arm. He drags me off my bike towards the wall behind it. Ripping off my helmet in the process, he throws me to the bricks harshly. He’s trapping me between his body and the wall, as his broad frame presses against my small one.

‘Oh, daddy’ I breathe through a grin. ‘You really know how to court a girl, don’t you’

‘You know I do’ he breathes as he crashes his lips against mine.

The kiss is rough, desperate and forceful. Lips, teeth and tongue. Instinctively I tangle my hands in his hair and pull at his roots, earning a muffled moan straight into my mouth. It’s filthy and hot, his hands grasp at my ass pulling me up to him. But I don’t intend on having a quickie just for him to “arrest” me after I’ve been subdued by the orgasm he always seemed to be able to draw out of me.  So I do the only thing I can do in this position, I break the kiss and bring my forehead to his with force.

‘Fuck!’ he yells as he stumbles backwards.

‘Not today, Soldier’ I smile as I grab my helmet, slinging myself on my bike as I put it on.

This time I’m quick enough to start it and drift out of the street, opening up the throttle completely. Leaving him with a splitting headache and a raging boner. I realise full well that the strain in his pants was probably the only reason I was able to get away with such ease, but I got away nonetheless. In all honesty, the man still had an effect on me. How could he not? He’s criminally beautiful, and hung like hell. The many times he’s laid his pleasing on me still come to mind when I help myself, and they always do the trick. But ever since Captain America came back in the picture and HYDRA fell, he changed. Since my lover was the Winter Soldier, not James Buchanan Barnes; or Bucky. Though his employment at HYDRA was forced on him, I was there voluntarily. He was just a nice bonus, while it lasted. I enjoyed the chaos HYDRA had me cause, and I wasn’t about to stop when they were brought down.

I wonder how much the Avengers know about me. He was there to apprehend me on his own; did they know he was there? And how did he know I was for that matter?

‘I should be more careful’ I sigh as I close the door to my messy apartment. ‘And I should stop talking to myself’


‘Oh Fuck’ I moan and breathe heavily.

His hands trail over my body as his lips follow their path, stopping at my panties. He looks up and flashes me a mischievous grin; he’s so goddamn beautiful. Especially with his face between my legs.

‘Get on with it’ I sigh, the anticipation becoming too much.

He says nothing, he’s always been quiet. He rips the fabric of my panties apart, and immediately pushes two metal fingers inside of me. I scream and I curse as he fucks me with that magnificent prosthesis in a relentless pace.

‘Go on, Soldier, use those lips’ I manage to choke out, and he obeys forcefully.

His lips crash to my clit and he starts flicking his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves like his life depends on it.

‘That’s it soldier, just like that’ I breathe with a smile playing on my lips.

He moans deliciously, sending vibrations through me right where I need them. My body begins moving of it’s own volition, my back arches; my hips jolt up to meet his lips harder.

He looks at me with his stone cold eyes and I see a glint of amusement shine through. Though I know he enjoys doing this with me, pleasing me, fucking me until I can’t remember my name; he’s never shown it. Not like this.

‘Come here’ I beckon him over with my finger.

He eagerly agrees; crawling over me, eyeing me like a predator about to devour his prey.

‘Fuck me, soldier’ I whisper when he bends down to bite my neck.

‘I want to make you feel good’ he growls as he plants rough kisses on my collarbone.

I lay frozen. He’s never talked during sex before; let alone that he says that he wants to make me feel good. My breathing stops and I just lay there, wide-eyed, not being able to move a muscle.

He takes notice and immediately climbs off me.

‘I- I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have spoken’ he stammers.

He’s acting so strange, he never stutters, or speaks of that matter. Unless he needs to speak. He looks nervous, which is also a new look to the Winter Soldier.

Finally I find my ability to speak; ‘It’s.. it’s okay’ I mumble as I sit up.

He looks scared. I feel for him, he knows what this display of emotion means. He has to be erased again.

‘I’ll go to them’ he whispers gruffly as he moves to get up.

That’s when I feel an emotion I haven’t felt in a long time; guilt. He’s about to be tortured and his memories are going to be erased; to once again leave a shell of a man behind. And goddamn it if I have come to care about this man.

‘Soldier! Halt!’ I raise my voice, and he stills immediately. ‘You still have a job to do here’

He looks at me blankly, the look I’ve come accustomed to over the time we’ve spent together.

‘What abo..’

‘Soldier’ I sigh as I crawl towards him. ‘You should really recognize when some one is trying to help you’ I cooed as I cup his cheek with my hand.

‘You’re.. helping me?’ His puppy dog eyes seem so much fuller now.

‘Honey..’ I take his face in both my hands. ‘I will help you; believe it or not, I’ve become attached to you’ I sigh dramatically. ‘I really don’t feel like getting reacquainted after thy wipe you again. It took me long enough to get you loose enough to fuck me’

‘I want to fuck you’ he says as he grabs my waist roughly.

‘I know you do, Soldier’ I whisper against his lips. ‘So do it’

He doesn’t have to be told twice. His strong hands push me back to the mattress and his heavy muscled body lands on top of me.

His eyes meet mine, the question in them is apparent.

‘You can talk to me if you wish, Soldier’ I whisper and I take his lower lip between my teeth. ‘Tell me what you want to do with me’

He growls and sinks his teeth into my skin, the painful sensation is incredibly intoxicating and I can’t contain my screaming.

‘I want to rip you apart’ he groans as he lines up to my entrance.

His words wash over me with the force a tidal wave, making my thoughts break apart and just leave me a panting, heaving mess.

‘You want me to fuck you, Y/N?’ he growls against my lips, his tip is against my entrance, so close to ravishing me.

‘Yes! Yes! Please, just take me!’ I moan pathetically. I’ve never heard myself like this before. His new demeanour brings something out in me that I’m not sure I like. But right now, all I want is for him to ruin me.

The sheets cling to me, I’m drenched with sweat. My breathing is heavy and it hitches in my dry throat as I do my very best to draw in some oxygen. I remember the dream vividly. Because it wasn’t just a dream, it was a memory. One I’ve pushed so far away, I never thought it would show it’s ugly face again. The Soldier, or Bucky, or James; whatever, made his feelings known to me that night. But I knew they weren’t true. He just didn’t know any better. But I didn’t have the heart to tell him that; I cared for him. I scowl at myself for letting my mind drift to these memories as I peel the clinging sheets off me. I’m definitely not skipping that shower today.


