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Spiders With Books || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x female!reader

Word Count: 1345 words

Request: can u do a peter parker/spider man imagine where the reader is a nerdy girl whos nose is always in a book and one day shes talking with her friends about spiderman and they run into each other or smth and the cute books falling thing happens and peter does everything he can to flirt with her and ask her out

No spoilers (i don’t think there are spoilers)

AN: I don’t think I proof read this very well

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The bell rang to signal the next class. Everyone in ​Y/N’s class stood up and rushed to the hallways, but Y/N got up slowly, too focused with the book in her hands. She picked up the rest of her books that were on her desk, holding them against her hip and headed towards the door. She finished the page she was on before focusing on the hurdle of bodies in the hallway.

Y/N reached her locker, her friend already standing there waiting for her. “Hey Y/N. How was history?” Michelle asked. Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “Same as usual, I guess. I finished my work early so I had time to get farther in my book.” Michelle chuckled, making Y/N give her a questionable look.

“Which one?” Her friend questioned, pointing to the set of books in Y/N’s arms.

She smiled, wiggling one of the books in her hand, with a smile on her face. She then went on and gave her a non spoiler review of the book, in case she wanted to read it. Y/N opened her locker to place her history textbook inside. “So,” Michelle started, “have you seen that video of Spider-Man on YouTube?”

Y/N raised a brow while she grabbed a few notebooks and a couple more books to carry and read through out the day, “Well, I don’t know which one you’re talking about but, I probably have.” She scoffed at herself, slamming her locker shut and moving to walk to lunch.

“Of course you have. Because you can’t have a crush on someone and NOT stalk them,even if nobody knows what they look like.” Michelle said sarcastically, watching the people in front of her bolt to their next class. Y/N lightly shoved her friend, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

Michelle stopped a few steps in front of her, “What?” She asked bluntly. The number of people in the hallway faded out, but the pair took their time to get to lunch.

“I,I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man.” Y/N scoffed trying to defend herself. Michelle rolled her eyes, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him. He’s the only guy I ever hear you talk about, besides Pe-he who shall not be named.“she corrected herself, remembering their code name, "You’re crazy about him.”

Y/N sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But how could I not like him?” She muttered biting her lip. “I’m gathering that this is no longer about Queens’ web slinger?” Michelle questioned. Y/N looked down, nodding her head.

Y/N’s friend sighed, “If it makes you feel better, I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Y/N crinkled her nose in disbelief, “Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Maybe there was something on my face or my clothes looked odd to him. She didn’t want to get her hopes up. Michelle nodded her head, “But he was staring for a really long time. Besides I don’t think he likes her anymore though. ”

Before the conversation could continue, the two rounded a corner but, Y/N was met with the back of Peter Parker. “What are you-Oh shit,” He said as he turned around to see all of her books fall.

“I am so sorry, my friend kind of bumped into me.” He apologized emphasizing the second half of the sentence while glaring at Ned, moving to the ground to grab her books. “Oh hey guys,” Peter’s best friend Ned said to the two girls, giving them a quick wave.

“I’m gonna meet you at lunch. See ya later Y/N,” Michelle states walking away as the bell rang,“You too Peter.” She said giving him a mock solute. Unbeknownst to Y/N and Peter, Michelle gave Ned a look, silently telling him to come with her. He scratched the back of his head, “I’ll just head off with Michelle.”

Y/N moved down to the floor with Peter, to pick up her books. “I’m sorry, I’m just so clumsy.” She said, shaking her head and laughing at herself. Y/N avoided eye contact at all cost, a blush appearing on her cheeks. Peter looked up at her, pausing his actions.

“It’s cute.” Peter said boldly, shocking himself. Peter had a couple of her books in his hand while she had the others. “You have a really good taste in books.” He said, standing up from the floor and then grabbing her arm to help her up after him.

“Thanks,” Y/N said, a small smile on her face. Peter still hasn’t let go of her arm and when she looked at his hand, he immediately pulled it away. He cleared his throat, before speaking to the girl.

“M-Maybe you can give me some book suggestions sometime.” He stuttered out. She stood there with wide eyes shocked, was he trying to ask her out.

