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And that my friends is the reason why Kara was with that manhell. She lost her parents. She lost her planet. She lost her entire world. She lost her purpose here on earth when she found out Clark had already grown up. Even Clark left him to the Danvers. Lucy left. Cat left. All her life she felt alone. She’s been through so much and the moment she saw everyone was happy, she felt even more alone. She wanted that too for herself.

That’s why Kara just settled with the first person that showed her interest. During the pilot we saw Kara struggling with being alone, having a failed blind date. Hearing how her date didnt like her. With James it was different. Kara had a crush on James but James had Lucy. Even if James treated her right, Kara probably felt like she never really had James’ heart in the first place. Then Mon-El entered the picture and at first she didn’t even expect he liked her.

So the minute someone showed Kara that someone could actually like her. Only her and not anyone else. Not a second choice. Kara jumped into the idea, ignoring how she was actually being treated. Because tbh, Manhell knows her secret. It’s easier with him because Kara doesn’t have to lie about her identity. Even when mon el was already gone, what bothered Kara was being alone and she told Cat that maybe relationships are just not cut out for her.

So Kara just settled in that kind of relation ship because she was scared of being alone. Many people do settle which is quite sad actually.

Anyways, that’s why even if I didnt like the guy, I still felt bad for Kara. Because once again, she’s left alone. And even during times like this when she really needs someone, she doesnt let what happened to her be a hindrance to people’s happiness. Even when she needed her sister the most, she told Alex to be happy and be with her girlfriend. She wanted everyone to be happy. Despite everything, she was still prioritizing other people’s happiness.


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Idk if you've seen Love Live Sunshine or not but.... Who's your favorite between Yoshiko and Hanamaru?

This one was easy

(for the choose between two characters prompt)

Why we love SKAM or why SKAM is not "just a teenage drama show"

I’ve been asked by my friends “why do you like SKAM?”, and all I could say was that I didn’t really know why. I just liked it. So I just thought for a while, why did I actually like SKAM, and it came to me.

So, the thing is, it all started for me with SKAM, when I read so many people’s posts about being SO excited about the show. So I was like, ok, let me see what’s the fuss all about. And, because the fuss itself was about namely season 3, I decided to watch season 3 directly, skipping the first two seasons. (Which is a HUGE exception for me, since I am a perfectionist and like keeping things perfect. TBH, I still don’t know why I watched season 3 at once, and the fact that I watched it all, cause it’s hard to persuade me to start ANY new series whatsoever).

And so, I watched the third season, and, man, did I like it. I just fell in love with the characters! Not just the actors (but them too, cause you know our sweeties). I loved the plot, the concept, all… I didn’t realisr at the time, how MASSIVE it all was. And since I hadn’t watched the first two seasons at the time, I still absolutely loved it.

None of my friends watched it, or even knew about it. First, I didn’t really want them to know about it and watch. I wanted to keep it all to myself. But then I started ‘advertising’ it to them and even made them start watching it. But how big my disappointment was when I found out they didn’t really like it! I hadn’t expectex it at all. One of them told me her friend said it was similar to Skins and Gossip Girl, while the other one asked me wht I actually liked it, and then told me she didn’t really enjoy it.

Ok, yes, let’s sort something out. Yes, after watching season 3, the first two seasons impressed me on a much lesser scale. But still, they did. And how can they mislike the teen drama it’s supposed to be, if they themselves watch Gossip Girl? (I am not trying to say Gossip Girl is not interesting, though I didn’t really get into it after watching a few episodes).

And now, finally, I come to the part, where it all began. Why do I (and all of us, fans) REALLY love SKAM for?

Cause it’s not just the 'hotties’, the drama, the twists.

It’s also the spirit.

SKAM raises SO many socially important questions, and all of the teen drama is just a background.

In the first season it was about what true friendship was (both Eva and her old friend story, and our bus squad with all of their disagreements, Jonas and Isak), it was betrayal (Jonas, Eva, Isak), and what a true relationship was (Eva, her friend and Jonas, Chris and his girlfriend), about standing up for yourself (like Vilde tried, and how Noora did it for her), about having problems with parents (Noora and Isak), about being smart (Sana), and of course, about finding yourself, about understanding what YOU is, what your opinion is, and what does it matter (Eva’s story was all about it). And don’t forget the small things and the “intro” at the very beginning in the first episode of every season. Remember the speech Jonas wrote? However casually they might be talking about it, it still makes you think about what is really happening in the world right now, about what we should really be thinking about.