I returned to the tower after my run in with Y/N with a bruise on my forehead. She’s stronger than before, more driven. Which makes her even more dangerous. I begin to doubt not telling the team about my history with her. But every time I think of telling them, I think of the consequences. Not for me, but for her. With the knowledge I have of her, they will catch her. And even though she causes chaos and murders as she pleases; I can’t betray her. Not after what she did for me. Not after she shielded me from that ever-lasting torture. Not when I know I still love her. The moment I had my hands on her, I knew. The way she looked at me; the way her eyes just bore straight through me; she knows she still has that hold over me. I let myself be caught off-guard.

‘Hey Tin Man, what’s with the face?’ Sam raises his eyebrows at me and shows a small grin.

‘Bumped my head’ I growl as I move past him.

‘Good bump’ he snorts.

‘Shut up, birdman’ I growl as I walk a straight line to my room.

I slam the door and lean my back to it. A deep sigh I didn’t even know I was holding in released.

‘Mind telling me what’s going on?’

Steve’s voice startles me.

‘Fuck, Steve! Tryin to give an old man a heart attack?’ I let out a breathy chuckle.

‘I saw you Buck’ he says as he rubs his hands to his face. ‘I saw you with Y/N’

I feel al color being drawn from my face.

‘You.. followed me?’

‘I did’ he answers as he stands up.

I feel anger take me; why the hell would he follow me? Does he not trust me? I’m his best friend, and he doesn’t trust me?

‘Why did you follow me, Steve?’ my voice is lower than I intend, but I don’t feel the need to address it.

‘It doesn’t matter why, Buck! You know her! You kissed her!’ he yells at me.

‘I kissed her, so what!’ I yell back at him.

‘So what?!’ he’s furious. ‘She’s dangerous! She killed so many people! Why would you keep this from us?’

‘You don’t need to know everything, Rogers!’ I keep yelling back at him, knowing he’s probably right. 

‘This isn’t everything, Buck, this is the most important thing!’ He’s outraged and hurt. I can see he feels betrayed. ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?’ 

‘Because I love her!’ I snap. I yell at him from the top of my lungs.

Steve gapes at me like he’s seen a ghost. Much like the first time he saw me after 70 years.

‘You.. love her?’ he repeats my words in a whisper.

I throw my gear off in exhaustion. ‘Yes, Steve. I love her’ I sigh quietly.

‘Buck, you’re gonna have to explain this to me. Because right now, all I know is that you’re in love with a crazy, chaos causing, murdering woman; who wants nothing more than to see the world go up in flames. Literally’ He raises his eyebrows.

At least he’s giving me the chance to explain myself; though I’m not so sure it’ll help.

‘Fine’ I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

‘I worked with her when I was with HYDRA; when I was the Winter Soldier. She was my handler, sort of. Whenever there was a mission to complete that included infiltration with a bang, sort of speak, she was assigned. Along side myself’ I pause as the memories start to cloud my mind.

‘Were her memories erased like yours?’ Steve asks suddenly, as he breaks my trance.

‘No, she worked for HYDRA willingly’ I answer and I know how he’s going to react.

‘What?’ his face read outrage and disgust.

‘She wasn’t with HYDRA, Steve. She was sort of.. freelance’  

‘Ok, explain that to me, please?’ Steve sighs, and it’s clear he’s becoming more confused by the second.

I sigh again, as I wonder how many of those I have left in me before my lungs collapse.

‘She worked on her own for a long time before HYDRA found her. They weren’t able to catch her; she was too strong and too fast.. Too smart. So they decided to approach her and offer her a deal. She would be brought in when she was needed, if she wanted to. Which wasn’t a problem, because she always did’

‘They asked her?’ Steve’s eyes looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets.

‘Yes. She wasn’t the Hail HYDRA type. She believes in her own cause. The cause of chaos’ I whisper hoarsely. ‘When missions began piling up, she got paired with me and after we’d done a few, HYDRA saw we were a good team. They asked her to become my handler, and she said yes; for some reason. For months I was at her side, and when I was out of cryo for too long, my personality began to shine through. She knew, and she kept it to herself. She told me I had to hide it from HYDRA. That I had to keep quiet, so they wouldn’t wipe me again. By that time we were already lovers.. Well, Lovers..’ I chuckle at the word. ‘We fucked. A sort of tension release for the both of us’

‘Yeah. Okay, I don’t need all the details’ Steve mumbled with a blush on his cheeks.

‘Right’ I clear my throat and sit down on the bed, my legs remind me that I’ve been standing all through my explanation, after a trying day. ‘One night, we were.. busy, and she noticed for the first time that I felt something. That’s when the whole thing started. She protected me from torture and being frozen. And as I began to feel more, I began to feel more for her. The first time I told her I loved her, she didn’t respond. But I was still too numb to realise it. I kept saying it, and just when I started to realise she wouldn’t say it back; she did. She told me she loved me, after I saved her life from one of her own explosions. I wanted her to stop her work, we fought; we broke each other. We actually fought. And then she left’ I take a deep breath and rub my hand over my chin. ‘She left me, HYDRA; she vanished. I looked for her, for months. But HYDRA caught up on me; they wiped me, and put me back in cryo to subdue me. That was three years ago, if my memory doesn’t cheat me’

Steve just sits there, staring at he floor. The silence is killing me, he’s contemplating, I can see it. Y/N is still in my head, and I will never be able to erase her.

‘Please just say something, Steve’ I groan in annoyance.

‘I don’t know what to say’ he mumbles. ‘I guess I understand what you feel for her. But I don’t understand how you just let her run ramped like that’

‘I’m not!’ I throw my hands up in desperation, ‘I’m trying to get to her, I want her to..’ I’m not sure how to finish my sentence.

‘You want her to what, Bucky?’ Steve hisses at me in a tone he’s never used on me before.

‘I want her to be with me’ I whisper while I lower my head. I can’t look at him, I’m dreading his judgment, which I know is coming.

‘She wont be’ he suddenly says as he gets up. ‘She’ll be behind bars, and you’re gonna tell us everything we need to know to catch her’ his voice is stern, and I’ve only heard him use that tone with his enemies.

I look up at him with a blank stare and shake my head slowly.

‘I’m not betraying her, Steve’ I say sternly.

‘Betray her?’ He scowls, ‘The only betraying you did, was to us!’

