girls share beds


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M-Rated: NSFW
Fluff: For the innocent sinners
Angst: Sad
Scenarios: S 
Text Messages/Snapchats: T


Partner flinching away from them
You being nervous
Your kink being scratching
Girlfriend siting in a closet 
Girlfriend hating Halloween
MTL to get excited over Christmas
You falling asleep on them
You wanting to cuddle all day

[Individual Members☆] 

Oh Sehuh - Boyfriend material


Girlfriend dancing sexily 
Taemin & Onew to you dancing in Yoga pants
You sitting on their lap


Getting asked about having a baby 
Their shy crush confessing to them
You liking neck kisses
You fainting due to stress


They are not your bias
You sitting in a closet
Being Jealous
You dancing in your underwear
Hitting you during an argument
How Monsta X would be in Bed [M-Rated]
Finding out about your tongue piercing
You having a dirty mind
You purposely not wearing a bra
You only wearing their shirt
You swearing a lot
You being unconfident about your body
You admit your crush on them
Hitting you during a fight
You having a dirty mind
When their child asks how babies are made 
Choosing between a Handjob and a Blowjob [M-Rated]
Distracting you from a phone call [M-Rated]
You getting scared during a movie 
How Monsta X would sleep with their S/O…
Their Best Friend being abused
You having miscarried
You playing hard to get

[Individual Members☆]

As your Best Friend


You saying I love you for the first time
Seeing you again after a long time
You feeling paranoid
You falling asleep on their shoulder
Girlfriend feeling safe around them
Girlfriend wearing their shirt ½
Girlfriend wearing their shirt 2/2
Your kink being scratching [M-Rated]
Seeing you in your traditional dress


300 Days Anniversary
Girlfriend being on her period
Visiting your home town
You feeling paranoid
Pumpkin Carving
Falling in love at first sight
You being unintentionally cute


Seeing your baby photos
Taking you to the fair
You moaning another members name [M-Rated]
Being Teased in Public [M-Rated]
Surprising them at their show
Waking You up with oral [M-Rated]
You self-harming
BTS Kinks [M-Rated]
Getting distracted from a phone call [M-Rated]
You accidentally sending nudes to another member [M-Rated]
Getting scared with a creepy mask 
You dancing when you’re bored
You secretly crushing on them
You coming out as asexual
Taking your virginity
You crying over TWD 
Getting send nudes [M-Rated]
To you having a bad day
To you being kidnapped
MTL to get annoyed at their S/O for constantly needing skinship
Falling in love with someone younger
Which Member is the best in bed?
Becoming a Dad
Which Members are still virgins?
What costumes they would get you
Buying you costumes
You’re nervous about confessing to them 
Loving you when you’re in a relationship
To you not liking your reflection
Getting beaten up by your Ex-Boyfriend
Needing attention
How long it would take them to introduce their S/O
You giving them a sassy comeback
When another member touches your boobs
When you take photos of them
Distracting you from a phone call
When you’re nervous about confessing to them
Seeing you for the first time
BTS in bed
Your boobs pressing against their chest [M-RATED]
You accidentally mess up your haircut
When their someone asks what they like about them 
To their girlfriend moaning when they spank her playfully [M-Rated]
To another guy touching their girlfriend’s boobs [M-Rated]
Messages from your Bangtan Boyfriend….[T]
You initiating a makeout session but leaving halfway through
Boyfriend getting a tongue piercing
Girlfriend being in pain during sex
Girlfriend grinding on them during a makeout session
You being bullied by someone shorter
When their someone asks what they like about them
You leaving after a fight 
Their S/O wanting to be in charge
You giving back their shirt
You stroking them under the table [M-Rated]
You not wanting to hold hands
Finding you in their favorite underwear [M-Rated]
To a new girl member
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
Pushing you during a fight 
You saying ‘I hate you’ during an argument
You hiding your pregnancy from them
Their S/O liking skinship
Another member flirting with you
Their child looking nothing like them
You jokingly saying you want an open relationship
Taking you to a haunted house 
You having a nightmare

