girls season is better

Sana: *laughing and smiling for the first time in weeks*

Girl squad: *hugging and complimenting Sana*

Vilde: *flipping off Pepsi Max girls while shouting “you fuck with Sana you fuck with us”


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“The secrets you tell me I’ll take to my grave
there’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway.
And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed.
I know that you love me, love me
even when I lose my head.”

Guillotine by Jon Bellion



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And that my friends is the reason why Kara was with that manhell. She lost her parents. She lost her planet. She lost her entire world. She lost her purpose here on earth when she found out Clark had already grown up. Even Clark left him to the Danvers. Lucy left. Cat left. All her life she felt alone. She’s been through so much and the moment she saw everyone was happy, she felt even more alone. She wanted that too for herself.

That’s why Kara just settled with the first person that showed her interest. During the pilot we saw Kara struggling with being alone, having a failed blind date. Hearing how her date didnt like her. With James it was different. Kara had a crush on James but James had Lucy. Even if James treated her right, Kara probably felt like she never really had James’ heart in the first place. Then Mon-El entered the picture and at first she didn’t even expect he liked her.

So the minute someone showed Kara that someone could actually like her. Only her and not anyone else. Not a second choice. Kara jumped into the idea, ignoring how she was actually being treated. Because tbh, Manhell knows her secret. It’s easier with him because Kara doesn’t have to lie about her identity. Even when mon el was already gone, what bothered Kara was being alone and she told Cat that maybe relationships are just not cut out for her.

So Kara just settled in that kind of relation ship because she was scared of being alone. Many people do settle which is quite sad actually.

Anyways, that’s why even if I didnt like the guy, I still felt bad for Kara. Because once again, she’s left alone. And even during times like this when she really needs someone, she doesnt let what happened to her be a hindrance to people’s happiness. Even when she needed her sister the most, she told Alex to be happy and be with her girlfriend. She wanted everyone to be happy. Despite everything, she was still prioritizing other people’s happiness.


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Idk if you've seen Love Live Sunshine or not but.... Who's your favorite between Yoshiko and Hanamaru?

This one was easy

(for the choose between two characters prompt)

I’m glad Ivy is rebelling against being a background character because I am ready for her to have her own storyline…But why is Oswald treating her like trash? She saved his life and helped him capture Ed. Maybe he’s been treating all his freak family this way, afraid to let anyone in, regretting they all saw him at his most vulnerable… Yet it just feels rushed and unprovoked…

You know what would have been fantastic? Ivy badgering Oswald for not using her magical truth serum and choosing Victor’s powers over her own. Ivy insisting there were ways they could have used Ed, that she could have controlled him. Ivy telling Oswald what ice does to plants, and are you really any better than Ed making him suffer like this? Ivy pressing all Oswald’s soft spots, wanting him to realize how useful she is, how much he needs her on his side…and then Oswald finally snapping at her because he can’t take the questions, the what if’s, and that’s when Ivy leaves, determined to find people who appreciate her and be someone in Gotham City.