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Random Headcanon: Link’s androgyny isn’t just an artefact of the Zelda franchise’s art direction - and neither is it particularly unusual. Sexual dimorphism among Hylians is legitimately much lower than among real-world humans; if Link and Zelda swapped clothes, you’d never be able to tell who was the girl and who was the boy.

Consequently, Hylian society depends heavily on clothing to establish gender roles, to the extent that it’s a severe faux pas to question someone’s gender presentation. If they’re dressed like a girl, then they’re a girl - even if they were dressed like a boy yesterday. That’s why nobody ever remarks upon the fact that Zelda and her heroic alter-ego Sheik are different genders; it’d be gauche at best to bring it up.

club penguin bans sentence starters
  • "i'm a fucking piece of pizza,"
  • "holy shit toto, we sure as fuck ain't in kansas anymore,"
  • "i ain't fucking with these christmas lights anymore,"
  • "why is the only angry one black?"
  • "get in loser, we're going sledding,"
  • "jesus fucking christ, that cookie hot as shit,"
  • "ah yes, my meth lab is ready,"
  • "i need this life vest 'cos i'm drowning in the pussy,"
  • "i could kill you right now, no one would wear you scream,"
  • "i could go back and pretend to be you,"
  • "fashion police, you're definitely under arrest,"
  • "you're tearing this family apart, ___"
  • "what do you mean you're being murdered? that's illegal, people can't do that,"
  • "i'm wanted for stealing yo girl/boy,"
  • "wanna hear a joke? your future,"
  • "i would like to order all the money,"
  • "when i see stars i think of you. because you're only beautiful from a distance,"
  • "do it for the vine,"
  • "you dress like an idiot,"
  • "girl/boy, are you because i want to take you out,"
  • "hey you forgot something. your social life,"
  • "help me hide this body in here,"
  • "did you just propose, using emojis?"
  • "do drugs they said. it will be fun they said,"
  • "it's called capitalism,"
  • "thank you for helping me commit cannibalism,"
  • "shit, we on national television,"
  • "bitch, throw one more snowball at me,"
  • "can you leave my house please?"
  • "i'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch,"
  • "can i pay you in swag?"
  • "excuse me, do you know where i can find the booty?"
  • "what the flipper?"
  • "santa isn't real,"
  • "what do penguins do in a race? they peng-win,"
  • "a milkshake ain't a goddamn pizza,"
  • "locked up because my eyebrow game was too strong,"
  • "man, look at all this fuckin' dope,"
  • "fuck it, i ain't running,"
  • "hey, do you wanna join my gang?"
  • "i'll ask my mom,"
  • "smooth as butter,"
I hate how everyone's calling Foleo/Forrest a "trans girl"

Can’t boys wear dresses and skirts without changing their gender identity? Forrest still strongly identifies as a boy, even if he wears feminine clothing. It’s a big part of a lot of his conversations, like with his father, etc.

Calling a boy a trans girls just because he wants to wear skirts or dresses is like saying “boys can’t wear skirts or dresses. Period.”

Title: If He Says He’s a Boy, Then He’s a Boy!

Pairing: Sidlink 

Tags: trans!link, slight transphobia

Summary: The river looked like a good, safe place to bathe but when two children show up, Link finds himself in the uncomfortable situation of having his gender brought into question

A/N: Thank you for the request! Sorry this took so long! I wasn’t really certain what to do (or if you wanted sidlink so if not, then just let me know and I’ll write you something else!) so I hope you like this! 

This has been cross posted to my ao3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks! 


He should have known bathing out in such an exposed place was a bad idea.