[Individual Members☆]

As your best friend…

As your best friend…
As an older brother…

As your best friend…

Boyfriend material 

Boyfriend material

[Hip Hop Unit] to you being scared
Night in with Vocal Unit
[Vocal Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to you admitting your crush on them 
[Vocal Unit] to you wanting a puppy/kitten
[Vocal Unit] to you scaring them
[Performance Unit] to you debuting w/ sexy concept
[Vocal Unit] being scared of you
[Hip Hop Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to Girlfriend getting excited about Christmas
Girlfriend being a rap goddess
Seeing you for the first time
[Vocal Unit] to you not having a fixed style
You being scared of thunderstorms
[Hip Hop Unit] falling for a girl
[Vocal Unit] sharing a bed for the first time
You swearing a lot
You walking around in their oversized shirt
You being crazy funny
You getting hate from fans
To you being clumsy [Mingyu, DK, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Woozi, Seungcheol]
[Vocal Unit] sleeping together with their girlfriend for the first time 
You being a savage
[Hip Hop Unit] Angsty Break Up
[Performance Unit] Angsty Break Up

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…

As your best friend…

As your best friend…


Girlfriend playing video games
Girlfriend being a Victoria Secret Model
Girlfriend being clumsy
Boyfriend cheating on you
Lovers Baby Photos
Being called Daddy [M-Rated]
Recieving Oral [M-Rated]
Teased in Public [M-Rated]
You being in a abusive relationship
Girlfriend suddenly eating healthy
Waking you with Oral [M-Rated]
Making you feel better
S/O smiling about something they like
Waking up to oral [M-Rated]
Cuddling after a stressful day
Girlfriend being a trained assassin
You not feeling like yourself
You needing a hug
You scared of loud noises
You’re purposely not wearing a bra around them [M-Rated]
Being horny while you’re on your period [M-Rated]
You waking up screaming 
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
You not sharing your food
Girlfriend having stretchmarks
MTL to push you against the wall
Getting jealous
To you walking down the aisle
To you being stalked
When you have a anxiety attack
When you reveal your singing voice to them
To you being in a abusive relationship before
When their child’s first word is not daddy
When you wear lingerine for the first time [M-Rated]
Breaking up with you…
You only walking around in their oversized shirt
Their someone secretly being a cuddle bug 
When their crush licks their cheek
Their S/O being depressed because of their school grades
You not laughing at their joke
Delivering their own child
You checking yourself out
Seeing you for the first time 
You being pregnant 

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…


Reacting to your boobs pressing against their chest
Reacting to you not wanting to be carried
Kinks [M-Rated]
Reacting to you not sharing your food
What costume they would get you
You giving them a back hug
When you’re scared of thunder
You being into BDSM


Falling in love with their childhood friend
Another guy hitting on you

12 Days of ODM: Day 5

Dedicated to: My Gajevy Anon

Prompt: Gajeel and Levy are on a job when they end up having to share a bed.


“Calm down, Gajeel,” Levy said, not even bothering to look up at the dragon slayer that stood frozen beside her. That was probably for the best, given the way he could feel his cheeks warming with fire as he stared at the sight before them.

“It really isn’t that big of a deal,” she continued, walking further into the room and dropping her bag on the ground. The sound of its heavy thud mixed with the sound of the blood as it rushed in his ears. Gajeel wasn’t sure what he had done to find himself on the business end of karma, with his very own Hell laying before him just on the other side of the room that he stood in.

That Hell, was a plush, queen size bed situated all on its own in the corner.

