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The Signs As Lyrics To “Wannabe” by Spice Girls

Aries:  Now don’t go wasting my precious time, Get your act together we could be just fine.

Taurus: I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.

Gemini: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

Cancer: I won’t be hasty, I’ll give you a try.

Leo: Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

Virgo: Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is.

Libra: What do you think about that now you know how I feel.

Scorpio: If you want my future forget my past, If you wanna get with me better make it fast.

Sagittarius: If you really bug me then I’ll say goodbye.

Capricorn: Say you can handle my love are you for real.

Aquarius: If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give.

Pisces: Make it last forever friendship never ends.

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Why would a baby negatively impact Liam's career?

So this will sound ‘assholey’ and ‘misogynistic’ but thats how showbiz works apparently and these are their words not mine.

Louis ‘hooked up’ with a groupie and got her pregnant. This is pretty normal for popstars. (Apparently now Bieber’s management makes the girls he sleeps with sign a NDA and take morning after pills. yikes ) Happens all the time. Media has shown repeatedly that Louis provides the child with money and support. That’s all that matters. For all concerned, B is a gold digger who hit the jackpot and Louis is doing more than enough for a surprise baby. Also Louis hasn’t hinted at a solo singer career. According to my friend Louis apparently is talking to a lot of big names in the industry but its more for behind the screens areas like brand management and producing. He obviously is interested in the EDM scene but is also interested in ‘recruiting talent’ in this area (whatever that means, I understand very little in this area). He is also actively songwriting. So his ‘child’ who he is not actively involved in his life, poses no threat to his career atm. If Louis switches to a better management team, he’s all set.

On the other hand, Liam is apparently aiming for a solo career. But its not like Justin Timberlake, but more varied music genre. Liam is collaborating with award winning producers that will bring out all aspects of his voice. His audience are going to be aimed at both teenagers and more mature audience most of who will lust after him (it is what it is). Him having a child who he is actively involved with might pose a problem. You usually do not want to desire a baby daddy. Also Cheryl, with her multiple failed relationships and a huge age difference is not good for Liam. Coz that automatically makes him a ‘boytoy’ apparently (I hate this). So people won’t take him seriously. That’s what happened to Ashton Kutcher who suddenly started being recognized as a good entrepreneur , humanitarian and a better actor the moment he separated from Demi Moore. I think that’s why Liam’s label kept him away from baby news as much as possible. Also Cheryl is apparently planning a lot of marketing with this pregnancy, she is gonna give herself an image makeover which is not great for Liam. He should be marketed as an available fun lad, not a responsible father . Atleast at the start of his career. The responsible father mode happens in your late 30s like Justin Timberlake did and increases your appeal then. So Liam’s team is trying to contain the baby news to UK as Cheryl is not known a lot in the US.

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i was tagged by @hakanakiki to do this. so let’s do it

nicknames: (off the top of my head) andi, princess boogerface, dumbass, baby girl, dex, zombie

zodiac sign: aquarius 

orientation: somewhere between bi and a lesbian fuck if i know

ethnicity: generic white american 

favorite fruit: strawberries and blackberries. they are so good.i would die for a blackberry pie.

favorite scent: the smell right after a big rainstorm, when there’s still a bit of electricity in the air and you feel as powerful as a god.

favorite color: like…. blue or green. like a sapphire blue or an emerald green. actually i love all jewel tones.

favorite animal: dogs. i really love dogs.

tea, coffee, or hot chocolate: i Really Like soda it’s fizzy and feels calming.

average hours of sleep: it varies. sometimes it’s 4 hours, sometimes it 10. usually it’s about 7 hours tho? also i take a lot of depression naps so that may factor in.

cat or dog person: def a dog person. cats are cool, but my grandfather had a barnful of semi feral cats when i was a kid/he was alive. sine mostof you have never been with a semi feral barn cat, they are Wild so now a have a healthy amount of respect for cats.

ideal trip: a road trip or something that lets me meet all my online friends. i love them all so much.

