girls season is better

can i just say how much the revival has made me grateful for season 7. like, asp was going to have rory get pregnant at 22, which would have honestly been the most heartbreaking ending i could think of for rory- a major part of her characterization is that she didn’t want to end up like lorelai, yes she loves lorelai, yes she respects lorelai and appreciated all the sacrifices lorelai made for her, but she didn’t want the life lorelai had. lorelai is exactly where she’s supposed to be- in stars hollow, with the inn, with luke- but rory wanted more. rory wanted to be christiane amanpour, she wanted to travel, see the world, do things, which was a major part of her turning down logan’s proposal because she wanted a ‘wide open future’. how the hell would she have gotten that with a baby? that’s the  worst thing- like, you will become your parents whether you like it or not. and logan, too- he becomes mitchum, lives out his huntzberger preordained life, the life he desperately didn’t want, without even being told he has a child. at least in the revival rory is 32, she’s done stuff, she’s lived, but geez, that’s still a crappy ending for the girl who wanted to be christiane amanpour.

What GMW getting picked up by another network could mean
  • more awesomeness
  • LGBTQ Characters
  • talk about drugs
  • talk about alcohol
  • talk about sex
  • parties
  • first jobs
  • actual kisses
  • Lucas’s past
  • Joshaya may be canon
  • Augava first kiss
  • Smarckle saying I love you
  • Maya meeting Kermit’s family
  • Someone’s mom getting pregnant
  • Someone getting pregnant
  • Rachel coming
  • Jack and Shawn reunion
  • Mr. Feeny dying
  • Eric becoming president
  • nightclubs
  • flirting
  • jealousy
  • challenging relationships
  • college
  • Zay’s past
  • Road trip
  • getting arrested
  • So much MORE

If you think of anything else, say it!

I would love an episode where Sam thanks Castiel for saving him from hell. He had absolutely no obligation to do so but he did anyway. More importantly, I want him to apologize for the “Did you bring me back soulless on purpose?” It’s been six seasons but I’m still so bitter about The Man Who Would Be King.
An episode where Dean thanks Castiel for everything he’s done and sacrificed for and because of them. More importantly, I want him to apologize for the “Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas” because I still haven’t forgiven Dean for that.
It’d make me so happy. Why is that so much to ask?
Cas deserves so much better.

GMW is the best show The Disney Channel Has...

Michael Jacobs: This season on Girl Meets World we’re going to tackle the deeper issues that kids can really learn from. We’re going to make it all about personal growth and how to adjust to the world as you get older.

Disney Execs: Cool story, bro. That sounds lit and shit, but just so you know…we’re thinking about replacing you with a show about a boy who is best friends with his talking hand.

Michael Jacobs: …Fuck it. We’re going to bleep the shit out of Smackle while she teaches Health class and have Cory draw a giant dick on the board, but pass it off as a foot.

“The Gilmore girls revival was garbage”

“The characters would never do that”

“Season 7 was better”


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i keep on going between “i wanna scoop faith up and protect her” and “i wanna scoop buffy up and protect her” and honestly at this point i just want to do both

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You want a season 3 of gmw (and season 4 and 5 and 6 etc but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) no matter who ends up together. As long as it’s believable, makes sense and just seems right - no matter who you ship.