girls pipe

Tweaker Problems

When your really high and you forget where you put everything. You hit the pipe then walk 5 ft and you some how loose the mother fuckin lighter. Fuck. 30 minutes later you find the lighter and decide to smoke a cigarette, well FUCK-MY-LIFE where are my cigarettes? Holy shit. You spend another hour looking for them BC every drawer you open your ass can’t help but tweak through everything. Your busy doing that and you forget what your even looking for in the first place. So you decide your going to hit the pipe so you can gather your thoughts….but oh wait my stupid ass can’t find the lighter AGAIN.
Fuck I seriously hate how motherfuckin burnt up I can be sometimes.

Meth may not seem so addicting when you first try it. Your probably wondering to yourself why people claim this drug is so “addicting”. Yeah the come down may suck but it aint nothing you cant handle. The next few times you try it your wondering why people say your always “chasing that first high” cause your getting high as fuck, just like the first time you aint chasing shit, this drug aint so bad. STOP. Right there. Do not be fooled by the devil in disguise. Meth is a sneaky little bitch. Pretty soon you will have to use just to get up and do anything. To feel “normal” . No your not gonna die without it. The come downs still arent that bad.But when your not high you feel so lost and confused. Because you dont find happiness in anything, meth,made you loose yourself. You dont no who you are any more and you get so frustrated trying to figure it out. Your embarrassed at the person you have become and how others treat you and look down on you and so now all you wanna do is get high so you dont have to give a fuck.