“Or, maybe not. Maybe you don’t want to talk to me. I’ll just, ummm, I’ll leave.” He cursed himself, turning around to walk away. “Wait, Peter.” Y/N grabbed his arm and he spun around.

“I do have a couple books in mind.” Y/N said with a side smile. Peter smiled widely at the girl, handing her books back to her.

Peter’s point of view

“How did that robbery go last night?” Ned asked Peter as the two walked to Peter’s locker. The two boys had lunch next period and Peter didn’t want to carry anymore heavy textbooks in his backpack anymore (despite having super strength). “It was awesome. I beat their asses.” Peter said enthusiastically, but got quiet when he realized that they were still in school.

Peter and Ned were just about to round a corner when they heard two other people talking in the hall. Michelle and Y/N talking about Spider-Man. Peter was about to walk when Ned pulled him back, “Dude what the heck?” Peter said, looking at Ned like he was crazy.

“Hear me out, we might be able to eavesdrop on them. See how much she likes Spider-Man.”

Peter gave his best friend a look, debating whether or not this was a good idea. He pressed his back against the wall, “Only because I trust you Ned.”

The two heard a voice say offended, “I-I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man,”

Peter looked at his friend with hunched shoulders, “What did I tell you?” He whispered. Ned was about to say something when they heard their friend Michelle start to speak, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him-”

Peter turned to his friend shocked. Ned only smirked, “Maybe this was a good idea, she has the hots for Spider-Man dude.” They focused back onto the conversation the two girls were having, but they heard the subject change. “ I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Peter stood there, shocked yet again, “Oh, no, oh lord.” He said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Weren’t you staring at her at the meet- ohhhhhhh,” Ned concluded, realizing they were now talking about Peter.

“Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Y/N stated, kind of surprised at her friends statement.

“Dude, I think she likes you."Ned whispered. Peter glanced at his friend, thinking about how unreal it would be if she liked him. "And I’m sorry bro.” Ned finished.

Peter moved a step away from the wall, tilting his head, confused at his friend’s statement. “What are you-Oh shit.” He started but couldn’t end the question due to Ned shoving him backwards towards the girl he liked.

Some thoughts about Sana and the Girl Squad.

Ok, so, I don’t think the girls are “ignoring” Sana and I mean, “ignoring” her in a negative way. I think that the girls just don’t notice which change is going on. From the moment they know Sana (as she always told them) isn’t interested in having a boyfriend/having a love interest/having sex/talking about guys they just don’t think that much about it, as it is almost a well-founded thing. What I mean is basically that they don’t notice Sana isolating herself from the group or, if one of them would, this one would think it’s “okay” because Sana is just not interested in those kind of things. They would think it’s normal. That that is just Sana being herself. But there’s clearly a miscommunication. They don’t know what Sana is going through. They don’t know that Sana started feeling something for a boy or whatever it is. They just don’t ask themselves “could Sana be interested in one of those boys? Why is Sana not joining?”, because they always saw her so proud, so strict, so serious and so steady on her arguments. I’m not saying the girls are behaving well towards Sana because they could pay more attention on what is going on around them so they could notice that actually Sana is excluding herself, or at least, they could notice the expression on her face. It’s just they are wont acting that way and thinking Sana is okay with all of that. They think she’s the same as always. Maybe Sana started being interested in Yousef not a long time ago. I am 100% sure that if Sana told the girls about her interest they would HELP HER IN ANY KIND OF WAY. Also they would be shocked (in a positive way) and happy at the same time because now they can try to let Sana anywhere near Yousef, they can help her and talk all together about the most common things girls of their age talk about, ALWAYS respecting Sana’s boundaries and ideas. It’s not that the girls care less about Sana, why would they? Didn’t you see how they immediately tried to help Noora when they found out about William? They support each other and they don’t do it (in this case) because it’s Noora. They would do the Same for Sana, this is 100% assured. They just should pay more attention to what’s around them and notice how Sana is feeling at the moment. They should link that to the “even if to Sana her faith is more important than those things, she’s a human, she can be interested in someone, maybe we should talk to her and find out why she isolates herself”. I think the girls love each other all in the same way. They feel so hyped in these situations that can’t keep an eye on Sana because they think she’s always the same. Also I know that if Noora knew about Sana’s interest for Yousef she would IMMEDIATELY take distances from him. So yeah, I hope the girls will notice the looks Sana and Yousef give to each other. And also I hope Sana opens herself to them and tries to talk about this thing. I want the girls to be together and supportive with one another as we saw in the previous seasons.

