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someone just shared with me a video of a little girl doing an oil change (omg so cute!!) and other car stuff and it made me think, if Robbie and Daisy ever had a daughter she'd probably learn about computers and cars before anything else 😂 P.S. I think Daisy'd adopt, but it's hilarious to think how Robbie would react if he accidentally knocked her up 😂 maybe it'd be the one thing he's scared of, disappointing / failing to protect his new family. What d'you think? :)

Aww, that sounds so cute! 😄 And you are so right! I can imagine a proud Robbie being like, “She learned how to drive, before she learned how to walk!”

I totally think Daisy would adopt kids, but that doesn’t mean she and Robbie wouldn’t have kids of their own, as well. If Robbie accidentally got Daisy pregnant (should’ve used a condom, boy!), I think he would be concerned at first. He’s had a dark past and has inner demons (heh) so he might wonder if he could really be a good father and provider.

Still, as I’ve said before, Robbie is a good, responsible guy. If Daisy decided to keep the baby, he would 100% be there for them. I also totally believe he would make a wonderful dad! 😊

Four score and seven years ago, I actually made a headcanon rant post about if Daisy accidentally became pregnant with Robbie’s kid if you want to read more: Here


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