I knew this was coming. I close my eyes and let the moment wash over me; my silence, or maybe they’re lies, break a chain off our friendship. Maybe for good; but I can’t turn her in.

‘I’m sorry Steve’ I stand up to meet his frame. ‘But this is one mission I can’t help you with and I’ll make sure that I get to her before you do’

When you eventually come to, you’re in one of the most uncomfortable positions you’ve ever been in.

You are sitting in a chair with a tall back. Your ankles are chained to its back legs. Your arms are behind you, your wrists bound together with strong, thick rope. A bandana tightly gags you.

You begin to shout for someone, anyone, to come and get you. It comes out of your mouth in a muffled mess of sounds that range highly in pitch because you’re beginning to choke up, scared.

“Stop.” A strong, deep voice commands. A dark figure appears at your side. He has thick black hair that’s swept to the side in all sorts of swirls. From what you can see because of the dim light, he appears to have a crooked nose as a result of having it broken many times. His eyes look to be gray or brown.

Anxiously, you stop at the sound of his voice, terrified.

“Good girl.”

You growl.

“Don’t be a bad dog, now, or I’ll be forced to put you down so you may do no more harm.”

You curse him out in your mind.

“Oh, don’t look so down. You should be happy. You’re the star of the show.”

The figure walks away. Something clicks, and lights flash on overhead, hurting your eyes. You squint, willing them to adjust.

The man comes back. You were right the first time. He has gray eyes.

At first, you don’t realize what’s going on. Then, you see him.

Dean is sitting a few yards in front of you.

The man walks over to him and slaps him upside the head.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty! Wake up!” He shouts.

Dean’s eyes open, and he picks his head up and glares at him.

“The show’s about to begin, and I’d hate for you to miss this.”

Dean’s green eyes land on you and they widen.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” He exclaims.

“She’s the show, Dean.” The man hisses.

He turns to you, blinks and his eyes go black as night.

You shout through the bandana again, and again, it comes out as muffled garbage.

“Let her go!” Dean demands.

“And to think you’re so menacing I’d listen to you. You’re funny, Winchester. I like you.”

The demon chuckles and takes a knife from a table nearby. He inspects it, turns around and smiles devilishly.

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” Dean roars angrily.

Suddenly, he twirls it and drags it up your cheek. Air stings the cut and blood seeps out.

“See, this is the show.” The demon smiles wider, giving him a much more insane look than he normally looked, and cuts your wrist.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” He yells.

A gun cocks, and the demon steps to the side of you so you’re able to see what’s going on. Another demon is pressing the barrel of a shotgun to his temple, her finger on the trigger. She wields a switchblade in her free hand. She flicks it open and slits his cheek. He winces, shuts his eyes and tries to swallow the pain.

The demon turns slowly.

“You’re gonna tell me where Sam Winchester is.” He says nicely.

“Like hell he is!” You shout through the bandana.

“Where is Sam Winchester?” He asks again, ignoring you.

“You heard her. Like hell I am.”

The demon whirls around and glares at you.

“Where is your brother?”

You only lean forward and stare at him.

When you don’t give an answer, he makes a fist with his free hand and slugs you. You grunt and wince as his fist comes into contact with your cheek.

You don’t do anything.

He grips the knife tightly and drives it down your arm. You try and hum through the pain.

“Why aren’t you screaming? It is because of the bandana? Here, I will remove it, and you may scream to your heart’s content. I hope you realize no one is around for miles.”

The demon slips the knife under the bandana and tugs it off. The blue cloth falls into your lap.

“There we are.” He sighs, smiling.

You are silent for a few minutes.

“What? If you think I’m going to untie you, oh, how wrong you are…” The demon says.

“Come here and I’ll tell you.” You grunt.

The demon comes and kneels in front of you, smirking.

“Bite me.” You hiss venomously.

The demon jerks back and strikes you across the face many times. You taste the metallic flavor of blood and spit it at the demon.

The pain continues for hours. Dean continuously shouts for him to stop, and of course, he doesn’t listen and delivers punch after punch. Every few minutes or so, he asks you where Sam is again, and each time, you respond with a different remark from the last.

You’re hunched over as far as your arms will let you, your entire body aching with pain. You’re surrounded by a vast pool of your own blood, and you’re shaking, tears beginning to well up in your eyes. Your head is hung farther over so neither the demon nor Dean is able to see that you’re close to crying.

“I’m going to ask you one more time. Where is Sam Winchester?” The demon hisses, leaning in close.

“Right here.” Sam’s voice answers from your right. You whip your head in his direction. Sure enough, there he is. He’s wielding his angel blade.

“Ah, Sam. Lovely to see you.” The demon replies, swiftly spinning to face away from you.

The female demon turns her attention to him and points the shotgun at him, the point of the switchblade now pressed against Dean’s temple.

Sam rushes forward to her, and she fires, just barely missing. He reaches her and sticks the angel blade into her stomach. Orange light flickers in her face, and she keels over.

The male demon is quick, and he attacks Sam mere seconds after he’d stabbed the other demon.

Sam receives a punch to the jaw and temple, but the demon is surprisingly an inexperienced fighter. Sam kicks him off, darts forward and plunges the blade into his chest. Orange light flickers within him as well, and he dies.

You squeeze your eyes shut, and a tear escapes. It runs down your nose and drips off the tip of it. You’re so glad that it’s over.

Chains clink as they hit the ground, and your brothers’ heavy footsteps hurriedly approach you.

“Y/N?” Sam appears in front of you and lifts your chin gently with his finger.

Your face is bruised and bloody. You feel your swelling lip and stinging cuts on your cheek.

“Dean, get rid of the bodies.” He demands. Without a word, Dean swiftly walks away to dispose of the evidence.

Sam moves to your side and cuts your wrists free. You let out a sigh of relief at how wonderful it feels. Your ankles are then unchained.

As soon as Sam comes around to the front of you again, you crash into him and start to tremble terribly. It’s hard to keep your tears back, and you begin to sob softly.

Sam’s hand places itself on your back and moves in soothing circles.

“Everything’s okay. I’ve gotcha.” He whispers.


tease // part II

Derek rushed in, wrapping me in his arms and turned us around, slamming me against the door which closed it.

“you’ve been a bad girl (y/n)” he growled, our bodies pressed together, our faces dangerously close.

“what are you gonna do about it….daddy?” I whispered seductively.

“oh you have no idea what I’ve got in store for you baby” Derek muttered before smashing his lips to mine.