And I swear to god, I stumbled blindly into her, 

But she was a Saturday afternoon, every crevice of her skin blossoming with flowers, stars swimming in the blood of her veins, her smile dripping with the warmth of sunshine, the tangles of her hair the waves of the ocean, and her laugh the first spring breeze after winter.

And that was when I realized that sometimes gardens are concrete and pavement, blue skies and shy eyes, and stranded souls and whispered hellos.
—  Excerpt: Sometimes gardens can be souls.
Peter Pan Imagine - “You’re Mine And Mine Alone”

REQUEST: @beenfangirlingsince1997​: May I request an imagine where Peter Pan is really possessive over the reader and he gets jealous really easily and the reader has been badly mentally abused and is a really self conscious shy girl and is really scared of Pan because she’s seen the crueler side of Pan and she gets really fidgety around violence and make it really super angsty. Oh and Pan and the reader aren’t together yet.”

- Peter Pan x Reader

- Fandom: Once Upon A Time

- Warnings: light cussing, angst

- Length: long af

- Take Note: I’m not used to writing in the point of view of a shy, abused, timid girl because I personally am not any of those, but I tried my best! Also this is my first time writing in the “you” point of view ahhhh

“Hey, (y/n)!”

You look up at the sound of your name to see Devin walking towards you.


“Want to go fishing with me?” he asks. “For dinner?”

“Uhm, sure.” You hesitantly nod. Though you weren’t very good at fishing, it would get you away from camp…away from Pan. It seemed he was always hovering over you. You had hardly any freedom, and his possessiveness over you was becoming suffocating lately. You wanted—no, needed—to get out. You saw Pan nowhere in sight, thank god. A rare and perfect chance to slip away for a little bit. Great timing, Devin.

“Great,” Devin smiles at you, and you smiles back. He hands you one of the two fishing spears he’d be holding and you both head out of camp and onto one of the trails. You become more and more joyful with each step. What a great day you were about to have, away from Pan’s scorching eyes and demonic presence.

You and Devin walk side by side along a well-used path, leaving the camp farther and farther behind. You breathe in deeply, joy filling your chest as much as the air. You and Devin made small talk as you walked, until you neared the river, in which you stopped talking to listen to the sound of water rushing and splashing up ahead. Upon first sight, you halt and stare in awe at the sparkling water flowing smoothly, the sunlight reflecting off the water and making it shimmer like diamonds. It wasn’t very often you were able to come to this river.

Devin leads you to an outcrop of large, smooth gray boulders tumbling from the bank and into the river. “This is my favorite spot to fish,” he says as you carefully follow him onto the rocks, watching the water flow beneath you in amazement. Devin crouches low with his spear pointed at the water, posed and ready to strike. You copy his lead, but don’t stare into the river as intently as he does. Instead your gaze travels to the forest around you. So serene, beautiful, so peaceful. An amazing change in scenery compared to the same old camp you were in all day every day. You took it all in as much as you could, once again breathing in deeply and inhaling the wonderful earthy scents and the fresh, moist smell the river gave off. “This is nice,” you murmur.

Devin glances back at you, his lips curved in a teasing smile. “Not as nice as this juicy fish I’m about to catch,” he jokes. You laugh and he laughs, and you feel so much better than you have in a long while. You push away the thought of Pan’s anger that was sure to follow your little day out with Devin, which was very hard to do, but you refused to let it eat away at you and ruin this moment. You try your best to focus all your attention on the beauty around you instead.

“We should do this more often,” Devin comments. “You don’t leave camp much, but you seem to really enjoy being out here.”

“I know. I wish I could do this every day,” you reply, not bothering to hide the longing in your voice.

“Then why don’t you?”

“Pan.” You say bluntly. “He’ll, um, he’ll probably have my head on a spike just for being out here with you right now.”

Devin frowns, his spear lowering in lack of focus to it. “I know Pan is our leader and all, but surely you can’t let him keep on on such a tight leash like that? We have freedom, I don’t see why you can’t.”