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i'm just💯a boy boy👬who dresses👗like a girl girl💃just looking👀for a toy😘in this boy🙅🏼‍♂️driven world🚗🌎just because💁🏼i wear paint💄doesn't mean❌i'm not a man💪🏼it takes a 👅real big 🍆to do what we👨‍❤️‍👨clucking can🐔there goes➡️the pantyhose👢let's make👏🏼a stink🤢let's make the room🛏stink😫bottoms up 🍑⬆️boots down👠⬇️we're born👼🏼in the blue🌀but live🙌🏼for the pink🎀we're making the coin💰we don't care🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼what you👉🏻think💭let's have🌈a kai🍆👅kai🍑💦serving🍽fish🐟tonight-night💅🏻why would❓you ask me❌why why🤦🏼‍♀️mary it's just👌🏻a kai🍑👅kai🍆💦let's have🌈a kai👅💦kai🍆🍑just give🎉it a try try👍🏼do it before❌you die💀die👻hunty💁🏼it's just 🙄a kai👅🍆kai🍑💦we're looking 👀dusted💋your attitude🗣is busted😷im not❌trying to throw shade😬wanna guess❔what we're paid💵no🙅🏼tea☕️five g's🖐🏼why yins be🤷🏼‍♀️judging me😤G.U.N.T😏we're hotter🔥after every drink🍻there goes➡️the pantyhose👢let's make👏🏼a stink🤢let's make the room🛏stink😫bottoms up 🍑⬆️boots down👠⬇️we're born👼🏼in the blue🌀but live🙌🏼for the pink🎀we're making the coin💰we don't care🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼what you👉🏻think💭let's have🌈a kai🍆👅kai🍑💦serving🍽fish🐟tonight-night💅🏻why would❓you ask me❌why why🤦🏼‍♀️mary it's just👌🏻a kai🍑👅kai🍆💦let's have🌈a kai👅💦kai🍆🍑just give🎉it a try try👍🏼do it before❌you die💀die👻hunty💁🏼it's just 🙄a kai👅🍆kai🍑💦ladies👭and gentlemen👬oh😮let me rephrase💬that ladies👩🏼and ladies💁🏼you're looking👀amazing tonight💋welcome👐🏼to the fish fry🐟🔥let's stink up🤢the place🏘shall we❓not your⛔️ average📈girl girl👸🏼in this tr*nny😮💋world🌍world🌎if i were born👶🏼a boy👱🏼boy👨🏽i'd still🖕🏻dress like👚a girl girl👩‍❤️‍👩pretty😍pretty💖boy boys👬tilting🔁on the twirl twirl🌀let's break❗️out all our✅toy toys😏and take over🙌🏼the world world🌍over powdered👛over plucked😧pantyhose👢don't need❌a tuck🍆high heels👠higher⬆️hair💇🏼legendary💫children stare👀round hips👅glossy💋lips👄electric blue💙acrylic tips💅🏻 bottoms up⬆️🍑 boots👠down⬇️say💬what you want💁🏼she won🏆the crown👑let's have🌈a kai🍆👅kai🍑💦serving🍽fish🐟tonight-night💅🏻why would❓you ask me❌why why🤦🏼‍♀️mary it's just👌🏻a kai🍑👅kai🍆💦let's have🌈a kai👅💦kai🍆🍑just give🎉it a try try👍🏼do it before❌you die💀die👻hunty💁🏼it's just 🙄a kai👅🍆kai🍑💦let's have🌈a kai🍆👅kai🍑💦serving🍽fish🐟tonight-night💅🏻why would❓you ask me❌why why🤦🏼‍♀️mary it's just👌🏻a kai🍑👅kai🍆💦let's have🌈a kai👅💦kai🍆🍑just give🎉it a try try👍🏼do it before❌you die💀die👻hunty💁🏼it's just 🙄a kai👅🍆kai🍑💦

Hey so, uh, shoutout post for genderfluid folks cause I never see any positive stuff for generfluid individuals.

shoutout to the genderfluid people who still struggle with their identity everyday. You are valid.

shoutout to the genderfluid people who have to deal with family and peers constantly trying to invalidate your identity.

shoutout to the genderfluid people who, for various reasons, can’t present themselves as other genders. You are still valid even if you can’t dress up in a feminine, masculine, or androgynous way. Clothes do not define your gender.

shoutout to the genderfluid people who are closeted because they fear hatred or discrimination from their family/friends. 

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who don’t want to dress any other way and get flak for not presenting as their genders.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who are told that their identity isn’t real. You are valid.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who struggle with coming out to others because genderfluid is a term most people aren’t familiar with.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who get asked if they want to transition all the time because they dress/act “like a girl/boy”

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who DO want to transition. You are valid.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who have larger breasts and can’t/don’t want to bind. You are still valid.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who struggle with their genitals.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who have to remind friends/family what pronouns they need to use everyday.

shoutout to the genderfluid folks who don’t identify with the gender binary.

Feel free to add stuff! I know I forgot a ton of things and I would like to add more but I’m out of time.

