girls that fight

also lmao as if louis could ever be “weak willed” he’s literally one of the strongest, most determined people i “know”??? he was literally crapped on by savan for taking the reigns with his career and /fighting/ for 1D and their artistic development. not to mention being a “closet gay” is nothing to be ashamed of??? yeah he sure is weak!!1!1!1!!!! shut up georgina

okay sorry further development on the cat in the wall/mac and dennis in the closet situation - you know how charlie is like “i’ll go get another cat, they’ll become codepedent, i’ll rip the first cat out and the second one will follow?” well charlie just walked in with this new cat and he says, “okay, dee, this little lady is a calico cat. all calico cats are female. i’m gonna pop this little girl in your wall here. she’s gonna meet your little fella, they’re gonna bond, and then i’m gonna rip her out and he’s gonna come right afterwards.” and charlie’s plan IMMEDIATELY fails when the boy cat and the girl fight get into a fight like…  i genuinely cannot believe the layers to this

anonymous asked:

What is the story behind Raven and Bat??

Thanks for this question!
Bat and Raven are childhood friends but they’re acting more like twins (you know, this nearly telepathic connection) and deeply care for each other.
Bat can be hot-tempered and will kick anyone’s ass if they as much as look at Raven (or any of his nearest and dearest) the wrong way, while Raven is very calm and will always talk sense into him (but the girl sure can fight;).
Both come from families with ancient mystic powers. 



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