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20 signs of Typical kpop scenarios

1. We know each other since childhood.. And I love you more than a sibling.. But you already have a girlfriend who is dating you for fame and money.
2. Let’s break up. (After one week) in drunken state, 3 at night banging on you door. I want you back (y/n).. Let’s get back together..
3. You are hanging out with my band members. I am jealous now!!
4. You couldn’t believe you eyes. You own bf naked with another girl on your shared bed.. Cheating on you…
5. Grabbing you wrist* let me explain..(y/n)! There is nothing left to explain.. We are over!!
6. I have been out for one month on tours n stuff. I missed you and I know u are horny af too.. So let just have rough sex..
7. Making breakfast in his shirt and not wearing pants.. Him coming and hugging you from behind and kissing your neck…
8. Making a confession while drunk
9. Making a confession because of jealousy.
10. I am pregnant… Wow I can’t wait to be a dad I m so happy!!
11. Being insecure and him showing you how beautiful you are through soft and romantic love making….
12. Sex in shower
13. Sex on kitchen counter
14. Sex in a changing room. Moaning loudly and not getting caught….
15. Will your parents like me..? Don’t worry baby they will love you!!
16. They don’t like me wiping tears from the back of your hands*
17. You are so fucking busy!! You don’t spend time with me!!
18. Heated argument. One person leaving the house. Getting into a car accident. Apologies
19. I am so so sorry (y/n) I love you so much. I love you too.
20. Him seeing in your wedding dress. And regretting that he wished he shud have asked you out..



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Date a girl you can’t share a bed with. For some reason if you fall asleep too close to each other, you both have similar nightmares about being trapped in a small dark pipe. Your dreams do vary slightly. In her dreams, she claims that the pipe is miles underground, and too far from civilization for any chance of rescue. In your dreams however, you can hear the muffled sound of her laughter coming from directly above you.

anonymous asked:

Can I make a request? Rfa (+V) waking up next to MC for the first time? (Fluff?) thank you a million!

Of course ^^

I apologize that this took a long time, I’ve been busy because of the holidays ^^’

Also I think I might have turned Seven’s a bit angsty? I hope that is okay

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Nessian (Post ACOWAR) Pt. 3

Here’s the next part! I was super rushed while I was writing this so I apologize for any mistakes! I think this is going to be shorter than my elriel fic because of my schedule lately! But I hope you still like it! :D Later I’m going to come back and triple check it haha :)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Walking down the street, Nesta’s arm was linked with Elain’s as they took in the beautiful day in Velaris. The sun that had felt scorching hot while she was training was now high in the sky and gave off the perfect amount of warmth. Kids were running up and down the streets, passing by shops and waving to the owners as they went. A year ago, Nesta would have never imagined a place like this in Prythian. Now, she was finally starting to look at Velaris as home.

Feyre and Rhys were walking up ahead, Feyre resting her head on the High Lord’s shoulder while their hands were intwined. Nesta felt a bit of jealousy rising inside her, at what her sister had. She knew that she could have that as well, with just a few words, but she wanted to wait. She wanted it to be the right time.

Cassian and Azriel were snickering about something Mor said, and Nesta turned to see them a little ways behind her. Nesta didn’t know what had come over her in that moment, but something about the way Cassian had laughed—a way he never did with her—made her stop walking.

“Nesta?” Elain sounded concerned and Nesta knew she could see the storm growing in her eyes.

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allowed to grieve.

Dedicated to @dianaakko. Love you. <3 

A/N: There is a suspicious lack of Nora and Ruby friendship in the FNDM. Of course, I had to do something to fix this, because Nora & Ruby’s dynamic is super interesting. 

Summary:  Losing a teammate isn’t a wound that you can heal from, but it’s a scar in which you can find common ground with another. When you know what it’s like to lose a part of your found family, you might just find another person to grieve with.

Or: the one where Ruby and Nora discuss the events during the Fall of Beacon.


There was one benefit of journeying miles and miles during the day and camping during night: it was a more strenuous training regimen than anything you’d ever get at home.

Of course, you had to deal with the cons of never having the promise of safety, and you had to contend with the ups and downs of the terrible weather on Anima, but there were moments like these that sweetened the deal. Team RNJR had walked around sixteen miles today, hitting two forests and one abandoned town, but luckily, they had managed to find a village with a cheap hotel. Even if there were roaches on the walls. But you had to take what you got, and after weeks of sleeping in rainy forests and waking up to bugs in their sleeping bags, nobody was going to complain about a few cockroaches.