“It’s easier said than done, confronting him.” You point out. “Pan…terrifies me. I’ve seen how cruel he can be. You have too.”

“Surely, if you just talk to Pan—”

“That’s not an option,” you interrupt, then immediately feel bad for cutting him off. But you hate how you’re talking about Pan on the one chance you get to be away from him.

“Why not?” Devin asks.

“You know Pan,” you let out a sigh.

“But you’re a girl,” Devin says.  “And the only girl at that. Won’t that give you some benefits?”

Your face creases in disgust. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know, I-I just thought—”

“Devin,” you break him off again, “Have you heard about Wendy?”

“Wendy?” The mood instantly turns grimmer and he stares at you warily . “Um….why?” (photo)

“I’ve been told about Wendy before,” you tell him. “I don’t know any details, I hardly know anything about her at all, actually. Just that she was a girl who came to Neverland, and Pan…” you gulp, your heart starting to beat faster. Man, just thinking about Wendy can make you break out in a cold sweat. “…Pan kept her locked in a cage…” and he did things to her. You don’t know why but you left out that last part.

Devin’s eyes widen briefly, before he swiftly turns back to watching the river, purposely aiming his spear closer to the water. “Never heard of that before. The other boys are just trying to scare you.”

“Don’t play dumb,” you flash.

“I’m not,” he says. “If Pan kept a girl locked in a cage, wouldn’t he do the same to you? What makes you so special?”

You put your mind to work, rolling through all of the vague things the others have told you. “Well, I’ve been told that Wendy didn’t want to stay on Neverland, and that’s why Pan kept her locked up. That Wendy liked her home, her family, wanted to go back. You? Me? We came from bad situations. We were unloved, unwanted, lost…” you trail off, pushing away the awful memories of your life before you were taken to Neverland.

“I know all this,” Devin says. “We’re called the Lost Boys for a reason. But I’ve never heard about this Wendy girl in my life. It doesn’t even make sense. The only children that come here are those who are unloved, so why would Wendy come here in the first place if she was loved and wanted? It’s called logic.”

Devin was either a really good liar or he was telling the truth. You thought about confronting the boys who told you about Wendy, maybe see if you can get more out of them or get them to admit they were lying, but you were not sure you had the confidence to do it. You sure as hell didn’t have the courage to ask Pan about it.

“Okay,” you end the conversation with that, opting you’d rather cherish your precious time here than waste it arguing about Pan and this so-called Wendy, and your painfully low self-esteem.

You move away from Devin and onto a rock a few feet away, peering down at the water with your spear ready to strike. Anything to get your mind off what’s bothering you.

“You’ll never catch a fish like that.”

Your blood turns to ice in your veins. That was not Devin’s voice. Heart pounding, you turn around to see none other than Peter Pan standing on the rocks behind you, arms crossed, glaring at you in a way that was sinister.

“You were leaning too far over the edge,” he says simply, almost sounding bored yet criticizing at the same time. “The fish would’ve been able to see your shadow and never come near the rock.” (gif)

“Pan…” You gasp, standing up slowly. Dread and fear surged through you and your mind blanked in panic. Did he hear any of your conversation? If he did you were fucking dead. That’d be the end of you.

“(Y/n) and I were just fishing,” Devin explains, sounding a little bit defensive. He moves over to your side, holding the spear over his shoulder with his hand resting on it.

“I can see that,” Pan growls, his eyes narrowing and chin lifting. “But what I don’t see is any fish. What have you been doing all this time?”

You take a step back, not liking the jealously that seemed to flow off him in waves. ~ But as you do, you fall off the edge of the rock and into the water below. Cold waves splash over your shocked body as the water sucks you under and utter panic engulfs you. You drown and die.

The end.

Just kiddiiiiinnnggggg……okay resuming where I left off: ~

You’ve seen Pan when he was outraged, and it was not pretty. “I’m sorry,” you begin desperately. “Devin and I were just fishing, what else would we be doing? I’m sorry, Pan, I’m sorry.” You didn’t even have to wonder how he knew your exact location as you remembered Peter Pan knew everything that happened on his island. I’m so stupid! How could I forget? And I’m so dead…

“Stop it, (y/n),” Pan says. “Don’t you remember the first rule of being a Lost Boy? You never apologize.”

