girls playing football

Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
For the sweetest anon that requested this 💕

let little kids be gay! little boys following their crush around like a puppy dog, sitting next to him on the bus every day and telling him silly one liners from the jokebook he bought just to be able to make him laugh! little girls sharing all their snacks from home with their crush, endlessly complimenting her on her new hairband/dress/shoes/backpack, bringing in dolls to play with and giving her the prettiest and least ratty doll, braiding her hair and holding her hand tight playing double dutch jumprope!

let kids defy gender roles and be gender non conforming! let little boys play dress up and love wearing that one tutu and stealing their big sister’s makeup! let little girls roll around in the mud and play alien secret agents and be shamelessly loud and bossy and rowdy and refusing to wear dresses! let little kids who know they’re not boys or girls find comfort in androgynous role models just like them, like their camp counselor who explained that they’re not a boy or a girl, and telling them that they might not be either! let them be indignant of the fact that all the clothing and toys made for kids is either pink and ruffly or blue and intense so they pick the most androgynous stuff they can and play a lot of really cool puzzle and board games, and maybe get something a little gendered if they want it because hey, some things are just cool!

let your kids be kids like they’re meant to be, pure and sweet and careless and rowdy and loud and exploring relationships with their peers and living their childhood the way that makes them happy and keeps them healthy! let your boys pick flowers for the kitchen and let your girls play football with the bigger kids and let them present themselves however the heck they want because your children are discovering themselves and growing and having fun and don’t push your ideas of gender roles and conformity on your children who have no concept of them, and who wouldn’t understand why a boy wearing a dress is bad but would believe it because their minds are impressionable and you told them, and you’re their entire source of information and right and wrong meter and mentor on how to relate to the world! you end up setting a bad path for your kid, whether they grow up and realize that they’re LGBTQ but you told them through ostracizing and side glancing kids who were strange and didn’t like the things marketed to their gender that it makes you turn out “you know….. *makes effeminate hand gesture*” and that’s wrong so they punish themselves for it and repress it and hurt themselves doing that, or they grow up harassing LGBTQ kids and making fun of them and contributing to the binary society they rejected as an innocent little child because you told them that that was okay.

let kids be kids be kids be kids and let them be who they are and teach them to respect other kids being who they are.


This is my new CalFreezy fanfiction. I don’t know how to feel about the name but for now it’s called Journey. I hope you enjoy it!


“If I left what would you do?” I ask and he turns to face me with glossy eyes.

“Why would you leave. It’s a party to celebrate the match.”

Cal is right. It is supposed to be a celebration, but how am I supposed to celebrate when I have this weight shoving my soul into the ground. It’s like a cloud looming over me that’s going to rain on me until I get things off my chest.

“I just feel kinda off and I don’t wanna do this right now. I’ll come back up later I just need a little quiet time.” I explain while pulling my arms over my chest and gripping onto the fabric of his jersey from last year.

“Yeah yeah. Come back though, you never miss the drinks.” He laughs and I nod before giving him a half hearted smile before turning and walking through the crowd and towards the exit.

“You okay?” A voice asks and I see Lewis.

“Yeah I’m just going to my room to get some quiet. I didn’t sleep much on the way here.” I nod to him before continuing up to my room and taking a seat on the bed.

“What are you gonna do? First of all you act irresponsibly and second of all you keep it a secret from everyone.”

“Smart.” I add before grabbing my phone and dialing the only person I can think to call.

“Hey mum, it’s me. I need to talk and it’s kinda serious and I would’ve liked to share this information with you in person, but I can’t so please don’t be mad.”

“Well slow down and explain yourself. It’s gonna be okay.”

“I’m pregnant.”

I just say it and let the words out because it’s time I say something. I mean it’s bad enough that I just found out and am almost twelve weeks along, but I’ve hidden it from everyone since I found out. I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell everyone but no plan is good enough. No plan seems like it’ll make the words come out easier.

“And I was gonna tell Cal today after the match but I didn’t expect them to win so I didn’t expect him to be so happy and excited and to be partying as much. I’m fucked mum I don’t know how to tell him and I’m scared. I need to tell him because I’m further along than I though.”

