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Er pretty much everyone i speak to aren't objecting to a female doctor who, they are objecting to an sjw female doctor who. Given how sanctimonious the writing has been for the past few years, the series will probably be " girls rule, boys drool!!!". Although, seeing as the ratings have been steadily dropping, it may not last for long. I want to see a series about Romana, a scholarly time lady and the Rani, an evil scientist time lady. They are interesting and have backstory,

This just in: MARVEL fangirl weighs in on Wonder Woman

I still can’t be sure how many people actually see my blog, but hey! To anyone who cares, sorry about the long wait. I’ve been on vacation the past few days and hardly had the time to breathe, much less post. Ironic, isn’t it?

So anyway, I said I’d give my thoughts on Wonder Woman as the Marvel fangirl who wants to like DC, so let’s jump right in!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion 5: You Are (Super) Gay
  • Shinji: this Eva is going to destroy the world!!!!
  • Purple haired lady omg what's her NAME: SHINJI! GET IN THE TARDIS!
  • Shinji: don't you mean robot
  • Purple hair: whatever you call it just get in!
  • *20 minutes later*
  • Asuka: hey nerd 😜 *now cheering* girls rule boys drool!
  • Shinji: why do y-
  • Asuka: *flicks his ear* later squirt!
  • *later that night*
  • A big robot in the shape of a meatball sub: *attacking tokyo*
  • Shinji: oh not again!!! *he shakes his head at the camera while the audience laughs*
on the socialization of bodies

Been seeing a lot recently about the supposed male socialization of trans women…. both from cis ppl and trans women. This is my contribution for why it is incoherent and just a silencing and oppressive and transmisogynist tool.

First…. there is this notion that children, depending on assigned sex, get one message about gender stuff and not the other. This is largely nonsensical. We all get the exact same message. Because ideas and oppression don’t exist in isolation (this is pretty much the foundation of intersectionality). For the most part, the message boils down to (if'n we’re talking just about gender):

Boys rule and girls drool.

Or something to that effect. Both boys and girls are socialized to behave as if this were true. It isn’t that boys are taught that girls are subservient and that girls are taught to defer to boys. Well, yes, we are taught that, but these are behavioural patterns designed to inculcate all genders with the same message. Children of all genders are socialized to behave in ways that assume only two genders and that one of those genders (girls) is worth far less than the other gender.

So. If we are all getting the same message, how to the difference arise between how one child embodies this message and how another does? Well, largely based on which gender they are told they are mixed with whatever gender they actually are. Outside of the rare moments where you are explicitely and on an individual basis told the message, most of the time we sort of…. just pick this up from our peers, how our parents interact with one another, what we see on tv, what we read in books, etc.

And that is the thing. We all watch (within certain variations) the same shows. Read the same books. Because, um, you know, we all lived in the same culture (obvs. relative to geography but I’m working on a really macro basis rn).

It blows my mind that all these feminist media critics or whatever can spend their lives deconstructing the harmful messages encoded in many of our cultural products and practices and somehow think that trans girls didn’t internalize and embody these things as well.

For example. Just on the impossible standards of beauty alone. We hear a lot from cis women who talk about how this impossible ideal beauty destroys confidence and self-worth and self-esteem, but can’t quite make the leap to how this impacts trans girls.

We see the same impossible ideal of beauty. And I’m not sure if you’ve realized (although, since many of you take exquisite pleasure in de/misgendering us, i’m sure you do realize), just how distant that ideal is for your average trans woman. Especially if you transition late. Many of us understand that even if we go through the entire gamut of surgeries/hormones/whatever we will never be beautiful. We will never be desirable. We will never be attractive. And, the thing is, this isn’t a newborn realization.

Why? Becasuse we’ve been exposed to and socialized with the exact same impossible beauty standards that cis women were. Because. You know, we share the same cultural and were likewise socialized together.

There is no ‘male socialization’ and no 'female socialization’. We are all just socialized in a culture that devalues and oppresses women. And these social behaviours are supported and rewarded and enforced by our institutions.