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trans masc culture is reading those historical novels in middle school about girls dressing up like boys to go fight in the revolutionary war for freedom or whatever and being like God I Wish That Was Me and at the end when they just go back to their girl lives, feeling a deep unease and not being able to articulate why

god i know right? also there was a series of novels i read when i was 8-9ish (i forget what they were called, something about lionesses i think) about a girl who went to train to be a knight at an all-boys knight school, and it was where i first learned that chest binding was a thing and i was so so jealous of her and i had no idea why


More of my gamer girl outfit with a little close-up on the stockings. Only just realised how much of a moody cow I look like in the 3rd picture but oh well.

I feel like I should do these casual looks more often, just to show how easy they are to make.

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for  @elias21babybull as part of the #BabyBullFest. 


Elias loses his virginity in the back of a car that smells like pencil shavings and fresh rain to a boy with chocolate curls and a cherry blossom mouth.

Elias meets Adam for the first time at the library, and immediately puts his foot in his mouth.

“I’m only waiting for my brother, I’ve read most of the books in here already,” Elias insists to the boy, the strange teenager dressed in a pale pink sweater with a pretty white bow on the collar. Elias thinks he’s doing the boy a favor at first, because no one must speak to the boy very often. He dresses very strange and looks more like a girl than a boy. Elias is doing the boy a favor, yes.

But the boy just blinks up at him with long, curling lashes that flutter without him even trying, and Elias thinks he must have a lot of friends, he’s so pretty. “Are you Gabriel’s older brother?” His voice is high and sweet, like liquorice candy and melted caramel. “The one who fought Sven Irlin in the courtyard last week?”

Elias’s chest puffs out, ready to set the record straight. “He hit me first, he’s a horrible boy. I won easily, even though he had three friends. No, it was five. No, ten! I beat them all!”

“Well, Gabriel certainly is lucky,” says the boy. “He must be very proud to have a strong brother like you.” Those lashes swoop down, shy and sweet, and Elias would’ve been flattered had he not seen the boy’s smile.

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Tbh scientificaly there are only two genders and only two sex. Sex = penis or vagina. and in the rare case that you're intersex, that doesn't mean you're a third sex or gender. It means you're internal reproductive organs differ from your external reproductive organs. By calling yourself gender fluid, non-binary, other kin, gender fuck, agender, greygender you're dimeaning actual trans ecperiences people face in regards to gender dysphoria and bullying. It's disrispectful and invalid. pt 1

(it’s a trilogy, guys, i am going to add the other two messages here:

the fact that 14 year olds on tumblr invented thenew genders rles than a decade ago shows how invalid this argument is. Gender isn’t a social construct. Expectations of gender is. To put it simble stuff like boys like blue girl like pink girls wear dresses and skirts boys wear pants and shits and shit like that. THATS  a fucking social construcing. I feel so sorry for all the tom boys are tom girl that you’re comfusing. They might think they’re not one of the made up genders just beacuse pt 2            

they differ from their gender rolls. Also don’t you think it’s a bit of a coinscedince that these genders have NO bases. You guys don’t medialy transition you’re not diagnosed with gender dysphoria, all the made up genders are based on the existing 2 genders if not then they’re either based on not having a gender at all or being both (girl boy/ male female). I cba doing this because it’s so obviouse. just please face reality because its getting so annoy to listen to you about first world problem  pt 3

Okay so *cough* a word from the second world country over here *cough*

As far as I understand you have a problem with the idea that there are more than two options out there to “fit into”? And I get that, I do - growing up in a society that tells you constantly that you can only ever choose between two opposite options can take away from the flexibility of the mind to think for itself. That is why it is a good idea to educate yourself by reading about gender studies by sociologists and sexologists and not self-proclaimed scientists on the internet. So let’s get back to the idea that gender and how we as humans express it is a social construct and why it is in no way invalidating anyone’s self expression but on the contrary giving people the freedom to be whoever they want to be.

The gender role theory, considered by Alsop, Fitzsimons and Lennon (2002) is an early form of social constructionism. Social constructionism, briefly, is the concept that there are many things that people “know” or take to be “reality” that are at least partially, if not completely, socially situated. For example, Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker writes that “some categories really are social constructions: they exist only because people tacitly agree to act as if they exist.”

Gender, according to West and Zimmerman, is not a personal trait; it is “an emergent feature of social situations: both as an outcome of and a rationale for various social arrangements, and as a means of legitimating one of the most fundamental divisions of society.”

