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super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.

Signs a Girl Likes You: Online Edition

someone asked me for this a long time ago and i think i accidentally deleted the message so here it is! sorry for the delay!

  • this one’s obvious but she spends a lot of time talking to you! she messages you the moment she gets online and you talk until you go to sleep. maybe you do more than text, like video chatting or phone calls or online gaming
  • she introduces you to her friends! she wants you all to get along so maybe she adds you to their group chat or invites you to join a game they’re playing together 
  • she trusts you with personal information that you generally don’t tell people you’ve met online like her last name, where she lives, etc
  • she talks to you even during other social engagements! she texts you even while she’s at a party or sends you snaps when she’s busy just to show she’s thinking of you
  • OR she actually cancels plans to hang out with you! maybe she ditches her friends to video chat or play games with you
  • she gives you a cute nickname or a cute emoji next to your name. this is a big one i’m not kidding
  • she apologizes for being away/not being able to talk even if it rarely happens
DR Protagonists, a summary:

Naegi: I won’t give up!

Matsuda: I’d sell you to Satan for one cornchip.

Hinata: *internal screaming*

Komaru: *external screaming*

Akamatsu: Let’s work together, everyone!