Derek’s lips and mine fit together perfectly, and they moved in perfect harmony to one another. It didn’t take long for Derek to slip his tongue into my mouth, fighting with mine. The kiss was everything you would want in a kiss, passion and lust.

I had dropped my cup that I had, forgetting all about it, too caught up in the moment and wanting my hands on Derek’s body and tangled in his hair, so the sound of glass shattering definitely shocked us a bit.

We pulled apart, panting, and both of us looking at the glass, and spilled drink all over the floor. But then we looked at each other, and before I could even take another breath Derek’s lips were attached to mine again, and his hands were all over my body.

I was still up against the door and Derek being so close started to grind on me. I couldn’t help but moan out into the kiss as I felt his hard on through his jeans against me.

Derek picked me up, and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me from the door over to the couch, laying me down and climbing on top of me.

He detached his lips from mine, only to start sucking on my neck. He knew where my sweet spot was and wasted no time in getting there. I was moaning out in seconds. His name softly falling from my lips in a whine.

I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started to lift it up, wanting it off cause in my opinion he had on to much clothes for my liking. Here I am in just a pair of shorts and a sports bra and he has on two shirts, and jeans.

After I got his shirts off, he wasted no time in ridding me of my shorts so i was left in just my bra and panties. Still sucking on my neck I reached down and was fumbling with his pants. I couldn’t concentrate enough to do the button and zipper so Derek just let out a little laugh before reaching down and undoing them, sliding his pants off leaving him in just his calvins.

Getting back on top of me he pulled at my sports bra and I sat up, raising my arms. He quickly shed me of the top and took a moment to ‘admire’ my bare chest. It didn’t take long before he was pushing me back down and had his mouth on my right nipple and his hand on the left, massaging and pinching it. 

I was a mess. I was moaning so loudly I didn’t even care. I was uncontrollable. Derek was making me feel so good and he’s barely done anything yet. I arched my back, basically giving Derek more access to my chest as he switched nipples, putting the left in his mouth and tweaking and teasing the right.

He started to kiss down my stomach, looking up at me. I swear the look his was giving me was enough to make me cum right then and there, and I was already so wet. I was dripping. 

After leaving a trail down my stomach he stopped right above my panty-line, making sure to leave a mark, darker than all the rest he had left on my neck, my boobs, and down my stomach. I moaned out, bucking my hips up cause I needed it. I needed him so bad.

“Derek” I moaned, also whining cause he was being such a damn tease right now.

“like I said (y/n), you’ve been very bad…” he spoke, slipping a finger into the top of my panties and slowly peeling them down my legs “and bad girls get punished.” he spoke before lowering himself and licking up my folds and then stopping at my clit, sucking harshly and licking like his life depended on it.

I was a moaning mess in a matter of seconds. His mouth did wonders. I could hear him lapping up the wetness from my core and it was just making me wetter. And he would moan against me, the vibrations giving me a completely different kind of pleasure, which caused me to moan out.

I was so focused on his mouth that I didn’t even realize he had stuck a finger in me until he added another, stretching my walls and causing me to moan out.

The combination of his mouth and his fingers had me closer and closer to the edge. I couldn’t hold it much longer. I was moaning out Derek’s name over and over I sounded like a broken record. I was clenching around his fingers as I was so close to coming.

I whined when he removed his fingers from me. I was so close and he just stopped. But then he removed his mouth from my clit only to reattach himself to my entrance, and replaced his mouth on my clit with his fingers. He started rubbing, circling, pinching and toying with my clit roughly. I bucked my hips up, moaning at the feeling.

It didn’t take long after that for me to finally release. I screamed out Derek’s name as he continued to eat me out, stringing my orgasm along as long as possible. I could hear him lapping up my juices and moaning against me. My head was in the clouds though.

When I finally came down from my high Derek was removing his boxers, and I took this as my chance, I rolled on top of him, but the thing was, since we were on the couch there wasn’t much room and we ended up rolling off and onto the floor.

Crashing my lips onto his I reached down and took his dick into my hand, slowly jerking up and down. I rubbed my thumb around the tip, getting all the precum off and started to speed up my hand. I moved my lips from his mouth down to his neck. I swore I’d mark him as bad as he marked me.

Derek let out a shaky breath as I continued with my hand, going a little faster and harder and as I started to kiss my way down his body. I kissed along his v-line, stopping at the bottom and making sure to leave the biggest mark I’ve ever left. I sat up a bit, looking up at him through my lashes, he was up on his elbows looking down at me. I batted my lashes at him innocently before lowering my head and licking from the base all the way up to the tip, keeping eye contact with him the whole time.

I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking it into my mouth. Looking up to see Derek throw his head back and let out a shaky breath. I continued to sink my mouth down around him, taking him in slowly before I started to bob my head up and down.

It wasn’t long before Derek’s dick was covered with my saliva. I started sucking harder and bobbing my head up and down faster as he let out strangled moans above me. I looked up to see his eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back.

Deep throating him, which did cause me to gag, he let out a grunt along with a ‘fuck baby’ and I swallowed around him before going back to bobbing my head up and down.

I felt him twitch, so I knew he was close. I started to suck harder, moving my mouth up and down him slower before deep throating him again. And that’s when he let go and his juices shot down my throat. Removing myself from him I sat up and looked at him before I swallowed.

Smiling at him afterwards I got up and walked into the kitchen, making sure to sway my hips a little more knowing Derek was watching and looking at him over my shoulder and motioning him to ‘come here’ with my finger.

Derek was behind me in no time, his hands on my hips and his dick sprung against my butt. I grinded against him, causing him to let out a strangled breath.

Derek reached his head down and started to kiss my neck, which had me tilt my head back exposing more of it to him. His hands roamed my body, coming up to give my nipples some attention, which caused me to let out a few shaky breaths. He reached down and started to toy with my clit, running his finger along my folds, collecting wetness.

Suddenly he removed his hands from me, and I was about to protest before he bent me over so my chest was on the counter, the cold surface making me whine out due to my over sensitivity, and I felt his tip at my entrance.

“are you on the pill or anything?” he asked.

“yeah, just, please.” I whined as I felt his tip teasing me. 

I heard him let out a little chuckle before guiding himself into me. I moaned at the feeling of him filling me up, and once he was in he gave me a second to adjust before he grabbed my hips and started to thrust in and out of me. It was slow at first, since I was still adjusting to his size, but after a moment he picked up some speed.