“Okay sweetie. It’s gonna be okay don’t worry and you can do it. Don’t think about it so much. You’ve known Cal for so long and you’ve been dating for two years. You’ve always been open with him so just tell him. Let him have the rest of the night to be all crazy about the game, and just talk to him after. It’s his kid right?” She asks and I roll my eyes.

“I’m twelve weeks and yes it’s most definitely his.” I rest a hand on my stomach while smiling slightly.

“I’m gonna go and try and have fun until I can get him alone and sober enough to talk.”

“When you get back home call me. I wanna see you.”

“Okay I love you mum. I tell you how it goes.” We say goodbye and I walk back to the party and I see that it’s still as crazy as before.

“Hey party girl.” Cal hands me a cup and I place it down.

“I can be party girl, but I’m not in the mood for anything to drink.” I smile before kissing him.

“Can we have a little chat after everything? I just wanna talk about something.”

“Is everything good?” He asks and I nod.

“Also I didn’t get to congratulate you on everything. You got scooped away before I could say anything.”

“I also didn’t get to give you the extra kit I got you.” He explains and I smile.

“Oh for when? When am I gonna use it?” I laugh and he raises a brow.

“Well what would you say if I got something set up.”

“Cal you’re talking in riddles love. I don’t know what you mean.” I laugh and he grabs my hand.

“Come on, why don’t we just go talk now.” He leads me outside and takes a seat on the bench outside the hotel with me.

“Basically I know one girl who can play football like it’s nobodies business and it’s you. I want to get to a level where I can have a Rebel charity match. I wanna get something together and I think having some girls on a team would be sick. Not some prissy girls against guys stuff, but some real football. I talked to Jessie and she said she’d love to do it. I also know Sarah would do it. Then maybe Freya if she’d do it, but mainly I want to get some rebel guys on the field with some girls and some YouTube Allstars against the sidemen. See if we could get Jessie and Frey with the sidemen and you and Sarah on the team with youtube Allstars and some rebel guys. I wanna make it happen in the beginning of next year. Like end of March, and I’ve been talking to the guys and it may happen and I thought you’d wanna be a part of it.”

“Cal I’d love you to but I’m kind of in a sticky place because I have to tell you something. If you plan on having this match within the next nine months I can’t play in any physical type game.” I admit while smiling slightly and looking down at my hands.

“Nine months?” He questions and I look up while nodding slowly and waiting for him to realize what I’ve said.

“Holy shit.” He starts to laugh. “No way, your pregnant? Holy fuck. That’s insane.” He pulls me close to him and I feel like I’m gonna start crying and of course I do. I’m a hormonal pregnant twenty two year old.

“Aww don’t cry, but I’m pretty sure this has been one of the craziest days.” He admits and I nod in agreement.

“Go back inside and celebrate with the boys. Well don’t go too crazy but go have fun.” I stand up and he joins me before grabbing me and pulling my body even closer to him.

“Who knows about the baby version of me and you?”

“Just my mum.”

“Did you wanna tell people?” He asks and I nod as we walk inside and then he immediately he runs off.

“Cal. What’re you doing?” I call after him and he just decides to grab a microphone and everyone turns to the stage.

“Guys, so I mean, it’s not like we didn’t just win the match but I’m gonna be a dad!” He shouts the last part and I put my face in my hands.

“No fucking way!” Freya jumps through the crowd and hugs me.

“I cannot believe this. This is incredible.”

“I didn’t think he was gonna announce it just like that.” I admit and she just continues to hug me and cheer.

Okay thank god to everything holy that this is going well. Well I’m gonna be a rolling ball in like two months so I’m gonna not be as happy when that time comes.

Let me know how you liked it!!! I have a bunch more ready to be posted.

All Started With a Song Part 11 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1227

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) it’s finally here!! i hope you guys like it… only 2 parts left :(


As you walked onto the beach, you noticed three figures in the distance.

“One for each of us, eh?” Alice smirked.

“Let’s not forget that I am taken,” said Olivia.

