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Drunk Driving is a serious crime

Pairing - Jeff Atkins x Female!Reader

Word Count - 579

Anon -  Jeff Atkins imagine where you guys meet st the party and decide to go with him to get more beer and you can decide if you wanna go with how the show’s plot was in that episode or your own

a/n - oh lord i’m so sorry for the pure pain this imagine is. i’m also sorry it’s so short!

Walking through Liberty High, it would seem as if the place had been abandoned. The hallways were completely cleared out, occasionally papers scattered on the floor. Classroom doors were closed and locked. There were no announcements. No students. 

Until you reached the gym.

The gymnasium was crowded with every student who attended Liberty High School. There was no talking. It was silent. A haunting kind of silent that made you quickly want to flee the scene to find some sort of comfort. 

Principle Bolan stood in the middle of the basketball court behind a podium. Office staff sat behind him in chairs that had obviously come from the cafeteria. 

“What happened this past weekend is a tragedy to not only the school community, to the town.” Bolan began. Every student seemed to shrink down as he spoke, feeling the sense of dread that this was real. Clay Jensen sat in the far corner of the large room, holding back tears threatening to spill out from a mix of anger and sadness.

“Jeff Atkins was the perfect student, player, and friend. The loss of him will be on our minds and in our hearts forever. But, this is a lesson you all can learn. Drunk driving is a serious crime that can result in death, or injuries.”

Y/N sat next to Hannah Baker, her arm in a cast and bruises sprinkled on her face like freckles. A wave of rage grew in her. Jeff wasn’t drunk. No matter what anyone said, he wasn’t fucking drunk.

She had been there with him. She knew he was completely sober.

(two days earlier…)

The party was filled with teenagers celebrating a new school year. Y/N stood with Sheri Holland, making small talk and giggling over gossip. Her boyfriend, Jeff, had departed from her earlier for a game of beer pong. She was ready to leave, but knew this was Jeff’s scene. All she wanted was for him to be happy.

“Hey, Y/N,” Jeff walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing a kiss to her neck. “I’m about to do a beer run. You wanna come?”

She quirked up her eyebrow. “How much have you had to drink?”

Jeff sighed, a smile on his face. “I swear you and Jensen really think I don’t have any responsibility.” Y/N rolled her eyes and lightly hit her boyfriend’s arm, causing him to laugh. “I’ve had two beers in two hours. I’m not even buzzed, I promise.”

“I guess I’ll come along for the ride.” The girl smiled. 

Jeff grinned and quickly pecked her cheek. “We better get going then. I think Zach will skin me alive if I’m not back in fifteen minutes.”


It happened quicker than Y/N expected it to.

They got in Jeff’s car and started their journey for a few packs of beer. Jeff had said something stupidly cute and Y/N had laughed, and then there was a loud screech and glass. 

She woke up a few hours later in the hospital. She asked her mother where Jeff was, but she wouldn’t answer. Everyone she asked refused to answer. It didn’t take Y/N long to realize her boyfriend didn’t survive. 

And now, here she was. Sitting in the gymnasium, surrounded by her peers, and listening to how it was Jeff’s fault. How he shouldn’t have been drinking. How the student body need to learn from this mistake.

Y/N felt like screaming they were wrong. 

He was innocent.

Three Bears | Part 8

Request from Anonymous: Hello. I love your Tumblr! May I request a mini-series where you and are taking care of your three children (2 girls, 1 son) in Superman Returns (a korean television series). Could you also add a part where Jay wants another boy to make it equal , may be a lil smut. Thank you.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

A/N: Personally I would love to do another part to this series so if you agree with me and would love to continue reading, please let me know :D Otherwise, this will be the final part for this series. 

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When baby is an infant:
• Being very gentle and careful not to hurt baby
• Putting a lot of the chores on mum or slaves - because that’s how he was brought up
• Baby sleeping on his chest
• Lying on the floor with baby and playing with baby whenever he can
• Following baby when baby starts to crawl
• Asking Aslaug a lot of questions about being a good dad
• Spending time with Uncle Sigurd because he still feels a little guilt about Siggy (even though it wasn’t his fault)

When baby is a teen:
• Learning to be a shield maiden - Helga and Torvi would be happy to help with teaching (girl)
• Threatening any boy that tries to court you (girl)
• Having days where all you do is just horse trekking (girl)
• Learning to be a worrier - Bjorn and his other uncles would gladly help when it comes to where and how to place your feet (boy)
• Telling his son that he better treat his girl right (boy)
• Boat rides, and listening to stories of his fighting back in the day and stories of his father (boy)
• Teaching you the right way - and that is Viking (both)
• Spending days with Aslaug and listening to stories of her father (both)

When Baby is an adult:
• Helping out with strategies for a better outcome when on the battlefield (both)
• Helping each other out when fighting


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So i thought i would make a master list for my writing i know i don’t have much but i thought this might help with mobile users plus people that don’t know how to find my writing.


