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All Started With a Song Part 11 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1227

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) it’s finally here!! i hope you guys like it… only 2 parts left :(


As you walked onto the beach, you noticed three figures in the distance.

“One for each of us, eh?” Alice smirked.

“Let’s not forget that I am taken,” said Olivia.

“When did you guys make it official?” you asked as the three figures grew bigger.

“A few weeks ago actually, we just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“I’m so happy for you guys!” you hugged the blonde.

You three walked up to the other three, recognizing one as Clayton. Behind Clayton were two boys; one was rather tall and dark, the other one was muscular but pale. Which confused you three, LA people weren’t supposed to be pale were they?

“Hey Clayton!” you hugged him.

“Clayton?” his friends laughed.                

“What?” you stepped back.

“Nothing,” he chuckled. “It’s just that my moms are the only people who actually call me Clayton. Most people call me Clay or C-man.”

“Oh,” you laughed.

“Are you gonna introduce us to your friends?” Alice asked, eyeing the darker skinned boy.

“Oh sure! Tyler, this is Olivia, Y/n, and Alice,” Clay said, then pointed to the palest boy. “Girls, this is Tyler.”

“And this,” he motioned towards the darker boy. “This is Justin.”

Alice winked at him which caused Justin to awkwardly look at the ground.

You all merged towards the fire that was already ablaze.

“Stereotypical question time!” Olivia shouted.

“Go ahead,” Clay laughed.

“If you’re from LA… why is Tyler so pale?”

“Liv,” you smacked her arm. “Don’t be rude.”

“Its fine,” Tyler chuckled. “I’m from Minnesota, I just moved here.”

“So how do you know Clayton?” you smiled when you heard Clay laugh.

“I’m from Minnesota too. I moved here right after I graduated. Tyler over here…” he trailed off.

“I had to retake senior year.” Tyler finished, laughing.

“Ah…” Olivia smiled. “Your turn.”

“For what?” Clay said.

“For a stereotypical question.”

“I have one,” said Justin. “Why are you so obsessed with soccer?”

You three began laughing.

“Why are you so obsessed with Kanye West?” you mocked.

“Nah, we only care about football.”

“Do you have one?” Alice asked, cuddling into your side.

“Have a football?” Tyler looked at Alice.

“Yeah,” she shrugged.

“I might have one in my car,” Clay stood up.

“I’ll come with you,” you smiled.

As you two separated yourself from the group, Clayton said something you didn’t expect.

“Okay, so I know I have no place…” he started.

“Go on,” you prompted.

“What happened with you and Conor?”

Your breath caught but you soon fixed it, “How’d you find out?”

“I went to follow you on Twitter, and lots of people were talking about you.”

“Oh, um.” You didn’t know how to explain it without going into detail. “He played me, so I came here to get away from the drama… and he followed me here.”


“No, not like that. He did it all with a good heart. But he’s so confusing,” you sighed. “Like he ignored me for 2 weeks before that, but then flies to bloody America to apologize.”

“Sounds like he’s in love,” he chuckled, opening his trunk.

“Hard to love someone you don’t know.”

“Here,” he tossed you the football. “Do you girls play football?”

Yu chuckled, “No, I think Alice used it as a reason to get close to Justin.”

“Well, he’s been eyeing her all night. So who knows?”

“Hey Clayton,” you stopped walking.


“I hope I’m not giving you the wrong idea, but I just want to be friends.”

“Y/n, babe.” He laughed. “I had no intentions on getting with you.”

“Okay good,” you sighed.


After a good half an hour, the game was in full swing.

“Okay here’s the plan,” you said. You were huddled into a small circle of you, Olivia and Clay.

You decided that you didn’t want to play girls vs. boys and since Clayton had played football in college, you thought it was fair.

After you broke the circle you got into your respected positions.

“Blue 42, set-”

“Alice, just say hike!” Tyler shouted from behind her.


She threw the ball through her legs, right into Tyler’s arms. Justin ran behind him, grabbing the football and running up the right side of their makeshift field.

Your team was up by 10 points so you let them get the touchdown and got ready to make your epic play.

“Guys, it’s no fun if you let us get the touchdown,” Justin whined as he tossed Olivia the football.

“Dude, you’re still down by 3. Don’t get cocky,” Clay laughed. “Ready girls?”

“Yes!” you squealed.

Olivia squatted in front of you, “Hike!”