“When did you guys make it official?” you asked as the three figures grew bigger.

“A few weeks ago actually, we just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“I’m so happy for you guys!” you hugged the blonde.

You three walked up to the other three, recognizing one as Clayton. Behind Clayton were two boys; one was rather tall and dark, the other one was muscular but pale. Which confused you three, LA people weren’t supposed to be pale were they?

“Hey Clayton!” you hugged him.

“Clayton?” his friends laughed.                

“What?” you stepped back.

“Nothing,” he chuckled. “It’s just that my moms are the only people who actually call me Clayton. Most people call me Clay or C-man.”

“Oh,” you laughed.

“Are you gonna introduce us to your friends?” Alice asked, eyeing the darker skinned boy.

“Oh sure! Tyler, this is Olivia, Y/n, and Alice,” Clay said, then pointed to the palest boy. “Girls, this is Tyler.”

“And this,” he motioned towards the darker boy. “This is Justin.”

Alice winked at him which caused Justin to awkwardly look at the ground.

You all merged towards the fire that was already ablaze.

“Stereotypical question time!” Olivia shouted.

“Go ahead,” Clay laughed.

“If you’re from LA… why is Tyler so pale?”

“Liv,” you smacked her arm. “Don’t be rude.”

“Its fine,” Tyler chuckled. “I’m from Minnesota, I just moved here.”

“So how do you know Clayton?” you smiled when you heard Clay laugh.

“I’m from Minnesota too. I moved here right after I graduated. Tyler over here…” he trailed off.

“I had to retake senior year.” Tyler finished, laughing.

“Ah…” Olivia smiled. “Your turn.”

“For what?” Clay said.

“For a stereotypical question.”

“I have one,” said Justin. “Why are you so obsessed with soccer?”

You three began laughing.

“Why are you so obsessed with Kanye West?” you mocked.

“Nah, we only care about football.”

“Do you have one?” Alice asked, cuddling into your side.

“Have a football?” Tyler looked at Alice.

“Yeah,” she shrugged.

“I might have one in my car,” Clay stood up.

“I’ll come with you,” you smiled.

As you two separated yourself from the group, Clayton said something you didn’t expect.

“Okay, so I know I have no place…” he started.

“Go on,” you prompted.

“What happened with you and Conor?”

Your breath caught but you soon fixed it, “How’d you find out?”

“I went to follow you on Twitter, and lots of people were talking about you.”

“Oh, um.” You didn’t know how to explain it without going into detail. “He played me, so I came here to get away from the drama… and he followed me here.”


“No, not like that. He did it all with a good heart. But he’s so confusing,” you sighed. “Like he ignored me for 2 weeks before that, but then flies to bloody America to apologize.”

“Sounds like he’s in love,” he chuckled, opening his trunk.

“Hard to love someone you don’t know.”

“Here,” he tossed you the football. “Do you girls play football?”

Yu chuckled, “No, I think Alice used it as a reason to get close to Justin.”

“Well, he’s been eyeing her all night. So who knows?”

“Hey Clayton,” you stopped walking.


“I hope I’m not giving you the wrong idea, but I just want to be friends.”

“Y/n, babe.” He laughed. “I had no intentions on getting with you.”

“Okay good,” you sighed.


After a good half an hour, the game was in full swing.

“Okay here’s the plan,” you said. You were huddled into a small circle of you, Olivia and Clay.

You decided that you didn’t want to play girls vs. boys and since Clayton had played football in college, you thought it was fair.

After you broke the circle you got into your respected positions.

“Blue 42, set-”

“Alice, just say hike!” Tyler shouted from behind her.


She threw the ball through her legs, right into Tyler’s arms. Justin ran behind him, grabbing the football and running up the right side of their makeshift field.

Your team was up by 10 points so you let them get the touchdown and got ready to make your epic play.

“Guys, it’s no fun if you let us get the touchdown,” Justin whined as he tossed Olivia the football.

“Dude, you’re still down by 3. Don’t get cocky,” Clay laughed. “Ready girls?”

“Yes!” you squealed.

Olivia squatted in front of you, “Hike!”