Doing gender according to west and Zimmerman “is to advance a new trap house understanding of gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in every day interaction”. Essentially, West and Zimmerman argued that gender is something that humans created. As humans, we have categorized and defined many aspects of life. If someone was not in favor of their gender role or did something that was not deemed “correct” for that gender this person would be committing an act of social deviance.

And I assure you Alsop, Fitzsimons and Lennon were not 14 when they were writing “Theorizing Gender” and neither were West and Zimmerman when they published “Doing Gender” in 1987 but still I do not get your ageism towards the young. How are the opinions of 14 year old people any less valid than those of older people?

Anyway, let’s get back to our “gender rolls”.

From someone who took a gender studies course: “It’s less that they’re saying, "society completely invented gender” and more “gender exists only on a social level, therefore it is mutable.” In other words, instinct is biological, but instinct can be ignored/overwritten. To me, I’ve always seen postmodernism as being about how there ARE NO incontrovertible truths, even if we want to believe people fit into these neat little categories, they don’t, because THOSE CATEGORIES are constructs. The traits by which we categorize may be biological, but the categories themselves are not.”

In other words, gender is a performance; it’s what you do at particular times, rather than a universal who you are. Judith Butler argues that we all put on a gender performance, whether traditional or not, and so it is not a question of whether to do a gender performance, but what form that performance will take. By choosing to be different about it, we might work to change gender norms and the binary understanding of masculinity and femininity. This idea of identity as free-floating, as not connected to an ‘essence’, but instead a performance, is one of the key ideas in queer theory.

Additionally, these categories are culturally constructed since they are fluid. What it means to be a “man” and “woman” have changed in the last 50 years alone. There is no denying gender roles changed and thus accept that these are things that societies construct. While sex is pre-determined, even though that can change, gender changes.

So yes, things change. Remember, for example, how homosexuality was considered a mental illness until 1973? And how homosexual people had to fight to prove they were just as “normal” as heterosexuals? Also how even before that some sexologists started studying sexuality properly and then we accepted the Kinsey scale and the idea that sexuality was in fact a spectrum? And then we ended up adding a couple of new letters to the LG making it LGBTQA+ plus all the non-binary categories? You know why? Because people are ever-changing creatures, we learn, we discover new things about ourselves and we want to be heard and accepted.

And hey, here we are again 44 years later and you’re telling me I should stop trying to explore my identity and just stick to what’s “normal” and okay. Because it annoys you.

So in the end the only person who is demeaning other people’s experiences and identities by making them seem invalid is you.

Imagine Being Badly Hurt by the Delanceys

“Are you gonna apologize, newsie?” Oscar asks. Morris has you pinned against the wall, his fist twisting your shirtfront.

“I didn’t even do nothin’!” you respond. That wasn’t quite true, but there was almost no way the brothers could pin any of those pranks on you. It could’ve been any of the boys. Well, come to think of it, maybe you hadn’t been as sneaky as you thought.

And the Delanceys aren’t going to go easy on you because you’re a girl. You dress like a boy, act like a boy, speak like a boy; there’s no way you’re telling them otherwise.

“You didn’t do nothin’, which means you did somethin’,” Oscar says as Morris shoves you harder against the wall. “It’s a double negative. Learnt that at school.”

“Didn’t know they taught such advanced stuff in the second grade,” you taunt, (e/c) eyes flashing in a rush of defiance.

Obviously, that was the wrong thing to say. When two beefy guys have you up against a wall in a dark alley, making fun of their lack of intelligence is the wrong way to go.

Oscar’s fist lands squarely just below your ribcage. You pray your cap doesn’t come off, revealing the (h/c) braids pinned to the top of your head. What a strange thought to come out of all of the pain.

You make a fist to punch back after the pain subsides a little, but one of them grabs your arms, holding you back. Another blow to your gut. You double over in pain, but a fist connects with your right eye. You see stars, and suddenly you’re on the ground. The blows never stop coming.

You try to curl yourself up into a ball, but that only aggravates them more. Oscar hauls you up, grabbing your arm, but that sudden jerking brings the cap off of your head. He drops your arm, and you sink back to the ground, trying not to pass out from the pain.

“Crap,” Morris breathes. “We just beat up a girl.”

“Let’s get outta here,” Oscar replies. “Anyway, we didn’t know she was a girl. We didn’t know.”