The ball was thrown between her legs at you, you grabbed it and stepped a few feet back. You saw Tyler running towards you so you zigzagged to try and confuse him. He tried to do a fast turn to catch you but ended up falling. With the few seconds you gained, you stepped back a few more feet. Justin was trying to catch Olivia while Alice chased after Clayton.

Once Clayton was right in front of the end zone, you stopped and got ready to throw the ball.

Olivia ran up in front of him, “Ready?” he asked.

“Just do it!” she said as Clayton picked her up and put her on his back. She reached out her arms, the ball landing perfectly in her arms. He quickly turned around and went for the end zone. However, he didn’t see Alice coming up on his left side. So when Olivia was pushed off his back Clayton was confused.

“You bitch!” Olivia screamed.

“We’re playing tackle football!” Alice yelled back.

“Wait,” You said, holding Olivia back. “She pushed you… into the end zone.”

“What?!?” Alice questioned.

“Look!” you pointed to the wood chunks that marked the end zone.

“Hah!” Olivia stuck her tongue out at Alice. “Karma’s a bitch.”

Alice turned around and walked towards the water.

“I’ll go get her,” you sighed. Alice was always overreacting. It’s just who she was.

“No,” Justin said, heading towards Alice. “I got this.”


Conor was scrolling through Twitter while Anth ordered a pizza.

“Yep, just the pepperoni,” Anth said, hanging up.

“Hey, did you tell Y/n that we’re free tomorrow?” Conor asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she said to meet them at the Santa Monica Pier. Why?”

“Just curious,” Conor shrugged, switching over to Instagram.

He decided to check your feed, just to see what you had been up to. He typed in your Instagram name and clicked on your profile.

“I can’t believe her!” he yelled.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Anth said, looking at Conor with a face full of confusion.

“I came all the way to bloody America and she’s with another guy. I came to apologize, and she’s out with some other dude. How could she?!”

“What?” Anth asked, opening Instagram. “Oh.”

The picture was of you and Clayton, but they didn’t know who he was. You were both sitting on the sand. You were sat next to each other, his arm was around your shoulder pulling you into him. You had a bright smile on your face and Clay was looking at you fondly.

The caption read:

the memories that i made tonight will be with me forever.

“That’s it. I’m done trying,” Conor stood up.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going back home.”

a little reminder:

football is rough, and tough. as a girl who played football for five years, i know this too well. accidents happen, such as Joel dislocating his arm, all the time. personally, i don’t think YTAS was too rough or violent at all. sure there were a couple of fouls, or falls or knocks, but that’s all apart of the game and it’s the ref’s job to decide whether something is a foul or not. nobody in YTAS was rude or mean, nobody purposefully harmed someone, all injuries were accidents. YTAS won fair and square, just as SDMNFC won last year. It’s all apart of the game, so please don’t get upset or hate on YTAS for doing something as fair and simple as winning.

However, what’s NOT part of the game, is pitch invasion.

so my brother was longboarding at park this evening and there were some young hispanic guys casually kicking a soccer ball around. he saw a older (white) woman come up and start berating these guys for playing soccer at a park - she was like ″maybe you can play like this in Mexico but not here”. she asked my brother who was watching all this happen if he was with them and he was yeah and after an awkward pause quietly added, “and I’m white”. she left mad but didn’t know what else to say. the guys then came up to my brother and thanked him for helping them out bc they didn’t speak much english and then invited my brother to play with them 

and people wonder why football isn’t growing fast in america. 

Lindsey Bittle

Ok so I’ve seen a few posts about Bitty having a little brother (his name is Jamie and I love him) but have y'all considered him also having a sister:

•Her name is Lindsey
•She’s the youngest
•She’s taller than Bitty, but she’s smaller than Jamie (“Only by three inches! And I’m tougher than him so whatever!”)
•Suzanne was so exited to have a little girl, someone to teach all her baking secrets and dress up in pretty bows
•Lindsey does not like pretty bows
•Lindsey does not like to bake
•Thankfully, Eric does, so Suzanne has someone to carry on her baking skills