The second season not only continues some of the topics of the first season, but introduces new ones. It’s got friendship, relationships, family (William’s brother), stereotypes (about William being a jerk), standing up for your friends (not just for Vilde, but for Jonas and Chris), what is justice (William and Noora even argued because of it), what is violence (because of this too), what is war and how it affects our lives (the whole immigrant thing), it partially introduces the topics of homosexuality, depression, being pregnant at a young age and even patriotism. And again, don’t forget the small things matter!

In season 3 it’s a whole new story. Homosexuality is obviously the central theme here, getting out of the closet (cause it really does take a LOT of courage), friendship, parent problems, bipolarity, religion, particularly Islam, faith in yourself and in the people around you, finding, discovering yourself, understanding people’s motives and why they lie or do certain things, love! (it really does get into Isak, does it?)

And now we’ve got season 4 which has even a broader range of topics, some of them SO important in our days. Islam is the main theme, slavery, homosexuality, the way spiritually raised people can restrict themselves, or rather choose not to do certain things, because (as Sana said yet in season 3), “I just feel that my faith is more important to me, than drinking or having sex.” And even though her faith is more important to Sana, she is still a human, so she loves and lives, though she leads a Muslim lifestyle anyway. And she manages to have norwegian friends, while doing everything her religion expects her to do. And she doesn’t feel bad about it (well, most of the time, cause her mom, and that hint of some chemistry between Noora and Younas, and I think this inner fight of Sana’s will also be important.) We only have almost two episodes and there’s already so much to them!

And did I mention the fact that the show, by taking different characters every season and making the central problems different and spending so much time on the media enhancement (youtube, instagram, chat snaps), literally puts us into the shoes of these characters and makes us think of the problems we encounter DAILY nowadays? All of these topics are important someway in the world we live in right now, and I am really happy there is a show that tries to spread the word to all people. Make them think.

So, once again, why is it better than Skins and Gossip Girl? Cause it deals with so many common life problems and not just high school teen drama. (By the way, they are all mostly broke, or don’t have enough money which is one more thing teenagers encounter on a daily basis.)

So, to some up, SKAM is a wonderful TV-show, and I am so thankful to the people who made this, because they are definitely considerate ones. SKAM deals with so many daily-life social problems, and if you watched SKAM and didn’t like it, you just probably didn’t notice all of these themes. Just rewatch again and I hope you’ll see.

(P.S. The coolest thing is the music literally. I’ve never come upon a show that had such accurate choice of music. Songs play just at the perfect moment!)

Sana & the girl squad

I see these people wondering what happened to the girl squad and why they are being a bit rude to Sana.  

Wake up people. This is Sana’s POV, so she probably was feeling this way for awhile, maybe even always.


In season 1 when Eva meets Sana she seems tough and maybe a little bit scary with those comments about hooking up etc. 

Later in season 1 her view on Sana changes, I think the important scene is when Vilde is unconcious. This moment is significant to all the girls. We see Sana holding Vilde and helping her.

 Then when she changes her clothes, she is glowing. She is smiling and the girls are smiling. They finally see her kind nature.

But still during season 1 mostly Vilde s giving comments about her & her religion. (saying she can’t be on their russ buss because it is against her religion, she calls her psycho & Sana accuses her of being prejudiced) 

So in the end of s1 we know Sana is harsh, but also extremely loyal to her friends. 


So this season girls are closer, they know each better now. Noora is the one who sees Sana’s ‘soft side’. Sana is for her a good friend, she asks her for advice. She views her as wise & strong figure. She asks her about whether she wants to hook up sometimes. However Noora does it in such a way that it is not offending Sana’s faith. 

Also we can see Sana is really observant. Vilde with her all naivety even asks her if she is a psychic. Another thing Vilde asks is if she has to wear her hijab all the time. Again with being not subtle, Vilde. 

Season 2 is also a season where we meet Jamilla & her gang and we hear about the engagement. Also we know Sana is being bullied by them. However Sana is perfect at pretending to be fine & strong, because she has to. Noora is occupied with William drama and Vilde, so helping Sana is not on her list. Besides she looks up to her, so she doesn’t really think Sana needs anybody’s help. 


To me his view is the most interesting one. They don’t know each other well, but they both feel that they don’t fit in entirely in the society. When he sees girl squad, he sees them happy and united. We don’t hear Vilde’s akward questions and remarks about Sana’s faith in season 3. 

Again, Sana is being shown as a strong character, who always supports her friends and she knows what to tell them that will make them feel better. In this case the talk about religion, homosexuality & evolution. 

Isak is also a witness of how Sana is treated by her biology teacher. He even says to their teacher she is racist (well of course, it was also about the drugs, but I think he really wanted to do it for some time).

Now it’s time for SANA’s POV, so stop worrying about the girl squad. Let Sana show us how she really feels. I still believe in the girl squad, but they need to have their lesson this season and so do we.

*sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, english is not my first language*

What GMW getting picked up by another network could mean
  • more awesomeness
  • LGBTQ Characters
  • talk about drugs
  • talk about alcohol
  • talk about sex
  • parties
  • first jobs
  • actual kisses
  • Lucas’s past
  • Joshaya may be canon
  • Augava first kiss
  • Smarckle saying I love you
  • Maya meeting Kermit’s family
  • Someone’s mom getting pregnant
  • Someone getting pregnant
  • Rachel coming
  • Jack and Shawn reunion
  • Mr. Feeny dying
  • Eric becoming president
  • nightclubs
  • flirting
  • jealousy
  • challenging relationships
  • college
  • Zay’s past
  • Road trip
  • getting arrested
  • So much MORE

If you think of anything else, say it!

Y'all need to chill

Yes it’s like Julie is teasing us with Russ even tho we won’t witness it, but we gotta think bigger and why Sana fighting for it is important.

- the title of this week’s episode was along the lines of “im a guy, I don’t get hate”
- this references Elias’ Russ “advice,” setting up the culture clash Sana will have to face
- Sana is FIGHTING for the bus. It’s not practical, but it looks like Sana feels the need to prove herself
- To Elias and the Pepsi max gang, especially after both of their hindering remarks
- (which is why shes the baddest babe on the block)

Episode 2 was all about the bus, but IMAGINE what Sana has to face now: disapproval, ignorance, and more comments like Sara’s. This is the perfect setup to explore how a “Muslim girl in a faithless country” has to cope, and more importantly, bring up any discussion about Islamaphobia.


I’m a yousana fan all the way, so I just HAVE to shut down mikael/Sana theories right now.

- as mentioned above, russ is super important to Sana
- NO ONE believes in her right now
- except yousef
- the meme he sent was specifically about Russ, meaning that he TRULY understands how she feels on a larger scale
- this kind of support was seen in previous seasons
- (noora’s making Eva feel better w her “girls who call other girls sluts…” comment, Sana’s reasoning with Noora about willhelm, Jonas just straight accepting Isak’s sexuality)
- it’s the little things, but to the main it always means so much more
- which is why yousef is integral to Sana’s story. - Mikael will deffo play a part, but I think it might just be as a plot catalyst. As far as we know, doesn’t contribute to Sana’s internal, personal growth/journey like yousef does.

Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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if noora or vilde was in sana’s shoes (people apparently forget about chris and eva) and sana was doing what they had done (be it making comments about their religion, talking behind their backs, just being backstabbers etc), people would not be saying that “we only see from one characters point of view!!!” or “everyone makes mistakes!!!”

No. Just as when sana was announced as the main for s4 and when the balloon squad first arrived - hell, just as when the clip aired and the balloon squad fought with isak & the boy squad - people would have jumped straight into the islamophobic and racist comments.

Now, not everyone is a horrible person and would have said or thought this, but you can’t say that people’s reactions would have been the same.
If you’re part of a minority, esp if you’re a poc muslim woman, you know that the backlash toward the “villain” would have been doubled were it sana and not everyones fave problematic girl Vilde (shes just so cute!!!1!!) and their #queen Noora

About the girls and the boys...

My 2 cents, but first: let’s remeber Skam is fiction, somebody is writing the plot and the narrative (hi, Julie!), as much as these charachters feel like people who belong IRL. What I mean is that in criticizing the charachters we are criticizing how somebody is writing them. It’s completely legit to do so (peacefully, of course), much more than it would be to criticize people IRL. If a charachter is flawed, it’s its creator’s responsability. However, I also believe that many superficial critics are driven by sexism, just like they are driven by biphobia when they say that “Even has been unfaithful to Isak”.

This said: in the first season the girls were all very compelling charachters. We didn’t know much about them, of course, because Skam had just begun, but the charachters were very promising, each one unique. I fell in love with Eva, her story was very realistic, organic, painful at times but also harmonious and believable. Eva herself was full of contraddictions, aren’t we all? but it all blended in a very interesting, well developed charachter. <3 Eva since.

Then season 2 happened, and I’ve already made clear how I feel about it. However, the girls’ dynamic was still there (Eva aside, she had become the sloppy drunk friend, so out of charachter given that she and Noora were good friends in season 1, and Noora, an intelligent, sensible, sensitive girl would have understood Eva, just like we understood her watching her season, so it’s impossible that frmo Noora’s POV Eva would be such a mess. And even more so because Noora isn’t judgemental!).

In season 3 there were just glimpses of them, which however was OK, given that they were central in the first 2 seasons. I was so happy then to have Sana as  the main, hoping to go back to season 1′s amazingness… but I’ve been sorely disappointed.