  • Things that are bolded are most popular.
  • Things that have a star next to it (*) they are considered smut.
  • Things that are crossed out are things that are coming soon.
  • So far i only have blurbs/dabbles so they will be listed bellow.
  • It goes from oldest to newest.



  • Luke

‘You going to be good for me, princess?’ *

‘i love you, always.’

Airport Luke

Day off

“I love you to, my prince.”

“You’re caught.”



  • Michael

‘You going to stand there all day princess?’ *

Missing you


  • Calum

‘How did I get so lucky.’ *

‘Come on baby girl’ *

“I know you can do better then that.” *

“Ride my thigh, babygirl.“ *

Side stage *


  • Ashton


Post concert


  • Number meme blurbs/imagines

#10 -A shy kiss. -Michael

#15 & #32 -A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss/Getting Caught in the Act. -Michael

#16 -A Naughty Kiss. -Luke

#17 -A love bite. -Luke

#24 -Slow Dancing. -Calum

#31 -Catching the other before they fall. -Calum

All ship blurbs

Imagine that there’s really bad weather in the cuty while Haruka is out visiting her grandmother out in the country side, unaware of the terrible damage that has occured.

When she returns back to the agency. she is told that Shibuya Tomochika had gone missing in the weather. Tomo had last been seen at a small shop that had gone underwater. and presumed dead, the body not found. Haruka became distraught. She sat in her dorm room, not sure how to habdle the current situation. To her, everything seemed so dull and nothing was cheerful. She stayed in her bed for days, not eating. drinkinf, not even keeping herself healthy.

Imagine Reiji and Ittoki trying to cheer up Haruka any chance they had. Reiji knew the pain of losing a friend and also attempted to counsel the composer. Ittoki felt pain himself, Shibuya Tomochika was a dear friend of his. He couldn’t bear to witness Haruka’s pain, for it was much worse. Tokiya eventually hired a counselor for Haruka. He didn’t know how to assess the current situation and would rather a professional do so.

Imagine Natsuki being confused when the news was delivered to him. How could Shibuya Tomochika go missing? That wasn’t like her at all and Haruka.. The blond baked sweets for Haruka everyday, hoping she would eat them. Syo smiled every step of the way, only when alone did he let his true feelings appear. Tomochika was gone, and Haruka was slipping away faster than ever mental wise. The anger and frustration he let build up the entire time finally came out in the form of tears. Ai was never acquainted with Shibuya, but he realized something was wrong when Haruka stopped composing. He accessed as much as the robot could for helping with depression. It wasn’t going to be an easy fix.

Imagine Masato believing that he took the friendship he treasured between Tomochika and him for granted. He had lost yet another person, but this time it was highly different. He would lose another if Haruka wasn’t helped. It was his efforts that cause Tokiya to call a professional. Ren was the last one to receive the grave news. He couldn’t trust the source, so he contacted to agency only to have his suspicions confirmed. When he returned to the agency, he began putting efforts into making Haruka lunch and breakfast everyday. All he could do was hope she would eat. Ranmaru was one of the least affected, until he found out Haruka quit composing. He picked his bass back up and attempted to inspire Haruka by writing songs of his own.

Imagine Cecil being completely shocked. When he was a cat, he became well acquainted with Shibuya. To believe she was dead… The muses had not blessed them. Maybe the muses had lost faith.. He was highly appalled by Haruka’s reaction. He found the girl in tears, her hair a matted mess, on one of the rare times she left her room. He helped his princess take care of herself through these tough times, occasionally attempting to cheer her up. Camus was definitely the least affected by Shibuya Tomochika’s absence, but he knew Haruka was not. He took Haruka to the park for a breath a fresh air, he even went on carriage rides with the girl. As always, Haruka was silent, but Camus knew better. This wasn’t just normal silence. It was the silence of a person hurting on the inside. It would take a long time to heal.

Teen Wolf Girls

They all deserved better.

Malia: Was Stiles’ ride this episode? That’s it? And she saw Theo naked? That was it. Where was the badass werecoyote? Where were the so called “friendship scenes” between her and Lydia and Kira this season. -_-


Braeden: Yay! We got 5 fucking seconds of the queen and then she dissapeard again…

Lydia: Where the fuck do I start? Where was she this episode? She got used as a love interest for parrish! AGAIN! Then she got knocked down and used by Theo. Fuckin’ really..

They deserve better.

anonymous asked:

Luna and Artemis bundle up in tiny kitty sweaters to help coach the girls (sometimes riding on shoulders to better instruct on something complex) and Luna is Very Worried about how clumsy Usagi is, but as soon as she steps out on the ice she's as graceful as a princess! The moment she's on non-frozen ground, however, she falls flat on her face. No one's quite sure how someone usually so klutzy can be such a good skater, but they know they can always rely on her!



