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Based off of New Girl’s Pepperwood episode

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“Y/N, are you still watching this show?” Steve asks, coming into the living room, Bucky and Sam following right behind.

“Yeah, it’s hilarious.” I say not letting my eyes leave the giant flat screen tv that was currently playing New Girl.

“What’s a pogo?” Steve asks after hearing Winston and Schmidt mention it.

He takes a seat next to me along with the other guys.

“Usually it’s a toy. But in this case, it’s when someone you live with has something irritating or annoying that you talk about behind their backs with your other roommates.” I explain just as Wanda, Pietro, Clint and Natasha come into the room after sparring.

“You mean like how we talk about how Bucky is only capable of showing one emotion.” Sam teases, and then makes Bucky’s expressionless, broody face, mimicking the Winter Soldier.

Steve gives Sam a stern look while I try my absolute damnedest not to laugh but fail, earning a high five from Sam.

“Very funny. What about Sam and his crush on Steve.” Bucky crosses his arms with a smug grin and this time I don’t even bother to hide my laugh and others join in.

“I do not have a thing for Steve. He’s just a friend.” Sam says, looking mainly at me and glaring.

“Really? You want me to risk my life for you? Anything for you Cap.” Bucky mocks, and Steve punches his best friend in the shoulder to tell him to quit but has a grin on his face.

“Does everyone have a pogo?” Pietro asks coming to join us on the couch.

“Well of course. I mean we’ve all lived together long enough that it was bound to happen.” I shrug, directing my attention more to the bickering soldiers who were now providing the new entertainment.

“What’s mine?” The white haired, speedster asks.

“Um… I don’t know.” I lie, not wanting to hurt his feelings.

There was a second of silence before Clint spoke up.

“You can’t sit still for shit.” Clint says casually, smirking at who we all claim to be his adopted son.

“Shut up old man. I can sit still.” Pietro retorts, crossing his arms and starts moving his legs.

“Pietro, you’re vibrating the couch.” I state lowly, as to not hurt his feelings.

“Okay, I can’t sit still. Who cares? At least I don’t tell annoying dad jokes that are so bad that people laugh in pity.” Pietro glares at the archer who cocks a brow.

“I’m funny! Right Natasha?!” He asks his best friend who looks away, not answering the question, causing Pietro to laugh.

“Y/N thinks I’m funny!” Clint says, looking over at me pleadingly.

“Yeah, you sure are…” I lie unconvincingly to the corny blonde.

“Whatever. It’s not like you two don’t have pogos either.” He mumbles, inadvertently mimicking Pietro’s pout from earlier.

“What’s mine?” Nat asks, but no one bothers to answer, not wanting to anger her.

“Easy. We talk about how we know that you aren’t a natural red head and you sneak off to have it dyed.” Tony responds coming into the room and fixing a drink.

“I don’t dye my hair!” She exclaims, glaring at any of us that dared to say otherwise. Although I did know for a fact that she did dye her hair, I’ve even helped her do it.

“Besides, we all know that Tony’s huge ego is compensation for something else.” Natasha says with a smirk and my eyes grow wide.

“Shots fired!” I exclaim, high-fiving my best girl friend.

“Y/N. Aren’t you one to talk? You think you don’t have a pogo.” Tony says, personally offended and making eye contact with me.

“Tony, this isn’t necessary. Is it really worth it to separate the team again because of something from a stupid show?” Steve butts in, glaring at Tony.

If Cap is butting in like this, then it must be really bad.

“Well she had no problem when she was laughing at all of our pogos.” Tony retorts stepping forward to the super soldier.

“Well lay it on me.” I tell him, feigning like I didn’t care and hoping my pogo was something stupid like Natasha’s.

“You have the attention span of a squirrel. I mean not even boy wonder is that bad.” Tony says, feeling quite proud of himself for calling me out.

Little did he or anyone besides Natasha know that it was due to my ADD/ADHD. But it wasn’t something that I liked to advertise. It’s something that I try not to let hinder me from being an Avenger.

“That’s it? That’s my pogo? That’s nothing.” I shrug and ignore Steve, Natasha and even Pietro’s sympathetic looks.

“See that’s what I mean about you being rude and egotistical to compensate for something. Tell me Stark, is it insecurity? Do you have to put others down to feel great about yourself?” Natasha crosses his arms.

“That’s enough.” Steve says exasperatedly, already tired of this whole conversation.

“Ah, there’s Mr. Righteous coming out to play.” Tony carries on, like always, never knowing when to stop.

“God Tony, shut up!” Everyone shouts.

“Who knew that New Girl could tear us apart. I’m gonna go to my room and process what just happened.” I sigh, getting up and leaving the room.