•She likes football though, and she tries out for the football team in middle school (Jamie’s a sophomore, Bitty’s at Samwell) without telling her parents first
•She’s put on the team, but only as kicker at first, which she thinks is pretty lame
•She comes home from school super excited and tells Jamie that she’s going to be the only Bittle kid to play football
•When she tells Coach, he cries
•Finally, one of his children is playing football, and it’s his twelve year old daughter (he couldn’t be more proud)
•After a few practices, they realize she’s really good
•And yeah, she’s a great kicker
•And she’s way better than any of the boys, but they can’t make her quarterback because they have eighth graders on the team who have been playing for years
•So they tell her maybe next year (next year, she’s been practice at home with her dad like crazy. They can’t NOT make her quarterback)

•Fast forward to high school
•She’s the quarterback of the varsity team, and of course, her dad’s the coach
•Most of her teammates are pretty chill, and two of them have been playing with her since middle school
•There’s Tanner, her best friend and not-so-secretly gay halfback
•And there’s Jacob, the quietest, most polite kid off the field, and the scariest, meanest defensive end on the field
•These boys will protect Lindsey with their lives
•Yeah, she’s a girl. Yeah, she plays football. You got a problem with that?? Huh??? You want to say that to my face??

•It’s the first time all the kids are home at the same time in a while so they have this really nice family dinner
•Jamie comes out to their parents at dinner (Eric came out first, Jack is also attending their family dinner)
•It’s not a surprise (“Jamie, you’re in theater.” “Yeah well Dicky played hockey! That doesn’t mean anything in regards to sexuality!”)
•Jokingly, Coach asks if any of his kids like girls
•"Actually, about that…“
•So she’s dating the captain of the cheer team
•Her name is Hannah and her twin brother Oliver is dating Tanner
•Hey at least one of the Bittle kids likes girls am I right

The Bittle Kids

@dontthinkaboutzimbits this is your fault. When you added your hc to my first post about Lindsey this had to happen.

Eric Bittle is four years old when his mama and his daddy sit him down and tell him they have something special to tell him. He’s excited, and curious, and a little confused.

“We’re going to have a new baby soon. We’re going to bring you a little brother,” his mama says.

Eric is only four, so he doesn’t understand completely, but he’s excited to have a baby brother. To be a big brother.

(This is 2,480 words, so the rest is under the cut)

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The girl who played boys’ football: I almost liked the jokes and sexist comments. They got me really fired up

Unfortunately, the most memorable thing about my first game for Millhouses had nothing to do with football. As well as the pace, the other big difference was the amount of what Dad calls “sledging”. Boys’ football is a lot more vocal than the girls’ version. Quite a few girls’ matches I’ve been involved in have been played in total silence. Boys are much more likely to talk to each other, and not just to members of their own team either. I discovered mind games are a big part of football.

The sledging usually starts during the pre-match handshake, which is supposedly a goodwill gesture initiated by the FA to promote sportsmanship – but that’s really all it is: a gesture.

My brother says he once played in an under-eights match when the biggest player from the other team whispered “F*** you!” every time he shook hands with someone.

For me it’s usually something like, “Ooh! Hello darling!” or, “Which one’s your boyfriend?” or maybe a lame joke like, “Hey, I didn’t know we were playing netball!” Sometimes I can’t tell what they’ve said, but I hear them laughing about me after I’ve gone past. And I get wolf-whistled quite a lot.

If they say something directly to me, I just roll my eyes, but if they say something to one of their mates, I just pretend I haven’t heard. I don’t let it bother me. I think sexist comments are inevitable, sadly.

Sometimes, when we line up for the kick-off and I’m on the side of the pitch near the spectators, I can hear the opposition parents also making jokes about me. Usually nothing too mean, but I guess they just think it’s funny that a girl is playing.

Perhaps they’ll say, “Make sure you get her number as you go past her” or, “Don’t get distracted by the full-back.”

I pretend to ignore this, but I find it really helps to get the adrenaline pumping. I’d almost go as far as to say that I like it when it happens because it gets me really fired up, especially if it’s freezing cold or I’m not really in the mood for the match for some reason.

I usually go up for corners to mark the goalkeeper and I try to distract them. There was one team we played and, as I ran into the area, they all started singing, “Bird in the box! Bird in the box!” I think they were trying to put me off, but we still scored. You do get used to it and you just have to learn how to cope. Another time I went up for a free-kick and one lad said, “Why have I got to mark the girl?” We were winning so I was feeling quite bold and said, “And why do I have to mark the dick?” That got quite a few laughs – even from his own team-mates.

It’s not all one-way though. If I flatten someone in a tackle then I always help them up, ask them if they’re OK and apologise for hurting them. But really what I’m doing is making them feel worse, confirming that, yes, you really were just decked by a girl!