“Can we just leave her like that? Shouldn’t we help her?”

“Are you crazy? There’s somebody comin’! Let’s beat it!”

The brothers’ footsteps retreat. ‘At least they have the decency to feel ashamed of beating up a girl,’ you think to yourself before everything goes black.

When you wake up, you’re in a bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. You’re back at the Lodging House, you realize. You try to turn your head, but you groan instead at the sharp pain. How did you get here anyway?

Suddenly, Race’s blond curls and blue eyes are above you. Through your left eye (the other is swollen shut) you can see the concern etched on his face. “What happened to you?” he asks. “You was gone all day, an’ nobody could find ya, an’ when we did, you was all beat up in a alley! What happened?”

“You… you know how they guys… dared me to-“ you slowly and painfully begin, lifting a hand to your forehead to try to clear the pain.

“You didn’t actually do it, did ya?” Race cuts you off, knowing the answer to his own question. “So the Delanceys did all this to ya.” His face is red, and his jaw is clenched tight.

You nod. “They stopped… when they realized I was a girl.”

“I’m gonna kill’ em!” Race cries. “I’ll soak ‘em real good. Don’t you worry, (y/n)! I’ll get ‘em! They’ll pay!” He stalks out. You’ve only seen Race’s temper flare twice before, and it’s never pretty.

“Race!” you cry, trying to stop him, but he’s already gone. You almost pity the Delanceys for what they’re about to go through.

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isn't pidge??? cannon trans? Why are people calling him a girl :/

I’m not sure where you are in the series, but I spoil you if you will read further from now on.

In one episode it get’s clear that Pidge’s name is katie and that Katie had long hair and wears dresses.

The thing is. We don’t know if Pidge is a actually a boy and consider herself as a girl. Or is a girl and dressed up like a boy for sneaking in the Garrison. OR SOME OTHER WAYS?! Like for Pidge you could actually think in all ways and nobody really knows it. C: 

In season two the writers put a nice scene in which Pidge has to go to the toilet and can’t decide in which one. Keith on the other hand could decide freely and you see him come from one bathroom. 
And I think it was a brilliant little thing the producers and writers put into the series and Pidge’s character.





MTL to have a spanking kink

MTL to date a fan

MTL to date a chubby/thick girl

MTL to date a boy that likes to wear dresses

MTL to use grammar in their texts

MTL to date someone like 10 years older than them 

MTL to like dating a person with facial piercings

MLT date someone with a normal job

MLT date a girl that’s 6ft

MTL to like a slim girl with a big ass and thighs


MTL to have a spanking kink

MTL to date a chubby/thick girl

MTL to date a girl who listens to classic rap/R&B 

MTL to use grammar in their texts 

MTL likely to date an e-sports player

MTL to like dating a person with facial piercings 



Monsta x




Got7 Reaction to you wanting them to eat you out

Got7 reaction to you walking around with his shirt on and no pants 

Got7 reaction to the girl they like is waiting until marriage

Got7 reaction to you in a cosplay costume

Got7 reaction to meeting your parents

Got7 reaction to seeing their girlfriends naturally curly hair down

Got7 reaction to them thinking your a noona because your so motherly

Got7 reaction to their s/o not sleeping until early hours because they keep checking their phone

Got7 reaction to you wearing a very sexy night gown that you bought just for them

Got7 reaction to you acting cocky in public

Got7 reaction to you wanting to be choked

Got7 reaction to you coming home soaked after getting stuck in the rain

Got7 reaction to you always being hungry after sex

Got7 reaction to finding out your nipples are pierced

Got7 reaction to you squirting for the first time

Got7 reaction to you getting scared of a horror movie

Got7 reaction to both of you having to do a sexy duet together


BTS reaction to you wanting them to eat you out

BTS rapline reaction to you rapping Cypher pt 3

BTS reaction to you randomly kissing their neck

BTS reaction to you wanting elevator sex

BTS reaction to you finishing your PhD at 22 years

BTS Reaction to you squirting for the first time

BTS reaction to you wanting to try anal for the first time

BTS reaction to you on your period

BTS reaction to you having fun with another group

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being nerdy but is super clumsy

BTS reaction to you having cute moans

Bts reaction to a guy bodyshaming you while you’re on a date


Seventeen (hip hop unit) reaction to you being mistreated by your friends 

Seventeen (vocal unit) reaction to you being into spanking

Monsta x 




How BTS sleep with their GF at night

BTS dates

Boyfriend Jungkook

Boyfriend Yoongi

Boyfriend Hobi

Best friend Jungkook

Yoongi Drabble (Smut)