Both of us moaning from the feeling and the sound of our skin slapping together. He was thrusting so hard, and he was also guiding my hips, so he would pull out to where just his tip was in before he would slam back into me and bring my hips back, hitting spots of me I didn’t even know I had.

He was going so hard and so fast I was a moaning mess.

“Derek…oh Derek.” I moaned out as he continued to pound into me.

“you like that?” he grunted, his voice raspy.

“mmmm right there.” I moaned out.

I was close. I could feel the heat start to form in the pit of my stomach.

“Derek.” I moaned “I’m close.” 

“me too baby.” he groaned.

He started to pound into me harder and faster, if that was possible. You could hear the wetness down there, along with the sound of our skin slapping together. I was seeing stars at this point.

He hit my spot which caused me to scream out.

“OH GOD. DON’T STOP. DON’T STOP” as he pounded into me. I clenched my walls around him, unable to hold on anymore before I screamed out his name while I came. My body was shaking, but he wasn’t stopping. He kept pounding into me, riding out my high.

But he wasn’t finished. After I came, he continued to thrust into me. And since I had just came I was still sensitive. He continued to hit my spot and even reached down and started to toy with my clit. 

I was screaming for him. I felt myself getting ready to cum again as he slammed into me. His thrusts started to get sloppier and I was clenching around him. We were both ready to come, and after a few more thrusts we both came, him moaning was about to be my favorite new sound, but I could barely hear it over my screams.

Riding out our highs he pulled out, both of us breathless. He reached down and pulled me up, so I wasn’t laying against the counter. He turned me around and grabbed my face, placing a sweet kiss on my lips.

Pulling back he rested his forehead against mine, both of us still trying to catch our breath.

“that was…” he panted out “incredible” he finished.

“yeah” I breathed out. I was so out of breath, and my head was still fuzzy.

“look I-” he started, but he stopped when we heard a car door close outside.

“fuck. that’s the pizza I ordered.” I jumped up, running into the living room, trying to get my clothes on. Derek just laughed from the kitchen, walking to the door stark naked when the bell went off.

“Derek! you can’t answer the door like that” I laughed, struggling to find my panties.

But Derek just walked over and opened the door.

“uh, that’ll be 17.45″ the delivery man spoke, looking at the receipt.

“keep the change.” Derek spoke, handing him a 20 and taking the pizza before turning around and closing the door.

He walked over to me and set the pizza down on the coffee table before pulling on his boxers and handing me my panties, which were on the tv somehow. I laughed as he handed them to me and slipped them on, pulling my shorts on over them and finding my sports bra and putting that on as well.

Sitting next to Derek, who threw his arm around me and pulled me into him, I grabbed a piece of pizza and cuddled into him as we watched some tv.

So caught up in the tv show, and talking to Derek, mostly talking to Derek, I didn’t even realize Jack and Madison had walked in until they spoke.

“what do we have here?” Madison spoke, causing Derek and I to both look behind us to see her and Jack in the door way, smirking.

“oh no-” I started but was cut off by Derek.

“oh, just spending some time with my girl.” he spoke, and I looked at him shocked. He smiled at me before crashing his lips to mine, and I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. This was everything I wanted. He was everything I wanted.


Huang Zitao (3/12)

My favorite headcanon is of Rhage being an overprotective dad with a little girl while Mary shakes her head reminding him that their daughter will probably want to date before she’s 40. Rhage would simply growl at the thought, & proceed to have a tea party with his daughter along with Vishous & Butch.


I love you, internet.

Alternate title: Kylo speaking Shyriiwook.


“Hey there, Bare.” You purred as you stepped around Hunter, dragging your nails over his dark shoulders in the process and never once taking your eyes off your bother’s Earth-1 Counterpart.

“Y/N… What the…” Barry tried, shaking his head and allowing his gaze to travel your figure from head to toe. “You’re with him? You’re with Zoom?”

“Oh, don’t act so surprised.” You snapped. “You knew I had a little bit of dark under all those golden-girl layers…”

“No.” He growled, resolute and firm. “You maybe but not my Y/N.”

“You sure about that?” You tested with a wicked smirk, causing him to frown and purse his lips. “I think I’d know better than anyone, don’t you? Word of advice, from here on out, you might want to keep a closer eye on that baby sister of yours… She could end up on the wrong side of the tracks.”

Barry shook his head again. “Why you doin’ this?”

“Turns out I like being queen of his castle…” You replied, shooting Hunter a grin before turning back to your brother’s doppelgänger. “Better run, Barry… Run.”

And with that, he was zipping away, leaving a gold torrent in his wake just milliseconds before Hunter tore after him, blue sparks swallowing you whole and fading into thin air.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Barry’s sister on Earth-1 but your Earth-2 doppelganger being Zoom’s lover and enemy of the Flash*

Request: (@lolipopxlove) Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader is Barry’s sister on earth one, and when he goes to earth two he learns her doppelganger is Zoom’s lover and enemy of the flash? XOXO

Turn up the crazy

Can you please write a rough Brendon Urie smut? Like blindfolded and tied up, with lots of boob and ass smacking and maybe even a bit of choking? ALL WITH CONSENT!! Thank you!!

A/N: how was everyone’s holiday?

A more important question is who else is fucking obsessed with Star Wars like really

And also Adam driver
Bless you Adam driver ily

“You’ve been a bad girl.” Brendon growled as he kicked your front door shut behind him. You both spun around and he pushed you up against the door and you both engaged in a hungry kiss. Your hands went flying up and down his body and his did the same to you. You began to unbutton his dress shirt and he pulled away from the kiss so you could rip it off him.

“God I love it when you’re like this.” You groaned. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He walked over to the couch and bent you over the arm.

“Should I just fuck you here, over the arm of the couch?” He asked teasingly. You knew he wasn’t going to but you moaned and begged for it anyway.

“Yes! Please Brendon!”

“Oh you’re such a slut. You’re my slut.” He said, pulling you up and shoving you into the bedroom. You pulled off your dress and tossed it behind you. Brendon walked in behind you and wrapped his arms around you and sighed.

“I’m going to destroy you tonight.” He said in a deep voice that’s made your knees weak. You laid down on the bed and kicked off your heels. You laid on the bed, sprawled out trying to look sexy.

“Arms up.” He said, demanding. You did as you were told and put them together up against the headboard. He grabbed his belt and wrapped them around your wrists. He reached behind himself and pulled out a tie.

“Yes or no Y/N.” He said suddenly very serious. Consent was a big deal to him.