You stop yourself from saying you’re sorry again. As you grope for something else to say, Pan continues: “And do you remember the second rule?” His expression darkens menacingly. “You never disobey me.”

All the color left your face in pure fear. Oh shit. This was not good. You were in extremely deep trouble.

“What did (y/n) do to disobey you?” Devin asks boldly. You turn a pleading gaze on him; speaking out against Pan was sure too get him—you don’t want to think about it—killed.

“Oh, did I not make myself clear?” Pan growls. (gif)

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He moves closer to you, the faintest of a smirk on one corner of his lips. Your breath hitches in your throat and you gulp, bringing your gaze down but without tilting your head. Pan lifts a hand up to your cheek and you almost flinch, except the movement was slow. His knuckles hover there without touching your skin. He looks over at Devin with a smug grin, slipping a strand of your hair through his fingers. As your hair falls back down, his piercing eyes land on you once more. “(Y/n)….” his breath feels warm on your nose, his voice sending tingles of fright down your spine.

Pan turns his back towards you as he steps away before spinning back around with a devilish, wide smile, his arms out as if presenting something. His voice is boisterous. “You’re mine, and mine alone.” (gif).

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“I-I’m…” yours? You can’t finish the sentence. Your heart is hammering against your chest so hard you’re sure that’s why you’re trembling.

“Don’t be afraid,” Pan purrs (gif). “Be flattered.”

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Later that evening, you were sitting in your tent, reliving the events of that day over and over in your head. After Pan had claimed you as his, he sent you back to camp ahead of him and Devin. You were scared for Devin, and had anxiously waited for his return. When he finally came back with Pan he seemed fine but hardly spoke a word to you. After that you’d gone into your tent and stayed there, even more afraid to see Pan again. More so of being conflicted and confused than the fear of him as a person.

You’re mine and mine alone. What did that mean exactly? Don’t be afraid, be flattered. You take a deep breath. Don’t be afraid. Most of all, that’s what circles round and round in your head. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Did that mean he wouldn’t hurt you; do things to you that he might’ve done to Wendy?

The tent flap zips open unexpectedly, making you jump with a start. Joseph sticks his head in. “You hungry?” he asks. “Dinner’s been ready for a while now. If you don’t get your butt out here there’ll be nothing left.” Then he leaves, leaving your tent open.

Reluctantly, you crawl out and stand up, your eyes darting around nervously for any sight of Pan. He’s there, sitting by the fire in the midst of the Lost Boys. He’s holding his infamous panpipes, fiddling with them in his hands as if contemplating whether he wants to play them or not. He looks up at you (gif), as if you’d made a big announcement emerging from your tent even though he couldn’t have possibly have heard you come out. Your breath catches in your throat and you avert your gaze.

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You see Devin sitting on a log, eating. He’s sitting with Marcus, Kane, and Millard, laughing and chatting. You walk over to them and as you near Devin looks up at you, chews the rest of his meat, swallows, and wipes his arm over his mouth. “Uh, hey, (y/n),” he says rather awkwardly.

“Mind if I join?” You ask.

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

You whip around at the Pan’s voice. Damn, what’s up with him doing that? He’s standing right behind you, his jaw taut. “As you can see, there’s no room on that log anyways,”

“Pan,” you stammer, fizzing with anxiety. “I, uh, I um…” you trail off as you see Pan’s body stiffen. His muscles tense, his eyes loose their irritation as they glaze over, as if he were staring at something we cannot see.

“Pirates,” he growls a few moments later, his gaze clearing. Of course: Pan had just sensed someone arriving in Neverland. He grins—a grin you know all too well. It sends shivers down your spine. “Looks like we have some guests. Lost Boys, get over here!”

At his call, everyone stops what they’re doing and gathers around you and Pan, looking at their leader expectantly. You try to inch away, not comfortable with the way all the boys are closing in around you, tightly packing you in.

“What is it, Pan?” Felix asks.

“Pirates have just arrived,” Pan explains, his eyes shining in a wicked delight. “Ready for some fun, boys?”