They had rented out a little room with two twin beds and a couch, bickering it out with who got what, and eventually they had settled for Jaune on one bed, Ren on the couch, and the girls sharing the other bed. Now, everyone was fast asleep.

Except for Ruby.  

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The Fate of Fiore


I suddenly got inspired and this story popped up in my mind.

There is so much personality in Fairy Tail characters it would be a shame not to use it. Forgive me if I got something wrong, also my grammar and stylistic flaws. This is how the story pours out of my veins. Rated M for a reason.

And I do not own anything, Hiro Mashima does.



King Acnologia of Fiore dies leaving behind his wife Eileen and their six sons and one daughter.

Laxus, the eldest of six princess of Fiore is getting married to his love princess Mirajane. On this faithful night four princess meet beautiful strangers whilst second eldest Zeref ponders about his new bride to be, forced on him by his late father’s dying wish to make peace with the Tenrou kingdom. Cousin count Fernandes, who’s dark past foregoes him, joins the festivities and infamous Fiore gang The S-class resurfaces to steal the sword of kings the mighty Dragonslayer. Nothing is as it appears, everyone is hiding their secrets and motivations.

The game for the fate of Fiore begins…




“Wedding! I friggin’ love weddings!”

Prince Natsu yelled whilst stuffing his face with anything edible he could sniff out. His best friend Gray, earl Fullbuster, snorted but decided not to comment. After all it was his sarcastic remark taken literally by Natsu, which got them here - in the royal pantry. As a second youngest child Natsu could get into a lot of trouble. Even his little sister Wendy had more marbles most of the time. Gray considered this to be his fault, he knew Natsu from childhood and so he should know better than to tell him to go and stuff his face elsewhere when he saw him pigging up at the breakfast table.

Breakfasts in royal family were never small or quiet but today they were particularly noisy and festive. The eldest brother Laxus was getting married today. They all wished him the best, older brothers Zeref and Gajeel secretly hoping for the same luck with their brides, younger brothers twins Sting and Rogue hoping sincerely this will not happen to them anytime soon. They were too addicted to their freedom. Needless to say it was easier to pick up the girls without a wife in your tow. But Laxus seemed perfectly fine with this and everyone felt that princess Mirajane hides much more than she let on. Princess Mirajane was beautiful. Princess Mirajane was dangerous…

And then there was Natsu, the youngest brother. Totally clueless. Wedding? Marriage? Eternal happiness? Nah… Natsu’s needs were way more primal. Good food and comfy bed were his life’s priorities. And his cat, Happy. This creature with fluffy blue coat was cute and annoying at the same time closely resembling its owner, Gray thought. He smiled to himself. Thank goodness he didn’t have to worry about such things as marriage. Grays raven hair, dark eyes and toned, made for sin body had filled his bed with plethora of girls. But his heart was not happy. He was considered cold and cruel with the way he wooed the ladies and then dropped them as he pleased. His younger brother Loke was of similar nature however he tend to keep the women rather than getting rid of them effectively creating an ever growing harem of admirers.

In reality Loke was just a shallow womaniser comparing to Gray who was deeper than the deepest lake in the kingdom. Yet no one but few knew this. To them the earl Fullbuster was dark seducer with heart encased in ice.

And then one day…Gray sighed and his sight flew to the window. He thought of her often, the lady of the lake, as he privately called her. He had no idea who she was, he only remembered being pulled out of water half drowned and before his sight could clear she was gone. He recalled seeing ladylike curves in blue dress retreating in the forest. But before that he felt hot heavy breaths on his neck and smell of flowers. She kissed him, fiery scorching lips on his cold and numb ones to breathe life into him, to haunt him yearning for her in the night ever since. He was searching for her in every girl which passed his bed just to throw them away when they couldn’t fill the void.

Suddenly Natsu’s grunting and pig-like chomping ripped him out of his musings.