However, there is a point where sledging stops and abuse starts. I’ve never been threatened directly, but I’ve been called a “slag” a few times and I’ve played in matches where I’ve heard people threaten to break someone’s legs: “if you try to go past me again …” or something similar. Some teams have a reputation for trying to intimidate the opposition and it’s sad to say that, in my experience, they often end up succeeding.

When you’re playing those kinds of teams you might find that some of your own players go missing. It’s little things like they stop making runs or stop calling for the ball. And when they do get it they give it away as quickly as possible.

In games like these you need leaders who’ll show that they aren’t scared, won’t pull out of a tackle and don’t really care what the other team is saying. I always try to be one of those players, as if to give the impression: “Hey lads, if the girl isn’t scared, then we don’t need to be.”

Just two days after our first game against Thorncliffe Colts, we were away at Darfield in Barnsley for an evening kick-off.

I was a bit concerned about the referee, who seemed to be the same age as us and was, rather disconcertingly, on first-name terms with all the Darfield players. Again I started the match, but we went two goals down fairly quickly. About half an hour into the game, I went in for a header and got kicked in the face. My first instinct was to think, “For God’s sake, don’t cry!” My second was to think, “Ouch, that really, really hurts.”

Instead of a free-kick to us the referee awarded a throw-in to them. Overwhelmed by the injustice of it all and the pain, I burst into tears and had to come off. While most of the time it feels like I’m just one of the lads, it does occasionally feel like I’m not just one of the lads. This was the first of those times. If Chris or Bilal got kicked in the face and cried, it was because they got kicked in the face and it really hurt. But if I got kicked in the face and cried, it was because I’m a girl. If Dan or Sheriyar screwed up, or tried to do something and it failed to come off, it was because they weren’t good enough; if I screwed up, it was because girls aren’t good enough to play football. I didn’t want Iain and Dave to think, “We’ve made a mistake signing Niamh, this league’s too tough for her,” so I had a drink and told them I was ready to go back on.

It was an agonising wait through the rest of the half and half-time, but with 25 minutes to go I did go back on. I was absolutely determined to show everybody that I was tough enough to play at this level, and most of all to show the winger who had kicked me in the face (and on purpose, I had decided). Within five minutes I got my chance. A 50-50 ball. I threw everything into the tackle. Sometimes, you know what’s going to happen before it happens and this just felt right. I took the ball cleanly, the player went flying, and I kicked it up the pitch to Bilal who did his thing of running at 90mph past two defenders and scoring.

We ended up losing, but Iain said it was the best game I’d played.

“Perhaps we should get someone to kick you in the face before every match Niamh,” he said.

It hadn’t been a perfect start, but I now felt ready to take on whatever boys’ football threw at me.

Playing With the Boys by Niamh McKevitt is published by Vision Sports Publishing, RRP £12.99

  • We need feminism because my little brother wasn't allowed to even receive a flyer for the school dance team, let alone participate. He was told it's only for girls.
  • We need feminism because the "girls'" football team plays one game a year and is called Powder Puff.
  • Stop gendering sports please.
  • Boys can dance.
  • Girls can play football.
Please Don’t Leave (Don’t Jump pt 2)

Alrighty!! So i’ve gotten a few requests to continue my little story and so I shall. Please if you haven’t read the first part you really need to. It’s only best if you read everything so you’re not confused but feel free to leave questions if you have any. My inbox is always open.

Part One 

Also this is a bit long…I needed you guys to understand the story. So of course a build up. yup

This is dedicated to @lukekilledme30x for being awesome yup. (The first to comment)

Also like to thank




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It’s been a year since…it happened. My family tried so hard to help me find him. Everything happened so quick I couldn’t remember anything that could give away his location. Just a bridge and the strong smell of the ocean. His eyes…


Since then my parents thought it would be best for me to explore the world on my own. So they sent me straight to college. 

Dorm room and everything. 

They hope that maybe i’d find him during school season. What i don’t understand is why they’d send me to the smallest campus in the world. 2,000 students in a town that’s not even a mile long. Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Where the cows and sheeps outnumber the people.


After my last class I wandered home staring at the sky in hopes that by a miracle he could summon me back to him. But everyone knows for unexplained reasons that one’s true soulmate could only summon you once. 