They hoot and holler, whilst you cower away at all their excitement for bloodshed. Even Devin joins in, his arm pumping the air in a circular motion as he whoops. You, however, stay quiet. You just can’t understand how everyone finds fighting fun. It terrifies you, in fact. Just the thought of battling ruthless, vicious, grown men with sharp swords makes your heart start to pound.

“Sharpen your knives, boys, we’ve got no time to waste!” Pan declares. “We attack at first light!”

As your campmates disperse, gathering their weapons, you hurry back towards your tent, eager to get away from all this upheaval.

“(Y/n)!” You freeze in your tracks as your name is barked, and turn around to meet Pan’s tyrannizing stare. “Will you be a lad and dip the arrows in dreamshade?”

It was an order disguised as a question. “Yes, Pan,” You obey, not daring to look him in the eye. You leave quickly, afraid to linger around him.

You climb up the handmade ladder to Pan’s tree house, where he keeps the dreamshade poison. Once up, you give the door a slight push and it slowly swings open with a prolonged creak. It’s quiet and dark inside. You walk across the bare room, scanning for the jar of the deadly, thick liquid bound to be on one of the shelves. You don’t like being inside Pan’s den; it gives off a dark feeling. Peter Pan owns the entire island, yes, and everything is his, yes, but this…this, this is his most personal space. Being inside it makes you feel the most vulnerable, if that were even possible. You’re just thankful he isn’t in here with you. You see the dreamshade, but just as you reach out for it, the door behind you shuts.

Your heart skips a beat in surprise and you turn around to see Pan standing there, his eyes focused on you with such intensity you can almost feel it.

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“P-Pan!” you stutter. You take the jar off the shelf and grip it tightly, trying to suppress your fear. “I was just getting the dreamshade, like you asked.”

“Of course, (y/n),” Pan drawls, walking towards you.

Your breathing becomes labored. You wish you were anywhere else right now, anywhere but here.

“Do you believe it?” he says quietly.

“Believe what?” you ask timidly.

“The story about Wendy.”

You almost drop the jar in your fear and surprise. “H-how did you know?”

“I know everything,” he answers.

Did he overhear you and Devin? “I…I don’t know,” you admit.

Pan is silent, staring at you. You shift uncomfortably, your hands clammy with foreboding.

“I would never do anything like that to you,” he says finally.

You jerk your gaze to him in surprise. You can feel your pulse pounding in your temples.

His eyes are dark in the shadows. “Do you trust me?”

You inhale a shaky breath. “There’s something I see in you. It might kill me.”

Pan’s face lifts in a twisted smile, which scares the shit out of you. When you say that to someone, their response shouldn’t be a crazed smile, right? Right? “I-is it true?”

His smirk never falters. “You’ll figure that one out on your own.”

You desperately try to hide how fearful you are. You can hardly control the tremor in your voice as you say, “Do I want to find out?”

“I won’t hurt you, (y/n).” Pan murmurs. “Have I ever hurt you? Answer the question, (y/n).”

You swallow, your throat dry. “N-no.”

“I know where you come from,” he begins. “I know how unloved you were. You withered away, neglected, unwanted, unvalued, lost to everything. It was the same for all my Lost Boys. That’s why they’re here. And since being here, they’ve changed. Came out of their shells. Expressed who they really are. And do you see them? They’re happy. Wild. Free. But here you are, you’re still scared and lonely.”

You close your eyes tight, fighting back the anguish rising in your throat. Ever since you were brought here you’ve buried your past, you’ve tried to burn it to ashes, to wipe it from existence. And now Pan was bringing it all back up again. But you can’t deny that what he’s saying is true.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me,” Pan says, and of all things, he’s smiling mischievously. “I can make you forget about it all. I can make you feel things you’ve never felt before. I promise.”

You can’t believe this is happening. It feels like you can’t get enough air. “Promise is a strong word,” you remark.

“I may not be the most well-behaved boy on the island, but I always keep my promises.”

You push down the fear, forcing it away. You had no need to be scared anymore. He won’t hurt me. “I trust you.” You say it so quietly you aren’t sure he heard, but of course he did.

Pan takes the jar of poison from your hands, his piercing green stare never leaving yours. “I’ll take this off of you now.” He sets it back on the shelf, but as his hand comes back down it touches your shoulder, his finger trailing along the hem of your shirt. He arches an eyebrow, smirking. “And this too.”