“I think yes.” You said playfully. He snapped back into his seductive persona and tied the blindfold around your head. Now that you were completely vulnerable, he let his hands wander down your body, pulling off your strapless bra and making your nipples hard. His big calloused hands gently groped your breasts making you whimper and groan.

“Do you like that princess?”

“Yes sir.” You said. He loved it when you called him sir. And you loved it when he called you princess.

“Mmm baby.” He said under his breath. His fingers dug into your hips and pulled them up to his face. He put your legs around his neck and licked you through your panties.

“Mmm! Baby!” You moaned.

“I love the taste of you princess. So sweet. Like sugar and honey.” He put you down for a second to take off your underwear and then picked you back up. He took a deep breath and then he went down on you.

His tongue went to work exploring your wet folds while his nose brushed your clit every tine he moved his head. You were letting out the most animalistic noises as he touched all the right places. He pushed his tongue into your entrance and thrusted it in and out of you gently, and then roughly.

“Ohhh fuck Brendon!” You screamed. Right as you were on the edge, he stopped.

“What!” You whines at him.

“You’ll get what you want soon enough.”

He lined himself up with you and slowly slid in. He waited a minute and then went to town on you.

“Fuck! Oh fuck baby!” You moaned and screamed as he drilled his manhood into you.

His long shaft hit all the right spots inside you. He gripped your hips with one hand and then slapped your breasts with the other.

He made them as red as he could and then slapped your ass for good measure. The pleasure was insane, and the pain just made it even more amazing.

“You like that? When I slap your tits?” He growled. His voice was s deep, it was like an animals. He was fucking you like an animal. You both were making sounds that should not have come from humans.

Your screams combined with his grounds and moans under his breath made the room seem unreal. He ruthlessly continued until he knew you were close.

He gently tugged at your jaw to make you look at him.

“Look at me when you come! I want to see your face when I make you come.” He demanded. You were so close, you frantically nodded.

Almost there, the wall was about to break, you were about to come.

“Fuck Brendon!” You screamed as you came all over him, still looking him in the eye.

He pulled out and released onto your stomach.


“I love you.” You said when you were both in PJs and cleaned up.

“I love you so much Y/N.”

Y'all there are so many Dom fics why why why please no more

17. JokerXReader part 3!

Anon: Please write about the reader trying to make the joker jealous by talking to the other boys and stuff Please btw I love all of your imagines it drive me crazy ?￰

This is for you, I decided to put this in part 3 of my JokerXReader #17 ‘cause it fits very well with each other, hope you like it! :) <3

So, now tell me, doll. Will you apologize for teasing me like that?“, Joker asked, while pinning you down on the mattress, with his whole body weight.

No“, you smiled at him, knowing what he would do to you and you wanted it, so bad.

Bad girl“, he growled and invaded his big cock inside you as hard as he could.

You were moaning in pain and pleasure.

What about now?“, he asked again, squeezing your breasts and kissing you wildly.

You shook your head, now grinning and moving your body along with his hard thrusts, his muscular torso pressing heavy against your naked upper body, what made you feel the heat and the burning desire even more intense.

Fuck me harder“, you whispered, sliding your tongue above his chest.

He grinned like the devil himself as he gave you what you needed  …


The next morning you woke up with a still pleasing pain between your thighs, you smiled remembering the last night.

You had never been fucked that good.

Stretching your arms and legs you took a quick look at Joker’s gold watch, on his wrist.

Already twelve p.m, time to dress up.

You had business to run.

„Sleep well, daddy. I’m not back until the next morning“, you whispered chuckling and stood up from the bed, where Joker was still sleeping covered in your black and blue blankets.

He was really adorable while sleeping, so calm like nothing in the world could bother him, but you had more important things to do than watching your last night lover sleeping.

„Joe, would you tell Max to park the car in front of my apartment“, you said on the phone, as you came back from the bathroom.

„Of course, Miss. Anything else that I could do for you?“, Joe answered.

„Yes, please be a sweetheart and call the room service for breakfast“, you said with a mean smile at Joker who was still sleeping.

„And leave Mr J a little message from me. I’m out for business, I won’t come back till the next morning.“

„Should I tell him, where you are?“, Joe asked unsure.

„No“, you replied amused.

You loved teasing this man, playing with him like he would’ve played with you, if you weren’t that smart and cruel.

„What if he asks me, where you are?“

„Just tell him, that I’m in a meeting. He will survive it“, you purred.

„Alright, Miss. Your car has arrived, wish you a good day“, Joe said.


You hung up the phone and gave a last look to your one night stand.

„Maybe next time, hun“, you said and stepped out of your apartment.


Joker’s POV

It was in the early afternoon when Joker finally woke up by himself.

He was grinning brighter than ever, imagining how you would lay beside him, still feeling a little pain, from what he did to you last night.

But as he starred at the left side of the bed, he just saw that you weren’t there.

Also the blanket was neatly folded, nothing in this room seemed like you were here last night, only a silver platter which was standing on your side of the bed, looked like it was placed here not all too long ago, also there was a little note on it.

See ya next time, daddy. XXX (Y/N)

Joker growled and bared his teeth after reading the little message you had left him.

You were driving him crazy and he wondered why you were still alive, after dumping him for the second time now.

Anyways, he wouldn’t let you get away easily with that, this time.

„Boss?“, Frost said as Joker called his right hand.

„Where is she?“, he growled.

„Wait, I can locate her phone …“, Frost said, and Joker heared him typing on his computer.

„Um …“

„What?“, Joker asked impatient as hell.

„Maybe you should read this by yourself“, Frost said and sended him a screenshot of what was the problem with spotting this girls phone.

Nice try, daddy! Xxx

„I’m sorry, I can’t locate her, she has something like a blocking on her phone what makes it impossible … she’s quiet smart …“, Frost said.

Joker hung up the phone and walked out of the apartment, where he nearly bumped into Joe, your right hand.

„Mr J, I hope you-“

„Alright, where is she?“, Joker said and pushed his gun against Joe’s chest.

„I-I don’t know, sir. I think she’s on a meeting“, Joe stuttered.

„Wrong answer“, Joker growled and shot him.

„You can’t play hide and seek with me, doll. I will always find you.“


„So you guys, finally could do something right“, you said and looked at your henchmen.

Last night everyone tried to bring you a lot of money back, the money you lost because of Batman and Nightwing.