Maybe I should summon him…

I stopped in my tracks. I turned my gaze across the open field of long grass to my little student house. I pulled my notebooks closer to my chest and stalked off into the open field. Away from the road and any curious eyes.

I knelt down besides a tree, hiding in the shade closing my eyes.


Bring him to me”

Please Please Please Please Please

The more time passed the more tears came. All those bottled up emotions and the “I’m fines” completely overtaking me. The long months of failing to find him. The whispers around my school of how sad it must be to not be able to find your one true mate.

Please…I’m so…lonely

A sudden movement crushed the leaves besides me

My eyes flew open staring at the noise

I let out a sigh

Jesus Christ Tia…Pretty sure he isn’t a deer…go home.

The deer stood calm staring than galloping away with its kin. 

Wiping my tears I began walking back home. Letting myself get lost in my thoughts like the clouds in the sky. 

I smiled opening the door to my roommates who I could hear arguing from two houses down. The smell of freshly baked weed brownies hit me like a train.

Jesus Cheeks…Do you ever take a break?

I laughed hearing the commotion between the towns most intelligent dealer (Chakira Woodlyn known as Cheeks) and my brilliant doctor in training best friend Teisa Tulsa. (Known as Tes)

They both turned to me when I closed the door

“Tes thinks I made too many!”

“Well you did! Now the whole block can smell it. Need I remind you weed is ILLEGAL here!”


I let out a laugh my mood instantly lifting. Holding up my hands to the lovely ladies.

“Isn’t Blake throwing that party tonight? By the bank? Just sell them there. We can leave all the windows open to air out the house while we’re gone. Calm it ladies”

Tes smiled

“Does that mean we’re all going to party?”



Cheeks smiled at me as we climbed up the stairs towards the booming music and cheap strobe lights. I gave her a fake smile trailing on behind her. Tes quick at my feet.

I’m surprised the cops haven’t been called

There was at least 100 people here scattered around the hallways and rooms, doing god knows what. I let out a sigh watching Cheeks work her magic. Tes got distracted by the beer pong across the room.

I turned towards the sink pouring myself a cup of water. I started taking sips watching everyone.

Hey at least we can go to Denny’s when she gets done selling

“Hey…you here alone? My names Brett”

I flinched staring at the man besides me.

“Sorry…I’m with some friends…so no”

“You look bored…I can give you something to be excited about” 

He gave me a smile that showed his perfect teeth. I’ll admit he was attractive. His dark hair and bright eyes probably won the hearts of dozens of girls. I’m guessing he plays football based on his Snow College varsity shirt and his height and build was made for a man who worshipped sports. 

Unless your name is Calum and you smell like the ocean go away

“…No thank you”

I turned away when he suddenly grabbed my arm pulling me back to him.

“Hey what the hel-”

He handed me my cup of water

“Don’t forget about your drink babe”

I stared at him a bit shocked.


I took a large gulp to hide my nerves as I headed towards the hallway. Trying to find the bathroom. I could hear the party falling behind me as i continued walking. 

When it hit me

Everything got blurry and I felt lightheaded. I stumbled forward holding my head. Feeling as if someone sucked the air out of my lungs

What the hell is happening? Is Calum calling me back? Thats impossible…

A flicker of hope sparked throughout my veins as quickly as it left when i saw him.

He spiked my drink!

Brett smiled at me. He stalked towards me. I tried to scream but It felt like my whole body was numb and every step felt useless. I stumbled towards cold tiled floors falling onto my hand and knees. I heard the door click behind me.

“Oh god…don’t do this! You’ll never get away with it!”

I crawled towards the bathtub losing my balance and failing in. My head completely spinning. He cocked his head to the side watching me. He chuckled

“Awe…but i’ve already have babe”

I struggled against his grasp as he pinned me down. My eyes focused on the faucet dripping on my forehead. His sticky breath on my neck


I closed my eyes feeling the tears fall. 



“Calum. You okay man?” 

Luke glanced at me holding his controller. His gaze flickering between me and the TV. Ashton and Michael looked up from their laptops watching me.

“Yeah…it’s just…it’s been a year sinc-”

“Since your soulmate saved your life? Yeah I remember.”

I closed my eyes. After my friends saw her push me off the ledge to save me they’ve always stayed 100% with her. I could tell it took a toll on them. My attempt but they wouldn’t understand I just wanted to see her. I needed to know that she was a real person. I’ve heard stories that if you touched death your soulmate would pull you back and it worked. 