How James Patterson could have improved The Whole Flock in Maximum Ride:


She started out alright, though her whole “girls rule boys drool” attitude was a bit grating (it was painfully obvious Patterson was trying to play her off as some kind of feminist icon). I mean, she’s fourteen, she’s allowed to be immature sometimes, but for God’s sakes maybe develop her out of that! This is a girl who grew up around some pretty cool male figures (Jeb, Iggy, Gazzy, and Fang), I find it hard to believe she’d belittle and put down men as much as she does.

And let’s talk about consistency. Is she a brunette or a blonde? How is it that hard to keep track of the main character’s hair color? On a bigger note of consistency, Max is slow to forgive and never forgets…unless it’s Fang or Angel. Seriously, tell Emo Hawk if he leaves the Flock one more time he’s not allowed back, and I don’t know, maybe discipline the little kid for once? She has a power complex and has used mind control to get what she wants, please Max, you are the closest thing this girl has to a mom, it is your job to tell her those things are wrong!


STOP LEAVING THE FUCKING FLOCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Also make him something besides the painfully stereotypical “brooding bad boy” character. Make him less of a jerk, as well. Like any quick fix to the very painful cliche Fang was, he’d have done well to exhibit a broader range of emotions. I mean, he’s also a teenager with angst who happens to have bird wings to add more angst, right?


Well, for starters, Patterson could have actually cared about this poor child a little bit more instead of horribly derailing him. When we’re first introduced to him, he’s the one cooking breakfast for the Flock, and when Max tells him not to go on the mission against the Erasers because he’s blind, he takes matters into his own hands and (with some help from Gazzy) stages a counterattack that takes several of them out. He’s a self-taught cook and bomb expert (and based on the fact that he spent a lot of his life in a lab, he learned those skills after losing his eyesight!). What I’m trying to say is, this guy is awesome. He’s also a sarcastic little shit. Which is also very awesome.

It would have been great if J-Patts had been consistent about remembering Iggy cannot see and is blind (then again, he can’t even get Max’s hair straight)! Despite the fact that we the audience get regularly reminded of this ourselves (maybe it was him trying to remind himself in the early drafts and it never got edited out?), Iggy kind of forgets he’s blind a few times per book. And then there’s the cool power upgrades that would have been the only good thing about The Final Warning…did he get cool Daredevil-esque super senses? Hell no! He got “can see but only when he’s damn near snow blind”. That’s actually kind of cruel to do to him, really.


Where to start with her? I hate to be blunt about this, but it’s terribly obvious she was kind of thrown in the story to add a check off the diversity list. And while I didn’t have much of an issue with her OEL manga design, a few other people did (in Nara Lee’s defense though, Nudge in the manga looks like she was designed by someone who’s not used to drawing black characters who had to draw a black character). For God’s sakes, she could have been much more than just the fashion-obsessed air-headed chatterbox she morphed into later in the series, especially since her power set includes magnetism and sensing whatever people have touched! Geez! Who am I kidding, you could have taken Nudge’s character in a million different directions, and they would have all been better than what Patterson did to her!


For starters, I wish there was more to him than being a comic relief character who’s signature attack was farting. Then again, he was named by Max, so…yeah. Anyway, I’d have liked to see more of a brotherly between him and Iggy (they’re obviously pretty close) - it would’ve been nice to see their personalities play off each other a little more, kind of a contrast maybe? Plus, he’s Angel’s sister - I’d have liked to see more of his perspective regarding his little sister showing clear signs of being a budding sociopath. I can’t think of much else to add here.


HAVE THE LITTLE SHIT FACE SOME CONSEQUENCES! Really, she literally mind-controls people and flat-out admits it to Max, but we get nothing on say, if she knew what she was doing was wrong, if she even cared about whether it was wrong or not, the older kids like Max talking to her about the moral implications of mind control, etc. Like seriously, is Angel a sociopath or an innocent five-year-old? Why does this girl not get any karma for abusing her powers?

I’d have preferred to see the darker implications of outright knowing she was Max’s favorite. She can read minds, she’s very well aware Max likes her best, and personally, I think she takes full advantage of the fact - but it’s never really touched upon. Again, I know she’s only five, but she does a lot of morally questionable things to the point of being downright creepy, but apparently J-Patts really liked her so much he thought she was above being reprimanded in-story for any of it.