Heated Argument Turns to Rough Sex

Harry: “You’re being stupid, (Y/N)” he said in a tone so calm it drove you even more mad because you were pissed. You finally talked to him about how you’ve been feeling weird lately because he’s been hanging around so many different girls when he was away. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust him, but it was your insecurities that you weren’t good enough for him that started this petty fight. “Just leave me alone!” you shouted before turning to run up the stairs to your bedroom. This wasn’t an angry fight. It was a sad fight because all you’ve been doing the past two hours was yelling at him for things he didn’t even do then crying about it afterwards. You stayed up in your room for about an hour before you snuck back downstairs. Harry had fallen asleep on the couch sitting up probably from watching TV. You quietly made your way in front of him and carefully pulled down his skinny jeans and boxers to his knees. His eyes fluttered open when he felt you sink down on top of him, instinctively gripping your hips. “W-What are you doing?” he asked breathlessly as you built up a quick pace riding him. “Reminding you I’m better than those other girls” you smirked. He bit his lips, thrusting up into you to meet your movements. “Can’t remind me what I never forgot.”

Niall: It wasn’t often when you two fought, but when you did, it wasn’t pretty. Both of your faces will be beet red from anger and his fists will be clenched while you’re picking up things to try and throw at him. You’re the one that ends up filled with more anger than him even if it was you that started the argument. It was stupid because all you did was go out with a few of your friends, but Niall didn’t like the fact that you were going out with guys he didn’t know when he wasn’t around. “You’re a fucking asshole!” you cursed at him, tossing the bottle of water that had been on the counter at him. “And you’re a fucking whore!” You were so angry with him that you didn’t know what to do. Before you even fully understand what you were doing, you had dropped to your knees and were forcefully undoing his pants. “What are you doing?” he asked confused as he watched you. You looked up at him glaring as you gripped his member firmly, before pulling it out of his boxers. “I’m a whore right?” you snarked, jerking him hard a few times. “Whores like to suck cock.” He smirked darkly as you took out your frustration with him on his cock.

Liam: This isn’t the first time he’s blown you off and come home late. In fact, this is the fourth time this month that he’s cancelled plans with you saying he was ‘busy’ but ended up at some club with his friends. You had waited up for him since he said he’d be home at eight and now it’s nearly two in the morning and he’s just now strolling in. “Have fun on the couch tonight” is all you said to him before hurrying up the stairs, locking yourself in the bedroom. It only took him a few minutes before he had followed you and was banging on the door. “Open the fucking door, (Y/N)!” he shouted loudly. It was time to give him a piece of your mind, so you walked over and opened it. “If this is how you want to spend our time together before you leave, then just fucking say it!” You yelled in his face. “Because I’m tired of staying up worrying about you because you’re out drinking with your fucking friends! You’re a prick for doing that to me and-“ before you could finish. He had you pinned up against the wall, sandwiched between him and the door. “I’m a prick huh?” he smirked, pulling down his pants, letting his hard member spring free. He yanked down your underwear before lifting you up in his arms. “Let me show you how good I can use my prick.”

Louis: You’ve been ignoring him lately. When he got back from tour, he turned your shared apartment into his own house of mess. He left his clothes wherever he wanted, never did a single dish, and left you to basically clean after him. You yelled to him about it a week ago and have barely spoken to him since he had called you a ‘nagging bitch’. So, you did the opposite. You’ve basically been giving him the silent treatment since then. You got up early one morning to take a shower not bothering to worry about waking him because he had slept on the couch last night. You were in the middle of washing yourself when the curtain was ripped back and your naked, angry looking boyfriend. Before you could open your mouth to say something, he was lifting you into his arms, pushing you up against the cold, hard wall of the shower. “I’ll teach you to ignore me” he growled, rubbing your clit hard, but you stayed silent. “Still not talking to me huh?” He positioned his length in between your legs. “I’ll make you talk then.” He thrusted himself into you all the way, making you claw at his back and scream his name out. “Yeah, baby. Get louder. I miss your voice.”

Zayn: “Just go then! Nothing’s stopping you as usual!” you shouted at him, your voice getting hoarser with every word. This has been going on for the last hour. Your sadness about him leaving for another tour was masking itself with anger, taking the pain out on him. “You think I fucking like this?! You think I like going away for months at a time?!” he screamed back at you. “Yeah it must be so fucking hard, right?” you questioned mockingly as you lowered your voice dramatically. “It must be hard to leave your boring girlfriend back home to go off travelling around the world with the most exciting job in the world, right?” His expression softened when he realized what this argument was really about. You were scared you’d lose him to his job. He quickly forgot about the stupid argument and took the two long strides that separated the two of you, kissing you hard. His strong arms picked you up and immediately took you upstairs. “How could I be happy leaving the most perfect girl in the world?” He said as his body engulfed yours on the bed, deepening his thrusts inside you. “I think I still need some convincing” you smirked causing him to grunt and throw your legs over his shoulder, giving him a better angle to fuck you harder.

I love how my friends encourage me to get dick. Especially my gay friend . He be like “Yassss bitch make that nigga tap out!” and my friend with a child be like “Girl you better ride that shit”. And before it actually happens I’m just thinking “I’m doing this for y'all , the homies” 😢