“Oh for crying out loud, is there any seal on that bottomless pit you call a stomach?!” He growled. Natsu only grinned and shrugged, maybe he couldn’t say anything due to his mouth being stuffed to the brim and cheeks puffed making him look like a squirrel filled with nuts.

Gray shook his head. “Let’s get out of here before Laxus finds out that you devoured half of his wedding dinner.”

But it was too late. A maid chose that moment to enter the pantry. For a moment her eyes met Natsu’s, roving over his overfilled cheeks and hands still holding few delicious treats, she blinked, then gasped and following came horrified shriek alarming guards across three castle floors. Sound of heavy boots advancing towards the kitchen filled the halls.

But Gray with Natsu in tow were already two storeys up running towards prince’s chambers, Gray swearing and Natsu laughing like a lunatic.

“I can’t!”, he panted when they finally halted and propped himself on nearby wall right between ancient tapestry and a suit of armour. “Oh lord, ha ha ha, did you see her face? I thought I’ll piss my pants!”

“Ass.”, Gray breathed under his nose. “Laxus will rip your head off.”

“Nah!”, Natsu brushed him off. “He’s got different problems now.”

That was true. The fair princess Mirajane was supposed to arrive about now and even though he would never allow himself to show it, Laxus was eager to see her.

Sometimes Gray wondered if they’d seal the deal already. They were certainly very comfortable around each other, no modest glances and embarrassed talk, more of a searing gazes and daring intimate touches when no one was looking.

Gray wondered if perhaps one day he will have such luck. But then he knew he’ll never find happiness without his lady of the lake. And so earl Fullbuster remained silent and untouched by all the happening. Sure there will be a party and a wild one at that, sure there will be plenty of eager girls wanting to share his bed. Yet there was only one which could make it really warm. Gray wasn’t sure if he wanted to drown his sorrow in yet another hot body just to drop it the next day. He was tired of this life. Maybe it was time to follow his older brother’s Lyon example and immerse himself in solitude and study away from everything.

Natsu finally caught his breath and now they were walking towards his room again. “I hope I won’t die of boredom before the feast starts.” Natsu turned to Gray. Not looking where he was going he almost rammed into his older brother Zeref.

“Watch it brother.” Zeref’s tone was very collected as always. He was carrying a healthy bunch of books under his arms.

Like Natsu was devouring food, Zeref was devouring books. Half of his life he spend in the library. Indeed he was the smartest of all princes although the gloomiest one too. His voice never raised, his mouth never cursed. His feelings were centred in his eyes. That’s where the true power lied. Zeref could kill with one heated look on the spot. No wonder many courtiers were afraid of him. Gray couldn’t make up his mind about the dark prince. He seemed harmless yet silently dangerous. Earl Fullbuster kept his distance. But no such thing could be said about Natsu. As soon as he spotted his older brother his arm shoot and wrapped itself around Zeref’s shoulders shaking him slightly.

“Yo bro! Why the long face on such a festive day?”

“Natsu, you overeaten yourself again.”, said Zeref calmly scanning his brother’s full cheeks and dirty face. “At this speed you will make yourself ill before the feast even starts.” He then endowed earl Fullbuster with one of his dangerous scowling looks. “I rely on your friends to prevent you from further harm.”

With that said, Zeref nodded towards the earl and continued on his path undoubtedly towards library.

Gray barely managed to nod in response before seeing Zeref’s back. Still he couldn’t get his head around the black prince.


After his collision with Natsu Zeref’s thoughts were in chaos. He was thinking all day, pondering about Laxus and his marriage and comparing it to his own fate. His late father, king Acnologia left him with one unwelcome last wish. To ensure peace with small but powerful Tenrou kingdom he was supposed to marry its princess. Zeref didn’t question father’s decision even though he disliked being used as a pawn in the royal games. He also thought about the foreign princess and what she might be thinking right now. Is she one of those which were raised to be wedded off for the sake of a kingdom? Learning how to talk and walk to please her future husband? Or is she independent and strong? Untameable?