The ball was thrown between her legs at you, you grabbed it and stepped a few feet back. You saw Tyler running towards you so you zigzagged to try and confuse him. He tried to do a fast turn to catch you but ended up falling. With the few seconds you gained, you stepped back a few more feet. Justin was trying to catch Olivia while Alice chased after Clayton.

Once Clayton was right in front of the end zone, you stopped and got ready to throw the ball.

Olivia ran up in front of him, “Ready?” he asked.

“Just do it!” she said as Clayton picked her up and put her on his back. She reached out her arms, the ball landing perfectly in her arms. He quickly turned around and went for the end zone. However, he didn’t see Alice coming up on his left side. So when Olivia was pushed off his back Clayton was confused.

“You bitch!” Olivia screamed.

“We’re playing tackle football!” Alice yelled back.

“Wait,” You said, holding Olivia back. “She pushed you… into the end zone.”

“What?!?” Alice questioned.

“Look!” you pointed to the wood chunks that marked the end zone.

“Hah!” Olivia stuck her tongue out at Alice. “Karma’s a bitch.”

Alice turned around and walked towards the water.

“I’ll go get her,” you sighed. Alice was always overreacting. It’s just who she was.

“No,” Justin said, heading towards Alice. “I got this.”


Conor was scrolling through Twitter while Anth ordered a pizza.

“Yep, just the pepperoni,” Anth said, hanging up.

“Hey, did you tell Y/n that we’re free tomorrow?” Conor asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she said to meet them at the Santa Monica Pier. Why?”

“Just curious,” Conor shrugged, switching over to Instagram.

He decided to check your feed, just to see what you had been up to. He typed in your Instagram name and clicked on your profile.

“I can’t believe her!” he yelled.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Anth said, looking at Conor with a face full of confusion.

“I came all the way to bloody America and she’s with another guy. I came to apologize, and she’s out with some other dude. How could she?!”

“What?” Anth asked, opening Instagram. “Oh.”

The picture was of you and Clayton, but they didn’t know who he was. You were both sitting on the sand. You were sat next to each other, his arm was around your shoulder pulling you into him. You had a bright smile on your face and Clay was looking at you fondly.

The caption read:

the memories that i made tonight will be with me forever.

“That’s it. I’m done trying,” Conor stood up.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going back home.”

I believe in you. -Tom Holland

A/N: THIS IS FOR THE MOTHERFLUFFIN QUEEN @hufflepuffholland because I love you and you deserve everything good in this world. I hope you like this. (I wrote this on my phone and did not proofread because it’s 1am and I suck)

You were around 6 years old when you first met him. You were playing outside with only some chalk and your imagination which did not stop you to have the best time of your life. Since your family was new in the neighborhood you did not have any friends to play with, so you occupied yourself.
He on the otherside was around 7 and was watching you from his kitchen window. He had never seen this girl before and the way she jumped around and laughed, made him feel some type of way in his chest. He furrowed his brows at his own feelings and then it happened. You were jumping on one leg when something cought your foot and you fell knees first to the ground. You immediatly started to cry because your knees and palms were burning and you could feel warm blood drip out of the wounds.

As soon as he saw you fall he jumped from his chair and ran outside, ignoring his mom who was asking where he was going. He rushed over to you and when he saw the pain in your face the feeling in his chest changed into a lump in his throat.
“Are you okay?” he found himself asking and her head shot up.
“No. It hurts!” you sobbed and he didn’t know what to do.
“My Mom has a really good salve for wounds like that. It helps me…” he thought outloud and rushed back to his home without another word.

You didn’t care who the boy with the brown curls and chocolaty brown eyes was. You only cared about the fact that he wanted to help you.
“We should sit down on the bench. That’s how my mom does it.” he suggested and reached out his hand for you to grab it.
“I can’t. I can’t stand up, it hurts.” you said and another sob escaped your throat.
“I’ll help you. Take my hand.” he said and you looked up into his brown eyes.
“I believe in you.” he added and a little smile appeared on his lips.