All together your dealer’s had made a quite good summe of money.

„I see, we can set up on that, good job. Now go on your work again“, you said while giving everyone their monthly amount.

„(Y/N)! Hey!“

„Conrad!“, you said smiling and stood up from your usual seat, to hug your best mate.

„Last night was successful?“, he asked.

„Yes, quite good“, you respond with a big smirk.

„Heared you got some trouble and also a hot ride?“

You laughed.

„That’s true, but a lady enjoys and silences.“

„Wanna dance?“, he suddenly asked.

„Of course“, you said, as you saw someone special coming into the club.

That will be fun, you thought by yourself.

The dancefloor was filled with people and the music was loud and edgy, exactly how you loved it.

Conrad wrapped his arms around your body from behind and you provocated the situation with looking right into Joker’s mad face, as he saw you dancing with this guy.

You laughed and slided your tongue over your lips, what brought Joker on the verge of his lunacy.

He came over to you, with the most sinister look that you had ever seen in his eyes.

Maybe you’ve been gone a little too far this time.    

„No, wait!“, you said, as he was about to shoot Conrad, like he had done it with Joe.

He looked down at you through squinted eyes.

„You better give me a damn good reason to spare this bastard“, he growled.

„(Y/N) … since when you’ve been dealing with the Joker?“, Conrad said panicking, while the green haired man was still holding his gun in front of the young man’s face.

„Go“, you just answered.

„He will shoot me“, Conrad said.

„No, he won’t shoot you, just leave.“

Conrad took a few steps backwards, still starring at the gold and purple gun, until he disappeared in the crowd.

As soon as Joker saw Conrad leaving the place, he pulled you into him with a rough grab at your neck.

„That was the last time you tricked me like that. Don’t force me to hurt ya, doll“, he growled and kissed you harshly.

„I don’t believe you would hurt me“, you whispered after he lets go off you.

„Why?“, he asked still this dangerous look on his face.

„Look at me, why do you think I wouldn’t hurt ya?“

He slid his index finger under your chin and made you look him in the eyes.

„I teased you till the end of your nerves, and I’m still alive. Other people would’ve been dead already, if they did what I’ve done to you“, you said now siriously.

The game was over, you’ve had your fun, now it was time to be true to yourself.

„You could’ve killed or hurt me several times now, but you haven’t done it. Actually I’m really surprised. As I met you in the club I thought a quick game would be funny and maybe I would come closer to death than I wanted, but it was worth it, teasing you gave me some sort of thrill I never had until now. Also I didn’t thought it would felt that good in the end, having you so near by my side. As soon as you started searching for me, I realised I got addicted to you and I couldn’t stand it any longer. That’s the reason I stayed away from being your business partner. You made me weak in a way I didn’t wanted it to be again. But back to your question. You wouldn’t hurt me, ‘cause as well as I’m addicted to you, you are obsessed with me. I don’t know any man that would start a search through half Gotham City to find me. Besides lovely, lovely Nightwing. So, now you have the choice, either you kill me, or you stay with me, binding. It’s up to you now“, you said watching Mr J putting the gun on your forehead, while you looked him in the eyes.

Street War – Chapter 4

Kagura’s encounter with Sougo where they had made their impromptu truce had been not even a day ago. She had not been expecting to see him again so soon. Her eyes flickered between Sougo and Sadaharu, her glare seething with venom. Sadaharu had nestled his sharp teeth tightly around Sougo’s scalp and was, at that moment, covering the boy’s face with dog slobber. The fact that Sadaharu was chewing Sougo’s head off was the only thing that brought Kagura comfort from having to see the face of her hated rival again. She briefly thought about ripping Sadaharu off Sougo and making a break for it, but she had no time to make a move before Sougo began to speak.

Keep reading

just went on a walk and passed a family with a probably ¾ year old girl who was growling and roaring. as we passed, her mom was explaining to their group that she’s pretending to be the Beast. she’s apparently been doing this since she saw the trailer for Beauty and the Beast. that girl is going places.

sugar-nugget  asked:

You know what a friend of mine said? She said that you were not shiny! She said you were dull!

Tamatoas eyes shot up in anger. One of them twitched as he slowly turned to face the girl. “Did she now?” He growled.

He lowered his head down to her level and began to move towards her, backing her into a corner.

“Tell me something dear, what else did this “friend” have to say about me?“ He squinted his eyes at her in annoyance.


I was over at my boyfriend Freezys and his friends flat filming a video. Freezy and I were half way done filming a Q&A when the questions became…sexual. Let’s just say I am glad that this video is almost over.
“Who tops and who bottoms?” Cal said reading out the question.
“He tops.” I mumbled and blushed.
“Is Y/N good in bed? Yes there’s no questions about it.”
I grabbed the phone and asked,“Does Cal like being called daddy? Yes daddy does like it.”
He glared at me and finished up the video. I guess telling his fans that he likes being called daddy was a bad idea. Once he turned the camera off he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me.
“You shouldn’t have told them that baby girl.” He growled.
“Then punish me daddy.” I mumbled.
He smirked and connected our lips once more. We kept our lips connected until we pulled away needing air. He pulled off both of our shirts along with my bra and threw it on the floor. He started kissing my neck,creating small hickeys all around my neck.
“Cal.” I moaned causing him to pull away.
“Don’t call me Cal.” He growled.
“I’m sorry daddy.”
“That’s better baby girl.”
I wrapped my legs around his waist and he picked me up and laid me on the bed. He got on top of me and pulled down my shorts and panties. Our lips connected once again and slipped his fingers into me.
“Daddy.” I moaned as he started sliding his fingers in and out.
He kept thrusting his fingers in and out until I came all over his fingers. He disconnected our lips and put his fingers near my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put his fingers in and I sucked my juices off of his fingers. Once all of the juices were gone he took his fingers out of my mouth and kissed me. I pulled down his sweats and boxers and he kicked them onto the ground. He then slammed into me giving me no time to adjust.
“DADDY!” I screams as he thrusted harder and faster, hitting my g-spot with every thrust.
“Baby girl.” He moaned as he came close to his orgasm.
That sent me over the edge causing me to cum. He thrusted a couple more times until he came. We rode out our orgasms and he buried his head into my neck. He pulled out and handed me his shirt and my panties which I put on. He pulled his boxers back on and laid beside me.
“FREEZY YOU GUYS DONE YET?” Harry yelled from the other room.
“I forgot they were still here.” I mumbled.
“I don’t give a shit.” He said as he rapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on top of him and cuddled with me.
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Dean Winchester-Behind a smile Part 4

Title:Behind a smile Part 4

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1030

Request:I want the rest 😮😞

Request:Could you do Behind a smile part 4?! Btw i am in loooove with your blog ahhh your such a good writer i hope to be as good as you someday

Link: Behind a smile , Behind a smile Part 2,Behind a smile Part 3

Dear Dean, 

Dean scrunched the note up, folding it delicately as he placed it into his pocket. Sam choked on air as he smacked Dean in his arm with wide eyes. 