Looks didn’t concern Zeref much. He didn’t count on falling in love, mutual tolerance would be enough for him.

And yet he couldn’t help but wonder. Laxus chose his wife willingly. The eldest of the princes of Fiore was allowed to fall in love. Shouldn’t he, Zeref the second in the line for throne of Fiore, aspire for more than being a mere pawn?

Somewhere deep inside the black prince felt hidden but strong desire to rule. Would it be possible to become a king of Tenrou instead of just marrying its princess? Would the marriage itself actually make him viable to claim the throne?

Zeref wondered…


Milky white hand snaked itself through Laxus’s chest and ended up stroking his golden hair.

“Mira.”, he sighed utterly satisfied. “You’re a devil.”

She smiled to his back.

“You should get up, it’s your wedding day.”

“So it is.”, he grinned and suddenly pulled her to him as he turned around facing her. Bare against him she shivered and bit her bottom lip. Laxus could feel every curve of her body.

“Unless you want to go few more rounds.” He whispered in a low hungry voice.

“Maybe we should just get up…” she teased him whilst he grabbed one of her breasts roughly.

“Uhm. Just push me away and I’ll go.” Laxus’s hand wandered up her silky thigh and she whimpered.

“Maybe once more, your highness.”, she breathed out.“Before we have to behave.”

Laxus smirked as he kissed her neck and took her again. Twice.


A/N: rest is on my ff:

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Do/Did all the Bates girls share a room like the duggar girls or do they have a couple girls rooms? Do they share beds like the duggars?

I think I remember that being the case, before they did the uge extention on the house. Afterwards bigger girls who went to college (Erin and Alyssa for a while) got a seperate room. Now that many kids left the house it’s a different situation. UpTV made a video about it: (Annie)

The other love story

I just loved this series. And I mean,I just loved it. I have gotto to thank my friend ‘life in the bay’ who recommended this to me!

At its core, it’s an endearing little love story. (And boy, is it difficult to make one without treading into the tricky territories of LGBT social acceptance or the politics of it all)

The way I felt watching this is how I felt after I watched “the weekend”. 

Although, here, it is puppy love. It’s a visceral feeling for them both. There’s no calculation and there are no ‘let’s consider this’ moments. They just really start to like each other and feel like, being with each other (and of course, doing things to each other ;))  is all that they want! Nothing comes close to that intense, ‘my-heart-will-break-out-of-my-chest-if-i-don’t-see-you-right-this-moment’ feeling when you first fall in love. There’s a mad rush and yet it all feels natural and “easy”, like they say! And they have done a fantastic job of depicting this whole flurry of emotions.

This is a milestone series in so many ways. I don’t even remember the last time I saw a simple love story narrated this way, even between a heterosexual couple. The fact that the two protagonists are both women, just feels incidental. While that is a big win for the show, the irony that lies underneath it won’t stop staring at you!  

A love story between a girl and a boy could never happen so easily in the late 90s, middle-class Bangalore households just because it would raise too many questions! Parents would have their guards raised if a guy called your house too much and you talked to him through midnight, day after day! But if a girl called, it’s all A okay. Parents would raise hell if you said you’ll stay over a guy’s house but a girl sharing a bed with you, they  wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. This obliviousness, actually makes ‘the other love story’ possible. It’s sad, if you think about it, but hey, you won’t see me complaining!

When one of the girls’ family finds out about them, they are just so freaked out by it that their reaction is a mixture of shame, shock, surprise and an overarching sense of disbelief. The mom says “it’s something so beyond even my imagination” and that’s true. They all think it’s some sort of perversion and they just don’t know how to address it. The series portrays this excellently too. They don’t dwell on it, they don’t use words. They all know about the elephant in the room and they’re just out of their depth trying to address it. And honestly, they all wish that the elephant went away or just didn’t exist in the first place.

I have gotto mention how beautifully the series shows off my city of my times :) And it’s not even the most beautiful parts of the city. It’s just random residential neighborhoods, houses with metal window panes, sheet roofs, gate with latches that you close from the top - things that were so 90s/2000s Bangalore.