Sadly the girls, at least to me, have slowly started to fade. Instead of growing as charachters, they have become 2 dimensional, and I’m afraid they are being portraited by Julie very unsympathethically. On one hand I get that she wants to show us Sana’s isolation, but Isak was pretty isolated, too, however it was always made very clear that it was partly his responsibility, too, and let’s not forget that Mahdi and Magnus had only known him well for a couple of weeks before episode 1 of season 3!!! Mahdi and Magnus hadn’t been Isak’s friends for a whole year!

Jonas, in fact, was shown at least three times looking concerned by the middle of the season. But this season we are already into episode 4, yet none of the girls has shown the least concern about Sana, and sorry, this is completely out of charachter. This is my problem: that it’s out of charachter. I don’t believe these are the same girls, no matter how much things have shifted because of Sana’s POV. At least one of the girls should notice, if only thinking Sana is “too aggressive”, for instance: I mean, that I’m all for conflict, but I dn’t believe the girls would be indifferent to Sana, not more than I believe Vilde would be that gross.

And: if we want to say it’s because in Sana’s POV the girls are this way, indifferent dismissive uninterested, ok: but I’m missing Sana’s POV then. I never feel in her shoes, and to say that it’s because she is an observer, she feels sidelined, and she cares so much for her friends doesn’t take into account that it’s the storyteller’s job to make us feel in Sana’s shoes and eyes and heart, being that she is the main!!! Where is her disappointment, her pain, or may be even her looking to her faith to make her serene again, after the Yousef thing? Come on, we are supposed to “be Sana”, in a way, why haven’t we been shown her pain? Which she felt, and she deserves to be able to feel. Just like we saw Eva beyond her beautiful girl persona, just like we saw Noora’s vulnerability, and especially Isak’s pain - so far from “Isak the snake” :) from season 1 and 2.

This has gotten way too long. Anyway, I hope that things will change for the better. However, I’m worried, seeing how the William thing is being handled (and yes, you are free to like William, but the charachter has all the traits of a manipulative, abusive partner, sorry.). I hope I’m wrong, though, and I hope we’ll get to see Sana, the girls, the boys and the bakka boys interact in a deep, satistying way, just like interactions among Eva, Jonas and Isak, and between Eva and the girls were satisfying to me in season 1.

Alt er love!

so which 2 queens do you think will experience the always SHOCKING double elimination this season???

It’s so wrong that after showing us that Kara Danvers suffers from low self-esteem they shoved her into a relationship with a guy who constantly tears her down,berates,belittles,and reinforces that belief.

How TheCw,writers,producers,and anyone else involved behind the scenes of SUPERGIRL can continue to push that on their audience,which consists of so many young people, is offensive and dangerous. The message they are sending to young people is that in 2017 it is still acceptable to treat women as less than a man- even as less than a human being. This was once a show about empowering women to go out into the world with the self confidence to know they are more than worthwhile and worthy of whatever they want to accomplish in their lives,to reach for the stars. Now it has joined the countless voices that tell women that they can only go as far as the men in their lives will allow them. That they are nonexistent if they do not have a man at their side to guide,protect,and love them.
To the girls out there, if a man treats you as anything less than the glorious person you are, they are the one who is not worthwhile. You can achieve anything you want in life without a man at your side. A boyfriend does not make or break you. You are your own hero. Do not let anyone make you feel that you need them to be someone.

TheCW,writers,producers, and anyone else who has had a part in pushing the misogynistic message being conveyed to girls and women in season 2 should be ashamed of themselves. They know better and need to make amends for the damage it is causing. We have every right to demand respect from them. We are the audience that will make or break them. It is time to let our voices be heard. Do not be silent and condone their abuse.

I want ‘Supergirl’ to continue, but only after it has been returned to the beacon of hope for young girls and women, that it once was.

Until then I can no longer support it. Again, let your voices be heard. Write to the show’s writers,The CW,the producers, and let them know how you feel.Do it through any means of social media you may have available to you,Twitter,Facebook,Tumblr,forums,etc.. Only if you speak up will we be heard. Do it for yourself,for our daughters,sisters,and for all women. It is 2017 and if 2016 taught us anything it is that we can not let others speak for us. Speak up, you are worthwhile.

Please feel free to reblog/share this post. Spread the word. Thank you.

can you believe that after a year and a half of being her friend none of the girls have ever met sana’s brother? it’s becoming more and more obvious how shitty they’ve kinda been to her even without meaning to :/ I have a feeling they’re only going to start showing genuine interest in her as a /friend/ and not as a mom-type figure when they find out she has feelings for a boy and I’m honestly just so sad for her. I love the girls but c'mon, do better.