I saw her and she saved my life!

I wonder if she’s even more beautiful than I remember 

I stood up staring at Luke

“Gonna head to the kitchen you wa-”

I stopped in my tracks. Feeling something dripping on my forehead. I shook my head staring at the floor as I felt dizzy. My vision cutting from my TV to a mirror in a unfamiliar lit bathroom.

“Calum? What ar-” Luke began but it cut off. Ashton stood up staring again at me. His eyes widen as my eyes flickered around the room

“What the hell is happening?”

“Grab him Luke!”

Luke sprang forward and my vision cut. 

I was suddenly standing in a bathroom I didn’t recognized. On the sink was a shirt…looked like a american football jersey with a bright orange “S” imprinted on it.



My whole body turned towards the bathtub and going completely in rage as I took the scene in. 

She was struggling against a shirtless man with tears streaming down her face. Her body completely covered by him, I could smell the alcohol. His hands trying to peel her clothes off

Her eyes met mine and I lunged towards him pulling him by the shoulder. He hadn’t noticed my summoning so it was a surprise when my fist connected his jaw.

“What the fuc-”

I grabbed him again pulling him towards the furthest wall from her. He push me back punching me square in the jaw causing me to fall towards the tub.

“Calum please!”

Her voice echoed in the back of my head as I stood back up tackling him right through the bathroom door. Taking down the frame as we both fell through. I had him pinned as I took one more punch knocking him out cold.

The rage in my veins pulsing through me as I gasped for a breath. My eyes flickered around the room. Everyone on the outside staring back at me in complete shock

My soulmate

I stood up wiping the blood on my shirt. Sending one more glance at the monster on the floor. I stepped quickly into the bathroom looking for her. She laid in the bathtub struggling to get up. Her eyes still filled with tears. I ran towards her crawling in. I wrapped my arms around her feeling her shaking in my arms. She buried her head in my neck holding me in a death grip.

“Please don’t leave me Calum”

Her voice shook


Two girls stumbled in as my vision flickered back to the ceiling of my home. Calling me back.

NO! Not now Please!

The girls knelt by the tub holding onto her arms as they realized me already drifting. I stared at the closest friend as my arms held Tia closer. My voice coming out hard

“Where am i?”

She stiffened sharing a look at with the other girl.

“Your Calum aren’t you?”

My gazed tightened

“You’re in Utah, Calum. Ephraim, Utah”

I gasped sitting up nearly knocking Michael out. The room still spinning as i took in my friends. The warmth of her body slowly slipped away. I was completely back home. Ashton was kneeling holding a phone to his ear

“No Mali-Koa…He just came back. I think you should get over here soon. He needs help” 

He clicked the phone leaning towards me. 

Luke and Michael shared concerned looks

“Shes in Ephraim, Utah”


Alrighty Guys!!!!! Wanted to know if you guys liked it? Was it intense or nah? Aha Well i just wanted to know if I should write one more part…showing them trying to find each other?

Also please feel free to send me some feedback. Anything helps. Much love!!

This week the professional female football league here in Mexico finally started and I’m so happy about that.

When I was little my mom never allowed me to take professional football classes because I was a girl, and at the time I eventually got over it because i didn’t saw any girls playing professional football in Mexico.

Later on I saw them in the national team and now I’m so happy to see them play now in a professional league here in Mexico, even though I don’t identify as a girl anymore, but deep down, this little girl I used to be is jumping with joy to finally see all this girls do something that I was never allowed to do because professional football was “just for boys”.

anonymous asked:

I'm against gender roles because I find them dumb and sexist. If a guy wants to wear a dress and makeup, or if a girl wants to play football and not shave her body that should be totally fine. What I get confused about is at what point would they be considered trans? I'm sorry if this sounds transphobic, I try to support all trans people, I just want to be more informed.

It’s always ok to ask questions when you’re just trying to understand something.

I think a person can only be considered transgender when they decide that’s how they identify, it’s always down to the individual nobody else can make that decision or assumption for them.

From experience with friends who identify that way usually they don’t mind if you ask politely which gender terms they would prefer you to call them if you’re unsure but everyone is different, and I don’t want to pretend to be an expert on this because I’m really not, mainly because I’m a straight female, and I don’t want to offend anyone!

If anyone who does have more experience would like to comment feel free!

Thanks for the question.