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Random thoughts n Drag Race finale and fan reaction

Obviously spoilers

-I honestly liked all top 4 queens to win it, but I do think Trinity did better in the lipsync against Peppermint.

-I always love seeing all the queens’ updated drag at the finale, Nina’s makeup was fantastic, Valentina looked gorgeous and I was gagged by Cynthia’s over-the-top wig. And of course the top four were just superb. Comparatively was a little underwhelmed by Shea (she looked stunning but I wanted more drawma), but Pep, Trinity and Sasha slayed me.

-With the exception of Sasha’s lipsync against Shea (Sasha was giving me Manila Luzón “MacArthur Park” feels), I wasn’t super gagged by any of the lipsyncs tbqh. Peppermint’s outfit change was exciting but I felt neither queen performed it as strong (pun unintended). Sasha vs Pep was good but it’d still fall short of like… Coco vs Alyssa for example.  

-Y’all 12 y-o whining about Drag Race being racist and not wanting to crown a black queen or two black queens in a row, children pls did any of you ever hear of how the first three seasons saw a QOC crowned? The whole show’s on Netflix girl, go watch it before crying. Not counting All Stars, there have only been 2 white queens (3 now with Sasha) out of 9 winners

-Same goes for y’all whining about “what’s the point of the challenges if a lipsync’s gonna decide everything”. Go see how S1-3 queens were crowned

-Somehow the same people are complaining Peppermint should’ve been crowned because she’s trans? It’s a competition children. Just by her exposure on the show Peppermint’s already received a huge platform and shown a brilliant example for trans kids of color and that’s fantastic, but lbr, she didn’t do that well in the competition, bombed the Snatch Game, landed in the bottom two twice and might have done a third for her poor outfit choice if not for Wintergreen’s personality that charmed the judges.

-Y’all are still gagging over Roxxxy Andrews’s wig reveal but somehow Sasha’s rose reveal was “a cheap gimmick”. Okay, girl. Shea wasn’t doing jack on that lipsync, get over yourself. Sasha played it smart, gave us drama and a god dang great show.

-Gotta love how y’all were calling Valentina a snake a week ago for having shitty hateful fans and now y’all being shitty and hateful to Sasha bc your fave didn’t win :)

-For the last three seasons, the winner isn’t actually crowned? I’m very confused about this? Bob was literally holding the crown but then they just gav Sasha the scepter? (i know how they film it but why don’t they film the three queens getting actually crowned like in S4 & 5 it’s just weirdly upsetting there’s a bloody crown there but no one wears it????


KW’s Microwhump: Hitting the Floor in Call Girl (x)

The doorbell rings while Brendan is holding a knife on a girl in his kitchen. She takes the opportunity to push him away, knocking him to the floor. He grabs her and drags her down with him, where they tussle for several moments - ending with Brendan stabbing her with the knife. Afterwards, he’s shocked and horrified by what he’s just done.


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art by Kaol Porfirio.
  • Daddy: I love you
  • Me: I love you too
  • Daddy: Who do you love?
  • Me: You?
  • Daddy: No, what's my name?
  • Me: D-Daddy?
  • Daddy: Good, now say it in a full sentence.
  • Me: I love you daddy
  • Daddy: I love you too little girl
  • Me: *S C R E A M S*