‘’Dude, what are you doing!. This could help us find out where (y/n) is’’Sam gaped. Dean rolled his eyes as Sam sighed, lips thinning. ‘’Look, I know this is hard for you Dean, but you’ve never even mentioned her before and now suddenly your mad about this girl’’

Dean growled, hand shooting out as he gripped Sam’s neck and shoved him against the hard wall. ‘’She’s not just some girl , okay! And I never talked about (y/n) because it hurts to much. She’s the only girl I’ve ever loved that made it actually hurt from how much I loved her, and to find out she was dead.. I can’t even explain how I felt, but now I know she’s alive, I want nothing more than to see her, but this note… I have no idea what it’s going to say, Sammy. Maybe something I don’t want to hear, maybe something I do. But I’m not going to read it in a rush and a crappy motel room. She deserves better than that’’Dean breathed out, face burning red. 

‘’Okay man, calm down’’Sam breathed out, palms facing up to show he meant no offence. 

‘’C’mon, let’s start with her family’’


‘’I just couldn’t believe it, (y/n) is such a good girl, she’d never have the guts to kill anyone’’Your mother sniffed, dabbing the scrunched up toilet roll under her nose. 

Another single tear fell down her cheek as Sam and Dean flashed her their sympathy looks. Dean really did feel the pain she was feeling. Sam looked at Dean shocked as his older brother got up before kneeling down in front of your mother. 

‘’Look, I know (y/n), I know she didn’t do this, and I promise you we’re going to help her’’Dean smiled gently. (y/m/n) looked at Dean strangely. 

‘’But she’s dead…’’She trailed off confused. Dean nodded knowing he couldn’t exactly say ‘What I meant was that me and My Brother who are actually hunters, are going to find your dead daughter (who’s not really dead) and let her travel with us so she can hide from the authority’s like we did. *Insert Dean’s shit eating grin*

‘’Is there anywhere that (y/n) could have gone before? You know…’’Sam gestured, ‘’A old family cabin, a special place’’

‘’Well’’(y/m/n) thought as she pushed her slender finger against her plump lip in deep thought. ‘’There’s this one place…’’She trailed off before letting her eyes flicker up to Dean’s. 

‘’Anything could help us’’Dean smiled softly. 

‘’There was this boy, she meet him in high school. He was all (y/n) ever talked about, Dean something, I think his name was’’(y/m/n) chuckled. Sam perked up nudging his brother slightly as Dean bit back a smile and nodded at your mother for her to continue. 

‘’He took her to this place, and ever since then she always go there. But I’m sorry’’She sighed softly. ‘’She never told me where it was’’

‘’That’s okay, I know where it is’’Dean nodded, rushing up quickly before sam gave Dean a look behind (y/m/n)’s back. ‘’Oh..Erm, I mean- We’ll be able to find out where your daughter and this certain young *Handsome*’’Dean coughed ignoring his brothers eye roll. ‘’Is’’.

 ‘’Ohh thank you officers. You don’t understand how much this means to me’’She sobbed, patting Sam’s broad shoulder as he flashed her a kind smile. 

‘’I think we do’’Dean muttered gently before giving her a professional nod and walking to Baby. 

‘’Seem’s like (y/n), was pretty hooked on you’’Sam whistled, nudging Dean. Dean grinned but quickly wiped it off his face as he scowled at his younger brother. 

‘’Shut up, Sammy’’Dean grumbled under his breath before pulling away.

‘’So were is this place?’’


‘’(y/n), hey!’’ Dean yelled, leaves crunching under his feet as he braced the flash light in one arm and his gun in the other. Sam walked at a slower pace behind his brother as he eyed the small cabin in front of him. 

‘’You took (y/n) here? Why, you hoping to get lucky?’’Sam chuckled. Dean turned around to glare at his younger brother before shaking his head. 

‘’She always spoke about how she liked quiet places, she liked rivers and nature’’Dean stated smiling slightly at the memory. Once again, Dean coughed before shaking the smile away and getting back into hunting stance. 

With a short nod, Sam raised his leg to kick the door down. It fell with a bang as pieces of the wood collapsed once after the other. Sam tried not to be too loud, but now it was too late. 

They both yelled your name and checked everywhere. A loud yelp sounded when Dean had fell to the floor, a mysterious figure pinning him down. Dean’s gun skidded away from him as well as his flash light. 

The figure landed a punch right at the edge of Dean’s jaw before bringing their knee up into his crotch. With a grunt and a hiss, Dean’s body folded in on itself but his hands still gripped the figures arm as he pinned them above their head.  

Dean wrapped his leg around the figure, flipping them both over as Sam rushed over to the wall closest to him and felt around blindly for the light. Sam grunted needing to find them before he felt the large bump above the wall and hit the lights. 

Dean’s mouth dropped open as he spotted you squirming underneath him which caused him to smirk. You were grunting and pulling your ‘I’ll kill you later’ face before you stopped, eyes boring into his as you mouth parted widely. You breath fell, chest collapsing in on itself as you stopped fighting against Dean.

Your lips formed his name but your voice box was in just as much shock and refused to work as your eyes bored into his forest green ones, ones that brought you nothing but comfort and love. 

‘’Well isn’t this familiar’’ 

Daddy (Jimin X Reader Smut)


Warning: basically it’s explicit x daddy kink

“I want you to call me something.”

“Call you what?”


Y/N bites her lips.

Not hearing any reply Jimin looks at her and pulls back with a smirk, “well guess then the games over.”

Y/N eyes widened. Her face turned crimson red but she didn’t want this to end so in a soft whisper she said, “Daddy..please..”

Jimin groaned. It sounded so sinful and Jimin couldn’t stand it any longer.

He came forward and pinned both her hands. Kisses were already deep ones. “Oh baby girl..” Jimin growled. He bites her delicate neck and Y/n can’t help but leave out a moan.

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