You were around 12 when you sat alone in the class and stared at the board. You should be going to your football game, but girls in your class had talked you down and now you were feeling insecure. A girl shouldn’t play football. It’d make her thighs thick. She’d loose her femininity and no boy would even look at her. She’d loose all her girlfriends.
A single tear escaped the corner of your eye and you brushed it away immediatly, getting more angry at yourself.

He rushed into your classroom in that moment and froze when he saw you sit all by yourself.
“Hey champ. What are you doing here? The game starts in 10 minutes.” he said while walking in and you looked up to see, the now older Tom, walk in. His curls were falling into his face and his clothes were not really fitting him because he was growing so fast.

“I’m not playing.” was the only thing that you said and looked away.
“Uh-…why?”,he asked as if you had said the most unbelievable thing in the world.
“Because I don’t want to, that’s why.” you snarled at him and he raised a judging brow.
“What happened?”


“What happened?” he asked again and ignored your answer.

“I shouldn’t be playing. I’m a girl. I should be cheerleading or something.” you said and even the thought of that made you sound disgusted.
“Wow. Who said that?” he said and had a amused grin on his lips.

“I didn’t.” he said and took your hand into his.
“I think that you are the most talented football player I have ever seen. You’d beat everyones ass and your team is nothing without you! They need their captain.” he emphasized his words by thightening his grip around your hand and gave you his 1000 watt smile.

“Do your really believe that?” you asked still anxious and fiddled with his fingers.

“Yes. I believe in you.”


You were around 17 when you had your heart broken for the first time. You did not leave your house, not even your room where you were sitring on your bed, your back leaned against the wall. Tissues were spred all over the bed and your body was still shaking with silent sobbs when suddenly someone knocked on the door.
“Can I come in?”
He peeked his head in and his eyes widened as he saw you have a break down on your bed.
“Shit. What happened?” he said and rushed over to you and pulled you into a tight hug which made you cry even more. You held on to his shirt and burried your face into his, now very muscular, chest while he rested his hand calmingly on your back.
“Jesus. I thought you were just exhausted from work. If I had known…what happened?” he asked finally and you pulled away from his hug and reached back to grab a new tissue off your nightstand. You cleaned your nose and brushed over your face quickly to wipe away the tears.

“He…br-broke up wi-with me.” you stuttered in between hiccups and your eyes started watering again.
“What?” His mouth was ajar and he seemed like he was not able to understand the information you had given him. When the hiccups turned into sobbs again he pulled you into another tight hug so that you were able to actually hear his heartbeat.
“I’m so sorry.” he said into your hair and gave you a kiss on your temple to calm you down.
“And I can’t even be angry with him!” You exclaimed pulling back again and threw your hands into the air, getting angry with yourself.
“It’s not like he cheated on me or anything where I could blame him for something and be angry. But I can’t! It makes me so mad. I’m just left with nothing. After two years.” you cried and got silent suddenly. You looked into Toms eyes which were looking pittyfull and cracked a bitter smile.

“You know why he broke up with me Tom?” you said but it was a rethorical qustion. You held your breath to surpress your sobs and pressed your lips into a thin line before finally inhaling again.
“He doesn’t love me anymore Tom. After two years, he just said…but what can I do about it? I can’t make him love me. That’s not how it works.” you sobbed, now without tears and cleaned your nose once again. In that moment he wished that you knew how much he loved you. How much, he did since the beginning of highschool, maybe even before that. He would never stop loving you.

“You don’t need him in your life to be happy.” he said and he was dead serious now.

“I feel like I can’t breath.”

“You will overcome this. Pain demands to be felt, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fade away.” he said while he cupped your face with his hand and smiled at you.

“I guess I have to try.” you said and leaned your forehead against his.

“You’ll manage. I believe in you.”


You were around 23 when you both were the only ones left at a pool party. Both of you slightly drunk but sober enough to feel the tension growing betweed you two.
“I can’t!”

“Yes you can!”

“It’s too high!”


“Tom I’m scared!” you squealed and squinted your eyes. Tom was in the pool waiting with his arms open for you to jump.

“Come on. I believe in you!” he yelled and you rolled your eyes.