 And boy, walking around on the streets, vehicles in the background, buying 75 paise eclairs, standing on the terrace and talking, sitting on the terrace and talking, sitting on the stairs and talking, talking for hours on the landline after JUST HAVING MET -( and really except for really falling in love with a girl) I could think back to all those times that I experienced these personally!

I am so happy I watched this. I wish the director makes more such. Even an anthology like “how they met” will be fun I guess. And come to think of it, there is a gaping void in kannada literature/film/tv space about just teenage romance (or in the case of south indian people - ‘late adolescence’ (18-22 yrs) romance)

Edited to add: So I was reading one of the interviews that the director did and I thought she articulated this very nicely:

“Aadya and Aachal fall in love in that period, when there was absolutely no reference point or information, they don’t even know that such a thing happens in the world. They feel what they feel and they act on it because of the force with which love hits them. I just wanted to explore this space”

Sleeping Liars headcanons because I can’t sleep.

Spencer has trouble falling asleep at night. Whether it’s all the caffeine in her system or simply her inability to shut her brain off, she restlessly tosses and turns until sleep finally takes her some time later. Once asleep though, she often remains in the same position until she wakes in the morning.

Emily makes faces in her sleep. Emily dreams and dreams and what she dreams finds its way out by causing little twitches across her face. Sometimes its a faint smile, a slight furrowing of brows and even vague movement of her lips.

Hanna moves around the bed a lot in her sleep, especially if she’s sharing it. She unconsciously seeks out the warmth of another and often curls up against them. She’s been known to occasionally throw a leg up over them.

Like Spencer, Aria typically sleeps in the same position throughout the night, though she falls asleep much more easily. She’s a fairly light sleeper and has been woken by a stumbling Hanna on her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night on more than one occasion.

Alison curls up in her sleep and likes a pillow between her legs. She’s a terrible blanket hog and tucks it all around herself, balling up part of it to hug to her chest. She can’t sleep without being covered and when there’s no blanket available she tries to make use of whatever’s around, sometimes simply using her jacket.

None of the girls mind sharing a bed with Spencer, though she’s self conscious of the way she has trouble falling asleep. She tries to stay as still as possible, hoping that she’s not keeping them from falling asleep too.

Out of all the girls, they all would prefer to share with Emily. She’s the least restless and sleeps somewhat deeply. Plus, they all find it amusing/endearing when she makes faces. Hanna sometimes stays awake to giggle at them.

Only Emily truly has no problems with sleeping next to Hanna. Aria’s simply too light of a sleeper and Hanna’s movement wakes her often. Spencer hadn’t minded until the night Hanna startled her awake when the blonde’s leg slammed down across her midsection. Ali tends to sleep towards the edge of the bed and Hanna’s sleeping cuddle demon has nearly knocked her off in the past.

None of them honestly want to share with Aria because they’re all worried that they’ll keep her up. Out of all of them, Aria prefers sleeping with Spencer and Emily. Aria likes staying awake a little bit longer to chat with Spencer which helps to relax the other girl and better ease her to sleep. That in turn makes it easier for Aria to sleep too.

If given her own blanket, they all have no issues with sharing a bed with Alison. She stays in her little ball on her side of the bed close to the edge and hardly moves making it easy for any of them to sleep. Emily’s presence next to her tends to cause her to sleep a little more loosely, feeling a bit of security from it. She sometimes edges just slightly closer to Spencer in hopes that her presence may also cause that feeling like it used to, though she’s hesitant and unsure anymore.

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I'm slightly confused. Do the Duggar girls share beds? There always seems to be more girls than beds.

They 100% have before! But there is only Jana, Johanna, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie left. And I am pretty sure Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jing and Joy used to have big beds, when the little girls were either in travel beds or with the big girls in the bed. So as soon as one got married, the girls got bumped up to the big beds age-wise. So I am not sure if they are still sharing anymore. (Annie)