Boyfriend Youngjae

How Got7 cuddles

Roommate!Youngjae (Fluff)

Jackson drabble (Fluff)


Home alone (M)

Hoshi drabble 





Everyday texts w/ Yoongi 


Jinyoung smut scenario 

Frustration (Youngjae smut)

Sex With Series



Sex with Jinyoung

Sex with JB

Sex with Youngjae

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Can you do a scenario of how katsuki, hitoshi, and kirishima would react to seeing a childhood friend again after not seeing them for 1-2 years and they found out they were actually a girl, since they went through a tomboy face and constantly dressed like a boy, and maybe they didn't believe them and the friend brought their hand to their chest to give them proof. Bonus points if they started to have a crush on them afterwards.

this reminds me of one of the greatest anime glowups 

bakugou katsuki

His mom had told him that his friend was going to be there, so he decided to meet up with him since it had been so long. Though he would never admit it, he was actually very excited to see him. After about ten minutes of waiting, he pulled out his phone to text his mom that she was fucking wrong. Just as he was about to send the scalding message, he felt a nudge against his shoulder. He turned around only to be greeted by a girl, a beautiful one at that. He didn’t know what to do so he shouted, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TOUCHING ME?!” He saw her face contort into a look of confusion before she replied,

“Katsuki? Don’t you remember me?” He stared at her for a moment before it clicked with him. It was his friend. And he is a she!

“But you’re a fucking girl!” Bakugou shouted, and she laughed at his reaction. “I don’t believe this…”

“Yeah, last time I checked I am a girl, and if you don’t believe me then,” She grabbed his arm and placed it against her chest, forcing his hand to squeeze the flesh. His best friend was a fucking girl and he never knew it.

“B-but we used to bathe together when we were younger!” He pulled his hand back, eyes wide.

“Did you stare at my private parts when we were bathing?” She asked, a small smirk on her lips.


“WELL YOU ANSWERED YOUR OWN QUESTION!” She retorted and he knew she had a point. He nodded before scratching his hair.

“Let’s just go and get some fucking mochi.”

hitoshi shinsou

He heard that his best friend, who he hadn’t seen in a while, was in town for a wedding and he knew he had to go and see them. He brought a small box of dango in hopes of appeasing him for not contacting him in a while. The door opened to the home and Shinsou smiled at the mom as she let him inside.

“She’s in her room.” The mom said before turning to go into the kitchen and he cocked his head to the side. She? Her? He probably heard her wrong. He walked to the end of the hall and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” He opened the door to see a room

he was so used to but he saw someone he wasn’t used to. A girl, lying on the bed wearing a loose All Might shirt and shorts. He felt a small blush spread across his cheeks and he saw her hop up off the ground, running over to engulf him in a hug. “Shinsou!! I’ve missed you so much!!” He felt his heart rate begin to rise as he, shakily, brought his arms around her to hug her back.

“I-I missed you too?” Was he always a she? He began to think and he always saw them with short hair and they never showed any signs of being a girl. They pulled away, gazing at his face and he recognized those eyes. But it felt different now because they were wearing makeup and her eyes were glittering. Holy shit, she’s beautiful, he thought before giving her a small smile.

“Why haven’t you talked to me recently!” She asked, a small pout on her lips. He felt a pang of something go through his chest.

“I’m sorry it’s because of schooling and stuff.” He frowned softly and she pulled him to her bed, plopping down.

“Come here! let’s catch up!” She said, a grin on her lips.

Fuck, she’s going to kill me.

kirishima eijirou

Okay he didn’t know they were going to be there but when he bumped into someone and went to go apologize, he saw those eyes he knew so well. “Oh! Hey!” He stepped back but saw somethings he didn’t know so well. The ‘guy’ he knew as his best friend was actually a girl. She grinned up at him before pulling him into a tight hug.

“Kiri!! It’s been too long!” When she pulled away from him, the red head was in awe. How did he not know that he was a she.

“It has!! I’m sorry for it being so long.” Kirishima tried not to stare but fuck, she was gorgeous.

“Let’s go get something to eat and let’s hang out!!” Kirishima’s face was as red as his hair as he nodded.