He should never have existed. Simple as that. He added nothing to the group save comic relief (sarcasm out of the three oldest bird kids and Gazzy’s antics weren’t funny enough? We needed a talking dog?)

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hey im always looking for new stuff to read, what's the inscrutable machine about??

oh man oh man oh man :DDDDDDDD

please don’t tell my parents i’m a supervillain is a book by richard roberts that somehow manages to combine superheroics with an almost slice of life plotline with engaging worldbuilding with completely, utterly charming characters.

the main character, penny, is the middle-schooler daughter of two big-name retired superheroes. she’s pretty much just dying to get superpowers of her own so she can go out and superhero too. She has a crush on one of her best friends and she’s trying to build a superscience gadget (designed by her supergenius father) that gives people superpowers.

she’s pretty normal, right? right.

and then she gets the ultimate mad science power.

and she’s… still pretty normal.

so begins her adventures in the superworld, accompanied by her two best nerd friends, ray viles (her crush and the guy she accidentally gave superstrength in a mad science blackout) and claire lutra (bff since birth/early childhood who, due to circumstances, gained a ‘super cuteness’ power).

she’s framed as a supervillain by the school bully like right off the bat and the rest of the book follows her as she attempts to get her name back on the hero side of things while trying not to see just how good she is at being a supervillain.


  • SO YOU’VE GOT PENNY RIGHT? she’s 13, she’s good, she’s grounded, she’s practical, she’s funny, she’s got the best maniacal laugh, and she’s everything i could ask for in a narrator
  • also she’s fucking badass
  • but not in a like ‘girls rule boys drool yEAH’ kind of way? but in an honest, awesome-by-analysis, good-friend, supervillain-swag, scared-kid-who’s-actually-making-it-in-the-big-leagues kind of way
  • also: mad science.
  • i love penny, okay? okay.
  • AND THEN YOU’VE GOT RAY who is… pretty much chat, now that i think about it. wears all black, blond hair, big grins, is a dork and a nerd and a respectful flirt, not so great home life… MY LOVE FOR CHAT EXPLAINED, ACTUALLY.
  • comparison between ray and chat: chat is the ‘looks like a sinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll’ one, and ray is the ‘looks like he could kill you but is actually a sinnamon roll (but is also a cinnamon roll when it comes down to it)’ one
  • AND THEN THERE’S CLAIRE. she’s adoraterrifying. and a flirt. a HUGE flirt. she’s sweet and understanding and generally an adorable person but she commits crime in teddy bear footie pajamas okay.
  • actually all these characters could fall under the ‘looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you’ category
  • the running joke that claire’s dad could be a lot of people
  • I CAN’T
  • just how all the characters treat each other just
  • gets me, y’know?
  • it’s not always great but there’s just such a strong sense of community in this book and it’s so nice to read
  • and penny’s the perfect voice to tell it all in

it’s not without its faults: it’s in desperate need of a beta reader (seriously how did some of these typos make it into print?), a couple of story things made me squint, and the sequel, while an excellent book on its own, was kind of just one giant WTF?? moment for me

but, on the whole, it’s an adorable story about middle school kids getting in over their heads and doing everything in their power to crawl back out, meeting a huge cast of lovable characters on the way and dealing with issues in a refreshingly reasonable manner

there’s a sample chapter on the author’s deviantart here, btw ;)

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Do you think they really kissed? i didn't even know about karlie and taylor's friendship back in 2014 but i remember a lot of articles about them being bffs. there were pap photos, vogue cover, etc and suddenly it just stopped. and then i remember that weird insta photo that taylor posted on karlie's birthday...

Oh god pre-kissgate kaylor is such a blur at this point tbh. So idk what you’re aware of specifically? But in my view Kaylor history can be divided very neatly into two separate eras: BKG (before kissgate) and AKG (after kissgate) and both are going to inform my answer to your question. So the first part of this is a very basic Kaylor timeline and the second part is my actual answer. (This got long, I’m really sorry.)

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