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“But then I met you and it felt like everything was going to be okay”

Aries x Saggitarius
Taurus x Leo
Gemini x Aquarius
Cancer x Virgo
Libra x Pisces
Scorpio x Capricorn

A Woman's Personality

(Check your Venus Sign)

The Urban Sophisticate: LEO, SAGITTARIUS

Her strengths: This woman is funny, hot, and spontaneous. When you walk into a room with her, everyone stares at you in envy. Neil Strauss, the author of the best-selling dating memoir The Game, puts it simply, “This is the kind of girl everyone wants, and it makes you feel awesome when you’re the one who has her.“ 

Her weaknesses: "You need enormous confidence to date a woman like this,” Strauss says. “She gets off on attention, but you can’t get jealous.” If you’re independent, you’ll dig her ambition, but make sure she wants you–and not just the ego boost you provide. 

The Arty Hipster: PISCES, GEMINI

Her strengths: She knows where all the dive bars are and all the art shows with free wine. She’s exciting and stylish, but not as untouchable as the urban sophisticate. “She actually likes nerds and intellectuals,” says Ian Coburn, author of God Is a Woman: Dating Disasters. And she actually cares about culture. “She can be great for a guy who wants to learn more about art and music,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a relationship therapist and the author of She Comes First. 

Her weaknesses: Do you keep going after her because you hope her cool will rub off on you? If your interests don’t match, don’t expect to just coast along on her taste. “Girls like this have opinions,” Kerner says. “And they want you to know the difference between Jonathan Adler and Jonathan Richman.”

The Vegan Yoga Gal: AQUARIUS, LIBRA

Her strengths: She’s got great skin and a long neck, and she gives you long back rubs with wacky oils. All that deep breathing means she rarely flies off the handle, and you value this perhaps even more than you value her amazing, high, tight rear, which is saying a lot. Strauss says, “This is a woman who really wants to make a deep connection with life, and a man who wants the same could be really into her.” Fisher says that independent, analytical, or creative guys could find her alternative view fascinating. 

Her weaknesses: Remember, Strauss notes, “These women are almost exclusively interested in men who are into the same stuff they are.” Love her, love her lifestyle.  

The Alpha Female: VIRGO, ARIES

Her strengths: She graduated from college in 3 years and went right to law school without taking a vacation. She’s hard to keep up with. Ironically, it’s not the alpha dog who should try dating her. “A scientist, artist, or teacher will do well with this woman,” says April Masini, author of Date Out of Your League. “If you’re not interested in power plays, she won’t fight you." 

Her weaknesses: She has a lot in common with alpha males, but these relationships are too intense. "They can’t make time for each other,” Fisher says. Coburn cautions that pushover types are often attracted to such women, and some alpha females – the sadistic ones – are attracted right back. “Obviously, if this is your dynamic, it isn’t good.”  

The Intimacy Junkie: CAPRICORN, SCORPIO

Her strengths: She goes to yoga, too, but it’s the easy kind that’s more about “connection to the self” than sculpting a smoking bod. So what if she’s a little in your face. The sex is amazing. Strauss likes women like this. “She is the best kisser in the world. Very intense, very into connecting.” Fisher says independent men will love such a deeply verbal gal, and Kerner thinks all men should date someone like this. “Most men need help learning to communicate, and she will help them." 

Her weaknesses: The intimacy junkie makes you feel great at first. She’s so into you and your feelings. Analytical men will find themselves easily ensnared in her macramé web. "He will be super into her at first, but there’s going to be a lot of talk about the ‘meaning’ of the relationship, which might cause it to implode,” Fisher says. 

The Happy Homemaker: CANCER, TAURUS

Her strengths: She’s no gold digger – all she wants is a Volvo wagon and a nice, cozy three-bedroom. She wants to have your kids, take care of them, and take care of you. “Some guys draw a great deal of ego satisfaction from providing for a family, and there is nothing wrong with that,” says Masini. A man who grew up in a very traditional household will love her, and, conversely, a guy who grew up with domestic chaos craves this woman for the stable home she provides. 

Her weaknesses: Remember that when she says she’s not going to work, she means it. Career-minded men could be happy with an arrangement that allows them to focus on their work while she manages his domestic life. But if the financial stress builds, you may not be able to convince her to get a job.