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Teen Wolf Preference - How You Meet

S C O T T  :

At the Animal Clinic

After doing hours of homework, you decided to go out and get some food since your parents weren’t home. Listening to Rihanna, you continued your drive to McDonalds.

“AHH!” You screamed, slamming on your breaks as something ran in front of your car, making you hit it as it was too close to fully stop. You climbed out of your car quickly to see what you hit, which was a beautiful, small German Shepherd.

Poor thing,” You thought to yourself, “I can’t believe I did this.”

You wrapped the puppy into a spare blanket, and put him in your trunk. You made your way to Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, hoping that someone would there even though it was late. When you arrived at the clinic, you frantically knocked on the front door. A cute, young boy about your age opened the door.

“Can I help you?” He asked, smiling but that disappeared as you burst into tears.

“He c-c-came outta nowhere.. Please, c-can you he-help him?” You stuttered through the tears.

“Help who?” The boy asked really confused. You grabbed his hand, and led him to the trunk of your car, opening it to reveal the whimpering dog.

“Him,” You whispered. The boy grabbed the dog, and led you inside. He laid the dog down on the silver table, and examined the dog.

“He only has a broken leg,” He looked up, smiling, as you let out a relieved breathe.

“Thank you, uh,” You hesitated, not knowing his name, even though you were sure you’ve had classes with him at BHHS, “and I’m sorry about the whole crying mess.”

“Scott,” He smiled, shaking your hand, “It’s totally okay. Anyone would have reacted that way.”

“Well, Scott, I’m Y/N,” He sent you a goofy smile,

“I know.”

S T I L E S :

At the Comic Store

You were currently looking down the comic book aisles, looking for the newest edition of Batman. When your eyes finally laid sight of the comic book, someone else snatched it.

“Hey!” You protested, making the boy who looks about your ago, with a buzz cut, and light brown eyes stare at you in shock, “I saw it first!”

“Yo-you read comic books?” The boy said confused, making you narrow your eyes at him.

“What? Because I’m a girl?” You huffed, now glaring at him, taking his comment for being sexist.

“No, no,” He said hurriedly, “because you’re so pretty.”

At his comment, you blushed and averted your eyes to the floor as his eyes widened, and cheeks flushed as well, as he just realized what he said.

“Well, thank you,” You chuckled, gaining some confidence, “I’m Y/N. You’re Stiles, right? I think I have you in a couple classes.”

“Ye-yeah,” He stuttered, still with flushed cheeks.

“Well since that’s the last one, I think I should get your number so you can tell me what goes down in it,” You smirked as Stiles turned redder than a tomato. He gave you his number, and you both went your separate ways.

D E R E K :

In High School

You rolled your eyes as Sabrina appeared in your line of vision, at the lockers. Sabrina was the popular girl, always giving you a hard time, just because you didn’t follow her every decision.

“Seriously, Y/N, it’s no wonder why no boys like you,” She smirked, twirling a piece of you hair. You smacked her hand away from your hair, and she glared at you.

“You should learn to respect your superiors,” She hissed, leaning into your personal space.

“And you should learn to respect peoples personal space,” You hissed right back, annoyed. You let out a little yelp as she slammed your locker shut, catching your fingers. You clutched your fingers to your chest, as Sabrina smirked smugly at you.

“Lay off, Sabrina,” an unfamiliar voice said, right next to you. You peeked your head and saw it was Derek Hale. She went to object, but seeing the look on his face, she stopped. Sabrina huffed, gave you a glare and walked away with her little minions.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked, leaning against the locker next to you.

“Fine,” You mumbled, opening your locker to finish grabbing your stuff.

“I’m Derek Hale.”

“I know who you are,” You replied, finally shutting your locker and facing him.

“And you are?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Doesn’t matter,” You hid your smirk, seeing Derek pout, “If you can say something in Spanish I’ll tell you.”

“Creo que eres muy hemosa,” Derek smirked at your stunned expression, as you turned red.

“It’s Y/N.”

{Creo que eres muy hemosa = I think you’re very beautiful}

I S A A C :

At a Lacrosse Game

“Come on. Put in Scott,” You murmured to yourself, hoping your cousin would be put in to play and end the game that BHHS was currently getting dominated. You furrowed you eyebrows in confusion as #14 yet again tackled another player from BHHS. You let out a cheerful laugh as Scott was finally put in as a last resort. Number 14 sat on the bench, smirking as he spread his arms out.

“That was smart,” You snickered to yourself as the curly-haired boy jumped at the sound of your voice.

“Yeah, well we were getting dominated. Couldn’t let my team down,” He shrugged his shoulders, like it was no big deal.

“Well, I’m glad I can finally see my cousin play, so thank you,” You smiled, as number 14 sent you a confused look.

“Scotts’ your cousin?” He questioned in shock.

“Yup, I’m Y/N," You held out your hand to shake his, but slowly dropped it as the boy continued staring at you in shock, "and you are?”

“I-I-Isaac Lahey,” He mumbled.

“It’s nice to meet you, Isaac.”

L Y D I A :

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In the Mall

“I’d go with the baby blue,” You told the strawberry-blonde, who stood in front of a mirror holding up two dresses, “It goes better with your complexion.”

“Hmmm,” The girl held it up to her body, and nodded, “You are sooo right. I like you. I’m Lydia.”

“I’m Y/N,” You smiled, as Lydia put back the beige dress back, and turned to face me.

“Want to continue shopping together? I’m in need of another fashionistas advice,” She grinned, biting her lip in hope.

“Of course! My friends ditched me,” You huffed, before she linked her arm with you, and you set off on a very exciting shopping trip, with your newly found best friend.

A L L I S O N :

The Library

You were so into your book about huntresses, that you didn’t see a person doing the exact same thing. You both collided, and your books went flying.

“I’m so sorry,” flew from both of your guys mouths. You grinned, and offered a hand to the pretty brown eyed girl. She smiled, took your hand and stood up.

“I think you dropped this,” You handed her the book you picked up, thinking it was yours.

“This must be yours then,” She looked at the title, and grinned handing it to you, “Huntresses? Nice.”

“Yeah, I use a bow & arrow in my spare time so it’s nice to get more info on different styles,” You shrugged, as an excited look spread across the girls face.

“You shoot too? We should definitely go together some time,” She had an excited glint to her eyes, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Allison.”

“It’s okay,” You chuckled, shaking her hand, “I’m Y/N, and we should definitely.”

A I D E N :

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Alpha Pack

Being Deucalions daughter wasn’t easy, but you were treated like a princess, by everyone in the pack. You knew your dad had added twins to the pack, but you have yet to meet them, as you’ve been packing for the Beacon Hills move.

“Daddy!" You sang, skipping into the room where he was with the rest of the pack. Unlike them though, you were only a Beta.

"Ah, there you are darling,” Deucalion smiled, as you stopped beside him, kissing his cheek.

“Oooh, who are these cuties?” You smiled, flirtatiously at one of the twins who was clearly checking you out.

“I’m Aiden,” He smirked, holding out a hand that you gladly shook, “This is Ethan.”

“Well, I’m Y/N.”

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