“Damn it. Now I have to.” you hissed under your breath and jumped while screaming your lungs out. When you came back out of the water, his arms were wrapped around you. Your faces so close that you could feel his hot breath on your cold and wet lips. Suddenly you both went in for the kiss and bumped your heads which lead to a lot of laughter but also to a relationship you wouldn’t have dreamed of.


You were around 27 when you were planning your wedding. Tom was the idiot you decided to marry after he asked you, very unromantically but very intimately, to marry him. But now you were going nuts because there was no way that you could arrange everything in time. You leaned back in your chair and covered your face with your hands and groaned desperatly when Tom walked in.
“How is it going, love?” he asked and gave you a kiss on your cheek before sitting down next to you.

“This won’t work out!” you groaned and pointed at the table infront of you which was loaded with cards and names and drawn tables.
“Oh come on! I believe in you.” he said and wrapped his arm around you and gave you another kiss.
“I know you do. But if you could actually help me, it would be a lot more helpfull.” you said with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Alright. Let’s do this.” he said and leaned forward to grab some cards.

“Tell me the names and I’ll write them down.”


Even though your relationship had its ups and downs, when you looked back at it after nearly 30 years of being married, you could only smile. You were sitting infront of the fireplace and were watching the flames dance with each other when you heared him come in.
“Love?” he called for you and you raised your hand to show him that you were sitting in the chair.

“I have something fo you.” he said after sitting down next to you and you could see a box in his hands.
“What is it?” you said excitedly and looked up into his eyes. He handed you the box without words but a big smile on his lips.
“Open it.”
You did as you were told and when you gasped as soon as you saw what was in there. Every flower he had ever given to you was dried and put into this box.
“Oh lord. Did you really..?”

“Yes. I wanted to give you these so when you forget sometimes…you’ll always have these as memories.”, he explained and you took his hand, a tear rolling down your cheek.
“I’ll never forget you.” you said and he leaned in to give you a peck on your lips.
“Because I believe in us.”

The Bittle Kids

@dontthinkaboutzimbits this is your fault. When you added your hc to my first post about Lindsey this had to happen.

Eric Bittle is four years old when his mama and his daddy sit him down and tell him they have something special to tell him. He’s excited, and curious, and a little confused.

“We’re going to have a new baby soon. We’re going to bring you a little brother,” his mama says.

Eric is only four, so he doesn’t understand completely, but he’s excited to have a baby brother. To be a big brother.

(This is 2,480 words, so the rest is under the cut)

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“You shouldn’t be ashamed to be who you are.”

Those words have been ringing in my head for about 5 minutes, and while I’ve always believed those words, but hearing Jack say it for some reason…got me to cry. I’m trying to hold it together as I type this, and it’s nearly 1 AM, but whatever. So I fall asleep to YouTube sometimes because it helps me sleep on nights that I just can’t fall asleep on my own. I was just going through videos, this video popped up, and I had to watch it because I wanted to see how Jack was gonna end this…series? Game? I don’t know, but regardless, he said a lot of things that just…brought me so much happiness.

I’m not ready to say, let alone write, about who I really am. I’m an extremely private and cautious person anyway, but it’s mostly because I don’t know. I have no clue who I am or what I’m doing, but I do know one thing. I know that that information belongs to me. I use my discretion when I talk about myself. But I will say that Jack’s story about the two dudes hugging it out, I was reminded of a time when that would happen in front of me frequently, but the guys would always say “no homo.” I love you; no homo. Hug it out, bro. And with girls, no one gave a shit. Some homo, all homo, no homo, whatever. No one cared.

To end this, I just wanna say: love others. Homo, no homo, some homo. It doesn’t matter, just love. Also, get rid of stereotypes. Let guys hug it out. Let girls play football. Let people do whatever thing they want to do without even thinking about their gender or sex. As Jack said, we’ve come a long way, but we still have work to do.

Also, Jack, if you see this, thank you. Thank you for giving me the words that I needed to hear. I’m glad to know that someone has my back. I call you my (honorary) older brother for a reason. :) I love you, bro.